My AMAZING Tummy Tuck - Huntersville, NC

In December 2011, I went in to have a TT. After...

In December 2011, I went in to have a TT. After years of diet and exercise, I have managed to drop 140 #'s. I worked hard for this and am left with the chore of repairing my body from allowing myself to gain that weight. It was time to put the "mental" that Im left with due to extra skin behind me and start to move forward.

My doctor, Dr Kortesis (Huntersville, NC) is AWESOME. Made me feel at home and he honestly cares about each of his patients. He wants to hear your journey, your concerns, your needs and is honored to be part of changing your life.
The surgery was great! The first few days was a little rough, but it was due to not being able to walk upright. And the drainage tubes were just an inconvenience. Each day got easier. And month after month I saw myself shrinking. 6 mths down the road now and its unbelievable the difference.

I have after photos and will get my B4 pics from my doctor and post those as well. They took of over 9#s of skin/fat. I had lipo on my stomach along with a TT.

I now do not have to tuck myself into my pants nor is there any rashes anymore from that skin overlap. It has brought so much more confidence to myself. So much that Im not afraid to continue my journey to fix the rest of my body. (Monday, July 2 I go in for SmartLipo of my thighs-follow me on my journey if you like!)

My weight loss journey article has hit the stands!...

My weight loss journey article has hit the stands! You can search it on facebook-Today’s Charlotte Woman Magazine | August 2012
I'm on page 34. So excited! Or I can email it to you if you are interested in seeing it. I wished I could post the story on this site, but it wont let me. Send me a private message with your email address if you'd like to see/read it.

Update: Here's a link to read the article online.

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I would give Dr Kortesis and his staff a 10 if it would let me. You will never feel so loved and cared for by any other doctor. The took me by the hand and led me every step of the way. Worked with me on the cost and after surgery gave complimentary spa treatments for my stomach area. Literally made sure I was 100% happy from day 1 to even now, 6 mths down the road.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Yay!! Its finally out! Very exciting and congrats again!
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Thank you!!!!
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I'm having a hard time getting to it can you copy the link & send it to me in a private message?
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Sooo excited for u! I'm gonna go check it on now. Your afters look a-mazing
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Thank you!!!! I am so thrilled with my results and I promise to get my B4's up, you will be shocked!!!!!
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You look so great! So nice and flat! Love it! You are such a rockstar! You really are!!! You so deserve this beautiful body!
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Thank you so much! I really am feeling so great about myself especially after trying on bathing suits today. I feel soooo great!
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it really helps us waiting in the wings for the procedure to see what is in store for us in 6 months.
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ABSCAPE- I hope this all helps, Its the best thing I have done for myself. Please know that on this page someone asked me about the SmartLipo I just had, so their is no pain 6 mths after having a TT, lol. Im a little over a week from the lipo and was explaining that pain to someone on here.....
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Hey there Dr. Kortesis is my dr too for TT. Im scheduled for this friday & very excited. Glad to hear & see u had such good results & good experience.
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Oh my goodness, nice to meet you on here! You will be sooo happy! I go in today for a recheck on the Lipo i had on my thighs. Please keep me updated! I will visit your profile/page now. GOOD LUUCK, SO EXCITITNG!
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Sounds like you're going to have great results! I'd rather have a PS be a bit more agressive. You don't wanna look back after all is said & done feeling like you didn't get the results you wanted. Your PS sounds awesome from reading your review. How did you find him/what made u decide to go with him? I really hope my PS does a bit of lipo on my flanks. I'm gonna ask him today.
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yes ask him! He is already right there, so he should!
I actually had a friend that had a complete body makeover with this doctor office after losing almost 200#s with gastric bypass. Her results were amazing, so I knew once I visited this doctor that he was the one. I had visited others and they just treated me like the next appt. Not this doctor, he wanted to know me and my story and just hugged me up and promised he would help me in anyway he could. He has been my blessing from God. His talent, friendship and bedside manor and just amazing!
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Hey Cyndi I'm sorry you're hurting after your lipo. Are you very bruised & swollen? Hang in there girlie because the results will be well worth it. Do you have a compression garment on your legs?
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Hey! Yesterday was rough, but today I feel wonderful! Walking better and feeling much better. The pain meds make me feel bad, make me drowsy, so constantly laying around. So Im no longer on pain meds, so I think that has something to do with it.
I was not bruised for many, many days, then the bruising came all of a sudden, this morning, they are lighter and I feel Im on the upside of healing. My doctor told me 2 weeks for the majority of healing and today is 1 week out. Im actually going to go out today and get a new outfit for my magazine interview, thats how great I feel. I do have a compression garment on, and it doesnt bother me, its the foam that is about an inch think that you have to wear under it that is bothersome. Just FYI, I had NO bruising for my TT lipo, because it wasnt near as aggressive as my leg Lipo. But due to my large weight loss, my PS and I agreed that he needed to go aggressive because in a few months I will have the excess skin removed. (already had skin to be removed, so for the best results, we did aggressive SmartLipo to get the fat out before the skin removal is completed) And we had lots of fat to be removed-19#s off my legs, so you can imagine how great my legs will look after all is done!
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Hey its Cyndi, lol, The notebook thing worked great for me because you think of so much and then get there and forget it. And I would call asap for some reference #'s. They will be happy to give you the info or take your info and have them call you and talk. You are just nervous about all of this, but that is really good, you need to be prepared and your mind settled as to your results. The doctor will understand completely!
Lipo is rough girl! Its less painful than my TT, but I had lipo with my TT as well, but the legs are just so sore, like I did a million crunches. And its the fact it was done the entire way around, knees front and back, inner and outer thighs front and back, saddlebags, rear end, makes it difficult.But Im walking circles in the house, basically hurts when you let yourself get stiff. I feel better today than I did yesterday, so hopefully each day will get better and better.
Im so excited for you and cannot wait to hear all about your TT.
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Lol Cacm you read my mind girl! I'm putting together a notebook with all the helpful tips I've found on her & all the random questions I come up with that I need to ask my PS. Im also putting in results pics that I liked & pics that I definitely don't want to look like to make sure we're on the same page. Lol I went bk on my PS website to look at his before & after pics agin today & it did ease my mind.I know he does great work which was why I chose him...just needed to remind myself ;) I am going to take your advice to see if they have past patient references that I can talk to especially about their experience healing with no drains. During the consult he explained that the risk of seroma was less & healing was better drainless. He uses a special suturing technique that are more time consuming & sutures material thats more costly but the results are suppose to be awesome if the Dr is experienced & he is. I just wish I had someone to talk to that's done it. You're so lucky your drive is only 1hr. It's totally worth the extra trouble for having such a great Dr. How are you feeling after your lipo?
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I can really relate with u about the back sleeping, I always sleep on my side or stomach. Thanks so much for the advice & encouragement! You look fab! Your TT turned out awesome. I'm just trying to be prepared. I go for pre op on th 9th so I can't wait to talk to him more about my scar & ask more questions. I live about 3 hrs from Dallas TX. Even though I have to drive I dont mind if it means getting good results. I'm a little anxious since my TT will be drainless. I haven't been able to find anyone else on here that's done drainless.
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Thank you so much, the TT is the best thing I have ever decided to do, due to the WL and baby. I dont hear much about drainless TT, it is not rude to ask your doctor how many drainless TT's he has done and also ask the front for names and #s that you can call and allow them to ease your mind. And also ask him why he has chosen to do drainless on you v/s drains. Allow him to give you the reason, you need to be 100% comfortable with the entire process. And yes, drive if that means you get great results. I drive over an hour 1 way to my surgeon because I live in a small town and its soooo worth it! Write down all the questions on paper as they come to you.. They should give you a very tight wrap, and the tighter that is on, the faster the swelling comes down. Be sure to follow their instructions for the best results. And taking milk of magnesia with every pain medicine dose is a must~!
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Beautychick, thanks for the encouragement and question. You can follow my SmartLipo on that surgery page as well if your interested.
I think my results are remarkable, the doctor removed 9#s from my stomach of flab. On the leg Lipo I just had 2 days ago, he removed 19#s!!! UNREAL.
The toughest part of the whole surgery was getting sleep, Im not a back sleeper. So after about the 4th day I decided to move to the couch and it was perfect! I guess my body's curves could sink into the couch and my head could rest on the side of the couch. And your very sore in the stomach area, so simple things like sitting to use the bathroom are tough. You just dont realize that your core makes everything on your body work. So lifting your arms, etc use your core strength. And if I had to chose one thing, the drains they leave in are aggrivating. It seems to pull no matter how you move and its stitched on the top part of your vagina. So make sure you clip it to something so it doesnt pull. And I did feel like it took forever for me to stand straight up, but I was very cautious because I didnt want to stretch my scar, so I let it happen naturally.
I would do the TT over a million times, the first couple days are rough, but its not due to pain, its just due to not being able to move quickly, etc.... I'd love to hear about your surgery! Good luck to you! Where are you from? I hope to get my before pics from my doctor so I can share those. I will wait to share my leg photos once I get out of the bandages.
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Your results look great! I have my on the 23rd & can't wait:) congrats on your weightless & good luck on your upcoming surgery! What would you say was the hardest part of the whole tummy tuck experience?
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Which recovery supplies did you find most useful to have on hand during recovery? Were there any supplies you thought were a waste of money? Thank you.
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Hey ABSCAPE, there were not many recovery supplies. Of course you have the tight band that keeps the swelling down, and then the hand held device you have to blow in to clear your lungs. I did go buy large pads to put on my bed due to some little bleading and also a plastic mattress cover.Lots of bottled water due to it being easy to get and drink to help with recovery. You need lots of pillows too, for the ride home and at home. So I cant say anything that I had was a waste of money. Hope that helps!
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