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So Much More Painful Than I Imagined - Houston, TX

I read all these reviews and asked a lot of...

I read all these reviews and asked a lot of questions but even with taking some pain medications before the procedure I was in a lot of pain. I also ended up with bruising, swelling and some red lines on my neck .I could never have gone back to work. I wanted to improve my jawline which was getting a little jowly and so far I am not seeing too much difference but since I was told it might take 30-60 days I will wait and see. I am not sure I would recommend this procedure to anyone until I see some results because of the pain and bruising.

I had ultherapy five days ago above and around my eyes. VERY painful (but that's in my other posts). Just wanted to let you know that the office I went to was extremely conscientious about explaining at length that at my age (63, but look 50) results could be VERY SUBTLE. I'd already bought a coupon for half off the procedure, so went ahead with it. My only real hope is that my hooded, sagging left eyelid (from botched botox) will lift, and some firming under the eyes would be nice. They also said it takes up to three months to see the full effects. I did notice improvement immediately (though I read that "plumping" is temporary), but they said that could be a good sign that more was on the way. Still very tender, sore and numb areas, but they said that could last up to two weeks after. HOPE YOU SEE A DIFFERENCE SOON!
Sure hope so because I don't see any difference in my face...no tightening or lifting or anything. But I remain optimistic...time will tell. Still would not recommend it to anyone or ever have a second treatment. I should have waited until this procedure had been around longer. As time goes by I am seeing more and more negative comments. I did not spend the time I normally do when making a decision that involves this much money.
Well..it has now been over 3 weeks since my Ultherapy. My bruises have faded away but my neck still has lumps and is very sore..jawline is tender to the touch as well. I contacted the provide and she told me to wait a month and then come see her if this has not resolved. I have not seen any improvement from the procedure and now I can honestly say I would not recommend Ultherapy. I have read where some other people had the procedure and the doctor used methods, like cotton. to minimize the side effects that I have experienced. Hoping that at some point I at least get some improvement with the look of my jawline and maybe a lift for my brow but right now I am not very optimistic. Will post again when a month has gone by.

It has now been over 6 weeks since my Ultherapy....

It has now been over 6 weeks since my Ultherapy. Still have some annoying side effects. Half od my scalp is still numb and the area under my chin is still sensitive to touch. I will be contacting the office this week since I am now starting to be concerned. After reading most of these comments, it is obvious that there are some really good practitioners out there that take the time to discuss everything with their patients and also make extra efforts to minimize or eliminate the kind of side effect that I (and others) have experienced. I wish I had gone to one of those...mine was more like, " you're going to be so happy, it might be a little uncomfortable and give me the money". Live and learn. As I mentioned before I should have done a lot more research and paid a lot less money..if I even went ahead with the procedure. So far I see no improvement in any area of my face or neck..Very unhappy .

I may be the only guy in here, but thought I'd share that it wasn't all that painful for me and I didn't take much in the way of meds. In terms of effects, my cheeks lifted noticeably and I look at least five years younger or perhaps even more. I've had several people ask if I've had a facelift about 5 weeks after the procedure, including a cousin who hadn't seen me for a few years. Others said I looked "different". The only downside I noticed was that I have a slightly sagging area to the sides of my chin that I had never noticed before. Its not a big deal except in certain light conditions (shadowing from above and side). I asked the doctor and he says nobody has ever mentioned this before. Desite that, it was worth it for me to drop from a youthful 57 to a youthful 50-52. But I don't know if I'd risk a second treatment -- don't want that chin-sag thing to worsen....

Well I am at the 3 month mark and cannot honestly say that I see any improvement. My neck still has some red marks that I don't think will go away since they have not faded a bit. I will be scheduling a 3 month post procedure visit at the end of the month. They will take pictures and it's possible that the change is so subtle that I have not noticed it ..but if that's the case then this is way too expensive a procedure for that kind of result. Also, no one has come up to me and said "wow you look great, what did you do". The feeling is just coming back in my scalp so hopefully in another month it will be back to normal. I am convinced that my practitioner did not do the procedure properly based on the other feedback on this site. I will be discussing what they can do to improve the appearance of my neck now that it looks worse than it did before the procedure. Maybe I was just unlucky but -as I have said before- I would NEVER recommend Ultherapy to anyone. Money down the drain as far as I'm concerned.
My 3-month mark is Friday and I'm not expecring to see anything - ever. They didn't even mention a follow-up appt even though they took pics. I won't set foot in that place again!

Need to add...

My doctor did make this right for me...although I never got a clear explanation as to why my effects were so severe she did give me a credit and I have worked with her on some other ways to improve my appearance. Renee has been very kind to me and I wanted to make sure that I acknowledged her actions. Having said that...I would still NEVER recommend this procedure to anyone.
I had the procedure done a couple of months ago~~~~~ I had freezing done first, so felt almost nothing, but there is no difference , look exactly the same as before, except broke .
I am wondering, after reading up on "buying" one of these machines to do it myself), if the bad results are on the people who have had botox, fillers, etc. treatments before? From what I read on the machines, the operator should start at 1/3 the max for 4-6 treatments a week and gradually working up to the max, which is still NOT the max the machine is capable of. I am wondering if these professionals have not taken the time needed to do these right. I am getting from the comments here that the treatments are at the max and only one appointment. The machines to buy are in the $600-$700 range, and not anywhere near the price of one treatment. I am still going back and forth on whether to get the machine and do it myself a little at a time, or just to forget it and age gracefully....:)
Does anyone know the name of the machine used to perform Ultherapy?
Renee Arriaga

She was very nice but I was told the procedure would take a couple of hours and it took 3. When I left all the office staff had left and I got no aftercare information or guidance. I was also charged more than the procedure was advertised for on their website. I made the appt by phone and got the pricing from the office but afterwords when I went to find out about some of the side effects I was having I noticed that the price was $500 less than what I paid. I have emailed and called the office with no response.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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