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I've had large breasts always and was very...

I used to work with my surgeon and I love him.  I've had large breasts always and was very overweight most of my life. I finally changed my lifestyle 4 years ago and lost 80lbs over 2 years. My bra size went from 40DD to 36DDD (the additional 'D' is purely from Lane Bryant changing their sizing). My breasts weren't as heavy as some, but they were very long. I hoped insurance would cover a reduction after the significant weight loss, but was unsure. So many people very obviously need a reduction more than me. However, due to a family history of breast cancer, my insurance covered the surgery. Yay! I am 2 weeks out and could not be happier! My new breasts are like foreign objects to me! The recovery has been a lot easier than I expected. I felt so good and pain-free during the first week that I overdid and was a little sore towards the end of the first week. But, nothing a few ibuprofen couldn't handle. Healing very well so far. I would recommend this procedure that anyone that is interested and able to do it.

Your results are great! I had my surgery on April 1st, so just a little ahead of you. Glad everything is going smoothly ; )
Thank you, wan2Bfit! I hope you're doing well, too. :)
Thank you, Nice Pear!

One Month Post-op

My surgery was 4 weeks ago today. I am absolutely thrilled with the results!! Everyone says their breast are still very swollen, but I don't feel like I am and I hope they don't go down in size too much. Either way, I am happy! :)
Still looking awesome. Saw your "spinsta style" comment and cracked up ; ) Yup, I'm still feeling a bit swollen, but definitely starting to jiggle some. Glad you're happy!
well done on your weight loss and congratulations on the surgery. spinster? in the UK not a nice word, surely Young, Free and Happily Single!!!!!
Thanks! I'm rockin' it...Spinsta Style! ;)
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I knew that he does quality work and that he is a Christian, which was important to me.

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