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TT with MR/some MR & No Lipo-

Went in today for my TT later in the day. I'm...

Went in today for my TT later in the day. I'm Currently wide awake and a chatty Cathy. Pretty sure my parents are ready to stuff a sock in my mouth. Jk.

Feels like I had one heck of an abdominal workout. My incision is probably lower than I ever imagined it to be (haven't seen it since the markings but it was LOW). I have two drains and left is definitely outputting more than the right. Oddly, the right drain Burns at what I assume is the site. Anything you can do for this? Left back at the curvature of my back/side is really tender/sore. While it sucks, so far, I'm not totally miserable yet not a walk in the park.

Surgeon apparently talked to my parents but no idea what was said other than he pulled me reallly tight and I'll be pretty sore.


Happy flatness! Can't wait until my big day!
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Hey Hon!!! Happy healing for us! I bet you look great!!!
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I am happy you joined the community.

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Feeling pretty decent other than the fact that my...

Feeling pretty decent other than the fact that my lower back is on fire. After pacing like quasimoto last night, I finally moved to the recliner and slept well. My incision over the pelvis area (really low) burns like crazy once meds wear off but I definitely keep ice on it. Having some issues with gas but started miralax yesterday and again today. Dry heaved yesterday but I think it was a combo of it being just so much stimulation all at once.

Drains plan to come out next Friday. Really nervous about that, tbh.


Glad you're doing well all things considered:) u should try frozen peas on you belly they're wonderful (just be sure to keep something between the bag & your skin of course) glad u were able to get a nice low scar. Can't see how you ladies get comfy in the recliner, mine was like torture. Lol anyway happy healing:)
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I have been using the frozen peas. And because my binder keeps sliding/rubbing my pubic area, I've kept a thin hand towel in between dressings and binder

My bed is super comfy but my tail bone just hurts in the bed. Not sure why the recliner is different.
Smart trick with the hand towel. You're lucky your recliner is comfy it's probably the best way to go. Mine just isn't comfy for sleeping idk why. How are you feeling?

Feeling a lot better today pain wise- so far since...

Feeling a lot better today pain wise- so far since midnight I've had 1 vicodin and 3 tylenol. I want to be off that as soon as I am comfortable enough to be off it- I don't like it at all. I was able to look at my stomach more and the left side is pretty swollen (towards the hip) and kind of puffy/raised- hopefully it's swelling and not pleating. I'm thinking it's swelling because at the 2 day PO the doctor said everything looked really good/really awesome and flat- one of the best results in a while. So hopefully it's swelling. I feel really puffy though. I don't feel like eating much either. I'm kind of being 'forced' to eat. I'm drinking a ton though.


13 days post op and I'm hating this binder and my drain!! I had one drain removed last Monday but I I still have one left. My pain overall hasn't been bad at all, it's just really uncomfortable. I have an appointment with my PS tomorrow, hopefully he takes this stupid drain out so I can start using spanx instead of this horrible binder.
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jmc, you gonna post some pics ?
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I'm battling migraines currently and overall I'm suffering from cabin fever lol. I had the right drain removed yesterday (didn't hurt) and the left is still in. It sucks but I don't want to develop a seroma. So far today I've put out about 30 cc, which is good!!! I know I'll put more out in the next 7 hours but I'd rather it now. I have an appointment on Tuesday and hope he takes it out. I'm definitely swollen (up about 5 pounds) but my mom said today, "you might be up five pounds of fluid but you have lost weight if you know what I mean. Once the swelling goes down, I wouldn't be surprised if you are 5-10 pounds below surgery weight." I'm not trying to lose weight so it's frustrating. Lol. My hips/torso area look really wide (to me) but I think it's the swelling. Nothing that won't right itself. How are you doing?!
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I'm still alive. I've just been insanely busy and...

I'm still alive. I've just been insanely busy and haven't had a time (and actually forgot about this site until today). I've had no complications thus far at all with the surgery except since I had loose skin and no underlying fat on them previously, my hips are SUPER sensitive if I bump it because it's basically a layer of skin covering it. Other than that, I don't really have a ton of feeling on my incision throughout the entire thing. When I run, I find myself sore in the muscles as I run longer. If I started to feel that way, I will throw my binder on for the rest of the evening just so I don't tweak. It's probably a mental thing. lol People think I've lost weight but prior to the surgery I was 5'11" about 155. I'm still the same height and probably 148-149? I don't even know. My pants all fit fine but I've grown to love dresses/leggings this winter instead of jeans/pants just because I can get away with more options for work w/ boots. lol

If I were to post a photo of myself in clothes before and myself in clothes after, most of you would probably say, "you look the same" but I'll try. He did tell me at my post op that he took about 9.5 inches of skin vertically off of me, which was located above the BB from weight loss.


You look great! I love the brown boots with the purple sweater... If you don't mind my asking.. where did you get them? :)
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Thanks. The dress is from Express and the boots were from a boutique in SC but are the brand Matisse.

Added some more photos

added some more photos

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I have my first followup since probably end of...

I have my first followup since probably end of September this week. I have an area of my incision that randomly started bleeding today and it was really swollen w/ stuff that came out. I'll have to check w/ the surgeon. Also, want to ask about the area where the drain was- very tender/seems to rub. Possible slight "dog" ear but not something I'd worry about but if I paid all this money, might as well get it fixed. How much does that suck?? lol

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Met with the plastic surgeon this week and he said...

Met with the plastic surgeon this week and he said everything is looking amazingly great but did indicate he does see I am still swelling in the lower abdomen. He asked if I have any feeling and I told him that above the pelvic region/lower abdomen I have no feeling and he said it's pretty common yet and that it'll get better over the next three months. I did have two areas I just spit stitches this week (what the heck!?). I addressed a tiny bit of an area (where drain was) that my skin isn't flat and he said if in three months, he'll just do a very tiny tweak. It is barely noticeable but I notice it and sine I paid a lot of money- might as well fix it?!

Also added before photo.

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