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Huge Swollen Looking Belly After Tummy Tuck - Bradenton

I am really very concerned! I am 12 days post tt...

I am really very concerned! I am 12 days post tt and my tummy is still very big. It's not so noticeable when I'm standing, but when I sit down, I have a huge belly that hangs over my scar. My ps says everything is fine, but what the heck is under there? Is it fluid? is it left over fat? My measurements and weight are exactly the same as they were pre tt. What is going on???????


Just curious how you all are doing now? I'm 10 days post op and feeling likes stomach muscles are pushing out but I have faith! Just gotta give it time! Would love to hear a few years later how you're feeling and if you're doing ok! Thanks ;)
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Hello everybody,
I am having the same problem some of you are. I had my surgery 5 months ago, and my waist is still big. Some days I am so swollen it is depressing :(
My clothes don't fit, everything is still tight. Plus,I have also gained weight in my legs. My doctor says this is because of the 2 months of sedentary life I spent after surgery, recovering. He also says the swelling is normal.
Normal?? I was expecting to have a tiny waist no more than 3 months after surgery!
I feel fat and discouraged.
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thought i would respond as i thought i was the only person going through this
i had my surgey tummy tuck with liposuction may 30th 2010
after 10 days my wound opened causing weeks of infections and resulting in me beeing taken back to theatre and re stitched ive had several more infections since july when i was re stitched.
I have seen my ps this morning for the last time as he is moving hospital he has told me my stomach is distended and will send me to a gastrologist to see where the problem lies as i am suffering terribly with belching when i saw him last week he said my sutures from the muscles may have ruptured but today he has basicaly told me its my shape and since the tummy tuck it has reduced but im not convinced yes it is slightly smaller but its also protruding higher up
so 5 months after my tummy tuck i still have a big round pregnant looking stomach with a very unsightly scar
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I'm not sure yet...I won't be sure until I find out what is going on with this big belly!

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