About to Get It Done on my Tummy and Sides

Im a transexual and i store fat in my tummy, i am...

im a transexual and i store fat in my tummy, i am getting my tummy done and the sides... Very nervous, but hoping for the best. 31st is when it will all be done... look for my updates.

i also stayed horizontal for a week but slowly tried to walk and deal with it, by second week i felt totally ok to drive, work, etc... Well, i did NOT take any pain meds, even tylenol - nothing... so if you are having procedure and don't want to deal with any pain or uncomfort you may want them :) when they say you will be able to go to work in couple of days - they are tripping, you will be sore but probably not as sore as you expect to be- when you stay still in bed or a chair - there will be no pain but when you try to move the muscle areas that were under the fat you will feel it burning. $3000 is very good price for the procedure, i'd do it! :) Don't be nervous, you'll be ok! i went totally insane before my procedure and when walked into doctor's office i told him i want to cancel it but did it anyway - I AM GLAD I DID! it's not as bad as it sounds. You should know one thing - vaser is really safe, if done while you awake - you have 100% chance to walk out of there alive! seriously - vase done while awake has zero fatalities! Just drink lots of fluid and take it easy in first few days, by day 3-5 you'll feel dramatically better! and in few short weeks you'll start seeing improvements. Watch one thing - if swelling getting worse after an activity try not to do it until swelling is gone - your body simply doesn't like it so pay attention to it! compression garment - wear 24/7 for first few weeks and keep it as tight as you can to a comfortable -level - i suggest you get at least10-12" high abs binder/compression garment - they have those at walgreens online - get one or two - so you can wash one while wearing another. you may also want to get few NON perforated tight tank tops, as soft as possible and 100% cotton that you will wash with body wash - put those on your skin and then put compression garment on top - this way you can change/wash your tank tops instead of washing compression garment all the time. Right after procedure - you can ask your doctor to put MAXI PADS on top of all holes he is going to leave open - they will absorb all liquid leaking out of you and will save your clothes and bed! you will need to change them once or twice every 24hours in first few days. Holes - in about 2-3 days you will need to start working on them - do NOT get them dry! i know it sounds like a great idea when you see your scars getting dry but this will leave scars - get triple antibiotic and apply once-twice a day good juicy amount of it on your scars then put bandaid on top to keep it juicy- this will keep them from getting infected and will help to heal them MUCH nicer! it will take a little longer for your holes to close but this is the best way to leave them as small as tiny needle pinch. you will need to treat them like this for about a month. ok, i think this is mouthful :) GOOD LUCK and share your experience with us!
My advice would be to rest as much as you can after the Vaser. I took a week off and tried to stay horizontal as much as possible to speed recovery and avoid swelling and hardening below the stomach area. Start taking arnica tablets about a week before to minimise bruising. It was relatively pain free - about 90% was fine, 5% painful and 5% really painful I found. I also found it difficult to bend afterwards (like bending over the sink when washing face or brush teeth). I found it easier to kneel on the floor. Hope that helps. Good luck.

I DID IT... I feel no pain,,, and i am...

I DID IT... I feel no pain,,, and i am skinny!! this is the most amazing thing ever...

HE WAS AWLSOME i feel a tiny bit sore. i am so happy about my results... i am swallown but it feel great my tummy is FLAT!!! FLAT! FLAT FLAT  i am so happy...

thanks for everyone for the advice!!!! I never tought I could look this good

---- 4/1/2010...Omg the ich is wrose then the pain...

---- 4/1/2010...

Omg the ich is wrose then the pain... I am uncomfortable... I have been having lots of dreams i assume it is happening cause i cannot fall into a deep sleep. they give me hydracodin i would recemend them given your some Xanax also cause i woke up with a panic actck. I am able to walk and do normal things

I have to wash my face i make a mess on the floor cause i cant lean over the sink... so i am about to brush my teeth i see this ending the same way... 2 more days till i can take a shower and i feel grosse!!


I am 19 years old, and live in Austin, TX. I am a really athletic girl, but have for as long as I can remember, had a hard time losing the weight around my belly. I exercise and watch my diet but it still doesn't help. So I have been looking into vaser lipo for a while now to see if it is anything for me. However, if I go through with it I want to know that it is a good doctor and reasonable price. You seem like you were really happy with this doctor and 3,000 dollars is not bad. Did you only get your abdominals done? And if you don't me asking, did he take out a lot?
Hey to you all!!! Im having vaser done next week and your info has really helped!!! Thanks x

Ok I am all healed... everything is prefectly...

Ok I am all healed... everything is prefectly fine

put plastic over your bed. cause you will be draining allot. but he is a great surgon i will do it agian if i gain fat there again =)

how long does it takes for a person to recover after the process and due to stomach how much it can cost estimate.


he took out allot... and he did my back ab sides...


.... almost 2 years post op and I have kept off...

.... almost 2 years post op and I have kept off the weight.
I'm 5'7 and weighed 150 pounds. All my fat is stored in my stomach and flanks and that's where the procedure was done. Today is day 2 post op. I feel great no drainage little bruising, swelling and a lot of spareness but tolerable! Thanks for the response!
Howbmany liters were removed? I just did my procedure today and got 1 liter removed and am curious as to how much of a difference that will make.
Well its going to make a difference. dedending on your height.
I am 5'9 and starting to get fat... they took 3.5 I believe.
Patrick J. McNamara M.D

he is amazing. I will post some before and after pictures when i am not draining. theskinrenewalcenter.com is his website

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