42Y/o 5'2Mom of 3 with 38GBreasts (Fastly Approaching the Next Size) ThinkingAbout BR and Something Tummyrelated. Huntsville, AL

Hi RS Family, Sorry for the long post but here...

Hi RS Family,
Sorry for the long post but here goes. I "think" I've finally decided to take the plunge and get a BR and then a TT or some other lower parts procedure thereafter.
Breast History: I've had large breasts (perky I might add) for as long as I can remember since developing, but was still always active with dance, sports, etc. However, after my 3rd baby about 8 years ago, the "girls" just never recovered. What once had been big and perky and considered shapely, had now morphed into long, pendulous, heavy, mammoths on the front of my body. Low back pain, mid back pain, and just plain pain with bra pinching/digging and ye old 4 boob syndrome has been my story since then. My GP did a Thermagram Breast Cancer scan about 2 years ago and once he was done talking with me about my cancer results being negative, he then launched into telling me how my entire back showed severe inflammation where my breast were pulling on the muscles and causing them to show-up redder than fire on the scan. He then told me he thought I might want to consider a breast reduction. I passed it off and continued to suffer over the next two years until about 6 months ago when I just became sick and tired of fighting with my bras (especially sports bras or lack thereof), never fitting clothes, and not being able to do a lot of exercises because of the heft in front. Embarrassingly, my sons tell me that my top part gets in the way when we are playing and jumping, etc. My hubby is good with how I am right now, but he supports me if I decide to do this and just wants me to be happy, pain free, and able to comfortably exercise. I've had 3 consults with 3 different PS' over the past 3 months (and been approved by my insurance for each) here in my town and after finally deciding on the PS I might allow to do the surgery, I get a letter stating that the PS will be relocating to another state this week!! Back at square 1!!!
Tummy History: Before I was 1 year old, I developed an inguinal hernia. The doc recommended to my mom that the hernia be removed as it was protruding quite a bit and would likely only get bigger. As with lots of belly-related surgeries in that day and time, I was cut across from hip bone to hip bone. Fast forward over the course of my life, I can't ever remember having a flat stomach or being able to achieve one. I've always had a lower pooch even while running track, doing crunches, doing aerobics and basically being physically fit and active in every other sense. I think this might be related to the fact that my muscles were cut and weakened during that surgery long ago. Now after 3 kiddies and a partial laparoscopic hysterectomy (still have my ov's), my tummy is out of control. While carrying the last baby (he really did a number on his mommy, but he is so sweet I can't be mad at him!!), my OB/GYN told me that I had developed a hernia under my belly. There was literally a lump sticking out of the area where my pubic hair was!! We never addressed the hernia again. So, I was chatting with my cousin about 6 or 7 months ago (a few months after having her last baby) and she told me that she was having a TT because she still looked as if she was preggers half a year after having her daughter and it was due to a hernia. It got me to thinking...is that what is wrong with my tummy??? I promise, I still look like I'm 8 months preggers and it has been 8 years since my last son made his debut!!! Granted, I now weigh 208 pounds (I've lost 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks as I'm trying everything I can to lose some weight - I need to lose about 40 pounds to feel comfortable) but when I have lost weight, I still have this tummy. So bummed...
I'm including some very embarrassing pics of how I look now....this was very hard for me...I manage to girdle up and batten down pretty well when I'm in my clothing, but nude...I feel disgusting...
So, RS Family, now that you know my story, can some of you share your thoughts regarding what I should do about:
A. As a 5'2 curvy hourglass woman, what size should I go down to from a 38G? Somehow, I plan to lose weight and hopefully get down to a curvy 170 or so (by the way does anyone have any suggestions for weightloss plans/programs for over 40 women??). If don't meet my goal, I still want to look balanced since I do have hips, etc. I promise there was a waist under there somewhere!!

B. Given my belly and the history/pics I've posted, what kind of lower part procedure do you think would work best for me? TT, Lipo, etc.? Would insurance cover this?

C. To my ethnic sisters out there (especially those of AA and Hispanic decent), if I happen to keloid, what can be done?

Any advice and feedback is welcomed. Thanks so much and please have any awesomely blessed day!!

Went to Another Consult and I think....

So, I went to another BR consult today in the next town over....AND....I think I'm finally going to go for it!!! I met with Dr. James Grotting and his staff at Grotting & Cohn Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, AL and it was a fantastic appointment. Dr. Grotting is very knowledgeable, calm, and reassuring and doesn't mind questions at all. I felt very at ease chatting with he and his nurse and believe that I will get great results. He says that he will likely remove about 500 g per breast which will take me down to a "full D" cup. I may ask to go to a "full C" or a "small D" but we'll see how it goes. I trust his opinion from what he stated about my body shape/type without me having to say anything. I've tentatively scheduled the surgery for Friday, December 5, 2014 and hope I won't chicken out before then. Insurance has already approved the BR so now it's hurry up and wait.

In terms of the tummy, he suggested a TT with flanks done also. Unfortunately, it looks like that will have to come out of pocket so it might be a while before I am able to get that done. I've been trying to lose some weight and have been successful at going from 212, to 208, now down to 205. Doesn't seem like much, but my goal is to be under 200 pounds, maybe around 180-190 before the BR surgery. I'll update again soon. TTFN!

Doc's Office Called Today to Confirm.....

I'm nervous as HECK!!!! The PS called today to confirm that we are still a go for the BR for December 5, 2014. Their office is in a town about 1.5 hours from me and I'm just a teensy bit concerned (okay, ALOT concerned) that my surgery is outpatient and I won't get to stay in the hospital overnight. I also won't see my PS again until the day before surgery when I get marked. Among other things, I'm obsessing over the details like my post surgical garment, ointment/bandages, supplements, will my tummy stick out bigger than my ta-ta's after surgery, and on and on. Praying for a calm spirit and for protection. Anywho, I'm now T-Minus 1 month and a week. I'll update again later. TTFN!! (I love these unintended puns....T-Minus.....Ta-Ta for Now, lol)

Welp, 1 Month Until My BR Surgery....

And I'm still NERVOUS!! I've been in the mirror at least a 100 times looking at my breasts wondering if I'm making the right decision. I'm altogether certain that my back pain and shoulder soreness are going to disappear and I know less weight up front is going to finally allow me to work out more, but I've had this body for so long and my ta-tas have pretty much done a good job of hiding my tummy for some time....I've lost some more weight (now down to 196) and am continuing to work hard right up to surgery (I'd like to be down to about 185-190 by the time I hit the doors for my mark-up appointment) so I'm really wondering if the fact that my tummy is still huge right now will overshadow the benefits of the BR. I called my PS today and asked if they would consider allowing me to have some lipo to my tummy while I'm in surgery, just to take it down some, and they said no :-(. So, here I sit obsessing about it. I'm excited, yet nervous...If any of you ladies out there were battling the tummy bulge ( I don't mean those with just a little pooch, I mean a real-live kanga-pouch like what's shown on my profile pic) prior to getting your BR, please comment and give me your thoughts and how you approached your PS about this. Thanks and have a fantastic week!

3 weeks and counting....

Okay, RS Family, I'm down to my final three weeks...AND I'M STILL a ball of nerves!!! When I say I'm a ball of nerves, I guess I mean that my mind is just racing with all sorts of thoughts. I talked to my PS office this past week and they stated they are running a little behind with getting out the pre-op packets for December surgeries....arrggghhhhhhh......don't they know I need time to read that stuff at least 150 or so times before surgery, lol??? And the longer I wait to get their packet, the more stuff I research on the internet and the more questions I have rattling around in my noggin. So, here I sit once more and again obsessing about what size I'll be, if I'll look awkward with smaller breasts, how long it will be before I can exercise and work on this tummy, will my husband still find me attractive after I have surgery, how do I avoid an infection, do I have the right supplies, will I have drains, will my nipples be okay, when can I drive, and on and on....I'll tell you though, I do think I'm going to be much happier and feel better about myself. I can't wait to be able to do planks and push-ups and not feel like I'm going to go through the floor because my chest is pulling me down to the ground. I can't wait to not have the shoulder, neck, and back pain or to run and jump and play around with my sons without them saying that my top is getting in the way. As I've been told, I'm not too bad on the eyes, but I can't even look at myself in the mirror when I'm getting ready as all I see are my breasts and my stomach. They take over....they take over the mirror, pics, and just about everything. I put my make-up on while standing to the side of the mirror and peering in closely only at my face so I don't have to see my body. As you can imagine, I've had some pretty wild days with my mascara and eyeliner and have had to use the mirror in the car to clean it up so I didn't scare everyone at work, lol!! So, I've taken some more pics and am posting them here. These pics make me uncomfortable but I feel this is the only way for me to chronicle my journey and really and truly appreciate deliverance from where I've come from. Well, I've not received many comments to my posts, but I'd love to hear any thoughts from you ladies who are heading in around the same time I am as well as the veteran's who've already been through this process. Additionally, if anyone has any comments about Dr. Grotting, please let me know. Thanks and I'll update again soon!!
Dr. James C. Grotting

Dr. Grotting is located in Birmingham, AL however, I live in Huntsville, AL. I felt very comfortable with him during my consultation appointment and his staff was very kind and attentive. Several of them have been with him since the late 90's which I think says a lot. Will keep you posted

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