Cellulaze Thighs/Lower Butt

Today is May 23. I'll be having the procedure on...

Today is May 23. I'll be having the procedure on June 3. I just started wanting all this since I turned 34 in March...pre-pre mid-life crisis? HahA. I'm 5'7" and 145 lbs. I don't have any before pics yet. Will get some and post ASAP. I have some dissymetry of my behind (a larger fat roll under one of my butt cheeks) and it has bothered me for many years. My hopes of getting rid of it were crushed during my 1st PS consultation when the doc said he couldn't remove it because my butt could fall. :'( Same with the 2nd opinion, so I decided to work on improving what I can to look as fabulous as possible while I'm still a little young. ;-) I don't expect any significant losses from the smart lipo. He may be able to get 100cc out of each arm/inner thigh and 25cc from under my chin, but my flanks should do really well and I'm thinking of adding my outer thighs as I believe he said he could do them in combo with the cellulaze (unusual?). I have another consult on Thursday to discuss adding that area for lipo and maybe adding some more squares of cellulaze (original estimate was for 36); I expect this may increase the price to closer to $10,000. I haven't received a lot of input from his office as far as compression garments (mainly to just buy Spanx or Target's brand), but I read and read until I found out about Marena Group and ordered Stage 1, Medium, from there. Hope they fit! I'm about to order my vitamins and supplements from Amazon. I have Bromelain, Arnica, Milk Thistle, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Echinacea Root on the list. I also ordered the Comvita Medical Makuna Honey for wound healing/scaring. Open for any and all suggestions! Getting a little nervous about only taking lortab, valium and keflex the day of the procedure instead of GA. But, I can do this...I can do this!! Appreciate all everyone has shared!! Awesome site! :-)

Cellulaze and SmartLipo Today!! Yay!!!

I'm nervous but have confidence in Dr. Gray. I've tried to post pics and they won't upload for whatever reason...maybe these nasty cellulite pics will upload from my phone. Idk how they sell any clothes at NY&Co...the lighting is horrid. Will post more pics while recovering over the next few days. Oh, and no lipo on outer thighs...can't do it on same area as cellulaze. :-)

Cellulite Pic for Cellulaze Review

Pic uploaded.

Before Pics

Trying to upload these again

Before Pics - Morning before procedure

Trying to upload these again

Two days after procedure

The bruising is much worse than it appears in these uploaded pics. I'll have a friend take some pics of me this weekend and post them. As far as the procedure itself, I was given valium, lortab, phenagran and an antibiotic. The procedure was very painful, especially the lipo of my arms. I will never do anything like this again without being under general anesthesia. On my left outer thigh, part of the area wasn't treated with Cellulaze that I thought would be treated so I am disappointed about that. I was charged an additional amount the day of the procedure to bring the treatment area up to 48 squares making the total $8,500. Some of the flank area that I thought would be treated with lipo wasn't treated. I have a follow up appointment next week and will discuss these areas with the doc at that time. I'm just not sure about the results of the lipo yet; I guess it's too soon to tell...trying to remain optimistic. Overall, I know I will see a huge improvement from the areas that were treated with Cellulaze, but I won't really know how much until I go back to the dreaded NY&Co dressing room in 3 or so months. :-) Been wearing the Marena compression garment, phase I non-stop...highly recommend it.

Marked off the day of the procedure - pics

Wish I had been marked off before taking the lortabs and valiums and in front of a mirror so I could see that the PS did not mark all of my posterior flanks! Not sure it would have mattered though. Disappointed I went through that much pain (literally cried when he did my upper arms) and only half of a pound of fat was removed from me...300 ml of fat and 300 ml of tumescent fluid. I had hoped for at least a couple of pounds between my abdomen and back flanks! I think maybe the Cellulaze took a long time and it was getting late in the day so he rushed to finish. I'm still trying to remain positive about the situation and allowing the PS the opportunity to rectify the situation. Everyone has bad days and everyone makes mistakes. I'm still excited about the potential results of the Cellulaze even though an area was missed. Overall, I am very thankful and feel blessed to be healthy and have the means to pursue self improvement. :-)

Marked off the day of the procedure - pics

Trying to upload these again

Marked off the day of the procedure - pics

Missed one. This is one of the most important ones! This shows the back/posterior flanks that I had hoped would be suctioned.

Advice on Compression Garment Selections

I struggled with compression garment selections since they were not provided by my PS's office. I want to share what I ended up using in case you find it useful. I got a Stage 1 garment from Marena Group in size Medium. It fit perfectly. It had a hook and eye closure up the side and then zipped so it was not super painful to take off/put on like the super tight spanx type products after the procedure. Here is a link to the product. Also, note the straps in the bra area can be fastened in the middle above the bow on the front to avoid putting pressure on the anterior axillary area (bra fat area) if you had work/lipo there. http://marenagroup.com/garmentstore/product/tabid/199/p-40-1st-stage-suit-with-suspenders-and-medium-legs.aspx. I also ordered this product in a Medium for my upper arm liposuction but I tried it on and it seemed too small and overall uncomfortable so I returned it. http://marenagroup.com/garmentstore/product/tabid/199/p-77-low-cut-female-vest.aspx. I ended up going with this arm shaper product from Amazon in a size Small. I found it somewhat uncomfortable also but I cut the sleeves off and just used them like sport sleeves for compression for the first few days/week. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0088OJWUY/ref=oh_details_o01_s01_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. For my chin lipo, I used this product from Marena in a size Small. It worked great. I probably could have used a Medium but it was adjustable velcro so it worked. http://marenagroup.com/garmentstore/product/tabid/199/p-62-surgical-chin-strap-with-no-neck-support.aspx.

Hope this info. helps! :-)

Five days after procedure - update on leg bruising due to Cellulaze - one treatment area missed

These pics are from 5 days after the procedure. I marked the spot on my left leg with eye liner that was missed. There was no pain, sensitivity, bruising, or swelling to the skin or underlying tissue in that area at all whatsoever. The PS still adamantly states the area was treated but I just don't believe that is possible without having seen or felt any signs of treatment in that area. From my initial NY&Co (worst lighting ever) cellulite pics, it is obvious that is an area of significant cellulite. I'm not wondering how much it will cost to have a PS go back in and treat even a small area. It was explained to me originally that the fixed costs including the cannula that delivers the laser energy are a lot, so I'm guessing it will be $2,000+ to have that small area treated. If anyone who reads this has any insight on the cost, please let me know. I may get a quote eventually (not that I am prepared at this point to throw any more money at this effort!).

It is now day 11 and most of the bruising on my legs is gone, as well as the pain. I plan on taking and posting updated pics this weekend.

Day 12 was the worst

I spoke too soon about most of the pain being gone. I woke up on Day 12 and felt as though I had a bad sunburn and someone kept slapping me on it. I read someone else's review and they described it that way and it is exactly correct. Day 13 (yesterday) was much better though. Today, I'm feeling odd sensations in just some places where I believe the numbness is starting to wear off.

I did not take any pics this weekend as planned but today or tomorrow, I WILL make time.

Cellulaze Cost - Price for Treatment of Small Area Missed - Just FYI

Through a lot of research/reading, I believe I determined what happened with my treatment area getting cut short. The explanation a doctor provides here: http://www.realself.com/forum/cost-cellulaze helped it make sense to me. The procedure requires fibers and the fibers must be loaded with the required number of joules to get the job done. I believe the doctor estimates before the procedure how many fibers will be needed and how many joules will be needed so he can load the fibers with that number of joules. In short, the surgeon must prepare for the procedure in advance by having the fibers on hand loaded with the necessary joules; no flying by the seat of pants! In my case, I believe the doctor underestimated and ran out before he completed the whole area. I believe he had only done a couple of prior Cellulaze cases (his wife and his assistant) as he did not have any before and after pics for me to view. It is a crying shame (literally...I've cried over it) that he won't admit this to me. But, as the doctor explains at this link http://www.realself.com/forum/cost-cellulaze , the start up costs alone for Cellulaze are $3,000. That would be admitting a $3,000 mistake as it will cost me that much at minimum to have another doc go back in and treat the missed area with Cellulaze. I feel much better now understanding that. When I went for my follow up, he stated he used 1.5 fibers on me and I didn't know what that meant; now, I do. Even with warning signs (like no before and after pics), I still went into the procedure with confidence in the surgeon. This leads me to believe that he can (and probably does) do good work when he is adequately prepared for it. As for my Smart Lipo areas not being given adequate treatment, he did not start on me until almost 2:00 pm, I believe the Cellulaze likely lasted 4 hours. By that point, it was 6:00 pm and he and his staff were ready to go home, I'm sure. I think he rushed through the lipo in the next 1 hour as I was leaving by 7:30 pm. I believe this was his Office Manager's fault (or whoever allowed so much work be scheduled in an afternoon) rather than his. I believe if not for his Officer Manager (AKA his wife!) calling the shots, he would be more focused on customer satisfaction. Instead of owning up to this though, he insisted all of the areas were treated and treated adequately. They were not and I am now healing but with the realistic expectation that I will not see results in all of the areas planned.

I advise anyone preparing for a Cellulaze procedure to ask for patient references, before and after pics, have the area drawn off in a trial run before the surgery and request pics of it, ask the surgeon how many fibers he plans on using and how many joules...be informed...act informed! That way, your experience will be better than mine.

Day 20 - Sunburn-like Pain

I woke up this morning with burning pain again (like sunburn). This was in the areas treated with Cellulaze and my upper arms treated with Smart Lipo. I think this may be associated with having consumed a few alcoholic beverages last night. I will avoid those in the future to see if it makes a difference as this pain is no fun at all.

Three Weeks

I apologize for not posting updated pics yet. I took some myself but you couldn't tell much. I must have a friend take some for me. Must make time! I WILL. Eventually. No, soon!! Most all of my bruising is gone. I assume it may be because I wasn't treated as aggressively as some. I typically bruise VERY easily, so it surprises me. I'm still taking Bromelain and I take a multivitamin, B-12, iron and milk thistle supplement daily. My iron and B-12 are always borderline acceptable levels, so that's why I take those. Not sure if any of that helps the brusiing, but just in case... I am still swollen. Nothing is smaller. I can barely squeeze into some of my jeans. :( Thank God it's summer so I can dress lightly!! :)

Last Review

I have been depressed about the procedures and the results. There has been a small amount of improvement to the areas that were treated with Cellulaze. The area that was missed for Cellulaze has shown no signs of improvement (of course). And, the lipo was a flop, in general. One of my arms is a little more toned but the arm he lipoed last (the one that I woke up during, in excruciating pain) looks just as flabby as before. I hate it. At least they were both the same before. There is absolutely no evidence of any lipo performed on my abdomen, flanks and inner thighs. In fact, because of the break I took from the gym, and because I have been depressed about the results and unmotived, I have not been working out as hard and have gained a few pounds. I look worse than before these procedures. It's horrible. I don't even feel like taking pictures of myself anymore, much less posting them. I can tell a small amount of fat was removed from under my chin; however, more was taken from the left side than the right side and it looks uneven, so I'm not happy with that result either. I'm not satisfied with any of it. Looking back, I had some concerns but tried my best to convince myself that I was just nervous and everything would be fine. I was wrong. If you're reading this, please think long and hard about your choice of doctors. If you don't have a good feeling about the doctor, his office manager, his staff, his experience, their advise (or lack thereof like in my experience, regarding the compression garments), etc., RUN, not walk away. These procedures are expensive, painful, and recovery is painful and time consuming. With that said, some people have excellent experiences and results. So, please don't let my reviews deter you from attempting to improve yourself to feel better about yourself and live life to the fullest. I am mostly healed and all that I lost was money, time and positive morale, and I gained some suffering and some lessons learned. It could have been worse. I thank God for my fortune. Best wishes.

Last Review, Supplement :-)

I forgot about the anterior axillary or bra fat region connecting the arm to the chest. I wasn't thinking about it because it has been the only area that has not caused me angish. I can't say that it was worth all the money that I ended up paying for all of it, but I do see a subtle difference and it looks as though I expected it would; if not for the unnecessary and extreme pain I experienced during that part of the procedure, I would say it was worth it. Would I do it again like that (awake with the area not sufficently numbed) to produce this result? Absolutely not. Maybe I will feel up to posting pics one day soon...

No progress

After months of sending letter after letter and trying to get this doc to give me a partial refund of $3,000 (which I considered more than fair considering I paid him $8,575), I filed a small claims court case against him which went to court this month. The judge refused to even hear my arguments or view my evidence (shut me down before I even had a chance to speak) because I did not have an “expert witness” present which he claimed was required to prove medical malpractice, standard of care. I thought it was a simple contract law case but maybe not? I don’t think I’m going to appeal. I didn’t expect to recover any of the monies; if I had of, I would have gotten an attorney. I sued him because of the principle of the matter. I couldn’t just do nothing and feel good about myself knowing that this “doctor” likely continues to take advantage of patients. I also filed a complaint with the state board of medical examiners and with the office of civil rights for HIPAA violation (took me 1 year to obtain my medical record and then my record contained fabricated documents). Not much came out of those actions either; however, it made me feel better to do something!! My advice to you…file similar complaints if you find yourself likewise harmed…it takes more than one person to make a difference! I have since found reviews/complaints from other patients alleging this doc and his wife/office staff treated them similarly (took their money, didn’t perform all of the services as agreed/paid, and didn’t answer phone calls, letters, etc. afterwards…check other websites too, such as the vitals(dot)com one and realize that some good reviews are likely fabricated, especially those lacking details). By the way, I have learned that this plastic surgeon is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which likely means he will be allowed to keep his business and “tools of the trade” but unsecured debts will be discharged. That means other people and businesses are losing money at the hands of David Joseph Gray also! It’s just not right/ethical!! Yet, he continues to “practice” unscathed. It is extremely important that you choose the right doctor for your procedures! Do your homework!!
Huntsville Plastic Surgeon

I thought this doctor would be good when I chose him for my procedures and paid him $8,575. I was badly mistaken. The services I paid him for were not performed as agreed. I went into his office for a consultation for laser cellulite treatment and before I knew it, was talked into having smart lipo as well (or I should say paying for it but not having it!). I hate even telling people that I've had lipo because there is no evidence that I have and the whole situation is embarrassing. Regarding the procedure itself, I woke up during the procedure in excruciating pain. I don't believe I was sufficiently numbed/medicated. Then, the doctor not only denied missing an area of treatment for Cellulaze (which showed NO signs of treatment and had most obviously not been treated), but the smart lipo was a flop with only 1/2 a pound of fat removed, even though multiple areas were supposedly treated and I was led to believe that my skin would be firmed/tightened and at least a few pounds of fat would be removed. When I confronted him, the doc actually admitted my posterior flanks had not been treated and blamed me, stating I was awake when he "marked" me for surgery and I voiced no objection. I WAS awake but I was medicated with lortab, valium, etc. at that time and I wasn't marked in front of a mirror nor do I have eyes on the back of my head. He and I had discussed the procedures to be performed on two previous occassions and it had all already been agreed upon before I paid him. I had faith, as I should have, that the doctor cared about my satisfaction and would get it right. A couple of days after my procedure, I requested that the areas missed and mis-treated be treated immediately while I had taken time off from work. After that point, I called multiple times asking for his office manager/wife, but she never came to the phone. I finally requested a partial refund. One of his staff members stated they would not give me a partial refund but stated Dr. Gray would "retreat" the areas in October if I did not see improvement, although they stated all of the areas were treated and were treated properly. I requested that statement in writing and never received it. At this point, after being lied to by Dr. Gray and his staff, I don't trust a word uttered by him or his staff. I recommend you save your money and avoid this doctor at all costs. It is extremely unlikely, in my opinion, that you will have good results if you use this doctor. He didn't have many reviews online and I'm now convinced a couple of the reviews on this site were made by fictitious people. These procedures are painful and recovery is painful and takes a lot of time, including time missed from work. I am extremely unhappy with my experience and wish I could go back in time and change the choice that I made. I am looking forward to putting this behind me. I pray no one else has to go through what I went through. Good luck to you and God Bless.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Wow. It's horrible your case wasn't even heard. I would have gotten a lawyer oN Gp. But California is the most litigious state. How are you doing? Thank you for sharing your journey.
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Thanks. I probably should've gotten an attorney but I'm over it now. I just hate it for anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation with this doc. I'm doing great otherwise. Thanks for asking!
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I am glad it's over and you are moving forward. Glad he went bankrupt but not good he kept his tools :/ Have a Happy Thursday.
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Thank you! Happy Monday!! ;-)
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YW! :)
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Hi, I am happy you took the time to review, its so helpful to all of us. I understand the disappointment and I worry about that myself bc its such a huge investment. You do look beautiful, both before and after. Thank you for your honest opinion as I dont feel the need now to waste money on the cellulaze. I hope my thigh and stomach lipo is worth it. Please keep updating :) Take care!
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Thank you for your comments. I think cellulaze could produce great results in the hands of the right doctor. Best of luck to you on your lipo!
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I am sorry for your bad result. I had a botched lipo before when i was just 19, stupid and ignorant. I any case it has been 5 years now, i want to try cellulaze to improve some bumbs on my lef thigh. How is your result now, just looking at the cellulaze.. ?
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Thank you. I don't really have much noticeable result. The machine is only half of the job; the other half depends on the surgeon. I truly believe I picked the wrong surgeon and urge any others considering the procedure to go with a doctor who contributes to Real Self and who has PLENTY of good reviews.
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I'm a year out now, and my results are really bad. I have what looks like severe bruising and still have hard lumps. My doc says he doesn't know why, or what it is, and cannot do anything about it. Some of the cellulite has smoothed out, but i think my legs actually look worse now. Bummer. I agree with Reciprocity, choose a good doc with good reviews. My doc was very nice, but had only done about 10 of these procedures.
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Thats for the reply, that doesn't sound promising at all :(.. I just really hoped that cellulaze could help me with my problem, but probably I just need to open my eyes and start realizing that my body will never get back to normal. Too bad to realize that when you are just 24!, but it's the truth.
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I also had a horrible experience with lipo, was left in much worse shape before than after. I hope that things have settle more for you and you're starting to see smooth results from your cellulaze - I have read it can take between 3-6 months to start seeing smoother areas. Hang in there and let us know if your results are improving!
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It makes me feel better to know that other people have experienced similiar failures and disappointments also. Thanks for sharing! My results are not improving. I picked the wrong surgeon. Maybe I will give it a shot again one day if I find the time/money!
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I'm so sorry this happened to you. Its not nice to know that you laid out all that money to have the procedure botched. I have had cellulaze done. Dr Petti. She supplied all the before/after shots, references, experience, garments and medications needed for the procedure so all I had to do was turn up. I was marked up while 100% awake and they even took the photos of the markups so you can review it against the original consult. She marked up the original consult photos too so there is consistency. I was going to go under a general but she convinced me to do twilight. I didn't feel a thing nor remember a thing so was completely 100% comfortable. Recovery has had bruising but I bruise easily so I was told to have patience. Just went today for my 3 week post-surgery consult. I am happy with the results so far. I look forward to 3months out. I did have liposuction 6 years ago but found it a waste of money as it all came back when I put on weight. I lost all the extra inches by hiring a personal trainer - ended up costing less to have him whip me into shape for a year but that damn cellulite didn't budge. Hence my last resort was cellulaze. Looking forward to getting back to the gym!
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I'm so happy for you that you had a great experience!! Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you for posting your detailed review of your procedure, it is so helpful for the community to share your experience. I am sorry that things did not work out as you had hoped. Nice to hear you are healing well and moving forward.

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This is the best and most useful/helpful community there is! Thanks so much!!
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It's because of members such as yourself this site works so well, so thank you!
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I had my arms done a week ago and have some Loose skin by my Armpit, did you have that and if you did when does it get better? Really looking for Honest Advice..
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No, I didn't really have any loose skin because he didn't take out much fat at all, but if you had Smart Lipo, I believe your skin should tighten up; at least, from I was told and from what I read. Good luck!
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I'm so very sorry for all you've gone through! :( however, I'd like to thank you once again for your thorough review. I am grateful for all the information (good and bad), because that allowed me to do more research and make an informed decision after consulting with several PS's as well. Sadly, one PS did recommend cellulaze and lipo for my problem areas, and had I not been informed (mostly through reviews like yours), I could've easily went through with it and spent almost $8,000 for nothing! I opted for the lower body lift that a different PS bluntly told me was the only way to get the results I wanted, which was way more invasive yet is what I really needed for my own situation. So thank you! And I really hope you can bounce back from all this!
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I'm so excited for you!! I'm glad my comments helped. I pray you get great results! Can't wait to "see"! Keep us posted. :-)
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I'm really sorry this didn't work out as well as it should have, you did alot of research and preparation for the surgery. You definitely did your part, it seems your doc failed you. I'm six months out and I still have lumps and what looks like bruises but my doc says it's still inflammation, and he says it can take up to a year to see the final results. Prior to surgery, he told me it could take up to six months to see final results. I am finally seeing a little bit of improvement in the cellulite, skin is looking a little smoother, so I'm holding on to hope that I will be satisfied with the results. But at this point I am not. I appreciate you sharing your experience, I hope you eventually get better results, maybe it just takes longer than we originally thought!
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Thank you! In the areas where I had the Cellulaze, I am still hopeful to see improvement. It's all the other stuff and the areas that weren't treated that I've been bummed about. I'm glad you're holding on to the hope that you will be satisfied! I pray you will be. At least, through all of this, we had others to share our feelings with. This is an awesome website and is so helpful to those that follow us. I'm very thankful for it and for people like you. Thanks for an update on your status.
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how's your body right know? did cellulite reduced?
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