Looking foward to being done with the healing process!!

I am 39 yrs old, 5'8, 135 lbs and a mom to 4. I...

I am 39 yrs old, 5'8, 135 lbs and a mom to 4. I gained 45 pounds with my first 3 kids and 35 with my last. I breastfed all of them for at least 15 months and some up to 2 yrs. My boobs went from perky (although slightly lopsided) little full A/small B to a full E with my first child. Shrunk down to a lopsided small B and a full C in between nursing/pregnancies. With my last child they reached a G. craziness. They have now settled on my left being a very saggy full B and my right a perky full A/small B. In a swimsuit or tight tshirt, I am so lopsided you have to tilt your head for them to seem even. I live in my VS Bombshell and VS Bombshell swimsuits. I love the Bombshell for what is has camouflaged and hate it because I am dependent on it. I want to wear swimsuits that aren't floatation devices. I want to wear tank tops and sundresses and camisoles and strapless dresses and be confident. I look in the mirror and am amazed at what my body has gone through since having kids. I am amazed that my boobs aren't worse then they are...I am thankful for how little my body was damaged by 3 c-sections and a vbac...but I am ready to finally "live" in it again. I have wanted to fix them since after my first child...he is now 12. So I am very excited to have this dream become a reality in just 5 days!!

I am also having a c-section scar fixed. 1 week after having my 3rd son (2nd c-section), I jumped up from the couch to help one of my kids that had fallen through the glass coffee table. I ripped the staples out and created a bunch of scar tissue and maybe some nerve damage. I have about a 1 inch indent that is about 3 inches wide. It is almost totally numb and is very sensitive to pressure in certain spots. I am looking forward to wearing a swimsuit bottom that doesn't have ruffles or extra gathering to cover up the lump!

So excited!! Just a couple of days until my...

So excited!! Just a couple of days until my surgery on 3/8! I have chosen to live these next few days in faith that my Dr will do an amazing job, that twilight anesthesia will actually be a fun experience, that my recovery is super quick and as painless as can be and that the end result is an amazing body.

It's the morning of my last day at home before I...

It's the morning of my last day at home before I fly out to California. The list of 'to dos' for my business is a mile long, my house is not ready...I wanted to have it clean and tidy for my family, and I haven't made the meal plan or frozen any meals. The great thing is that I woke up to a very peaceful feeling. Not stressing about any of it. God is answering prayers and my faith is active. I woke up knowing I need to spend the day enjoying my kids and hubby...nothing else matters. I fell giddy with anticipation! We are going to cuddle, read books, play video games, play board games and be stress free!

It's only 8pm but I am in bed with a headache the...

It's only 8pm but I am in bed with a headache the size of Texas! I fly out tomorrow morning...I am packed & ready! My kids are all miserable that I am leaving them, hoping they don't drive my husband crazy the entire 6 days I am gone.

Over the years, I've spent a ton of time researching the breast lift/aug so today I spent a lot of time reading about c-scar revisions and mini tummy tucks. I am really hoping he only needs to do a minor revision otherwise I am keeping my scar as is. I don't want to deal with drains.

I chose Saline for the ability of the dr to adjust CCs on the fly but I keep wondering if I'll feel like bowling balls are on my chest. I guess I'll find out Friday!
You are wise to be going away from your kiddos....restful recovery time! Hindsight for me ..... Congrats on your wise decision ;)
You are going to look amazing! Can't wait to hear all about it on the weekend!

Hi there, welcome!

Good luck with your surgery on Friday, I hope everything goes well for you! Do come back and let us know how everything went.


OMGoodness!! I leave in just a few hours for my...

OMGoodness!! I leave in just a few hours for my surgery-"vacation". My cousin, whom I am staying with, has everything ready for me. I don't know if I am more excited to spend time with her, my other cousins and my best friend or get boobies. It's all going to be good!

I had the hardest time packing. I don't have any button down tops that will actually button, I always bought them a bit smaller and wore over camis/tank tops. I found one that'll work, have a zip front hoodie, a couple of front-closure sports bras, and my button-front pjs. I figure if/when we go do something post-op, I might have to do some shopping or borrow clothes. The other issue is that I'll have to wear leggings because of the scar revision.

My mom is happy for me, my dad didn't freak out and seemed good with it, my sisters seems good with it and my friends have all been supportive. My 3 boys think I am crazy, my daughter (5) thinks its exciting but is not happy I won't be able to hold/hug her. I feel totally ready from an emotional standpoint.

I am really interested to see how full he fills the implants. We ordered the sizes that offer the low ranges to the high ranges I felt comfortable with. I have a feeling the dr and my cousin (she is his assistant) will agree to go bigger. My husband doesn't care, he is just excited I'll get to wear sundresses again and not have to wear the crazy padded bra.

I will check back in tonight after we pick up my meds and I've had my pre-op appt. Tomorrow at 9 am PST the transformation happens. yay!
It seems as if you've got everything planned to the T! Big day is but a few hours away! Best wishes and good luck to you; can't wait to hear how everything goes :)

Surgey is done, they are putting strips now!!

Surgey is done, they are putting strips now!!

I drifted in and out of sleep during the surgery...

I drifted in and out of sleep during the surgery with IV twilight anesthesia , it wasn't bad at all. A few moments up pain because he went user the muscle. The surgery took about 3 hours.

Check out procedure pics and post-op.

So excited to have symmetrical boobs now!!

In bed and recuperating from this morning. Like...

In bed and recuperating from this morning. Like everyone says there is lots of pressure and i cant much my arms.I am staying on track with Percocet. I'll post when I am not drugged.
Thanks! I went with 330ccs saline. He did the procedure through the nipple under the muscle. (Hurt!!) He then did a Bellini (??) life on my left and resized and moved both nipples. We have a ton of pics during the procedure but I didn't want to gross anyone out.
You are going to look great! Wow! What size implant did you end up going with?
glad to hear it went well!!!

Last night wasn't too bad! I woke up ever 2 hrs...

Last night wasn't too bad! I woke up ever 2 hrs and the pain was intense at one point for a couple of hours but then I woke at 5am and it ist just mainly pressure. I've posted new pics. I think they are going to be a great size once swelling goes down.

I've been taking bromelian and arnica since yesterday, drinking 20 oz of water per hour and staying on top of the Percocet and antibiotic. I woke up with a 99.2 fever, but I've been around people with the flu.

So my fever is ranging between 99 and 101. I dont...

So my fever is ranging between 99 and 101. I dont feel yucky though, I actually feel good. I am waiting to see the dr later.
I just got bromelain today and started using it, along with rubbing arnica on the boobies...and cocoa butter. These babies are getting treated like royalty! lol. I hope your temperature doesn't get higher and the new pics DO look great ;)
Congratulations! They look great and proportionate!! I truly am very happy and exstatic for you :) Happy healing hun and I hope recovery is as painless and as quick as possible!

Post Op Day 2 - haven't taken Percocet since 2 am....

Post Op Day 2 - haven't taken Percocet since 2 am. No pain at all. Just discomfort if I move my arms too quickly. I took a bath this morning, making sure not to get the bandages wet. Felt great to get clean. My dr started me on steroids and wants to give me a shot of Rosefin/rosephin (spelling?) because of the low grade fever.

Boobs are still rock hard and swollen and omg (!!!) the itchiness. Can't wait to get these bandages and tape off!

I feel amazing. Yesterday was great! No pain at...

I feel amazing. Yesterday was great! No pain at all. The only issue I have is being bloated. The saline implants were placed through the aeroela under the muscle. My nipples are healing really well, especially the right one, it was resized to the perfect size. The left one that was relocated and resized has some issues, but the dr seems confident it will heel correctly. It was 2cm in diameter bigger than the right one plus it dropped down and out to the side. He repositioned both nipples so they are aligned symmetrically. In the latest pic you can see a bit of the issue he is working on to get it to heal correctly. Overall, I am thrilled with the symmetry of overall of my boobs.
I'm glad to hear your feeling great; so happy for you! Pictures are looking fantastic; hoping you continue to have a painless and quick recovery!
Thank you @ColoradoGirl! Things are going well. Just took some ibuprofen to help with the tingling in the incisions. Hoping to get a great night sleep! Yours look great! Love that bra.
You look great! Looking forward to tracking your healing progress! Good to hear you feel so good on day 5.....happy healing!

Post op day 5 or is it day 6? Anyways, no pain is...

Post op day 5 or is it day 6? Anyways, no pain is awesome! I did take Ibuprofen today for my back. Incisions seem to be doing well. Yesterday I did some walking and sightseeing with my best friend, had a great lunch out and then I flew home and got to hug my kiddos! Slept horribly due to my back aching but I blame our mattress. Today has been a relaxing day of doing nothing. I changed my bandages and the swelling seems gone from the right breast...looks small compared to what it was! The left is still swollen, bruised and odd looking. I am looking forward to getting the stitches removed!

1 week post op today!! wow. This time has flown...

1 week post op today!! wow. This time has flown bye. I really do love the overall look of my boobs on my frame. It is pretty much what I wanted, they are a little wide though, but again that could be due to swelling or the fact that I went with Moderate Plus profiles. I am praying that when the swelling goes down in my left it will be the same size as my right, because right now it is a tad bigger (it started out bigger and droopy). Because my dr is out of state, I need to figure out who is going to take my stitches out (all around both nipples)...very terrified of this part, more so than the surgery.

btw, I've been bloated since the surgery and stayed about 8lbs over what I typically am. Yuck. My weight has fluctuated between 125 and 135 since 2010. But I am at 140. I was 132 when I went in for surgery. Either these are some heavy boobies or I am still carrying water weight and leftover surgery stuff. I have walked a little bit each day, except for yesterday. I ended up at my desk working all day.

My 5 yr daughter keeps asking if my boobies are better yet so she can see them. My boys keep giving me gentle hugs and asking why I needed to have surgery. Those have been some interesting conversations.

I can't wait to go swimsuit shopping!!

Congratulations...your story has been great to follow. I'm sure your weight will get back to normal in no time...your body still has lots of healing to do. Let us know how the swim suit shopping goes!

Your kiddos are so cute! My two little boys are so very careful giving me hugs and don't really know much but that mommy needs to gentle hugs and no wrestling with her for a bit (bummer for them lol). Some of the weight can be from the boobies..I think my PS mentioned mine just ended up being a little under 1.5 lbs; also swelling, bloatiness (you know I feel you on this girl!) and all the other funny little stuff that happens post surgeries :) YAY! I'm with you on the swimsuit shopping! Summer, here we come!
You are looking great! Your kids are so sweet! Mine keep asking me if I am sick and when will I feel better! :) hope everything goes smoothly with getting your stitches out!

Day 8 - took my steri strips off and it looks like...

Day 8 - took my steri strips off and it looks like things are healing well, especially on the right one. The left one we expected to be odd shaped and even though it is healing well, the dr wants to put a few more stitches in but I cannot fly back there right now. Trying to figure out if I can find a dr here that would see me.

We went to the lake yesterday and walked around. It was beautiful and such a nice escape from being home.

I can't wait to sleep normally!! This back sleeping crap sucks.

I think I might go online and but some sundresses....I am so excited to wear spaghetti straps and off the shoulder tops!!

I have to share - my 5 yr old daughter saw my...

I have to share - my 5 yr old daughter saw my boobs without the bandages on them, she says "mama, when I have my boobies done they won't hurt and they'll look so pretty, and they won't have sewing in mine." I said "you don't have to have your boobies done" she said "yes, because all my babies will suck them dry just like we did to yours."
Kids are hilarious sometimes lol. Glad to hear your doing well. HAPPY HEALING!
I'm with ya on the back sleeping!! I have to wait until I'm so exhausted that I just pass out!! I miss sleeping on my side!
I guess it's a good thing I sleep on my back to begin with! LOL

So I've had a yucky cold and sinus infection since...

So I've had a yucky cold and sinus infection since Saturday. Miserable. Sneezing with stitches around my aeruelas is not fun!! A couple of stitches popped free and oozing bloody liquid since. I am going to the dr tomorrow (found one in town who) will remove stitches and possibly add a few if needed.

I have tried measuring and tried the calculators but I get 38A or 36A or 34D or 34 DD...I guess I need to go to be fitted. I know VS 34 have always fit, so I ordered swimsuits in 34D. I also bought a couple of sundresses from VS. Hoping they fit!

I started experiencing the zingers but in my armpit. Weird. Still no pain in my breasts except for when one of the kids bumps into me, jumps on me, or hugs me.

Been sleeping a bit better...gave up slipping sitting up and am much more comfortable.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Yesterday was interesting. I went to. local PS who...

Yesterday was interesting. I went to. local PS who remove the stitches. He said it looked good even though I had a tiny (1/4 of an inch) opening between aerola and breast where a couple of stitches had popped open. Yesterday evening I noticed more blood than I thought was normal and took the gauze off to find that I have a 2 inch long by 1/4 inch wide opening. Joy. This morning I hope to get back into see the dr and get it fixed. So bummed. I am not sure if it happened because of all the sneezing an coughing or lifting too much over the last few days or what. Hoping this isn't going to cost a bunch!

The dr here wouldn't do the repair so I am heading...

The dr here wouldn't do the repair so I am heading back to California tomorrow to my original dr. Praying all goes well for my trip, surgery/repair and my family at home.
Sorry to hear that hope all goes well
Oh man, that is terrible, especially that you have to travel to get to your PS. Praying everything goes well for you
Thank you! It's an adventure, right? :-)

Sorry it's been so long since I posted last. My dr...

Sorry it's been so long since I posted last. My dr in CA closed up the incision and it looks so much better. Unfortunately I got food poisoning that day and spent the next 24 hrs throwing up. Not fun.

By Sunday I was much better and went to a 4 hr brunch with family and friends. We went out for margaritas later and by the time we were home I was exhausted but never had any pain.

Yesterday I went in for my postop and everything looked good. I flew home and was very happy to see my kids and hubby!

Still a bit disappointed that my left boob is still bigger than my right one. I wish he had filled the right one a little bit more as we had originally discussed. The right one was just so swollen during surgery that it looked huge compared to my left.

I'll post pics later today.

I hope everyone is doing well.

It's been a long day. Left boob is leaking a tiny...

It's been a long day. Left boob is leaking a tiny bit of bloody fluid and it throbs. I posted a pic of them.
Glad to hear things are getting better. Your 2" x 1/4" opening is interesting....I hope that gets better for you.

Incision is throbbing a bit today. Its not...

incision is throbbing a bit today. Its not painful, just so annoying. I need to sit at my computer all day but can't without it throbbing and irritating me. I laid on my bed for a couple of hours with no coverings hoping to air them out. I noticed a few spots that are opening up a tiny bit with a tiny bit of fluid. Fingers crossed these don't enlarge! I am really done with being unable to do much. ok....done complaining!
sounds like a tough week! I hope everything goes smoothly when you go to see your dr so you can relax this weekend!

Well it's been an adventure! My left boob is still...

Well it's been an adventure! My left boob is still giving me trouble. My right is soft and wonderful.

5 days ago, at 2 weeks post op of repair surgery, I had a lot of oozing and small openings which stuck to the gauze bandage. So when I'd change the gauze it would rip the scabs and bleed more. It looked like the openings were wherever steri strips were placed, so we took them off. I had radiating red skin around most of my aeroela. It itched and I felt like crap, chills, exhausted and just yuck. I got on antibiotics and the next day felt much better but noticed too much pulling at the too incision. So my husband cut up my VS Bombshell bra and I used that to support my boob. It helped a lot! (Posted a pic)

Today it looks like above the top right incision (where it originally opened up after my 1st surgery is red and almost like a blister is under the skin. Not sure what to do! (Posted a pic)

It's been 2 months since my surgery. Still not...

It's been 2 months since my surgery. Still not healed. I get shooting sharp pains in my left boob and it just doesn't feel right. Not sure if the implant is not in the pocket correctly or if the sagging is causing the pain. It has been impossible to find a swimsuit top that covers both the scar/scabs on the top part of my aeroela and the difference in the position/sagging of my boobs. I guess I will have to buy bandeau tops only. I really like my right boob!
You may want to know that your doctor lacked proper certifications, had two DUIs and was on probation while doing your surgery. Please help the police identify who referred you to him and if the recommendations came from valid sources. This doctor scammed half of Southern California. He has been recently arrested and is in mandatory treatment.
Dr. Scott Ewing

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