Upper & Lower Stomach, Love Handles&Flanks, and Back - Humble, TX

Hello World, I'm a 33 woman who is 5'8 and...

Hello World, I'm a 33 woman who is 5'8 and 170 lbs I have 2 beautiful daughters who I love dearly they are 10yrs apart (yes I really waited awhile). Well after my last daughter I lost a lot of weight, but my stomach and back fat I could not get rid of. I honestly can say I think those areas are the most stubborn areas on my body, I do exercise, but not like I should, and I do eat pretty healthy for the most part. One day I was on the web just browsing and an ad pop up about smartlipo it caught my attention immediately at that moment I started to research about this awesome technology, I went to two different doctors, but overall I priced 4 drs. I decided to go with Dr Carpenter I like his bedside manner and how he takes his time with his patients. So my original date for my procedure was April 18th, but my blood work came back with my iron levels to low so I had to wait 30 days before I could get lab work again. Well this past Friday on May 4th I had my blood work done again, I'm crossing my fingers this time also I have been taking iron pills so I really hope it boost up my iron levels.

Well today May 8th Im suppose to be super excited,...

Well today May 8th Im suppose to be super excited, but I just found out the my iron levels are up, but not enough for the Dr, Im getting very discourage and frustrated. Im still taking the iron pills that he provided to me, but I think I need something else also, so my surgery is again postpone until May 24th. I guess patience is a virture.

Well I receive good news yesterday my iron levels...

Well I receive good news yesterday my iron levels are up, so Im going in for surgery Thursday May 24th, I'm so excited about this transformation that is about to take place. Im very nervous but since I read a lot of different people stories on this site, Im a little at ease. Will post before and after pics soon.

My 1st day after surgery and I'm very very sore...

My 1st day after surgery and I'm very very sore and in pain I'm not draining it was not that bad for me I only had a little bleeding and draining, I did have to wash my garment but I was ready to put it back on with it off I felt like my stomach was.about to fall off my body. Can't wait until my week pass to see my results.
Renewmesoon I saw it as soon as I took my garmets off the second day lol. I had no pouch!! I still don't and when I eat my stomach doesn't poke out like before. I went out dancing for the first time last weekend and had on a cut off shirt everybody was like dang girl you look good lol.
Did you notice a change to your tummy immediately after your surgery? I'm counting down 28 day until my Smart Lipo op :)
Aww thank u Im moving around just very slowly

Ok today is my 4th day after surgery still very...

Ok today is my 4th day after surgery still very swollen no love handles, but still have a small pouch and back fat either I'm being very inpatient or my result are not good. Going to my post op visit with the Dr on Tuesday. Also I was very vertigo last night when I was at Walmart came home and took my pain meds it seems to me its getting worst be the day.
In my instruction guide from my doctor it's told me not to use hot/cold packs, so I didn't I'm guessing the cold packs may keep the areas numb longer? Im still alittle sore on my sides and I had mine done on APril 27th. I think it's like a sore just needs time to heal.
@Pheona will placing ice packs over the swollen areas help r did u have to use any.
I can not wait to see a flatter tummy! The pouch so ruins my cute outfits. I wear spanx everyday to smooth me out; so maybe the compression garment won't be so bad for me. Thanx, Pheona!

It's been 1 week and 2 days since my surgery Im...

It's been 1 week and 2 days since my surgery Im still very much swollen and numb not really happy with my results i just cant see it yet, my emotions have been up and down like a roller coaster, and I know that I cant wait until my month comes around I so ready to hit the gym for real I want to have a true results from this procedure. Well I will keep everyone posted with future pics and dr visits
I'm six weeks out and still have some swelling and soreness. I only had 1 liter taken out of abs, flanks and back fat. I see results when facing front on and back fat is gone. Still swollen in belly area and love handles.
You ladies are swollen. The more drainage you had the first two days the better. Trust me Im a month out and still swollen. My doc said Im still going to continue to shrink. It'll get better;)
I had my procedure done the 31st and i still look the same not like everyone who has instant results. im upset too! :( hopefully were just swollen!!!
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