Panniculectomy & Hernia repair....46 yr old

I had gastric bypass back in 2000. I have...

I had gastric bypass back in 2000. I have maintained a 150+ lb weight loss and now need hernia repair and a panniculectomy. Been having issues with my pannus since a hysterectomy in 2012 leaving me unable to get much physical activity in. I have platued at my current weight for over a year and would love to loose at least 70 more lbs. Hoping the panniculectomy will help me reach my next goal.

More hoops to jump through.

I got a call yesterday from my local hospital that I am being referred to a different kind of specialist in St. Paul MN. I guess with the general surgeon and the cosmetic surgeon got together to iron out the details it ended up being a bit more complicated than they first thought. Nothing can be simple for me. Feeling a bit discouraged.

I just can't get a break!

Well, I was supposed to meet with the plastic surgeon from this new group tomorrow. The office called yesterday to inform me that the receptionist scheduled me with a doctor who does not to panni's. Not sure why the hernia specialist aked to be scheduled with him...but they got me reschuled with a PS who does do Panni's. Thank goodness it is only a week out....i was panicking that it would be another month to get it. I was about to give up and just have the hernia repair is causing so much pain I can't take it much longer.

Is it just me that keeps getting all these weird scheduling and doctor issues?

more pics

just some more pictures with the tummy exposed to show the before. hope to get in and get a new "after" soon! :-)

Panni surgery consult in 3days.

3 days until I meet the plastic surgeon for this new clinic. I am anxious and nervous. I would love to be 40 lbs lighter, but can't if I want insurance to cover the procedure. And that fact scares me that the surgeon won't want to do until I loose more...but I have a hernia that is killing me and it needs to be repaired now. If I don't get the panni at the same time it may make recovery harder....why fix a hernia only to have 20+ lbs of skin and fat pulling on it? Shoot, I can't even walk around the block right now because of the pain from the hernia.....I just need some help here. :(

feeling heard.

today I met with the new plastic surgeon and for the first time in over 4 years I feel like I was really listened to. I panicked a bit at first as the nurse said the dr will meet with me and IF she decides to do it pictures will be taken after for insurance. That comment sent my heart plummeting! The Dr came in and she was super nice and listened to me. Asked about sores, abcesses, rashes etc. Asked about the hernia. About my heightest known weight, and how much I have lost and kept it off for 14 yrs.

She did an exam and showed me where she will be cutting and lifted the panni and saw the one area that happened to be very irritated today (that probably helped my case) and showed me where she can visually see a hernia over the belly button. Told me she will cut up above the belly button and I will probably loose the belly button. I told her I didn't care...a lot of my infections are in the belly button. She was actually relieved and said that will make thing so much easier and help with healing. SO....i will be bellybutton less. But again, not a concern of mine.

She pretty much guarenteed I would have dog ears but that they can probably be taken care of in clinic down the road if needed. She also suspects that I might have a few other smaller hernias not picked up since she has me on the table wide open they will look and correct/fix anything they see.

I am feeling so much better now.

Got the call this morning

The hospital called with surgery date. The hernia specialist wants to do her part robotically to avoid having a second large incision we they had to coordinate two surgeons and the robot!

Date set is a ways out...but I am fine with that...I have a date! Sept 10th.!!!!!!!

I am going to work hard at loosing about 15 lbs between now and then...the plastic surgeon said she is fine with a 10-15 lb loss but anything more than that she would want to wait till I platued a bit more. I tend to loose about 15 lbs in the summer...just because we are usually a bit busier. This year though, with the hernia I don't think I will be very active.

This also give us time because my boyfriend is facing a repair of a partially torn achielles tendon. The big problem with his case is that he only has one leg to start with ( lost a leg to cancer as a child) . So if they can get in him beginning of July this may just time out perfectly.

OMG!!!! I have a date!

time is moving slow!

This count down to Sept 10th is taking forever! I had a bit of a scare over the past two weeks....with an appointment for pain (I have fibromyligia) and needing some new pain meds but discussing that my lymph nodes in my neck have been swollen for over a month the Dr got very concerned. Blood work taken, urine tests done, throat swabs etc. No infection found.

I figured if there was some infection it is from the constant rashes or infections under the belly or in my belly button (again....loosing the belly button, sick of those infections!) Well, when all the tests came back with no answer...the term ultrasound with biopsy was used. Terrified me! Not only for a needle being jammed into my neck..but for the fear that something like Cancer could now be keeping me from having this hernia repair and Panni. Not after 5 yrs of trying to get a panni....this is not happening!!! Thank goodness the ultrasound looked fine and nothing suspisious found. (insert large sigh here) Now the Dr wants more blood work thinking auto immune...which I already have I am not stressing it so much anymore. I am actually thinking of switching up my allergy meds to see if this years allergies may just be the culprit behind all this...and go from there.

Anyway...I digress, I spoke with the plastic surgeons office today. I called to make sure i schedule any appts (pre and post op) and was told none to be made. She won't be marking me up prior only because they are doing the hernia repair first. I am good with she already generally showed me where she will be cutting. At this really is a straght lipo or anything. The surgery scheduler assured me everything is all set for Sept 10 and post op appt will be made before I leave the hospital since I am going to be admitted.

It was nice to hear her say those words again...everything is all set up. Sept 10th can'tget here fast enough!
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Hi , I am a 40 yr old mom of three.. on July 15 I had a panni and ventral hernia repair surgery. My doctor is the best guy ever. He did both surgeries. I was in hospital for 4 days. Was rough getting around and still is a bit. My incision feels almost like its burning when I get up after sleeping or resting and I am very sore still. I have three drains in still,one which tomorrow will be removed. My doctor has txt me numerous times just to see how I was doing which I think is so nice,this is def a first! I just want to feel good tho sore!
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Make sure you rest up, between now and Sept, so you are all healed and seem the type that wants to get up and go....Lol
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I do plan on being less "busy" this summer. More for the avoidance of any illness from being around a bunch of people. I don't want to take ANY chances.
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I had my hernia/panni combo surgery done June 9th 2014. I'm just about three weeks post op and would love to have someone else to talk to about this. I feel so alone in my recovery lately. . Best of luck to you! You can find me on username "ChasingAmyLiz".
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Awe, will feel better soon...I am 6 weeks out from having my LBL and thigh lift and feel pretty much back to normal week 4 I was starting to feel more like my old self. Everyone says it's normal to feel the way you are...that's why it's great we have a site like this...
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Good for you! While I can't be much help with advise on recovery, I can always be here to listen if you need me to. I am on my fitness too...though I haven't been tracking anything lately. I will look you up. Keep yor head up... I am sure the worst of it is over for you.
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Yeah happy for you just got out of surgery myself!!!
  • Reply are awesome! I can't believe you are out of surgery and on line so soon. Good for you! I am guess you are doing well if you are posting. ;-)
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Yes doing wonderful
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Glad to hear it went well
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Good luck having my panniculectomy on the. 23rd
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Well, I was supposed to meet with the plastic surgeon from this new group tomorrow. The office called yesterday to inform me that the receptionist scheduled me with a doctor who does not to panni's. Not sure why the hernia specialist aked to be scheduled with him...but they got me reschuled with a PS who does do Panni's. Thank goodness it is only a week out....i was panicking that it would be another month to get it. I was about to give up and just have the hernia repair is causing so much pain I can't take it much longer.
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sorry....I didn't mean for this to be a comment. :-(
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Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Congratulations on your weight loss, that's a huge achievement and you've worked really hard to get where you are, you should be very proud.

Have you chosen a doctor, or set a date yet for the surgery?
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I had been working with my local hospital and general surgeon for the hernia repair and the local cosmetic surgeon for the panni, but apparently they feel I would be better served by seeing a different specialist in St. Paul MN. I guess it ended up being more complicated then they could deal with. So I have an appt with this other specialist next week. I hope this isn't a long drawn out process to get me set for surgery.
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Do you know what kind of specialist they're sending you too?
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I was sent to a surgeon who specializes with hernia repairs. She said I did not have a complicated hernia, just that i am a complicated case since I am still a large gal, have a very large panni and have so many scars from previous surgeries. This hernia is from a previous surgical site .
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Ah okay, well that makes sense, you want the best looking after you! It's a shame your appointment got pushed back a week, but it will be here before you know it.:-)
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I had a panni myself on April 30. It's listed under tummy tuck, but since I had no muscle repair I believe it's classified as a panniculectomy. My results are pleasing to me! Take a look at my before and after :) good luck, when is your surgery?
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OMG did it while awake? I think I am lucky enough that I have a huge apron to be removed and a hernia to be repaired, so I will be out cold. No lipo for me. This is just the first step of many to get to my finish line. Thank you for your information. I am currently waiting to hear from the PS nurse for a go ahead date. They have to get the approval from Hospital Admin since mine is Medicare and they don't prior auth. I hope to hear soon...the hernia is really starting to hurt on a regular basis.
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Yes, I was awake. I'm on day 13 and getting stronger everyday. Keep me updated!
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