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I am a 38 year old mother of three kids ages 19,...

i am a 38 year old mother of three kids ages 19, 6, and 4. I am currently 5'5, and weigh 157 lbs. I was 163 lbs 4 weeks ago, and I started eating healthy foods. When I got pregnant with my first child, I weighed 107 lbs. When I gave birth I weighed 129, and dropped back to 107. I wasn't so lucky with my last two. With my second child I weighed 137, and weighed 153 at birth. With my last child I weighed 143, and weighed 160 at birth. I did managed to loose 10 lbs after his birth, and I was happy at 150...EXCEPT MY STOMACH...I gained weighed afterwards and managed to maintain 160. My weight then got to 163, and I decided to stop the gain before it got worse. I was weighing more than I had being pregnant.

I have been reviewing smart lipo for years, and I found this website. The testimonials are great, and I had my heart set on smartlipo, but now I am really considering a mini tuck. I have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon on tomorrow( I did follow the advise from some reviews), so, I plan on discussing both with him. I really do not want the scar from the tuck, and I work so the downtime is another con, but I do have slight loose skin, so I don't know if I will get the results I'm seeking with smart lipo.

I was exercising faithfully 4 days a week, but my job went on 12 hours shifts, so I stopped because I am also a full- time college student...another con for the tuck. I just can't afford the downtime, but I want the results. Well, I will be talking to my PS today at 1 pm. Guess I will have a decision when I leave....

Ok, so I went for my consultation today, and I...

Ok, so I went for my consultation today, and I love Dr. Kortesis. He and his staff are awesome. Another client gave him 5 thumbs up when i was in the waiting room. She praised his work, and that gave me a peace of mind. He answered my every question, and even showed me a video and before after pictures.he said that I could get close to the results with smart lipo, but a tummy tuck would make what I want perfect. Because of the downtime, I am officially doing something close to a mommy makeover with smart lipo. That includes breast implants for a think his nurse gave me a 420 silicon which will give me a large D cup. Right now I am a small D/ large C. All of this would cause for a overnight stay for observation. Ooh Lord... But when I was given the charges of 19,500, I really took a big gulp. These charges included lipo for full abdomen, hip rolls, breast augmentation with lift, implants, OR fee, general anesthesia, and overnight care...not to bad for all of the above, but I wasn't really planning for anything at that price at one time. So, I opted to do the lipo first and breast augmentation about 6 months after. Doing this also lowered the cost because I will not need a overnight stay. The cost of the lipo will be 11,000.00, and they are deducting my $200.00 consultation fee from the charges. I am looking at July 2, 2012. I am off work this week, so There will not be any need for me to use vacation. I am so excited and not nervous right now ( but I was restless last night about the I will post my before pictures in a couple of days. I do plan to exercise and watch my diet before surgery. I purchased the PX90, so hopefully I will have more muscle and weigh less. Wish me luck!!!

Ok. I guess I am going for the

Ok. I guess I am going for the talked with my doctor today about adding a brizilian butt lift...wth... People always have teased me about having a big butt, and I must admit that it's bigger than most, but I guess I'm going " green" and let them inject the fat into my buttocks. If all goes well, I am looking for a surgery date of June 23. I am going to think on it more before I make the down payment. He also gave discounts for having multiple procedures done....yippee!!!!

Okay. So I decided to do my breast first, June 27,...

okay. So I decided to do my breast first, June 27, 2012, and I have also decided to have the smartlipo that included fat grafting of the buttocks instead of the TT in the fall. I'm so excited... :)
I consulted with my PS on March 30th, and everything is in motion. Here are some pictures. I am currently a saggy 34D and 155 lbs. I am dieting and do not want to lose my butt, so that is why I am doing the fat grafting. I return to the YMCA on Wednesday, and I am very excited about that. I have never been one who exercised on a regular, but I am determined to get the body I want. I am attending college full-time and working full-time as well, so I will not be able to workout everyday, but I am going to go twice a week, and pull out my dusty Denise Austin toning videos for the other days...Im on my way to a brand new me...Hey, I deserve
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Treatment scheduled for June 27, 2012

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Hey, I too have this doctor and absolutely LOVE HIM. Wondering how you are doing all these months later......
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Hey his motivation just checking to see if you posted pictures yet. So of you feel you already had a big butt why are you getting more fat added? I still have anesthesia brain so excuse me if I missed something.
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No, I haven't had a chance to take any pictures yes. I plan on posting this week since my date is locked in. When I talked to dr. K about the fat grafting, he said he would only do abouut 300cc to fill in some spots....I guess I'm wanting fat added because I'm dieting and going to start back at the YMCA this week and I'm thinking that I will lose some of my butt...I want it to stay the same size...that's one thing that erks me about boobs, breast,are affected...
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Ooooo ok I see! You wanna keep it. That's good it's nice having a butt. Its cool now. I never cared I always loved my nice round butt. But now that's it's cool everybody has one and it's not frowned upon. I hear you I don't wanna lose mine either!!! I love it!
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Me too... I saw where u made a smoothie that had kale in it...what exactly is kale. I had read that it was healthy but didn't know what it was or how it taste...
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It's a dark green leafy veggie. Many people put them in a regular smoothie or if you want to just have a green smoothie you can out anything green inside and mix it with fresh squeezed apple juice or even pineapple juice. It's very good for you. The Greene it is the more or an acquired taste it is so if you are new I suggest you put it in a regular smoothie. Try it!
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Oops.. The greener it is the more of an acquired taste it is. : )
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Where do you purchase it from?
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You can get kale from any grocery store. I usually go to Earthfare if that's by u thats a good option. Or any Harris teeter or lowes.
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No my doctor isn't a plastic surgeon. She is MD board certified internist as well board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is also a member of the North American Study of Obesity and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians with specialty training in weight management. To boot she has had her arms, legs and stomach done. She understands what and how much discomfort you feel. I go back every six weeks for follow up visits.
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Milford7575, Who is the doctor that performed your procedure? And what procedure did you have done?
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Wow. That is a great difference on price. Were your doctors board certified in plastic surgery?
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Hismotivation- I am on day 3 and not in too much pain. Just a little difficult getting comfortable. I go back tomorrow and get my abs done. The total I spent was $6,000. You just have to do what your gut tells you to do. Good luck!
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You are crazy to spend that much . You should try Vaser Lipo instead. To do stomach and back jelly rolls only 4,000.- dropped 35 lbs and look and feel fantastic. Went in at 9 am on a Friday, finished by 2:30 pm, a little sore for few days, but I didn't miss a day of work. I was a 14-16 now down to a size 10 and even those are a little big in the waist.
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Can you give me your doctor for the Vaser Lipo or is it Lazer Lipo? Still I would greatly appreciate a reference.

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His name is Dr. Bill Kortesis. He is located in the Charlotte NC area. You can google him online. Hope this helps
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Milford7575, Are you willing to post before and after pics? Can you also share the name of the doctor that you used and procedure preformed.
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I had the same dilema. I can not be down that long. I stay at home with my kids and just dont have the time for that kind of recovery. I got smart lipo on my flanks and going in tomorrow for my abs. I figure it is better then having the big ol tummy that I have now. Atleast I can will be able to wear cute clothes without being so self-concious. Good luck with your journey. Would love to see before and after pics!
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I will definitely post the pictures. The pictures I viewed gave me guidance with my thought process about the procedure. How was your healing time?
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Hey there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. Good luck with your consult, please keep us updated on your progress.

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