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I am 50 years old. - Tummy Tuck - Houston, TX

My weight was stable and I was happy other than...

My weight was stable and I was happy other than looking pregnant all the time. I had two babies late in life...both nearly 10 pounds. The C-section really did me in. I'm posting an after photo...four and a half weeks after my tummy tuck...side view. I am 50 years old. Okay, adding a new one of me at 8 weeks (front view).

correct photos

Oops, would like to delete the iPad case photo, LOL.

Trying again for the side view at four weeks...

Also a bit of lipo

I should add that my tummy tuck was under ten grand, but I did have a bit of lipo that added the rest of the fee. I only lost about three pounds in surgery. Totally worth it for me.

Almost 10 weeks

Monday will be 10 weeks since my TT procedure.

After a day of no CG

It can get rounder than this...

Three month anniversary

Today is my three month anniversary of my TT. Took two photos right out of the shower, after applying the scar treatment (which has four steps, from my PS). The brand is Skin Medica, pricey stuff, not sure if it really helps, but why not try, I figure.

I'm sorry

Just want to say that I normally visit Real Self by clicking on email links that come to me from other people's profiles, when they post. I rarely look at my own, so now I feel bad that I'm all over RS, but not answering the sweet people who visit my site! I will try to remember to check my own page more often, surprised that comments here do not generate emails to me...now I know! Sorry! :)

For Powelli (Belly button photos)

A few close ups. You can see the top wants to go inside-out. The whole thing goes flat in about an hour if I leave it unpacked.

Flat belly button

Here are pix taken after several hours with no packing. I had to get in the light just now, I know these are odd but it's flat & I wanted to show it. I'm about 15 weeks post op.

The other photo

Not sure why they did not both load. This really slows how flat it is:
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. P is the greatest!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Having body lift with DrP soon! Would you use him again?
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Yes! He is great!!!
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How is your bb doing? I have the same bb!
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It still looks pretty much the same. I don't totally love it, but I sure do like my tummy, overall. So glad I did the TT!
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You look great!
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Wow, your results are great!
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I hope my scar is as low as yours, how's everything going so far? How's the bb?
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BB is less flat, but not as natural looking as I wish it was. This Friday will be four months since my TT. Feeling great! Down 18 pounds since my surgery (which accounted for three of those pounds). Thanks for asking. Good luck to you!!
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I think that ur bb will look better with time. I am looking forward to losing some weight after TT, it seems to be a very common thing to happen. Then as soon as I can do weights, I wanna start building some serious muscle :)
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looking great
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Thanks! So are you!
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Your bb will get better looking every day!
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Thanks, I think you are right.
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Looks perfect to me!!!
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Thanks! I do like it after I've just taken out the packing. Hopefully it will eventually stay like that.
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Your hubby must be ecstatic my fellow texan!  You look so fabulous!  Really!
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Thanks so much!
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You look amazing! I stopped using the Skin Medica because my ps stopped recommending it. He sees better result with the Biocorneum and he has me on the Biocorneum now ...GET IT! Wow even more pricey but I'm seeing insane results. I'm also 3 months going on 4. It's great to see someone at the same stage however I'm more swollen than you but now it seems to be right in that little pouch area and the side go in which they didn't before. You look amazing I do NOT believe your age impressive I'm around the same I'm 47. :)
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Well, you look FANTASTIC! I was on your page earlier and asked why you stopped using SkinMedica. I need to get your stuff, but since my guy sells SkinMedica, I'm not sure how to get it?
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Those belly button pix look icky, sorry. The skin around it is irritated from the constant irritation from steri strips and bandaids. I bought a huge box of industrial hard foam earplugs that are the type the PS gave me to pack with. I didn't want to re-use those forever. I tried the marble idea, but it didn't seem to work as well.
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What is that for? My ps said his belly buttons don't close but that month 3,4 & 5 it will look absolutely awful but not to worry. I've also notice with the swelling it looks smaller but he said it won't be small and no need to put anything in there.
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Your bb looks wonderful. Mine goes flat quickly and the PS said to keep packing it or it could stay flat? Not sure...but I wish mine looked like yours. Mine had no stitches that I could see (or have removed, but maybe there were dissolvable ones internally?)...never had any black look or scabbing.
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It's ok cause is hard to reply to all and your too.
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Looking good girl
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Thanks, Tessa!
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