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I am a 37 yr old now 12 weeks post-op. I had my...

I am a 37 yr old now 12 weeks post-op. I had my surgery on 11/7/11, it was the best thing I ever did. I went for my consultation on Aug 31, 2011 and was approved by my insurance as a medical necessity. I couldn't tell you my exact size, I was always too embarrased to get measured for the correct bra size so I squeezed myself into a 38DDD and I still poured out the top. I probably was an E or F if the truth was known. Thank goodness my insurance covered it or I don't think I would have been able to afford it. The bills have been coming in and WOW, the total was around $20,000. Thankfully I will only have to pay around $1,000 on it.

I had to be at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. I didn't have to wait in the waiting room very long. They took me back and did all the pre-op stuff then my PS came and marked me and then I was hooked up for anestheia. I remember being wheeled back to the OR around 8:30, I remember them securing my arms out to the side then I was out. My surgery lasted 4 hours. I had 1000 grams removed from the right side and 1200 from the left. I believe my PS told me he was removing around 6 or 7 lbs. I remember trying to wake up in recovery and it seemed like they were just trying to rush me out of the recovery room, but they weren't. My husband was there and I kept asking him how long I was in the OR over and over and over.

It was around 3:30 when we left the hospital and I remember the ride home was rough, everytime my husband went over a hole in the road or a bump I squalled. I know he couldn't help it. I was not in too much pain the 1st day, the thing I remember the most was the tightness feeling in my chest, like the skin was pulled so tight. I took my pain pills for 3 days after the surgery then decided I wasn't in enough pain to be taking it.

I went back 3 days later to have the drains removed and my bandages removed. After my bandages were removed I looked down and my 1st reaction was Oh my gosh, I think he took too much out. I think I was shocked because my breast were so huge and they hung so low and now they were standing on their own. (lol) My right side drained but my left side did not. The nurse took out the drains and had to push on the left breast to get the fluid to come out. It sounds painfully but it actually wasn't.

I have been going back every 3 weeks now because I developed an open wound under my left breast. I had the dissolvable stiches and they dissolved around 2 weeks post-op then the wound started to open in a small area and then just got bigger. My PS had to cauterize it 3 times so far. It is finally healing now, I had to keep a bandage and antibotic cream on it so my sports bra wouldn't rub it.

I can not complain about anything, the open would did not discourage me and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I feel so much better physically and mentally. I was so incure about my breast being so big, I felt like everyone was staring at me and talking about my big breasts. I know that wasn't the case but I was teased in high school and that just carried over in to my adult years. Up until now I have been wearing a sports bra and I am ready to go get fitted for a regular bra. I am so excited to see what size I am now. Will post before and after pics later. I would incourage anyone thinking about a breast reduction to truly consider it. For me the pain was not bad at all and I went back to work a week later.

Added pictures finally.

Added pictures finally.

Before and after pics posted. Anyone have any...

Before and after pics posted.

Anyone have any suggestions for scar management? I have been using Bio-Oil, seeing alittle fading not much. Just have to give it time.

I am so glad I can finally exercise without my breasts weighing me down causing back and neck pain. Now it is time so get some weight off. Lost 4 pounds since Jan 2, 2012.
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Very nice!
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Despite your scar you are healing beautifully, great shape as well!
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Hi SSB. Glad you are so happy with your results. What an amazing difference.
My surgeon recommended ScarZone for my scar therapy. It is a silicone based cream that you can buy over the counter at Wal-Mart for under $10. I had looked for the silicone strips at Walgreens etc but could never find them and this cream has worked well. Actually one of my boys had surgery on his wrist and that scar was very raised and red even after 3 months and we started putting the ScarZone on that and it has really worked to minimize it.
Good luck with your continued healing!
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Congratulations! They really did take a lot - you must feel amazingly light these days. :)

I LOL'd when I got to the part about you asking your husband the same question over and over - I did the exact same thing to mine, and by the end of the first night, he started holding up his fingers to indicate how many times he had already answered that question. He said the most bizarre part is that I would seem completely coherent when I asked questions, and he would think, "ah, the anesthesia is finally out of her", but then I would ask the same question two minutes later. Ha.

Are you still wearing sports bras? I'm only 4.5 weeks out and I'm still in them. Even though they look pretty bad under my work clothes, I'm going to be sorry to give them up. I doubt that I'll ever go back to underwire!
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Thank you JemimaB. I do feel lighter.

I am still wearing a sports bra at my PS request for now. I went to get a bra fitting today and the lady measured me as a D cup. I did not try the bra on at the store so when I got home I tired it on and it is too big. I guess she didn't measure me right. Kinda made me happy though maybe I am smaller than a D cup.
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How long does your PS want you in a sports bra? I'm in mine until at least the end of this month (which will be my six week mark), and then I'll see what my surgeon says at the appointment. I'm really in no rush to get out of them, though I would like a nice, soft bra for work that gets rid of uniboob.

That's awesome that you're smaller than a D cup. I want to be a C at the very, very biggest (would have loved a B cup, but doubt I'll get down that far). I'll admit that I'm too nervous to get fitted yet. I'm going to give it at least a couple more months, like you did.
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Hi Steph welcome to RealSelf.  

I am so happy for you and glad you are well on the road to recovery.  They took an amazing amount off of you..WOW.  

What size bra are you starting to settle into now?

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