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11 days since my surgery. Still lots of swelling...

11 days since my surgery. Still lots of swelling and discomfort. Overall I feel happy with my results although I do feel like my doctor removed a little more breast tissue than I had wanted but I guess that's how it goes with insurance. That was also the reason I did the tummy tuck because of the fear of being flat chested with a fat flabby belly from a c-section. I was wearing some 40 DDD and some 40F. Buying bras and swimsuits was a nightmare and button up I'm thinking a may be a 38C after swelling goes away. I had 3 drains removed and going to to have last one removed tomorrow and my belly button stitches. My breast look good from the front view (except the bruising)but look small from the side view. Any questions or suggestions welcome .
Thanks ..I guess it's just the overall shock of not having the big boobs I'm used to.. I'm thinking after swelling goes down I will be a 38c
I think you look great and small boobs rock. Best of luck.

Day 14

no drains (woohoo) nurse said I'm healing well :)
It will be 3 weeks for me Monday .. The surgery is painful but tolerated with pain meds..I still can't stand up straight which is burns a bit from lipo..wounds seem to be healing well..will upload new pics today
Thank you for sharing! I am having the same as you in Birmingham on Jul 23rd. Nervous and excited!!
Wow, congrats girl! Happy healing.


Still dealing with swelling but was able to sleep with my post op bra to see if it would help with the swelling up under my arms..I have the feeling that I have an extra boob under my arm because that's the area of lipo and there is still swelling issues. It did seem to help some. They feel hard like fake breast and I'm hoping that goes away..but overall happy with my decision
I will post a pic of underarm swelling in a few minutes
Honestly I didn't have a lot of fat there but now I feel I have a lot but its definitely due to swelling because I've been wearing sports bras instead of surgical bra because the one they sent me home in was too little..last nite I decided to give the surgical bra a second chance to see if it would hold down the swelling under my arm and it did..gonna check with my ps about getting a larger cup size in surgical bra
I'm having lipo under the arms, too. I call it my 'side boob' :) Do you feel a difference already with that area lipo'd, or is it still too swollen to notice that it's gone down? I'm pretty excited to lose that roll. I don't remember what it's like to have my arms at my side!

Underarm swelling

This is the best the swelling has been since surgery as far as underarm

Day 24

After relaxing in the pool yesterday my tape started coming off so I decided to remove it last nite. The nurse was shocked that it wasn't already off at my last visit so I decided it was was ready to come off of the area where the scars were located but I have a place on each boob where it was stuck to my good skin and wasn't ready to be removed (ouch) cleaned them with antibacterial soap and applied some neosporin ..ready to be healed

7 weeks post op

Everything healing nicely..I have had a few stitches coming they the skin and I did what my doctor told me which was to clip it off close to the skin..they don't seem to be as sore as they have been for the last 2 weeks...can't say enough how happy I am that I made this decision and did this for myself :)
Thanks in making payments on the tummy but it was worth it ..
you are so lucky I wish I was getting a tummy tuck with my breast reduction. You look great. Congrats!!!

Tummy and boob photos

Before pics finally ????

I finally received my before pic today from my doctor and although it is disgusting I wanted to share to show everyone the major difference
you look great
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