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I am 28 years old and I have 2 children! My first...

I am 28 years old and I have 2 children! My first was 9lbs 3 oz and left me with tons of loose skin and stretch marks on my tummy. I work out 2-3 days a week and I weigh 115lbs and I'm 5'3". The rest of my body looks great except for my tummy!

I went to a doctor about my outie belly button and found out it was an umbilical hernia! I was so suprised! So I decided to see if my insurance would help out and pay to get it fixed while I get a full Tummy Tuck!! It worked!! Yay!! I went to my consultation and loved him and he referred me to a general surgeon for the hernia!

I just booked my date for May 5th! I wanted it to be way sooner but oh well! :)I am so excited!!! I hope the time goes by fast! I thank you all for all your posts I feel like I am going to be very prepared for what to expect in the future!


Very nice!   So you are another one to join our "Fun Sized" group.  Another little munchkin...LOL  

I am glad that this worked out for you so that you are able to get that tummy fixed.   Well start picking out some new bikinis because you will need them shortly. 

Will you be posting your before and after pictures?  Would love to see them:)

I look forward to reading your posts as you go through your process.
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Congrats! Looking forward to hearing more from you. =)
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9 days left, I can't wait! I want my pre-baby...

9 days left, I can't wait! I want my pre-baby tummy back. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope I heal as well as all of you! Thanks for all the posts, it has been a life saver :)


Good Luck to you! I'm also 5'3 and weigh 120 pounds. We are about the same ht/wt. You are scheduled for May 5th? My post-op is May 4th, with surgery on May 12th. I'm having a full TT with lipo of inner and outer thighs. I work out 4-5 days a week, and STILL can not get rid of the extra sagginess in my tummy, and the thigh bulge for me will not go away. My PS says it's genetically depositing fat there, and nothing (other than radically changing my diet/exercise regimen) would change that. And, I truly feel like I've given it the best chance I can to improve with my current exercise routine!! Anyway, I'm so excited for you, and looking forward to walking along side you in your journey to a flat tummy!! Best wishes, and keep us informed on how you're doing!! This is such a great site for support and encouragement!!
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OOPS!! meant to say- my PRE-OP is May 4th!!
I am also having tummy tuck, muscle repair and getting my umbilical hernia fixed!! My insurance is covering the surgeon for the hernia, and portions of the facility fee and anesthesia! Yippie :) I am so excited...you will have to let me know how it all goes since I don't go in until May 10th.
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Photo Update

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It's tomorrow! I have been so busy getting...

It's tomorrow! I have been so busy getting everything ready for the kids and the house! I even cleaned my car:) I find that the more I stay busy the less i think about the surgery! I know everything will work out in time, I just hope I am one of those lucky people that bounce back really fast. Well I will post how everything went! Wish me luck :)


Good Luck..I will keep you in my prayers..
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I made it!!! Surgery was yesterday!!! I'm not...

I made it!!! Surgery was yesterday!!! I'm not really I'm any pain yet. They put in a pain pump so I thinks that is really helping. I'm taking 1 purcaset every 5 hours and I have been sleep alot! I am so glad the surgery is over!! The doc gave me 2 drains and I have a drain for the pain pump... They said they will try to remove them next week depending on how my fluid I have drained... Hope everyone is having a great day!! I'll keep you posted! I have pics on my phone not sure when I will get a chance to load them:)

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2nd day post op I feel amazing, I slept really...

2nd day post op
I feel amazing, I slept really well last night on the couch and really have no complaints! I am taking 1 purcaset every 5 hours with food. I am really tired so I'm taking lots of naps :) I was expecting to be in alot more pain so I am very excited! I'm sure I will have some bad days ahead but Im happy with how I feel right now! I have not had a BM yet so I'm going to take a powdered fiber thing to help move things along. I hope everyone is have a good morning! I'll post more later!


If your PS offers the pain pump I would highly recommend it! I think that is why I feel so great! They also gave me a patch behind my ear for nausea. You will be so excited when it's over! I feel like my mind is at ease now that's its all over! I wore some undies that I wanted the line to be under so it gave my PS a goal to work with... It worked! He said he made the line right where I wanted it! Yay:)I also started taking bromelian everyday a week before surgery... It is for the swelling... Well that's about it for now! I'll keep you updated :)

Day 3 PO Happy mothers day!! So far so good, I...

Day 3 PO
Happy mothers day!!
So far so good, I slept great last night. I am draining my drains every 12 hours and they are about 50cc's. I am still taking percuset every 5 hours but I think I'm going to try and switch to Tylenol this afternoon. Still no BM :( I have been taking the powdered fiber stuff so hopfully today I will have a BM :) The drains are not bothering me too much but I can't wait to get them out. I have an appt with the PS tomorrow at 10:30 to get my pain pump removed and change my dressings! I'm so excited to get a better look at my new tummy! I can stand up alot straighter today which is wonderful cause my back is already sore. I am still spending most of my day sitting or laying down and I'm taking laps around my house every few hours. That's about it for me! I'll keep you guys posted on anything new! I hope everyone is having a great Mothers Day!!

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Day 4 PO I feel really good. I'm off the pain...

Day 4 PO
I feel really good. I'm off the pain meds and I'm taking Tylenol as needed. I slept in my bed last night which was great to get off the couch:) I am only draining 20 cc now in a 12 Hr period so I hope to get my drains removed soon:) I took my first BM this morning!! Yay so glad that is over with!! I have my first PO appt with my PS this morning at 10:30 to remove my pain pump and see my tummy:) I'm so excited, I hope everything looks okay! That's about if for me, I hope everyone is healing well and enjoy your Monday:)


Wow what a nice flat tummy!   You look great.
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Hi, your tummy look great. Please keep updated of your pictures and your healing. I'm 5.4 and 110 lb. I have similar tummy like you. I live in LA. and still looking for PS. Thanks again to sharing with us.

Day 6 PO Good morning everyone! I am feeling...

Day 6 PO
Good morning everyone! I am feeling really great! I have more energy and I am getting around really good! I can almost stand up straight but the PS told me not to until they see me next time to give the okay. They took put my pain pump and 1 drain on day 4 and they want me to call them today to see how much I am producing! I am happy to report only 10cc for every 12 hours:) so I'm hoping to get it out today or tomorrow!! Yay the lack of showering is really starting to drive me crazy!! My PS won't let me shower until 3 days after the drains are out. I think that's crazy but I'm doing what he wants. Lol other thank that I an doing great! I'm still just laying down or sitting on the couch... My Mom is here doing everything with the kids and for the house so it has been amazing! I think that's why I'm doing so well:) I hope everyone is doing well!


I am 6 days out and I'm feeling really good!! I was in very good shape before surgery and I have a really good diet... I think that has helped me heal so fast! I just got my second drain out today so I am drain free! I love my plastic surgeon he came very highly recommended to me by multiple surgeons my family knows and I am very happy with my results so far:) the hardest thing so far isn't the pain it's not doing anything! I walk, sit and lay down all day so my body can heal. It's really hard but I think it's paid off. Let me know if you have any questions:)
How are you feeling? I hope everything is going well for you:) I'm 8 days PO now and I'm feeling better and better everyday. I'm swollen ofcourse and just trying to still take it way even though I feel pretty good!

Day 12 Good morning everyone:) I am 12 days PO, I...

Day 12
Good morning everyone:) I am 12 days PO, I am drain free and I feel amazing! I am still limiting my activity because I don't want to cause extra swelling, I haven't even gone to the store yet! Crazy:) I am able to stand up straight but when I start walking faster I lean forward:( I need to work on that. I still have tape over my scar so I'm hopping the next visit to the PS I'll see my scar, I hope it is healing okay! I am wearing my binder 24 hours a day and it's not bugging me too much! My PS wants me to wear it for 4 weeks straight:( Other than that I'm just eating as healthy as possible with little to no salt and hoping to be back to normal size and activity soon!! Happy healing everyone:)


looking very good girl!! Congrats to you and hope your recovery continues to get easier and easier every day. =)
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congrats you look awesome hunny '
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You look like someone that never had any kids lol You look aweome!!
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Day 16, I feel great! I am not in any pain at all...

Day 16, I feel great! I am not in any pain at all and I am standing up straight and walking normal! At this point my only issue is the swelling:( I really want to wear my jeans!! Lol I go back to work next week so I should be doing really good by then:) I hate not being able to pick up my daughter but by the end of this week I should be able to:) hope everyone is healing well!

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