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Bring On the Bikini - Huntersville, NC

I am 5'4 about 115 pounds I work out, eat right...

I am 5'4 about 115 pounds I work out, eat right but it found me anyway. I had been considering trying something for my celluite but not sure what and I didn’t want to waste my money. I ran across the Cellulaze. I went for the consult and then found this site. SOLD!!! First off everyone on this site has been great and the information has been invaluable. I just want to be able to wear a bikini or do yoga in shorts without being self-conscious about it. I am also having what they call banana rolls done at the same time-so some small lipo. I am not going under for the procedure and they indicated I should be done in about 2 hours. I am feeling a little nervous but much better prepared thanks to this site.

So the pre-op did reveal a few things like no birth control or anything that lowers inflammation so my joint pills for my knees are history for the next 2 weeks. My doctors' office is great. They took their time and answered ALL my questions that I had come up with after reading this site and reading your thoughts. They also gave me Arnica and Bromelain to start taking 3 days before the procedure to help with swelling, bruising and healing. So far so great. Now I just want the day to get here.. feels a bit like Christmas did as a small kid :)

I go in tomorrow at 7am. I am excited but nervous...

I go in tomorrow at 7am. I am excited but nervous. I have gotten a few good tips I would like to pass along. I was told that there will be leaking. The person at the office recommended placing puppy pads on your bed and a carpet of towels from the bed to the toilet. She also recommended keeping your feet up whenever you are sitting down or lying down. She also recommended the funnel for peeing just in case. She stated to just get the type you use to put oil in the car it was .97 at Target. I will let you know how that works out. Apparently she has been through the procedure and these are tips from the "I have been there" crowd. Cant't wait to start updating on the progress instead of the are we there yets.

Surgery went well. I chose the local so I was...

Surgery went well. I chose the local so I was awake for the entire procedure. This was actually pretty cool. I talked with both my doctor and the fellow who was there along with the nurses. Dr. K also keep me informed of what they were doing - he is s great doctor and would refer anyone to him. We also talked about running, shopping, food and my cherry pitter. It took about 3 hours as I got the lipo on my banana roles and the cellulaze done. The only issue I had was about an hour after the sugrery everytime I stood up or sat up I threw up. This includes the ride home in my aunts car, she will be getting a few paid dinners for that. We called the office and they called in a script for promethazine which did the trick. Slept good through the night no problem expect I was up peeing every couple hours. Which yes Megan and cacm is a hoot!!! You are right you will know what it feels like to be a guy. It was the first thing I said to my aunt and bestfriend after I peed the first time. I also have to admit after about the third time I found myself doing that little shaky thing they do at the end and was laughing out loud in the bathroom thinking really did I just shake my funnel like a guy. However it works like a charm one of the best tips I got.
As for today I am sore like I did a great workout but have not needed to take any pain meds. I had some linking from only my front left incision but other than that no problems. Although I am thinking I am not sure about a shower may put off until tomorrow since I am not going anywhere today anyway. I also did peek and there is some bruising but only slight right now. Will keep you updated. Thanks again for all the support and tips.

Day 3... I took my first shower. I am not bruised...

Day 3... I took my first shower. I am not bruised or swollen as much as I had expected. In fact my legs have very very little bruising but my girl part up front is a lovely shade of purple. I still have not had to take any pain meds at all. So excited about how this is going. I am venturing out to Target for toilet paper since I am peeing like crazy. Yes I did pack my funnel just in case :) I am also going to pick up some arnica lotion to see if that will help with the bruising I do see. I have been using the arnica tablets and started a week before the procedure based on some advice seems to have paid off.
I have as of late last night starting itching some but so far so good. Cant wait to see it progress and get better and better.

Day 5 out.... swelling is going down some.. I did...

Day 5 out.... swelling is going down some.. I did go out and get the KT tape and will put that on tomorrow. I have to say this foams bites. I have to keep it on for a week due to the lipo and find that it is bothering me more than anything else. My feet still swell if I am on them to long. I dont know if I wrote about my post op... but they indicated all looks good I go back again on the 21st. I have started to see some of that "shadowing" I have read about from some of the others on here. Have not noticed an vein issues but keeping a look out. Really have to say great site. I don't know what I would have done without it.

ps. tried to take pictures but didn't turn out well. Maybe I can get some from the doctor on the visit onthe 21st.
The Hunstad Kortesis Center

I heard about Hunstad through another person. The rating is because they are amazing. They are great about returning calls. Dr. K gives his email so if you have questions you can email him and he is great with responding. I can really rate bedside manner as I was awake the whole time. He keep me informed of what he was doing and talked to me during the procedure. I will go here again for any future procedures and recommend him without hesitation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Hi My Legs! It sounds like you are had good results with Cellulaze. I'm not quite ready to venture into that treatment yet, but right now I am 5 treatments into a Venus Freeze series. I saw in a different person's review that you experienced Venus Freeze before. Did you find it helpful for your cellulite at all? I bought a package of 10 upfront so I will continue them but right now I'm feeling a little discouraged :/
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Update... I am at 2 weeks and 3 days. I went for a checkup and did my first endermologie treatment. I seem to be healing up well. I have been cleared to remove the little house on the praire pants.... yippy. I have also been cleared to work out again. He stated I dont need to wear anything unless I feel more comfortable that way. I may attempt a small run tomorrow morning or a fast walk. He did warn me that I may swell more without the garmet and if I feel I need something for support I can get spanks (sic) or something like that. He did also warn me it may look worse BEFORE it looks better and at 3 months if I feel I need a touch up that they can do that. I am off to the beach over labor day weekend. I wonder how weird I am going to look with little round bandaids under each butt cheek :) Using them to cover the scars while they heal.
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well almost... if I dont push them up they come past the lower part of my calf. I dont however have the longest legs so it may be part of a short leg problem. At least they have lace around the bottom so if they do poke out they at least look cute. :)
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1 week and 3 days out ---- Things are going well. I remember reading someone writing about how it feels like the muscle is sticking to you. I get it now only I would describe it as feeling like you still are wrapped in the foam. I am able to sit normal and have been since saturday. I dont really have to much itching really only around where my body decided it didnt like the bandaids. Bruising is looking good not to bad. I think it is more of the deep brusing that is left I have seen people on here refer to it as almost shadow brusing which is a good desctiption. I am still taking the arnica and using the arnica gel as well. My legs don't appear to be swollen at all and I have to say I dont see the "stuff" on my inner thighs anymore and trust me I have looked in every light possible except naked on the patio. :) So far very happy with the results. Now if I can just get out of these little house on the praire pants and into something more user friendly I would be very very happy. Dont get me wrong dont mind the compression garmet but it comes to almost my ankles and it bites this time of the year.
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Wow, your compression garment goes all the way to your ankles?! I think most people's hit just below the knee. No wonder you want out of it!

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Thanks for trying to take some pictures for us. Would love to see the ones from your doctor when you can get them. Its always so great to see someone's real results! I think you are officially at your 1 week mark, right? Does that mean today you ditch the foam?!!

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yes there will be an official foam ditching ceremony at 7am.. I really think someone should make a greeting card for it stating something like "congrats on ditching the foam and the compression garment". I am feeling more normal. I find I dont have to sit like I am pregnant as much. The swelling of the feet still irks me but oh well. Since I dont have much bruising I have been able to see a difference. My inner thigh area looks better already. So excited about what is to come. Thanks for keeping up with me :)
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I like your greeting card idea, haha!! Ok, 7am tomorrow morning I will have a moment of silence in honor of the ceremony I can't be in attendance for. ;)

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glad you are doing so well. Foam does stink but the results you get from using it will pay off! When you do get to trash it, you feel amazing! lol Im almost 5 weeks out and still wearing my garmet. I was told the longer I could wear it the better my results would be so I just wear it as much as possible and I see my legs get thinner and thinner each week!
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I dont mind the compression garment although would like to move to spanks so that it is not at my ankles makes it hard for wearing anything but little house on the praire dresses... lol I am sooo glad you are doing well. Foam off tomorrow... yippy :) I also am starting to feel more normal-- hey did you have swollen ankles?
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Glad to read your updates my legs! Love that you packed your funnel for the run to Target! How did that go? Did you feel ok while you were out & about, or did you feel like you pretty much needed to get right home to rest?

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Hi Megan, I find that I do get tired easier. My job requires a lot of travel and having to get back in the car has been tough. My clients have been great however and so I have been able to move a few to phone work this week. I can make it for about 3-4 hours before my feet swell and I feel like I got hit by a truck. I am a runner and so this is sort of throwing me off a bit. As for the funnel and Target.... I was laughing to myself as there was a person in the stall next to me. I know we tend to look down when we sit well all I could think of is her thinking .. wow her feet are going the wrong direction. lol
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Hahaha! That is too funny about the other target shopper being able to see your feet going the wrong way!!

That is great that your clients are being flexible and willing to move some things to phone appointments. Please continue to keep us updated on how you are feeling, and how your day to day is affected.

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I hated the itching faze, but starting endromologie helps SOOOO much! But
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Love Dr K! ANd love that you are done and recovering. The shaky thing is so funny, I finally realized why men do that now! hahahahah
Your bruising will come probably around Mon or Tues of next week, for some reason it take a few days to show up. But take the tissue recovery meds arnica, etc that Im sure Dr K gave you. So excited for you! keep me updated
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I told Dr. K about you and this site. He was thrilled to hear that the 2 of us like him so much and wrote about it. I am going to see if I can do some tax free shopping today..on top of the toilet paper which I would recommended people stock up on before this. lol
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hahaha, so glad you talked to Dr k! He will be on here looking us up now to see what we wrote! hehehehe Good luck with your TP run!
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How are you doing, my legs?? Would love to hear how the procedure went for you when you feel well enough to fill us in.

Also, I'm curious about the funnel for peeing. I understand the puppy pads and the carpet of towels, but why the funnel?

Hope you are feeling as well as you possibly can be right now!!

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I had the procedure and would not have survived without the funnel! You just slide it between your legs and pee. It keeps you from having to squat. You basically pee like a man. lol With this surgery, it really hurts the first week to use those thigh muscle and this helps tremendously!
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Oh my gosh, haha! Well that makes total sense, but it is a pretty funny visual! The things we ladies do!! ;)

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Oh girl, I said after that I completely agree that men have it easier than women! And they put you in a crochless garment, so it makes it so easy. Never felt more like a man! hahahaha
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Haha, love it!!

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I go to the same office as you and Ive been thru several surgeries. The funnel is the best thing I ever bought, but I bought the long tube one so I didnt have to bend to use the toilet. The puppy pads are a must have so you dont ruin your sheets, I also bought a plastic shower curtain and put under my sheets for $5 at walmart and put down thin paint plastic to my bathroom. Be sure to take a pad with you for the car you will need it going home! I had my feet up with pillows all night and all day for about 2 weeks and it kept the swelling at the thighs and never went past my knees. Good luck to you tomorrow and tell Dr K and Dr H, Cyndi says hey!!!
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Hello! I too go to this CS office. Dr K is my doctor and has done an awesome job with both of my procedures! Im excited for you! WHen is your surgery? If you are interested, come to my profile page and see my journey.
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Hey I looked at your page and have to admit I am jealous of your tummy :) Looks great!!! I will continue to follow you since you are a few weeks ahead of me to see what I have to look forward to. I love Dr. K and you are right the staff is so nice there. I go in tomorrow at 7am. My only issue is that I cant believe I scheduled this for tax free weekend. :0 lol Will update tomorrow when I am lucid.
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