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I'm so tired of hearing that! I'm 40, have 2...

I'm so tired of hearing that! I'm 40, have 2 children, and I'm ready- I think. I'm currently wearing an uncomfortable 40DD. I'm 5'5 and 140lbs but look and feel a lot bigger. Growing up I matured like the other girls my age. I had nice 34B, then I had kids and a 36C. Then they just kept growing and growing. Everytime I would see family and friends they always said oh my god, how big are they? I had went for a PS consult last year and they found some benign cysts, that scared me, so I didn't proceed. Then this past year, my family and I went on a beautiful Caribean vacation. I have been wearing a matronly bathing suit with thick bra-straps, underwire and side wire, and so uncomfortable. Day 1 on the beach my back hurt so much I couldn't stand it. The next day I had to go buy a "beach shirt" so I could wear my bra underneath. That worked well enough, but I'm only 40!! In all the pictures, you see me and "the girls". The indentations on my shoulders were getting deeper and deeper. When we got back, I knew I had to do something! I've lost weight in the past, but the girls always stayed the same. I made another PS consult, and I loved my doctor. She made me feel totally comfortable and at ease. I have 2 different size breasts, 36gg and 36 i and they rest on my belly. I told her id like to be a small C. And although she said she cant guarantee that, she's confident that the results will be great! She took some pictures and sent it to the insurance company. waited and got the approval rather quickly. We picked a date 8/22/2014! It's never a good time, but you know what-it's my time. I'm a week away and go from I'm so excited, to maybe I should cancel it. But reading all these stories, gives me the comfort to keep going! I've got the Vitamin C, the Arnica pills, the pillow wedge. Did I mention it's back to school shopping time and the kids start school September 2?? Right now I'm pretty excited ! I'll take pictures and post them tomorrow!
Woohoo! Congrats yoursobig! I completely understand your story! (You can read mine under my profile) I just had my surgery on August 12 after obsessing over the procedure and staring at hundreds of before/after boobs...I said to myself...ITS MY TIME! And thankfully insurance covered. I'm also 40yrs old, 5'3" and 130lbs...no matter how much I lost weight the breasts stayed the same and had the nerve to continue to grow! Ugh! To a size 32F! This has been the BEST decision. I felt immediate relief from neck shoulder back pain and such a lightness! You will be so happy! Yay! Excited for you and can't wait to follow ur story and recovery! Please forgive my over enthusiasm over a "stranger" having this procedure but I can relate! I'm happy for you! I will be posting more pics under my profile as well. Good luck to you! (;
I don't feel like we are all strangers, after all we are united in perspective! So happy for you both, yoursobig and cree11, and I'm coming right behind you on September 10th! Woohoo! I just ordered a post-surgical bra and some Bromelain for swelling. Getting ready! I'll be following your stories. :)
I'll be following you ladies: yoursobig and southern swingers! Excited for you all to stand straight and tall without all that extra weight!

Here are the before pictures

So I'm getting nervous now. I'm looking for a front close bra and button up shirts and pj's. Going to Walmart tomorrow. Started my Arnica pills and Vitamin C.
I am one day before you! about the same bra size too. Good luck! I am not nervous at all just excited!

Got some supplies

As per my doctors orders, I picked up my antibiotic and started it. I also got my pain and anti nausea meds. I also found inexpensive button up shirts, bras and tank tops. Trying to have everything ready, so hubby and daughters don't have to do to much. I'm surprisingly not nervous, but I imagine I will be once I get my surgery time. I can't wait to be in the other side.
remember prune juice to prevent constipation and a pillow for the seatbelt in the car
You and your prune juice! :)
i hope it all goes well today! good luck!

Tomorrow is the day!!

So tomorrow is the day. I'm calm, and excited. Went to beach today in bra and water shirt. I am worried about the pain afterwards and how long it will last! Ill post afterwards! Last nite of these girls!!
Good luck! How are you doing?
good luck today! :D
Wishing You Good Luck on your Surgery ! You will be SO HAPPY after it is all Over and You can stand up STRAIGHT ! And SEE YOUR TOES ! Let us know how it all Goes !

All done!!

I just wanted to give my quick post-op, I will write more during week.I can't believe it! I'm done. The button up shirt I went in with was tight in the chest area. Poof, when it came time to go home, I put the same shirt on and was roomy!!! I had to be at the hospital at 8am. My surgery was scheduled for 10:15, but I was already in surgery at 9:46. My doctor came early, did the markings in the OR. Took about 2 hours, and then I woke up in recovery. The pain was tolerable, and was immediately fixed. I felt a little nauseous, so they gave me medicine for that as well.
How are you? Sending cheers!
Doing much better today! Thanks for asking
congrats on your surgery....mine was August 18th...so far, so good!!!

3 days out- feeling good!

I'm 3 days out, and I'm surprised how good I'm feeling! I haven't taken anything other than Tylenol for pain. And I have a very low tolerance for pain.
We haven't heard from you in a few days yoursobig. How are you doing?
How exciting that you're doing so well with so little pain! Keep taking it easy
Good for you!!! I look forward to seeing more posts. Congrats!

1 week post op

Feeling good. I took off my compression bra and put on my sports bra. Not a good idea! My left breast started hurting a lot, so I went to PS for a quick check. Everything was fine, a little fluid had accumulated. She said she likes to have her patients wear the compression bra for at least the first 2 weeks. So I put compression bra back on and feel much better!
We just literally posted the same thing. I put my surgical bra back on I feel like it gives me more support. I am going to buy another Bali comfort bra in a smaller size to see if that does the trick.

2 weeks out

So tomorrow, I'll be 2 weeks out. I feel good, and so far everything is healing nicely. Sometimes my boobs are so itchy though, and I feel like scratching them hard. Then the feeling goes away. My left breast is still draining a little. It overall doing well. Taking my arnica for bruising, and got the ok to wear a different bra! The PS had 2 Genie bras, and they only cost 10.00!!' I haven't paid that little for bra in forever!
Glad you are doing so well. Just take an anti allergy pill to damp down the itching, if the skin feels flakey and itchy from being stretched you can use a moisturiser as long as you keep it off the incisions

4 weeks out.

So I'm healing really well. I've been taking the Arnica pills, and had just a small amount of bruising. My energy is slowly coming back. My left breast which had been the bigger one, is still sore and swollen. They are both still darning a little, and my MD and her PA assure me that it's totally normal. They are great! I'm still sleeping on my back. I'm wearing the Genie Bras around the clock, and they are comfy. Trying on some of my older shirts and I really can't believe what a difference! I'm so much more confident and have to remind myself to stand up straight. Now that I have small tatas, I can see the rest of my body and realize I need to lose weight. I guess I was hiding behind my big tatas, I never looked past them. So now, I'm going to work on losing weight, about 15lbs. Wish me luck!
I am having my reduction in January, with Dr Rhee also, i feel very comfortable with her, thanks for sharing
What helped me the Very Most - was the BROMELAIN for Swelling.
Glad to hear it's going well yoursobig. Any after pics you can share?
Dr. Charlotte Rhee

She is a wonderful doctor with a warm and caring staff!! From the minute you make your appointment you are made to feel very comfortable. When you meet with Dr. Rhee, she is very warm and compassionate. She listens to you and what your concerns are, and then gives you her suggestions. She has a very warm bed-side manner, and a great surgeon. Her PA, Olga, is very sweet and gentle. She works with Dr.Rhee both in the OR and in the office. Together they make a great team! Her staff is friendly and always tell you to call if you think something might be wrong. When you do call, even with the silliest question, they are always friendly. When you go into the office, always greeted with a warm smile and hello. The office itself is clean and welcoming.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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