5 months post op ★☆★☆ - Huntersville, NC

Had an appt with Dr. Erik Miles, FACS he his...

Had an appt with Dr. Erik Miles, FACS he his office located inside of a hospital was very professional made me feel very comfortable ad confident that he could get the job done, he doesn't like to do lipo with tummy tuck, will do tummy tuck only due to brusing. I just would like to see if anyone else has had work done with him here on this site. If I don't have surgery in the DR with Dra Walkiris Robles , He would be my be my PS of choice here in the charlotte area.

I'm Truly glad I choose Dr. Erik Miles for surgery...

I'm Truly glad I choose Dr. Erik Miles for surgery he's been humble and patient through out this whole process. Staying in the hospital the first night was truly needed I was very sore and in alot pain, thank god I was given a pain pump the staff was really awesome and had a lot of good things to stay about Dr. Miles things I had already seen and felt about him. The first night was not a walk in the park, but each day gets better . Very important to stay on top of Med's. Without my husband and daughter Helping me don't know how I would have made it. I Hope to post more pictures soon!!

Things That you will truly need after surgery once...

Things That you will truly need after surgery once your home:
Hospital Provided Spirometer - use to open up your lungs and prevent pneumonia.
Pain Meds
I purchased a leather recliner in my book a life saver or you purchase wedge pillow of some sort.
Big Girl Panty's :)
alcohol Pads
Hospital Provided Gauze
My Doctor provided me with a Binder. I'll get another one next visit.
haven't even used my wife beater tee shirts.
If you go overseas I'm quite sure will you need all these things and then some.

OH 2 More Things Toilet Seat Riser with Side...

OH 2 More Things Toilet Seat Riser with Side Railing really Helped. My Toilet seat sits Low. And Don't For Get The Wipes, Wipes and More Wipes.

I'm thinking about a shower Chair also..

I want to go outside waiting for hubby to clean...

I want to go outside waiting for hubby to clean the porch off while I sip on a smoothie ;) and maybe I can make it do what it do and take some more pictures. It's a beautiful day I'm feeling Good , I'm Alive healing well and I've met some beautiful women here on realself what more can a girl ask for besides some good Lotto Numbers :)))

Hello Beautiful People Today I'm six days post op...

Hello Beautiful People Today I'm six days post op I have a taste for fried flounder :( I have got to do better ....Just started taking arnica and bromelain supplements as of yesterday I figure what can it hurt! Hopefully on wed my Ps will be taking the drains out and I'll be seeing my navel and scar for the first time Yay! , They maybe I can shop around for a new girdle or some spanx something that will be more comfortable.

7 days post op. A friend came by we went out to...

7 days post op. A friend came by we went out to lunch, and then we decided to make a Target run , don't know why because once I'm in my shopping zone , I'm like a damn Zombie lol, trying on clothes etc , went there for one thing and came out with something else, I really out did my self today!!! Also I decided to wear a girdle versus the binder given me by my PS to see if that would be more comfortable and it was for a while, but I need to find something that will hold me together why providing comfort because the binder thing I'm so over it, after my husband washed it , it fell apart :( I'm going to tell my PS for 100.00 your gonna have to come better then that LOL!!! One more thing can't wait to start my messages once or twice then I will administer my own. I received My Wahl massager from amazon For 14.95 and let me tell you it is Powerful Yeah Baby!!!!!!! Don't know how long I can keep this blogging Gig up really not my thang you know.. What I like is that we are all here to help one another and I've really learned a lot and hopefully I can help some else down the road with my story :))

8 days post op...Today was my first visit since...

8 days post op...Today was my first visit since the surgery with my Ps he said that I'm healing very well. He gave me a new binder which is shorter and feels more comfortable. Finally saw my navel think may have to start the marble trick to make it more round, my scar low and thin but toward the back appears to be thicker I'm not feeling that, I'm so ready to start some scar therapy forgot to ask when can I. But him and my husband both were like sweety this is the beginning and your doing and healing very well Relax !! Also can you say swell hell when will this end??? I must admit I've come along way from where I started which I'm thankful to God for!!! I did get on the scale it said 154 so I've lost 4 pounds can the Church say Amen :)) But Today I Just felt like a fat belly instead of a flat belly I know this too shall pass I must be Patient, worse case scenario I will get lipo of the stomach but hopefully that will not be the case tired of robbing peter to pay Paul lol smh ... Oh and I'm down to one drain the PS said hopefully he'll be removing the 2nd one on Fri and That's All Folks!!!!!! :)

9 days post op went to dinner and movie. Hopefully...

9 days post op went to dinner and movie. Hopefully drains will come out tomorrow. I'm wondering has anyone experienced stomach feeling really full and tight after eating?? :( I'm not eating that much a few bites only because I'm afraid I might bust a stitch it's a good thing because it limist what I eat , but it feels awful...

Happy Happy no more and Drains :))) . Hopefully Dr...

Happy Happy no more and Drains :))) . Hopefully Dr Miles will sign up for Realself he's just that talented.. Ok that's it for now until we chat again :)))

I have nothing to say just still swollen as...

I have nothing to say just still swollen as HELL!!!!! :( But I would do it all over again, can' wait to see the actual results , So I can start showing off and Posing for the camera now Flick, Flick and get My Beyoncé on lol!!!! Although I can say I'm glad my kangaroo pouch is gone and most of my stretch marks that's a plus within it self! Yeah Boyeeeeeee :))))

19 days post op I'm back at work the first day...

19 days post op I'm back at work the first day wasn't too bad although I had to take a pain med started feeling some soreness. 2nd day even better. I can tell swelling on my sides have went down even more. I'm truly happy about that :)) but I still have more to go :)). Oh And one of my Coworkers did notice I looked smaller lol!!!

Sex was Great At 3+ Weeks Post :))) . Although I...

Sex was Great At 3+ Weeks Post :))) . Although I was afraid , also incisions are healing beautifully. My Ps j said to use Vaseline , I use that and Bio Oil although my next purchase will be raw Coco and Shea butter With Aloe Vera . Which I learned from Healthydiva and her scar looks Great!!

5 months post op , and loving it!!

I'm feeling really good trying to watch what I eat , I still wear a girdle because of occasional Bloating especially when I eat. I do plan on getting Lipo on my sides and stomach . I only had a tummy tuck no lipo and the Dr removed 5 pounds if I never get anything else done , I can live with that!!!!

5 month's Post Op

Loving it!!

one more picture just took today

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Do u hav any pics...i c ur frm NC.. Im right around the corner hun:))
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@sexyafta30 I have a picture of my bbl on my second review. I took a lot of them down for privacy reasons .
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You look awesome, I want a mini TT so bad and a BL after one thing we want moooore!!!!! Bbl was the best thing I ever did for myself ahhhh.......
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@newbodyJourney Dr. S hooked you up!!!! I'm loving your results your basically perfect :))) but your right we always want More. I decided to go with my tummy tuck first because its what I hated the most. Now I'm ready for the finishing touches after that I'm done this thing expensive!!!!
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How does your scar look at this point? I am actually scheduled to have a Tummy Tuck with your doctor Dr. Miles in just a few days Wednesday January 22nd 2014. I am getting so nervous and the main thing I'm nervous about is the appearance of the scar outside of the pain of course.
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@glamgirly My scar is low and thin. I forget its there way below the bikini line. But everyone is different, I recall him mentioning one client having a keloid so thick he had to do a revision on it. He,s excellent at what he does I would recommend him to anyone! !!! No need to be nervous stay on top of your Meds and you will do just fine. I do have slight dog ears was going to let him do more lipo, BUT saving any extra fat I have for a BBL . I wish he did those too. When I got my surgery at the hospital a few nurses had got there tummy tucks with him. And one particular nurse couldnt wait to get hers and spoke very highly of him.. I lost 10 pounds after the surgery. And its been almost a year, and my confidence level is at an all time High!!!! BEST decision and investment I could have made!!! No worries sweety your in the. Good hands!!! Ill be praying for you please keep me posted..... :)))
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Wow your tummy & belly button look awesome! I want to find someone who makes good belly buttons like that :) very natural looking result :) Congrats!!!
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@Elli890 thanks Hun!!! My before pic is so hideous I wad too embrassed to leave it up LOL. I'm very happy with just my tummy tuck alone . But of course we always want more ;)
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Yes that we do don't we. Im happy for you sweetie! Looking at you makes me want my tt sooner :) It'll be 2015 sometime hopefully & I'll be rid of this belly skin and have muscle repaired :) Hoping it will help me get my core in order.
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Much success to you Elli890 2015 will be here in no time . I'm excited for you!!!!!!! Its so worth it :)))
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Thank you sweetheart!
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How are you doing? Would love to see pics of your progress. Happy healing :)
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Thanks Luckymom17 I tried to update and for some reason just kept having issues , so I gave up :( I will try again I'm so loving the skin I'm in couldn't be more happy!!!!!!!!
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You go girl looking great you really are going to be killing it. They better watch out lol
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Thanks @ Barbiechick81 I tried to upload more pictures and can't or it uploads and move to slow I got frustrated and move on :( lol smh
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I can't even see my own pictures on here thought they were deleted!
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Then again I was thinking that's good I can't post any more , I thought about deleting all together because you have no privacy and word you speak and pix you post is for the world to see , I'm feeling some kind of way about that .....
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I had to log out in order to see my old pictures and they do no justice as far as how I've came along... I was pretty much still swollen the doc remove 5 pounds of fat without Lipo so that pretty Darn Good!!!
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Whoo-Hoo...you look great ...it looks like 3-weeks is a good window to be able to see results !! Thanks for sharing... :0)
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Welcome Doll I will post some more pictures later. I'm truly bless and extremely happy in my new skin!!!!
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Is everyone herenanpatient of Dr. miles in Huntersville? I have a question. I had a consult and scheduled surgery. We did not go over my medical history but he said we would next visit.mthat would be one week out at preop. What about blood work? What about other tests such as EKG.
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Hi frogged girl I had all my pre-op work done with my family doctor. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask me , Dr. Miles does awesome work! Don't know what happen to my pictures lol will put a few back up are you getting a tummy tuck?
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Hey dr lagrasso is at TriBeca in miami beach. Google it and his contact info is there.
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I'm wearing my wife beater under CG right now
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So long are you wearing the CG your doctor gave u or did you purchase a new one ?
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