33 Years Old, 2 Kids, 36K

Seems like most ladies on here had to deal with...

Seems like most ladies on here had to deal with big breasts from a young age. I'm so sorry! I was actually pretty flat until I started birth control in high school.

My mom had never experiened cramping until she had endometriosis. Soon as she started dealing with that she took me to the doctor right away to get me pills to battle my painful periods. Yay! And as a young flat-chested teeny bopper of course I was thrilled with a side effect of new curves! Except the suckers never stopped growing!

In 9th grade I was maybe a B cup. By my senior prom I was a probably a 32-34 bandwidth, but of course I was in the wrong size and wore a 36DDD. In college I fluctuated, but was wearing a 38F my last semester. I was also pregnant with my son. My second pregnancy took me to an H cup.

Now my kids are elementary school aged, and I'm still recovering from dealing with Grave's disease. My weight has been up and down with the whims of my thyroid. After radioactive-iodine therapy my thyroid is dead, and I've been trying to find the right dose of meds to combat hypothyroidism for over 2 years. A process made even more exhausting by the fact that I can't even exercise or run around after my kids because my breasts are huge!

I've finally learned a lot about bras and realized my band size is much smaller than I thought. Surprise! There's actually a rib cage under there! What?! So I've come to find out I'm actually a 36KK.

I have wanted a breast reduction since my senior year of high school, and I finally have a consult scheduled with Dr. Farid Mozaffari in August. You would think that since I've already waited this long I would be more patient right? Except I'm about to lose my mind from anticipation!

Reading the reviews on this site have made me giddy with excitement. I can't wait to be on the other side. Less pain, more mobility, one step closer to a happier healthier me? Yes please!

A good bra makes a huge difference eh?

Feels so weird to post pictures of a part of myself that I hate so much. I can't even sit around the house without a bra because I'm too embarrassed and that's with clothes on!

But I am hoping to see a huge improvement, and hopefully share my experience as so many other brave ladies have on this site.

I am worried/nervous that at my size I'm probably going to have to have a free nipple graft to achieve the end results that I desire. I've seen a couple FNG on here though, so my fear is getting better. August 7th can't come soon enough. Can't wait to see what the doctor has to say and what hoops I'll have to jump through to get insurance coverage.

My GP thinks I might have to do some physical therapy for my back pain. I think a look at the breasts I'm hauling around would show no amount of PT is going to affect my back until that weight is gone.

oh noes :(

Just got a card in the mail cancelling my appointment :( It's been killing me to wait until August, so I'm really hoping it won't be even longer :(

Trying not to get too upset until I call and talk to the office tomorrow. My son just had his doctor cancel an appointment too. Weird coincidence.

I just want these whomper boobies gone!


Called and rescheduled for August 27th. Impatient!

I just want to be done already :( Or started even! Figure my boobs can't ache much worse than when I take my bra off at the end of the day and my breasts feel like they are going to pull right off my chest. My left on has been hurting particularly bad lately. I've cut back on caffeine because that bothers the boobs sometimes.

On the silver lining side of things I would assume I had to reschedule because the doctor is taking his vacation. That's what happened with my son's appointment. So if I actually get to have surgery before the end of the year then at least he won't be vacationing during my recovery. Fingers crossed!

3 day migraine

I've been having a ridiculous amount of pain down the right side of my neck with a mild migraine for going on 3 days. I think I triggered it by doing some deep house cleaning :( I just want to be able to engage in everyday activities without feeling debilitating pain.

It's so frustrating. I discovered I had Grave's disease when I ended up being hospitalised because my thyroid levels were off the charts. So much so that my hypothalamus had shut down and I was close to organ failure. I couldn't walk across my living room just to use the restroom without vomiting or almost fainting from my heart beating so rapidly, but I didn't have insurance so I didn't go to the doctor or hospital until I literally felt like I was dying. Turns out I was pretty close.

Thus radiation therapy, dead thyroid, and now over 2 years later still can't seem to get the right dose of thyroid hormones.

Sorry for a total pity party, but I am sure many can relate. When you deal with something everyday friends and family get immune to your plight you know? People don't want to hear how you're really doing. Even at the doctor's office they ask you, "how are you doing today?" "Well, pretty miserable actually." Throws the nurse/doctor for a loop. They expect you to say, "Just fine, thanks!"

Well sorry, but today I am not fine. I'm sure I'll be fine in a few days, but right now I just want to do the dishes without having back spasms for the rest of the day.

Not sure what to think...

Finally got to see the doctor today. All went well. He said I'm the biggest cup size he's seen. Okay...

They use a new machine during surgery that uses a dye to test the blood supply to the nipple. If blood supply is not adequate he may have to do FNG. Thinks he can get me to a D cup.

Good news so far. Then he asks what insurance I have and once he sees he brings up that they are getting really strick about BMI and weight. So I'll need to lose 40 lbs to get approved.

What?! I'm hypothyroid. Losing weight is nearly impossible for me! I asked him if insurance would happen to approve based on pictures, etc. Would he insist on me losing the weight... he responded that I should just do my best to lose what I can.

I'm really unhappy right now. I read a lot of fat activist writing and I don't believe weight is a contributing factor to my health. Getting this surgery however is a big factor for me.

I brought up the fact that it's really hard to exercise with breast my size and he just nodded. Like wtf dude. Be an advocate for your patient! I'm calling my primary physician tomorrow to see if she can write a letter explaining that my weight has gone up and down with my thyroid and has never made my breasts smaller. And that due to my thyroid condition I will probably have a very hard time losing weight, especially without being able to engage I aerobic exercise due to my large breasts. Yadda yadda... this is on the advice of the receptionist. So I can't decide if he just can't advise me not to worry about weight because he thinks pictures will win approval. Or if he is washing his hands of me and my fat ass.

I'm a size 16 at 5'6'' and have felt pretty average (except boobs of course) for my age and having birthed 2 kids. Regardless it's so wrong to withhold a medical procedure based on weight.

Very frustrating.

so my old surgeon was an @ss

I got denied by my insurance because my doctor's pictures didn't show shoulder indentations or evidence of rashes. Which I have pictures of my own I could have sent. Anyways, I called for months and the office kept giving me the run around until it was too late to appeal the insurance decision. Nice, eh?

So I had my family doctor help me find a new surgeon. Not only did he get me approved quickly, he had no issues with my weight!

I am finally scheduled for my breast reduction surgery in September!!!! I can hardly wait, yet am so nervous.

New surgeon says I'm right at the border of measurements from collar to nipple (I think) length that indicates whether there may be a problem with blood supply basically. So I *might* have to have a FNG, free nipple graft. But he hopes to avoid it if possible, but obviously will have to wait and see.

Makes me a bit more nervous, but I'm so excited to have smaller breasts that I'm trying to stay positive. I'm currently a 36K in UK sizes or 36M in US sizes. Doctor thinks he can get me to a double or triple D. Still big, but almost 6 cup sizes difference!

September can't come fast enough!

getting closer...

Just some of the markings from my appointment. Trying to picture the change. It seems impossible for me to wrap my mind around it. To see my ribs again! To be able to stand without getting back spasms and headaches. To be able to buy bras that don't kill my body or bank account, lol.

Only wish I could have gotten a spot in August. I'm a bit worried about recovery with my kids in school in September. Plus sooner is better; I have no patience, lol.

60 days pre-op

Starting to feel real, but so far away. I can't wait! I've been so focused on getting insurance to approve the surgery I haven't spent much time thinking about the reality of smaller boobs. I don't think I wanted to let myself imagine it and get my hopes up until insurance said yes.

Now I keep thinking of funny things, like I can wear scarfs again. Haven't worn them since college because they just add volume to my chest. I can wear geeky t-shirts again! Or any shirt with something printed on the front; I've avoided them for years because my breasts distorted the picture/print. I can wear necklaces again without them look tiny or drawing attention to my boobs. I can carry a purse again without it adding weight to my already aching shoulders. I have several dresses I stopped wearing because they became indecent as my breasts got bigger. Etc. Etc.

It's kind of sad how much I've had to set aside because of my breasts. It seems like silly things compared to the pain that heavy breast cause, but it's part of my identity that got swallowed up by being the girl with big boobs.

I'm looking forward to being more active with my kids again. I used to walk everywhere, and have stopped because my boobs cause back spasms when I stand too long. Boobs plus muscle fatigue from hypothyroidism makes for a pretty miserable time.

I keep trying to imagine what my body will look and feel like and it seems surreal. 60 days feels like an eternity to wait!

Pre-Op appt, 1 week until surgery!!

I went to my pre-op appointment yesterday and had my blood tests and whatnot. I got tons of pre-surgery anti-bacterial soap to use. He also asks his patients to use crystal salt deodorant for days prior the surgery to help cut down bacteria.

I felt like the doctor barely talked to me, but his nurse was really nice and helpful. I'm a bit nervous because I got to look at his books and the breasts still seemed a bit large. Don't get me wrong, there was still a huge improvement. But I don't want to end up with big breasts after a major surgery due to some man's arbitrary idea of ideal proportions for my body. Ya know?

At the initial appointment when he did all the measurements he said he thought he could get me to a D or DD, but at this appointment he wouldn't give me a specific size. When I talk to him before the actual surgery I'm going to emphasize my desire to be a D cup if at all possible. I'd go to a C cup even. I wouldn't mind being pear-shaped, lol.

Other than that I'm feeling pretty excited. And really anxious for the surgery to be over and done already. I need to remember to talk to the anesthesiologist about having an enlarged thyroid from Grave's disease.

Now to focus on deep cleaning my house so it can survive me not doing housework for a bit after my surgery. My husband helps, but doesn't clean to my picky standards, lol. My 6 year old daughter is already better at helping with laundry.

2 days and 6 hours

Getting so close to surgery time, but still seems surreal. Like you can imagine it, but can't quite *know* how it's going to be until it actually happens. I keep thinking of the way giving birth changes you both physically and mentally. You can research it, see others go through it, plan it all out in your head, see the results of others, lol. But nothing is like living it.

I'll be so glad to be on the other side. I've had big breasts for 15 years. It's hard to grasp looking and feeling comfortable. It kills me that insurance doesn't take in the psychological factors of how life changing a breast reduction can be for someone. I know I'm preaching to the choir on just how much big breast affect you. How much time is wasted worrying over boobs? Ugh!

I love my new boobies!!!

I'm on the other side yay. Haven't been able to sleep much sitting up, plus they keep waking me up when I do finslly sleep to take my vitals.

My 4 hour surgery ended up being 6 hours, and I had a hard time waking up. So they kept me for observations. I have 4 drains, 2 IVs, 1 catheter, and these leg massaging compression thingies, lol. All the nurses have been super nice.

I feel really weak from the muscle paraletic they give you during surgery. My whole body hasn't felt this fatigued since giving birth to my son.

But it's all worth it for my tiny (in comparison, lol) new breasts. I haven't got a good look yet, but hubby thinks they're a D cup which is what I was hoping for. I honestly don't care what the letter ends up being because even with swelling they are smaller than I expected to get (in a good way). I have upper fullness again, and a waist!

So happy!!

After pictures!

I can shower tomorrow, so I'll try to get better pictures. Pain level and swelling are a bit worse today, especially where the drains are in my sides.

The nurses were calling me a lightweight because the drugs affect me quite a bit. I guess they had a hard time waking me up and morphine made my blood oxygen drop too much. I'm feeling pretty loopy now, but wanted to add some after pics. ?

Yesterday was rough

I didn't think to set an alarm to take my pain meds during the night, so I slept 9 hours and woke up to very swollen, very painful boobies! It took most of the day to get my pain level back down.

Thankfully I'm feeling a lot better today. Even took my first shower with my husband's help. He's been so great! My kids have been so sweet too. Makes me so happy. Spent part of the day coloring with my daughter today. My son says I look like a teenager with my small chest, lol. Thanks, I think?

Finally got to see the boobs in all their glory when I showered. They might be a little bigger than I originally thought, but I'm still just soooo happy. He took over 1000 (grams?) on one side and over 1100 on the other. He did lipo as well, but I'm not sure where? I was too loopy to ask, and family didn't think to. They got nervous since my surgery took longer than expected.

Sleeping sitting up is about as fun as you ladies have described. Luckily my pain pills knock me out, so I've managed to sleep pretty well. My family let me sleep until 12:30 today!

I have a love hate relationship with the drains. I have 2 in each side. I know they help with healing/swelling, but man are they a pain. They hurt more than my incisions.

I don't have any nipple sensation right now, but the rest of my breasts have feeling. I still have some protrusion though even with them being realy retracted from trauma. I didn't have much nipple sensitivity before, so I'm not to worried if they come back or not.

I'm high as a kite on pain pills, so sorry for rambling.

Found my paperwork with the official numbers

I had 1036 gm removed from the right breast, and 1144 gm removed from the left breast. Which is about 2.3 and 2.5 pounds

I'm just so excited to wear "normal" sized bras and clothes. Just waiting for the pain to go down to play dress up in my closet.

Sleeping upright has kept me from feeling a difference in my back and shoulders, but I can breathe easier.

some pictures

Underneath is not looking very nice. It was pretty sore to lift enough to get a picture. I just wanted an idea of what's going on under there.

Tape allergy

Went to the ER because I felt like I was being cut in half. Thought it was my drains, but turns out it was the super strength tape holding the drains.

Benedryl and a stronger percocet helped relieve the pain a bit. Course they re-taped the already raw skin with paper tape.

After a nap at home to recover from the pain my husband helped me remove the paper tape. We put gauze pads over the drain sites and then wrapped my ribs first with gauze and then with ace bandage. Topped that all off with my bra.

Sides feel MUCH better. The pain had been around an 8 and I couldn't put my arms down. Having my shoulders tensed/hunched left me super sore.

Hopefully it's all uphill from here. I do love my cute little boobies. My husband and I can't get over how small my surgeon was able to get me.

Breasts have softened quite a bit. Still a bit hard towards the bottom though.

Sorry if my posts jump around too much. Pain pills plus thyroid foggy brain makes it harder to string together coherent thoughts, lol.

I guess I had a lollipop?

I thought my doctor was going to do the wise/anchor pattern incisions. But as the swelling and pain have gone down I've realized I don't have horizontal incisions. At least the bunching under my boob makes more sense.

I just feel like it illustrates the lack of communication I've felt with my surgeon. Maybe he changed his mind and made a call for what would be best once I was in surgery?

My breasts and incisions are feeling tender, but good. But the drain entry sites are just killing me. I have to keep them iced to have any kind of relief. I feel like I wouldn't need pain meds, or Tylenol at the most if not for the drains.

I've been feeling frustrated at the lack of housework getting done. My husband took a week off work and unloaded the dishwasher once. Granted he did take great care of me and our kids, but housework needs done too. My mom has stayed with us a few days here and there. She's been doing cooking, and has cleaned the kitchen. She's talked about catching laundry up, but hasn't quite got around to it yet.

I hate feeling ungrateful, but I busted my butt getting the house cleaned in preparation for my surgery because I knew it would need to last longer. It's been just over a week and it looks like a month without housework or something. With my thyroid problems I can't afford to get behind and overwhelmed by housework.

But I already feel like a burden without nagging about housework. I've asked once or twice, but it seems to be conveniently overlooked. Maybe lack of decent sleep has me feeling grumpy? I guess I should count myself lucky that my healing seems to be going well enough that I can stress over other things.

Anyone else feeling stressed over housework?

1st post-op visit

I've tried to write this about 5 times now and the tab keeps crashing, grrrr.

But, I got my drains out today, thank gawd!! I had 4 total. 2 were under the inframammary fold. They've been making my ribs hurt. The other 2 were inside the boobs. They felt a bit weird coming out, but not too bad until the last one. It burned pretty good, but still wasn't as bad as I expected or worried about. I did take a percocet an hour before my appointment though.

Felt a bit sloshy inside for a little bit afterwards. And about an hour later I was pretty tender, so I used some ice. I crashed out and slept for awhile once we got home. Not sure if it was from the pain pill or just doing too much today. I showered and blow dried my hair before the appointment, which might have been a bit too much.

I asked about sleeping and found out I can sleep flat and even on my side as long as it's comfortable. I did forget to ask about how much I can lift. They had limited me to a pound. My son was concerned for me, lol.

I feel like I can be much more patient about healing now that the drains are out. My kids are super excited and happy for mommy to have less pain, so sweet. My daughter kept hugging me now that I don't have tubes hanging out of my sides.

Definitely a good day. :-)


I love my little boobies. It sounds so vain or conceited, lol.

Feeling nervous...

Both sides have opened up just a bit. The tape came off, and I kept burning, so I had hubby take a look and some pictures so I could see what's going on.

Called the doctor, but got voicemail.

I think the bottom of my incisions are where my inframammary fold used to be? And the splits are where the new fold seems to be. Maybe?

Breast have been a little warm, and very itchy. I thought maybe inside stitches were dissolving? No fevers. I did have a little drainage out of the right side, but chalked that up to having my drains removed.

Logically I figure all is well, but worry wart in me just wants to double check with my doctor. Plus I want to know how to treat it. I did clean under my boobs with a bit of hydrogen-peroxide and put clean non-stick gauze over the sores. Thought about triple antibiotic ointment, but wanted to hear from my doctor/nurses first.

Found the most comfortable bra ever!

If you fit a DD (or below, band went up to 42) you should check it out. Lol. I'm in love with it.

It's Beauty by Bali wirefree t-shirt bra at Target.

Most comfy my boobs have been since surgery. Heck probably before surgery too.

The band is sooo soft and gentle on my tender sides and under my breast where I had lipo.

There's also a similar style on the Bali (Hanes) website that I'm thinking about ordering. It's sized S,M,L etc. and went up to a 3XL. It was Bali Comfort Revolution ComfortFlex Fit Wirefree Bra Style #23782 From the size chart I'd be a L or XL.

I'm a bit obsessed after years of painful underwire bras, lol.

Feeling tender.

I've been pretty tender yesterday and today. Maybe doing too much. Gonna slow down a bit.

I feel like my boobs look bigger in pictures than they feel on my actual body if that makes sense. They went from like 3 handfuls per boob to one handful, lol.

They look a lot smaller in clothes too. Like I'm still a busty lady, but you can see ME when you look at me versus all boobs.

Very happy with my results so far.
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