Vaser Lipo on Thighs, Knees, Lovehandles, Chin and Tummy - Houston

Well, I wish I could say good things, but I...

Well, I wish I could say good things, but I can't. It's my own dang fault too. I should have done research and made better choices on the doctor I chose. I believe my doctor is new at this and has basically been practicing on people like myself. I am not a large person (136lbs at 5'5), but being that I am 39 and have had two kids (one a very large baby), I had gained a little bit in the tummy, back, thigh and knee area. I also had a little bit of fat under the chin (very little, but I am very much a perfectionist).

ANyway, had my upper and lower tummy + love handles done August 2009. I did not take any sedatives, just sucked it up and had it done. He removed 900cc's. After 4 months I could clearly see some left in the lower tummy and the love handles remained untouched basically. He offered to do a touch up for $1000. I figured since I was going in anyway, I would get my inner thighs and knees done a little too. Well, I went in and he ran out of time and I had to come back for the other areas missed - not too excited about ANOTHER session of this. Anyway, in the last session he offered to touch up the chin too.

In the end, i have indentations on my tummy, cords in my neck that have popped out that weren't there before the chin lipo plus waves and serious indentations inside my thighs and knees. I could cry. I haven't gone swimming once this summer with my kids and how do you explain to them that you are so dang vain that you ruined yourself doing something like this procedure. It's so disheartening. He has offered another touch up, but I am probably going let it go and be disfigured for life. I can't imagine going in and looking worse than I already do and that is a serious risk I believe I would take with this doctor. It's a shame. I saved up for this little mommy makeover and now I am paying the price.

Last photo is approx. 2.5 months post vaser.

Last photo is approx. 2.5 months post vaser.

I almost forgot, my thighs were horrible the first month. I find that light exercise 30 min. a day could help improve the tone and make my indent less deep. I'm continuing my pilates routine ever day and I hope the indent will eventually evens out. Hope this wishes
Thanks Exercise. It's been 4 months now and nothing has changed. I decided to diet some and run and although I have lost a bit of weight and look nicer, the legs and tummy remain the same. I decided to seek the advice of a plastic surgeon yesterday and she noted lumpiness in the tummy and thighs and said it was quite significant and then looked at my back and said that the doctor took out way too much in two areas in the back too. What a mess. The good news (well sort of), is that she said she could even out all the lumps to make everything appear better than it is right now. Not perfection, but better for around 3k. That is where the problem lies because I don't have another 3k right this moment. I guess I better start saving lol.
Turkeybirdbaby, please don't give up! I know/understand the frustration and worry your feeling right now. I too regret doing liposuction and wish I could turn back time. For me I'm almost 2 month post-op and I'm still very bruised, lumpy, ropey hard, and scarred. But I promise you there are ways and better days ahead for the both of us! The article links that Sharon posted are packed with info. regarding methods to removing dents and lumps. I'm planning to try some of those methods if my ropeyness (hard lumps) remains after 2 more months. Thank you for sharing your experience. Never give up and stay positive, because from now on things could only get better :)

Photo showing what I currently look like and a...

Photo showing what I currently look like and a photo of what I wished I looked like after lipo.

Hi there. I know how upset you might be...I too had vaser and wasn't left with what I expected. I had my surgery done in Houston as well, and I was wondering if your doctor was the same one as mine. Would you mind telling me who it was?

This is NOT a lunchtime procedure as many of these...

This is NOT a lunchtime procedure as many of these "set up shop" doctors are claiming. Also, use a well known plastic surgeon. I am not deformed for life. I was not a big person to begin with, but wanted some extra flab taken off my tummy and inner knees. I was convinced to do the inner thighes because they claimed that I would look "off" with only the knees trimmed up; however, this particular doctor claimed that the mid thigh region was unsafe for lipo and said he would not touch that are. Well as you can imagine, i look like two ice cream scoops removed some fat in the knee area and the upper thigh. I look like a wavy mess with four incision sights inside my thighs. I can't imagine ever wearing a bathing suit again, let alone a bikini after getting some taken off the tummy (which is a whole other ball of uneven wax). I had a nice body before all this. Now I have a sad looking body.

That's NOW deformed, not "not"...

That's NOW deformed, not "not" deformed for life.

I am getting a procedure done by dr commons of palo alto read about his practice. He was the vaser pioneer but he is a very loving sweet man that can be trusted. He is FACS and AM board of plastic surgery also. He can fix anything. He has 30 years of experience a d has taught the residents of Stanford plastic surgery. He would give you a free consult. I know it's far but I believe you should check out George commons website. I have no affiliation I feel bad it didn't go well for you. - to improve you happiness consider it - just trying to help. I'm going in for vaser/ tumescent next thur - good luck. Your kids love you no matter what :) that's wonderful
who was the doctor???I am getting mine done in Houston too!!!
Thank you for this post. I think everybody should know about consequences of liposuction. Cheer up, you are so brave! There are so many devices, programs and solutions nowadays. An most of them just want your money and don't provide promised effect. You can see on a Flattenbelly site - all the list of machines, programs and belts of different kinds (there are hundreds of them!), read reviews and decide what to choose. But my personal advice is not to buy all this stuff and go with a slow, but natural way: dieting and exercises. And liposuction, lap bands and other surgical methods are good only when it's a serious obesity case.
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Not a plastic surgeon and should not be performing these procedures.

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