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I am currently 39 years old and a saggy D cup,...

I am currently 39 years old and a saggy D cup, after 3 children ages 20, 7, and 5. I am doing a mommy makeover, but doing my breast first because it's something I'm very insecure about. I have to get a mammogram done and my final consultation before surgery is. June 3, 2012. I decided on a 390 silicone implant placed in the sub-facial muscle so that I will have a full-d. I will have my implants inserted through the nipple. This may change once I do the final consultation, but it's my plans for now.

Sorry guys...I am using saline implants with my...

Sorry guys...I am using saline implants with my pre op on June

Ok. After checking with my doctor for confirmation...

Ok. After checking with my doctor for confirmation of my procedure, I am getting a breast augmentation with purse string mastopexy and gel silicone implants. They have me at a low profile right now, but I'm thinking about a moderate profile size 390cc so that I will have fullness. I really don't want to increase my size. I am currently a large c or small d. I'm trying to obtain a full to medium d.
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Hey there!! I am having the same procedure with Dr. Kortesis next month!! I am worried about size! I don't want to be really big.. I am currently a med C and he suggested a 375cc moderate plus profile for me, he said that would put me at a small D, except for Victoria Secret, he said I would probably be a DD there! I though he was super Nice!! Good Luck!! I hope everything turns out great!!
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Ah, that makes more sense! Thanks for setting the record straight.

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Angiemcc...the implants are silicone and will be inserted through the nipple...I called my ps today and he confirmed what I was thinking, so my first post was correct.
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Lol....disregard that...I meant to say saline...sorry... :-)
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My implants are saline and will be inserted through the nipple...sorry of today I am using 390 low round. This may change at pre-op...I'm getting a little nervous but still excited....
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Uuugggg....the implants are silicone NOT saline. I will get it together
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Welcome to RealSelf! I didn't know silicone implants could be inserted through the nipple, so you're giving me an education! :0) 

Please let us know how your pre-op appointment goes.

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