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Wasted over $3000, very painful, and really I do...

Wasted over $3000, very painful, and really I do not see any difference after 3 months. AND, here is the clincher, I never ever saw a doctor. Dr. Suzanne Bruce.

I just wanted a bit of tightening, I am 59 and look "good" for my age anyway, I really see no difference whatsoever after 3 months. Save your money and go somewhere you can actually meet with a doctor.


Megan - as I recall it was about $3500.
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I do not have a high pain tolerance. I found it very painful. Still they had to give me shots of lidocaine. I look back on it as a torturous hour. My work friend had the same procedure at the same place, she described it as having "a hot iron on my face for an hour". For some reason they expect patients to tollerate this pain. I have another friend who had the same procedure, same place. She did not find it painful, but she had THE DOCTOR do hers. She said she couldn't see any difference either. I must say that this friend really likes Dr. Bruce. I am sure there are some improvements, but they are so miniscule I cannot see them, neither can anyone else. I did not expect huge changes so I do not think my expectations were unreasonable.
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I'm sorry to hear that you didn't see any change. I can definitely understand why you would be disappointed, especially after spending that much money. How was the treatment itself? Did you find it to be painful or was it fairly tolerable?

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Houston Dermatologic Surgeon

One would have to actually meet the doctor to rate her.

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