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I was told i was a perfect candidate for this...

I was told i was a perfect candidate for this proceedure so I gave it a try. I had my lower belly and side flanks done. Have not seen any change at all after 2,5 months. I will give it another 1,5 months and see if anything....I did not experience any pain after just a little numb.. after reading so many ohter reviews about pain and tingling etc I think maybe machine was not working right

Hi, too bad you don't see any change. I think you should have noticed something by now. How was your result when they removed the machine, was the tummy frozen and hard, shaped after the suction cup? Since it is a lot of money involved, I asked my doctor if the treatment had ever failed in his practice, if there are people it won't work on. He told me they once had som malfunctions in a short period of time, and because all patients experienced the same (no results) they re-calibrated or something. And treated affected patients once again. If you don't see any in a month you should contact the clinic and ask why you can't see a thing. Good luck!
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