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Hi Everyone - I am a 51 yo male, 5'9", 162 lbs.,...

Hi Everyone - I am a 51 yo male, 5'9", 162 lbs., BMI 23.8, 32" waist - really quite slim except for this tube of excess fat around my midsection. I could easily drop more weight to lessen the size of my midsection, however, in doing so, I will also lose size elsewhere on my body where I really don't need to lose a bit. I am hoping that Coolsculpting will prove to be the solution to this longstanding puzzle!

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Hi Everyone - 10 more days until my Coolsculpting...

Hi Everyone - 10 more days until my Coolsculpting procedure! I have posted some before photos so you can get a better idea of my starting point in this project. I am very grateful to be naturally slim, but am still hopeful I will be able to reduce some of the extra thickness around my midsection. Watch for more updates coming soon...


Hi, since its been more than year with your procedure, can you give us an update on how it turned out?
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