Finally Did it! 130lbs 5'5" 405HP Sientra Silicone Implants! - Hickory, North Carolina

I have been doing so much research on breast...

I have been doing so much research on breast augmentation. Thanks to RealSelf and all the lovely ladies on here for being honest and upfront.
I am 25 years old, weigh 135 lbs and am 5'5" tall. I have a pear shaped body and by thighs and butt are disproportionate to my upper body (I am very muscular). I have been wanting implants since I was about 18 years old.
I went for my first consultation yesterday with Dr. Hunstad in Huntersville, NC. I read his research on PubMed and his credentials appealed to me. He seemed very down to earth and very informative during my consultation.
We discussed having 375-400(right) or 400-425(left breast is smaller) silicon implants placed subfascially through my areola. He recommended under the breast crease, but I was worried about keloid scar formation and we decided the areolar would be best. I was very pleased that his infection rate is 0% and he explained all the procedures and prophylatic measures they take in the office to prevent infection.
I am looking around for another doctor for a consulation to get a second opinion and decide who I prefer. Any suggestions in the Charlotte/Huntersville NC area would be wonderful!


I am considering having a consultation with Gregory Swank at Piedmont Plastic Surgery in Hickory. A girl friend's sister of mine had implants placed by him and she loves them. Hopefully by the end of January I'll have my consultation :). Any suggestions would be great~!

Another Consultation

I have a Consultation with Gregory Swank tomorrow at 2:15 PM at Piedmont Plastic Surgery in the Hickory, NC Office. I'm looking forward to what a different doctor has to say. Let's hope it goes well!


I had my consultation with Gregory Swank and am positive that I will have my breast augmentation done in the Hickory, NC Piedmont Plastic Surgery Office. I'm just really unsure as to when. Since I'm in graduate school its a little difficult to plan around everything. I'm thinking about having it in March because the only other convenient time would be sometime in August. I'm not sure how soon in advance I should book my appointment... I would definitely like them sooner so I am really torn.
Dr. Swank suggested under the muscle and inframmamory. I really wasn't wanting them placed that way... I would prefer them to cut my areolar because I scar very easily and the smaller the scar the better. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the placement of the scar and which they preferred?

Pictures I like



Pictures I like


Yay! We are booked!

So I decided after much deliberation to schedule my surgery for June... since I will not have my rotations during that month and will only have online classes!! Paid my $500 to secure my date... SUPER excited!!

Like the look

~One Month

I am about one month away from my surgery date and am very excited! I was wondering I should do to prepare my body for the surgery? I've tried to get things ready (baby wipes, cleaning supplies, etc) so that when I finally do have my surgery I can take it easy. Does anyone have any suggestions that helped them?



Tomorrow is the Big Day

Excited about tomorrow! I will be sure to post some pictures after surgery.

Post Op

Everything went well! Got done faster than expected, which was great. I had 405 HP Silicone implants placed over the muscle. I experienced shivering for about 10 minutes after the anesthesia wore off. I'm going to try to get a list of all the medications they had me on IV. I do have some pain and lots is tightness, but nothing unbearable. Just took my pain medication so that'll help too. So glad I have someone to take care of me. It's so difficult to move my upper body! I'm going to try to walk around the house today to get blood flow moving. Overall, the experience wasn't bad at all. I have my pre op tomorrow at 9AM.

Day 2

Ouch! I woke up this morning and was in pain, but took another Percocet and that helped. Had my first post-op and everything looks great. I was oked to shower and will do that today. They already feel like a part of my body. They are still very sore and the band around the top to bring them down is probably one of the most uncomfortable parts. I am currently taking Percocet every 4 hours as needed for pain, Cyclobenzaprine for the muscle spasm/pain and Cephalexin for the antibiotic. No issues with the medication except that it make me flush a little. Not sure which drug is the culprit. I did not experience any post operative nausea and/or vomiting, but I was given Zofran just in case.

Post Op Pics

Day 3 Post Op

Still sore but I'm able to move my arms up and haven't been taking the pain medication. I am still taking maximum strength Tylenol and muscle relaxers for the pain. Everything feels tight and I have had a little bruising. Hoping everything heals quickly!

Day 9 post Op

So I am already loving the new editions! I am still sore and am still taking Tylenol. I went back to work on the 18th and it was a very difficult first day. But since I have felt better in terms of soreness. I walk around a lot on the job so it took a day for my body to get use to the movement with the extra weight. I have EXTREME sensitivity in my nipples and to have a bra on or anything touching them is painful. I know that that's normal but it is very uncomfortable. I have my check up this coming Tuesday and an very excited to begin massages and get the girls feeling less tight. The incisions itch a little but it's similar to others stitches I've had. They are still swollen and I had to buy bras for work and got siZed as a 34DD at VS. This will not be my size in the end but it was good to hear for once! The swelling has gone down considerably already and I can already wear a 36C sports bra (a little big around but the girls rest comfortably in the cups).I hated to buy bras but had to buy something that was appropriate under my work clothing. So far so good and I am so happy with my decision to get them!


Gregory Swank

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Congrats on the new boobies and wishing you a quick recovery :)
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Thanks! Everything seems to be healing. Still sore!
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Congrats!! Best wishes to you and your recovery. Question, why did your PS go over muscle?
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I miswrote. He did do in under the muscle. Sorry!
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It's your big day! Good luck hope all goes super well. Looking forward to seeing your results!
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Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure you will do great.
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love your wish pics!
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Congrats on booking the surgery :)! You have a great shape to your breasts to begin with so I'm sure your results will be amazing!
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We have very similar stats. I'm 26, 5'5, 130 ibs, and was a 34b. I also noticed we have one of same wish pics! I had my BA five days ago. It was one the best decisions I ever made. I went with an inframammary incision based on my PS's advise. She assured me it would give me the best results and that the scar would not be visible unless you lifted the breast up to view it. Where as the periareolar incision is always going to be visible when you're naked. Congrats on booking your BA!
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Yay, congrats on picking a date! I'm sure time will fly by... I know mine has... 1 week left till my day! :)
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I was also very worried about the scaring but was told about the steroid injection if need be. My friend had her BA done last year and had the crease incision and is hardly visible. I am planning to book my BA for June 5 and I'm doing 400cc under the muscle gummy bear implants. Good luck at your surgery and recovery :)
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Hi girl. Thought I would share that I also really liked the idea of the areola incision too and wanted minimal scarring but after doing more research was okay with the crease incision. I also had some asymmetry at play and felt like the crease incision gave the surgeon the best advantage in terms of altering the one crease position (not sure if that's really true or not). My PS strongly preferred the crease incision and said it's the best option for creating an implant pocket with the least amount of bleeding, avoids the course of the nerve to the nipple in most cases, does not cut through breast tissue and/or milk ducts, and leaves a short scar that is not visible clothed or unclothed unless one lifts the breast or looks from beneath. Of course, do your own research and do whatever you think will make you happiest :) Good luck and keep us posted!!
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I felt the same way as u-i wanted 2go thru the Nipple. But my PS said he only does crease incisions for all the reasons u maybe indeed it's all true ahha
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Congrads on booking your surgery! Will you have some help the first few days of recovery? Will you have a long weekend or small break from school to recover? 
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I should have about 5 days to rest and my boyfriend will be helping me the first few days . That's really the best I can do since school pretty much consumes my life!
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I usually work during my spring break so I tried not to have to take the entire time off!
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Glad to hear you'll have some help and even happier to see you have a surgery date booked for June. Sounds like the perfect timing for you. Do keep us posted over the next few months!
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We have very similar stats and body type. I also have some scarring issues and have decided to go under the breast incision with 371cc. I'm having this done with a full TT and lipo. Maybe I missed it...but what is your breast size now? What are you hoping to be?
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My breast size is a 34B and I am hoping to be a full D.
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I think we are going to be very close in size. I was going to go with 339cc's and that was going to put me at a full C. Now I'm thinking of 371's that might put me closer to a small D...we will see!
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Good luck! Keloiding is an issue with me too, so we went with periariolar incision and so far it seems to be working out. My doc said if I have ANY sign of keloiding, I need to go back immediately for a steriod injection. That's something you could ask about when you go for your consult. Also, I saw about 4 docs pre-surgery - I'm glad you're exploring your options.
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Thanks for the info! I will definitely look into the injection if necessary.
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