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I am a mother of 5 ....13,11,9,8,2 . I have been...

I am a mother of 5 ....13,11,9,8,2 . I have been wanting a TT since I had my last baby! I was a teen mom so I never got to enjoy my body it's been destroyed since then lol So any one who would want one must understand how I feel about it. So I will be getting a full TT with Lipo to the back, flanks, and abdomen. With exparel...has anyone had that?? I'm soo ready please share all and any info :) only about 7 weeks more of waiting
I have a friend who had breast augmentation and the PS we went through used Exparel. She said it helped a lot. She didn't have to take as much Vicodin then.
Thanks for the link Claudia. I've got to see if my dr uses it.
Here is the link for that numbing medicine http://www.exparel.com/index.shtml

10 days til the BIG day!!!

Ok so only 10 days and finally getting this after soo many years of wanting my post baby body back!!! I can't wait I'm so excited....please tell me all the dont dos.

Finally today was my BIG day!!!

So I went in at 8 this morning surgery started at 9 & was home by 1. I'm not feeling much pain (thanks to Exparel) just dosing off and on . Can't wait to see final result!!
awesome! cant wait to see pics!
Anna_17 I know and as of now zero pain I will see my new tummy tomorrow & will post a few pics ;-)

2 weeks post op

I'm loving my results so far and still swollen still a little bruised too . Over all this wasn't as bad as I thought never really felt too much pain :) love my Ps!!

3 and a half week post op

Still swollen especially under belly button but here's an update pic.
I would like to see new pics! I'm really interested in doing the same surgery
Thank you so much!!! Yay !!!

7 week post op

Doing very well still a lil swollen but very happy
He did a great job on you! One very few surgeons that I've seen comparable to the work they are doing in the Dominican Republic.
Your belly looks incredible....you look like a completely different person!
‚̧Thank u
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I found him online and made a consultation ( along with others) I loved his staff and the was he sound so sure of his work !

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