Titan Laser Skin Tightening Didn't Work

I went in to get laser skin tightening thinking...

I went in to get laser skin tightening thinking that I would get the results that were shown in the pictures they presented to me. Not only did I not get those results I really didn't get anything tightened, my face looked a little skinnier (I lost 7lbs during that time) that is about it.

When I called and spoke with the owner of the shop she told me that Titan was not an alternative for cosmetic surgery. Than why was I charged 2,000.00 dollars for it. So now I am left with a huge bill and nothing to show for it. Doesn't anyone take pride in their work anymore!

I am so angry and disapointed. Titan skin tightening is nothing but a scam don't waste your money.


Funny how its only the titan practictioners that say it works. Believe me it DOES NOT!!!
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Titan is not for everyone, but in my experiance it has worked. BUT I dont offer titan to everyone. I have had titan done to myself and I am also a laser tech. I am not sure how many treatments you had, but for most faces it takes between 2-3 treatments to get optimal results. 1 can help, but not as much as a full series. It also depends on how many pulses they do on your face. I would ask them how many pulses they did. typically for an entire face I use between 350-450 pulses. Anything under that, in my opinion is not going to get you a good titan. I ask bc $2000 is high for one treatment, but really cheap for more than one, if you are treating entire face. I ususally charge $1500 for 1 full face. (doesnt include lower neck) It is not the same results as a face lift but it can be an alternative for surgery when you dont have too much heavy skin. You should have them take an after pic of you. The 1st pic is even profile. The other is far away and taken from a lower angle, so its hard to tell what the difference is.
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IIt looks to me that you got some result. But it's only good for small results, and it's best for skin under 50 years old. Not sure of your age. But I do see a difference. You can't expect more than 1-4 cm lift from it, which is why it's optimal on skin that's just beginning to sag. Sorry you're nothappy with it, but it's an improvement, from what I see. Not sure quite what your expectations were.
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There were not results. Titan and Laser Genesis Sucks

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