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I had contemplated for quite some time having a...

I had contemplated for quite some time having a lip lift. I was very reluctant as it seemed as though there were very few doctors that had mastered this procedure. Either the scars were so bad afterward that it wasn't worth it or it didn't seem like there was much difference from the befores and afters that I had seen. I didn't have much time for recovery and couldn't have a frankenstein looking scar underneath my nose. I have had several procedures from my doctor but wasn't sure if he preformed lip lifts. I knew he was excellent at everything else, so I finally spoke to him and decided to go for it. It has been less than 24 hours and already I look so much better. There is some minor swelling but I am so excited about the outcome. I actually went out in public today and I don't think most people even noticed. I look pretty normal. I'm going back to work tomorrow!

His attention for detail and the way he closed my wound is going to make my result probably almost scarless! He used deep sutures underneath so there are only two tiny sutures on each side of my nose. This will allow the lift to be better supported and keep the scar nice and thin and not stretch out from the pulling down of the lip. He gave me a shot to numb the area so I was awake the entire time. He actually let me look at how much I would be lifted before closing to make sure that I was happy. Obviously only time will tell, but as of today I only have a nice thin line underneath my nose and I think it's going to look awesome. I am so glad I finally bit the bullet. I will take pictures everyday and post soon.

Great Lip Lift in Huntersville NC

It is 4 days post op and I feel great. I only had a slight bit of I wouldn't even call it pain for a little while the first evening, but it subsided a few hours after the procedure and that was it. I never took any pain meds! I have no numbness whatsoever and I think most of the swelling is gone from what I can tell. I have full use of my lip and my incision line is barely noticeable. I am very pleased with my results! I might would have taken 1mm more of skin but would rather have my doctor take the conservative approach as he said we can always take a little more. Better to be safe than sorry! I'm not sure if I will lift it any more, but if I do, I know the recovery will be a breeze. My doc is the best!! I promise to try to post pictures soon.

Quick 6

It's the 6th day since my lip lift and my incision line is so unnoticeable. I have no swelling and everything is back to normal. The down time for this procedure is so minimal (I think that is as long as you go to the right doctor)! I do think I am going to have my doc do just a tiny bit more lift, but I am so tickled with the change. It didn't dawn on me until a few minutes ago that I have a camera on my computer.....duh, so I took a quick pic and I will at least post it for now. I will try to get the earlier ones on tomorrow or the next day.

the day after

the before shot

Look at how much distance I had between my lip and my nose....yuck!!!!

immediately after

before and after

3 weeks later......

I am 3 weeks and 3 days post lip lift and I am so happy with my results. I don't have to draw my lip on any more!!! It is one of the best things I have ever done. The way the lower part of my face looks is so much better than before. It has made such a huge difference in my appearance. My scar is not noticeable to anyone! I highly recommend this procedure to anyone that is self conscious about having too much distance between their lip and nose or a thin lip. I just can't say enough about how much of a difference it has made. I am so happy!!!

Loving my lip and scar looks amazing after revision

I had a second procedure done 11 days ago and it looks fantastic. I was a little worried initially because my swelling was a little more than the previous time and one side was a little higher, but that being said my swelling was almost nothing the first time. Within several days the swelling was down and I was back to work. I sing in a band and I was on stage performing 4 days later. No one said a word and I was with band mates that are like my brothers/sisters and would have said something if they thought anything was up. I am so happy with my results!! It makes a huge difference in my appearance. I know a lot of you guys are questioning what doctor to go to and that is a huge decision because that means everything when it comes to this procedure. Also a lot of you are questioning the scar. I HAVE NOT been covering my scar with anything except ointment and no one can even tell. My husband who is always very honest says that you can't tell at all!!! That says a lot. I'm not trying to talk anyone into anything, but go to see Dr. Hunstad and judge for yourself. I drive 2 hours one way to see him and would drive farther if I had to. I trust him to do anything and I can't say that about any other doctor. This is your face!!!!! Go to someone who knows what they are doing.


From day after to days out....

Updated picture smiling

tooth show as of today

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I have had multiple procedures from my doctor and I am always so happy that I had them done. Not only is he a perfectionist and an awesome surgeon, he has the best personality! He is so caring and always takes as much time with you as you need so that you feel comfortable with what he is going to do. Honestly, I wouldn't go anywhere else even if I had the choice to go anywhere in the US.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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love love love your results!
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How is all the healing progressing? I would love to see an updated picture. The shape of your lips is so youthful now. thanks in advance!
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Hi! I'm just wondering if you can smile normally and if your scar doesn't seem stiff and not as flexible as your "old" skin :) It's been around 20 days since I got it done, and I cannot smile with my teeth, the scar is pulling my lip down and it looks ridiculous :< What kind of ointment do you use?
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Yes, I can smile normally... I will attach a picture that I just took to show you. I purposefully did not smile for at least a week or so afterward just to not put any undue pressure on the scar. My doctor didn't tell me to do that I just did it on my own. The first time I had the procedure my scar was a little stiff and thick but a few weeks after I started massaging it and it loosened up very quickly. This time it isn't that stiff and doesn't feel like it is pulling. It is slightly noticeable but not much. I used bacitracin for the first few weeks. Now I just try still be extremely careful with it and do not put any harsh products on it. I am just trying to baby it as much as possible to get the best healing that I can.
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I couldn't attach a picture to my reply to you, but I just added two that I took today to my review.
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Thank you so much, that's really helpful and kind of you! It's been 8 days since I got the stitches removed and I still can't do that. I hope it will get back to normal in a few weeks, like yours did. I also try not to pull it or put any pressure besides massaging, but it doesn't seem to loosen up at all and I'm really anxious about that :( Thanks again for answering and sharing the picture! I'll wait another week or two and if it doesn't get better I'll start worrying :)
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Honey your lips are gourgeous now. I'm glad you decided to do the lift bcuz it makes a huge difference. I'm having mine in about 20 days and I'm scared. I only took 5 days off and acording with your review I should feel ok on the 6th to go back to work. What a release ppppphhhhh :)) Thanks honey
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As long as you are going to a great doctor that knows what he is doing you should be good to go. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad I had mine done. I am so happy!!!!!!
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Wow! you look great! what an improvement! and I can't even see a scar! wow wow wow! Can you please share the fees? Thank you.
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It is around $3,000. Well worth it!!!!!!
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Thank you so much! I want this done sooo much!
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Hey, you look great! Night and day difference from your befores. Can you tell me how many mm you had removed the first time, and how many the second time?
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I think he removed around 3mm the first time and a little more than 1 the second. But I think it made a big difference between the first and second procedure even though it wasn't that much skin taken the second time. I was pleased before but much more pleased after the second.
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Very pretty looking. It looks very natural and you don't have that rabbit look. It's good to know that you were able to sing 4 days later and no one noticed that you had anything done. With a muscle liplift that would not have been possible.
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Wow, night and day difference, congrats!!
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Thank you so much for these positive reviews. Did everyone here get just skin only? No hemming of the muscle? I am trying to decide if Dr Haworths approach of hemming the muscle actually helps reduce scarring by reduce tension on the new incision. Anyone on this feed who has the time please message me with the name of the Dr you went too. :) I want to do lots of consult must get this right
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I can't 100 percent answer your question about skin only, but I can tell you that when he was sewing I could tell that he was pulling up from underneath the skin. So I know that he doesn't just pull up the skin. Whether or not it was "muscle" he was lifting I can not say, but it definitely was something underneath and not just skin. He did a layer of dissolvable sutures underneath and removable ones on the top to close. My incision is unbelievably tiny and not noticeable. I don't even wear makeup on it and no one notices it at all. I also know my doc is way less expensive than Dr. Haworth by a lot!!!! Not that you should make your decision based on money, but from what I have seen and I have seen Dr. Haworth who is a fantastic surgeon there isn't a difference in the results. I have way more lip show, tooth show and a scar that is barely noticeable. I think that is the desirable result for most everyone. My advice to everyone is meet with my doc and judge for yourself. He knows what he is doing!!!! Good luck!!!!! FYI....I just posted new pics.....judge for yourself.
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Looking great! Thanks for all your updates.

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DZB, I hope that you will share more photos as you heal. Seeing you and other who are satisfied with your result is soooo encouraging to the rest of us who either are in need (could benefit) of a LL, or just want one for more tooth show. Thank you for taking the time to share!
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I am actually going back in on Tuesday to have just a little more lift. I am very happy with my results but want just a little more lift. He told me at the time of procedure that he was going to be very conservative and that we would do a little more if I wanted. The healing is such a breeze I was happy to go that route. I would much rather do that than take too much and not like my results and then not be able to do anything about it. I will post pics after procedure.
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Yes, much better (smarter) to under do it than over do it. Is there any additional charge? Another RealSelf LL poster (who had great results) also state that her P.S was conservative, but gave the option of coming back if she wanted more lift. Best wishes and many Blessings. Thank you.
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Well, had my revision yesterday morning and it was a much different outcome this time. My swelling is quite a bit more and my lip is uneven at the moment. I will keep you updated.
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Happy healing!!!!!! I hope you'll be even more thrilled than you were the first .
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Please post pictures? Hope the swelling is going down - it's scary to have to hold your breath and wait it out! (Gulp). I'm sure it will be fine though, because your doc did a great job the first time! Good luck!
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Hi! Does it still seem that way? I saw the photo you posted with a question about it on here, and though the photo does make it look a bit uneven, the photo at least looks like normal swelling/unevenness to me. It looks to me (though I'm not a doctor) like the end result should be really terrific.
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