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My full review will come next week. I'm traveling...

My full review will come next week. I'm traveling w no access to computer but wanted to respond to those who were waiting for outcome. Today is 2 days post, extremely pleased so far. Incision is so tight and barely noticeable (really important to me). Swelling is moderate, look like a Who from Whoville, but getting better. My nostrils are slightly diff size and shape and the swelling has really accentuated this :( but hopefully that will subside. Dr Hunstat in NC was ps.
Below are pics right before, right after and today.

Thank you for sharing! I think it looks beautiful so far. Are you pleased?

Superb outcome!

Day 4 post lip lift

Swelling has really subsided. I am loving the accentuated Cupid's bow but I think there is still a lot of distance between nose and lip. Nostrs are still swollen making my nostril unevenness more prominent :(, I had 4mm removed but really wonder if I could have gotten away with 6mm. Slight tooth show. Giving detailed pics of incision. Wearing lip stain to really show lip shape ( it's not quite so beautifully applied as zizis) not used to having so much upper lip to adorn :).
Thanks a lot for your review. I am so impressed how good your scar looks after only two days! Amazing! Very nice lips and shape. Do you feel any distortion of your mouth when you talk? Does it feel different? How is your healing going? Thanks!!
No distortion at all. I'm going to post more pics and review today. Mouth is normal feeling and very pleased with scar so far. Thank you for comments!
EEJ, Very pretty full lips. What are you using on your scar, it's barely noticeable. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the different angles with the photo. Blessings.

3 Weeks Post Op VERY Pleased!

I cant say enough about how nice Dr Hunstad made my incision. It is barely visible and I have not had any issues with pain, pulling, or loss of sensation. He did such a great job on exaggerating the cupids bow, which I wanted and love. He was very particular and meticulous measuring and then communicating with me what he thought and listened to what result I was trying to achieve. DZB was right in he really takes great care in his craft. I only wish he were closer!

I went into the procedure with no meds on board. Looking back I wish I would have taken the pain pill prior. Its easier to prevent pain than to get on top of it after it is in full swing. It was not horrible, just throbbing and uncomfortable. I traveled 3 hrs to the coast after the lift and took one of the pain meds with no food on my stomach, dont do that. I threw my guts up in the car with my husband driving. He graciously pulled over dealt with my upchuck and me and we were back on our way. The stitches survived my hurling. I called in the office and they offered me zofran or something similar but I knew the worst of the pain was probably over with the narcodic induced nausea, and it really was at that point. I walked around the coastal community with really no one paying much attention to my swollen lip.

My only diliema at this point is I still think there is a lot of distance between my nose and lip. My lips shape and fullness I love. Dr H took 4mm, which is a lot but I had 21mm to start. I think another 3mm could come out giving me 14 which is more asthetically pleasing to the eye. I appreciate Dr H being conservative but when you have that much distance I wonder how far you can go. I kept the swelling in my nostrils down and the redness underneath with Preperation H. Just seemed like the right thing to do since it reduces swelling and inflammation. I think it worked fairly well. It is like vaseline in consistency which is what you want to keep incision moist. Dr H said no icepacks since he have me all internal stitches which were completely invisible. DZB gave me that tip to ask for and he graciously agreed.

I love what a change it has made in the structure of my mouth. Hope this helps anyone thinking about this procedure.
Can we please see a 3-week post-op picture? And so glad you're so happy with your result! Yay!
Just posted today's pics

Pics to go with 3 week review

EEJ, Very pretty results, congratulations! Thank you for the f/u photos, much appreciated. BLESSINGS!
EEJ, Looking gorgeous!!
Thank you!!

A Few Extras

Along with applying Prepetatipn H for the redness and swelling, I've also had nice results using virgin coconut oil (has great anti inflammatory properties and anti bacterial). I have a clairsonic that helped too about a week out to help lymphatics drain. Also here is a no lipstick pic :)
Hi, I really love the shape of your lips. Does your doctors technique only remove skin. I had a technique where the doctor lifted the muscle too and it dropped after a year, so I am looking to get a revision with a doctor that only removes skin.
Hi! Yes he removed skin only. I am very pleased with my outcome esp the shape and slight up turn of Cupid's bow. The only criticism I have is there is still so much distance bt lip and nose. I had 22mm length with 4mm removed. I could have easily done 2-3 moremm. Considering having more done in future. I do highly recommend my ps. Best wishes!
Well removing more skin seems like a very easy revision with very little downtime. I would never want to go through the type of liplift that I had. The recovery was very long and Its been more than a year and I still have stiffness and numbness. Plus it is easy to remove more but if too much is removed I don't think that can be fixed.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

At this point he did really nice job, seemed super knowledgable addresses my concerns and what I wanted outcome to be. Kind, caring and professional.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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