I have a bbl review but since I changed my...

I have a bbl review but since I changed my procedure to TT I thought I'd start one here. I initially wanted a bbl then a TT but due to financial and down time consideration I decided on just a TT. I am happily married, mid 30s mom of 6 (2step). I have been bigger all my life and in fall 2012 I decided I was done. At 222 lbs and 5 ft tall I began to work out and eat less, not really better just less, and in 10 mo I was down 65 lbs!! Then STUCK at 159 ish since. I never wanted to be thin. I think thick is sexy but I do have a large overhanging apron that I can't get over. Hence the TT.
Through the bbl reviews I have "met" some amazing women and I hope to do the same here
You will be much happier losing the apron then gaining the butt. I read your other review. I would continue to exercise and get those squats back in. It will help in recovery and u lose your butt sitting so long. Trust me! Lol. Best of luck!
Thank you, I think so too. I mean I can always work on the butt muscles but there is no tightening stomach flab. :(

Medicine ????

I just read that you should stop any medication prior to surgery. So I was wondering if any of you are on synthroid for thyroid problems? I also take flings tone vitamins with iron since my iron runs low. Wondering if any of these would be an issue

Motivation wall..

Ok I'm moving some post over. I initially had a bbl review and since I've switched over to a TT I wanted a TT review. I'm feeling more positive about things and am very excited for my surgery. :) Anyway here is my motivation wall.

A message from the Doc

Wilberto Cortes, MD February 13, 2014
Dear patients: I want to thank you for being part of my practice. First of all, I want to apologize for any inconvenience you might have had, if at any given time, you have not been able to communicate by phone with my office. Our practice has undergone an unprecedented growth. For this reason, we have implemented a new text system where you can communicate during business hours to one of our live operators. The number to text any concern or question is 936-760-2696. I hope to serve you in the nearby future to satisfy your desired cosmetic needs. These include the hourglass tummy tuck, the wonder breast lift, the wonder breast reduction, and buttock augmentation with high volume fat transfer, among other techniques that I have invented. Thank you for being part of my practice and God bless you all. Truly yours, Wilberto Cort├ęs Plastic Surgeon

Be patient, they are working on it

Ok Dr Cortes practice went from small and quaint to big and booming! He is THE BEST and people are taking notice in droves! He is experiencing some growing pains but he is getting there. I myself got caught up in the frustration and impatientness. But I know I did my research and I know why I picked him. His work speaks for itself. He is understanding, realistic and I trust him with my life in his hands! If you haven't checked him out yet, you need to.

Wow that was quick!!

Ok I live about 2.5 hours from the hosp in Houston so I texted Dr Cortes office to ask how long post op I need to stay in town. (Reading here I've found anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks) so I just wanted to be sure! And before my phone hit the bed Ms Lucy was calling me back. She said that since I'm so close I can leave after a day!! I'd have to stop every hour to walk but still I can go home!! I'd just have to go back 5-7 days post op to have drains removed. And since my mom (RN) and aunt (home health care aide) are the two who are staying with me post op I feel ok with coming home. I talked it over with my aunt, who is the one who will be with me the whole time, and we are going to make the final decision on how long to stay one we are there and base it on how I'm feeling.
Anyway THANK YOU Ms Lucy for such a quick reply!

Dem hips!

Just a few shapes I admire...
Hey there. No new pics on me :( I need to post some. Right after surgery, I wanted to come back to San Antonio so we drove back home and I didn't want to stay in a hotel so we drove back which was good because I still had the pain meds from the IV in me.
So you went home after being released from the hosp?
Yayyy!!! Will be following you and can't wait for you to join us on the flat side!! Go team Cortes


Ok last night NO SLEEP I dreamt about surgery all night!! Freaking out about last minute arrangements supplies etc. craziness! So ready to be on the flat side and have this insanity past me.
Love your wish pics
Ikr. I'm realistic I know I won't look like that but it's an idea of what I want
Good luck!

Getting excited!

Only 40 days til go time. Finances are just about together. (I'm putting up funds to cover any and all expenses for 3 weeks post op)
Feeling secure with Dr Cortes, I'm watching MzPhatBootys transformation closely, even got the chance to talk to her the other day. Such a a sweetheart.
I'm still maintaining weight at 158 but haven't been pushing nearly as hard as I have in the past. I'm not worried though, I've never wanted to be small. I've always thought "thick" was sexy. At 5 ft-ish and 158 lbs I'm ok with the way I look. Not happy with the skin apron or the stubborn fat around the bra area but I know Cortes is fixing to take care of that.
I don't know about y'all but I'm constantly pulling and tugging on everything trying to imagine how I will look after. I think I will probably return to Dr Cortes later and get a BBL but for now this stomach was my main concern. After losing so much weight I wanna look like they thick n sexy chicka I see myself as :)


Ok so here are some before shots. It just occurred to me I spend a lot of my day "slightly holding it in ". Anyway this should give you a good idea of before as you can see I think I have a pretty cute waste just have to get the stomach out-of-the-way and most probably work on the butt later. Also as you can see due to giving birth umpteen times my mons? (We call it kat) is fat and has way stretch out stretch marks. But I believe a lot of ladies here have mentioned that gets pulled up with the TT. So anyway here's the befores...

Almost forgot to tell you....

Just made FIVE weeks smoke free :) I am going to be honest it has sucked but I know it's for a reason and even one could affect my healing so every time I think about it I remember why. So GO ME!!
BTW, Congrats on kicking the nicotine!
Guess I should have revisited your page before addressing your inbox. First, of all girlllllll you got a cinched waistline already! You are going to have one of those Dominican Republic sick, snatched, waistlines mamacita! Your body type is similar to one of Katherine Feliz Camillio's patients, Akane919,PLEASE check her out. (She has 2 blogs, so look at both.) Her stomach was very similar if not identicle. Don't let results of others, nor the negative rhetoric shake you. You have done wonderful job with your weight loss!!! So Proud of you Hun! Xoxoxo. You are going to be a dime piece in the end. I'm certain judging by your skin tone, and the way your tummy tissue is in your upper abs, that you will have a VERY FAVORABLE outcome. Keeping you in my prayers.
I agree we do have same body type I am 5'7" and my apron just gives my back lots of pain good luck will be following you!!!


The refund policy for surgery depends on the surgeons practice. In my practice, we refund everything except a $500.00 deposit to save the day for surgery. Remember, if you cancel within 24hrs the surgeon will be losing a potential day that he can use for another patient.

Web reference:

Wilberto Cortes, MD

Wilberto Cortes, MD

Houston Plastic Surgeon

5.0 out of 5 stars 236 reviews

However I was informed that if I cancel, 30% will be "non-refundable". That's $2100.00 HUGE difference

Are you thinking about Canceling your surgery?

starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth

*Just like to preempt this by saying while signing intake papers at Dr Cortes office, I noticed one of the papers mentioned a 30% fee, so I questioned it before signing and was told that ONLY the $500 deposit was non refundable.

ok so as some of you know, I originally scheduled a BBL for sept 20 2013 in late summer of 2013 at which time I paid my 500 NON refundable dep. Quite some time before my actual surgery date I changed my surgery to a TT for april 22 2014 but was told I had to pay that 30% of the surgery which comes to $2100. As yall know I have been preparing and very much looking forward to my surgery. I had lined up all travel plans for it, my family had already requested off to help with my children and my after care had already been arranged. Well on this past Friday I was served court papers stating I had to be in court on April 21st and that I would need council. I tried my best on yesterday (Monday) to get this date rescheduled with the court and was unable so yesterday afternoon I emailed Dr Cortes office to let them know I need to reschedule. This morning I got a call from Ms Lucy stating that since this was my 3rd time to reschedule that I needed to pay Dr fees in full?!?!? Ok but its NOT my 3rd time rescheduling. So she explained that anytime they enter your name on the schedule (including the FIRST time, its considered a reschedule). OK?!?! SO I figured rather then "re-schedule" I will cancel and call in when I am SURE I can make it. But WAIT. UNLIKE what Dr Cortes said that the $500 NON refundable deposit is the only thing they hold, Ms Lucy says office policy is the the 30% is NON REFUNDABLE!!!
I offered to fax over the court papers since these are extenuating circumstances but she didn't need them.
I have spoken out for Dr Cortes and his office, knowing he was in a transitional phase but this is just plain messed up.
So if I Cancel I lose $2100 even though Dr Cortes said only $500 was non refundable. And since what I had saved to pay the remainder for the surgery is now paying a lawyer. I would need a few months to get that back saved but according to the office I only get 30 days to pay. Wow just wow.
Sorry, but wow! I am not surprised!! Oh and BTW I think DLady28 is someone from their office. I noticed on their profile since i was "complaining" i am the only person they have commented on! And i aded to see pics and you have asked also and nothing as of yet! I remember the doctor comenting on my page saying you were correct about everything and then this strange profile comes out with no info or pics. Just something else to think about. Again i am sorry they are not making an exception for you because of court that is really sad!
*asked (not aded)
Sounds to me as if somebody is getting money hungry. If it states on paper that you don't get the $500 back, that's understandable, but to say he keeps the $2,100 is awful. Not even the my bbl surgeon does that and mind you, he's booked all the way til the end of January of 2015. You can't make it or need to cancel, you lose your $500 deposit and that's it and if you put more down, they refund that back to you. Like I have been stating in my blog, how i feel about Cortes and a lot of other women feel the same way too. I'm so sorry that him and his staff aren't understanding, that's BS!!!! Horrible... simply Horrible the way he's becoming. I hope Karma hits him hard.

I really do want Dr Cortes but

As I said below I really do want Dr Cortes to do my surgery because I want the curves that he provides but this is just bad customer service
Hi Wannab2cute. Have you seen some of the work he has done on this site?? i know you really want to get this done but it doesn't seem like he is the best at all. I would research more and take your time. You want it done right. I am sure like he is making you feel like he is the best and showing you pictures of some of his successful work but honestly, every time i see a botched job i think "it must be Cortez" and 9 times out of 10 i am right. My husband and both cant believe he is still in business. be careful.

Janiris to the rescue.

Ok so I just recd a call from Mrs Janiris who corrected the information I was given. Basically you have to pay the 30% to reschedule (which I had already paid). Ms Janiris was very sympathetic to my situation and explained that everyone handles a different department. and finance is NOT Lucys dept.
I completely understand that Dr Cortes office is going through and insaine boom right now and Im very glad that Mrs Janiris contacted me to clear things up but I really hope he gets his office situation handled soon. Its seems to be becoming his downfall. Customer service is such a vital part of any business and "customers" can be lost at any level of the process. I think it gets forgotten that this very much is a two way street. Dr Cortes has his time, staff, supplies and money wrapped into each surgery but we also are investing our time, money, hopes and trust into him.
Thanks again to Ms Janiris, for clearing things up
Glad to know there was a misunderstanding
Me too, glad she was able to ease your worries. Please base your decision and your gut on how you feel about Dr Cortes talk with him and let him know how you felt when that happened. He is pretty good on saying something, I needed a form filled out and I told him at my doc appt that I still didn't receive it and he walked out and said oh you will have it before you leave and I got it. Now all this was before I had surgery so that can clear up anyone thinking oh he did that because I am one of they happy one. Yes I'm happy with results and I don't work for him. Good luck on your case.
Hi this is D Lady 28..I'm not an office personnel of Dr Cortes. I'm a patient. .A very satisfied patient. I created a profile like 3 times & it just keeps erasing! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. .but I want everyone to see my before & after pics. .I will try again once more. .or maybe send pics to your private message. We will see. I really do hate that some of the patients are talking so negative about Dr. Cortes. Guys. ..from experience He IS AWESOME! Why do you think his business is booming? Bc of all those dissatisfied customers that are giving him bad reviews? Of course not! In another instance no one will eat or recommend a horrible restaurant..& their business is booming..right? Soooo I stand on my statement. ..He KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING! Trust the process. Of course there are negative people that complain no matter what. As a health care professional myself. There Are Some Patients That you can not please no matter what you do. Others have legitimate concerns. But all the immature bashing of a surgeon that is rated one of the top 50 surgeons in Houston 2013...which is a reward given to those of excellent skills...is ridiculous. Once I'm able to post pics..they will speak for themselves. .let me try again shortly.

Dr Cortes skills not in question

FOR MEEEEE Dr Cortes skills are not in question. I know that lately there have been a few ladies that have not been happy with their results on their bodies and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And let's be honest we all have different ideas of beauty. I chose Dr. Cortes because I think his work is the best. Even after everything I've read and seen I still think Dr. Cortes is the best. My issue has been with miscommunication with office staff or delay in responses.
Good communication is the key. I'm glad to hear that Mrs. Janaris was able to get the issue resolved. Dr. Cortes has stated on several occassions that Rejuvenusaesthetics, is growing at an unprecedented rate! I agree it is going to be vital that he increases his staff strength to handle the massive amount of prospective patients that are wanting his services. I like the analogy that you gave. A restaurant can have the most excellent cusine that a city has to offer. Yet, if the "front of the house staff" isn't highly knowlegable, professional, etc. then the chefs excellent culinary skills are going to be meaningless, because patrons will go elsewhere based on the treatment/service they received by the "front of the house" staff. At least 2-3 more patient coordinators, and nurses would be great for a practice of this magnitude. Quite a bit for one person to handle. I know a lot of good things are coming down the pipeline in the immediate future. Feedback is always a plus, since he is always looking for ways to improve the business.
Thank youuuu! It is the BEST! As I mentioned I'm a health care professional. ..so I'm looking for the best. .& I got him!
It doesn't matter to me if I look suspicious. .to whoever.I submitted a profile today..Suspicious about what? Look I'm not trying to get all caught up in this crazy conversation. I hope my profile submission finally went through through successfully. My motive to create a profile is to give some of these ladies some ease about surgery & the results. I've experienced what many of you have gone through or about to embark on. I read comments on many of the patients. ..changing their minds about the surgery. What ever. ..to each it's own. Like I previously said I'm happy with my results. .my husband can't keep his eyes nor his hands off me, my confidence is through the roof. .I am different now .I feel great..Thank you Dr. Cortes for changing my life! And that's for real! So if l look suspicious. .oh well. .it's all good. .any other negative comments I may not respond. .but still it's all good I'm truly not trying to get suckered into any negative conversations.


A very special shot out to this lady she is an amazing woman inside and out. I thank you so much for your encouraging words today and open ears and heart and compassion to take and everything I was putting out. Really enjoyed the much-needed very long talk.
Mzphatbooty is definitely a great person to talk to and a great follow with positive and negative in a inspiring way...she is also hella funny!! Lol oh I pm you back but my phone died so I hope you received it!!

And exhale...

Ok so step one has gone in our direction in court proceedings. (Personal matter NOT affiliated with the Dr) just wanted to keep y'all up to date. This all has been such a overwhelming roller coaster ride. Please continue to pray for me. We are standing in faith waiting for our miracle. Thank all of you ladies for your support.
What are some of your wight loss tricks??? I'm in serious need of losing 20 more pounds :( FAST!!
I count calories. STRICTLY! It took over a year but so worth it
I Love Your Wall.....Congrats on your weight loss :) Dr. Cortes is also amazing.....You are going to look great!

Still here...

Things have been crazy but pls know Im still here lurking. Thanks for all the support ladies. We have a pre-trial date coming I'll update soon :)

theres just no way..

I keep putting it off and hoping and praying I will come up with the money in time and there's just no way. Every penny I had saved plus another payment every week is going to my lawyer.
So I was wondering what are my options?
Ive heard of people "buying" earlier dates, I also know that Dr Cortes himself posted that ONLY 500 would not be refunded but I was told that someone else had a hard time of getting what she had paid in refunded also... so what do I do......?
I WANT this surgery and I DESERVE this surgery but without a doubt in my mind my kids come first and until this is all settled I just cant afford it.
Move the date till next year income tax time..
it has to be done with in one year of your consult.... per Lucy??

Cortes Text line..

Has this Text line worked for anyone? I seem to be unable to get an answer on there
I have used the text line and it in my opinion is not as effective as me just calling and voicing my concern.
yea ive messaged twice and still no reply. trying to send an email now
I haven't used it lately but I texted them when I was worried about my belly button and they said email a pic and I did but didn't get a response so I called and told them I need to be seen because I am not getting a response and I am worried and you all are not responding to my text or emails in a timely manner.

ok has ANYONE been able to contact dr cortes office?

since 6-11 I have sent 3 text and 3 emails and received 0 replies
:( sorry to hear that!

$2100 in and I cant get a reply.

This isn't right and now I get an inbox saying that you don't get your refund? Non refundable MEANS that you don't get it back. The ONLY thing I was told I wouldn't get back is the NON REFUNDABLE $500.
Sorry to hear that!!
That's horrible, I am so sorry. Have you called?
The only number I have is apparently a direct line to Lucy, Janaris told me to talk to her that's why have been trying to email and text

Finally I get a call!!

I love Dr Cortes but he simply does not have enough staff.
Hey lady, How are you? Long time no here. How are things going? Trust me EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Consider yourself blessed that it didn't work out!
Inboxing you
Hope it all works out!!!

back at it....

Hello there Dr Cortes office. Maybe I can get a reply Here!?!? I sent your office a certified letter that delivery was attempted on 8/21. Your office refused to sign for it. I emailed your office on 8/22 and again on 8/25. I called your office on the morning of 8/26 and verified that I did in fact have the correct mailing address. I also private messaged Ms. Janaris through this site and sent a text message through the text line listed on your website. At this time I prefer you reply through email, text or letterhead.
Sorry about what he has put u thru. You deserve your money back. Why are they playing such childish games?!
DAMN..... I HAVE NO WORDS!!!! WAIT... I DO, ONE WORD, THIEF! Why is he so unprofessional?
This is such a shame!!!! Sorry you are dealing with this and he hasn't even done a procedure. SMH

you're kidding me right

So apparently Lucy called to check on me with-in an hour of me posting. Randomly. (insert sarcastic smirk here) She claims they haven't received my emails or text and that they only work out of the Houston office two days a week on Tues and Thurs and that I should have sent my letter to the Conroe office. However my letter was refused on a Thurs so that blows that out the water. Next she tells me that my emails must have gone to "Peia?" and that I should not have used the info@reju.... because that is only used to send out marketing info. OK well all I did was REPLY to a previous message sent to me personally from Janaris so BaM! Next excuse please. She doesn't know why she hasn't received the text, they "should" have come directly to her. Then she tells me that I will need to speak to Janaris about the refund policy but she is not in the office yet. I am aware of the policy. Please see above entry titled "As posted on "Ansewers" by Dr Cortes" I did not request the $500 non refundable portion of my payments back.
I had one consult in which I paid the deposit. My date was canceled WAY in advance. You have not done ANY services for me. Refund my money.
No what she needs to do is file a claim against him in her local small claims court since the amount she is contesting is less than $5k. Matter of fact go to www.judgejudy.com or www.thepeoplescourt.com. While you are at it post a copy on your blog of the response he gave in the Q & A firm here on Realself regarding his refund policy.
Holy crap do that. I would love to see this all blown out on tv. He deserves it.
I believe he would settle before the actual court date. When you add up the associated costs for him to travel to her respective state, the fact the he will be losing a full days salary (at least 2-3 surgeries),etc. Financially speaking, it would be feasible to refund her money!

Please know I will not just go away

ok so here is the break down of my attempts to get in touch with Dr Cortes office to get my refund: (keep in mind I initially didn't want to call because I wanted proof of anything that was said)
*8/19 sent a certified letter (letter rejected on 8/21)
*emailed 8/22 8/25 8/27
*text 8/26 8/27
*contacted Janaris via RS 8/26
*faxed 8/26 (attempted to fax again today 8/28 and include previous confirmation sheet but got "no answer")
* spoke with office/ phone 8/26 8/27 (on 8/27 was told Janaris was there earlier but isn't now??)
What the hell is wrong with this moron? Why isn't he giving you your money back???? I don't get it.
That's bullshit!! They should give u your $$$$ back and that's it. Why they going about it in circles for?
I did call the office today. Apparently Janaris was only there in the morning yesterday and apparently today's she's not there in the mornings so I'm still waiting

let me first say...

... that I would love nothing more than to come on here and post that Dr Cortes did the Legally, morally, professionally RIGHT thing to do and refunded my money. It is my understanding that their new policy says No refunds. Good for them for updating. However I didn't sign that policy.
And if/WHEN I do receive my refund I will let each of you ladies know he did the right thing, and I will gladly be deleting my blog and moving on with life. Until he does do the RIGHT thing I will post each and every detail of my ordeal in a very open, clear, and honest manner, because that's what this is all about right.... Our experience.
Hot Damn... Are you serious? Geeeez, here we go again with the unprofessional side of him. He pocketed your $ & went on his happy way. Wow.. what a thief!!!

The saga continues...

This is by far the worst experience I have had with anyone in the medical field EVER. I tried my very best to hold off on saying anything negative about Dr Cortes. I understand that in a profession such as this, word of mouth can make or break a business. As you can read in my previous post and comments to others pages I was a big supporter of Dr Cortes. I am by no means intentionally trying to cause any problems for Dr Cortes business. I am only stating MY experience and advising everyone to do their own research. It is my belief that I am owed a refund (minus my NON refundable deposit) and this blog is a completely factual account of my journey. When I first went to his office he was only handing a limited amount of patients and as a result, doing a great job as you can see I raved about him before. Due to the fact he WAS doing such a great job his business doubled maybe even tripled. And (IMO) his work reflects it! Through my research I have found, Less one on one with patients. Lack of attention to detail. Excessive sub par work, and even in some cases failing to do portions of the surgery agreed upon before hand. I have been told on several occasions by his staff that others in his staff are misinformed or even wrong regarding policy that they give to patients. I'm sorry but that is no excuse. Your employees represent you! I have now been given two different stories of when their office is even open. OK?? If you cant even tell me what day you get in your car and drive to work then there is NO WAY I feel confident to keep track of such and invasive procedure. I mean this is our LIVES!!! I have a rare blood condition. I discussed this with Dr Cortes during the consult. IF something was to "go wrong" there is a VERY LIMITED blood source that I can use as a transfusion. Im sorry but if you don't know what day you work when you have a "set" schedule I do not trust you to get such a complex problem solved. I have a family that needs me and cant risk losing me due to someone's lack of attention to detail.

I have been in contact with Janiris and am trying to handle this issue in a civil manner. I have not however been given any real answers to my questions other than straight up avoidance?!? I am, though, keeping track of every email, text, letter and phone call. It is really unfortunate that it has come to this.
Ladies please continue to pray that Dr Cortes does what he SHOULD.

Stay tuned :(
Good luck getting your money, to me it wasn't worth Fighting for it. I hope they so the right thing. But I hardly doubt it. I'll pray for them!
Newrrwife did they keep your money too?? They are going above and beyond unprofessional! I can't beleive the medical board is even letting him do business!!!
Yes they did!!! They are really all about the money. And brake their own contracts!

one after another

profiles are being deleted one after another that state a negative opinion of Dr Cortes. SMH I thought that was the whole point of this site.... to share our own experiences
You're still at the point where you can bring in lawyers at least to expose the theft going on here. You have overwhelming proof of misinformation, bad customer service, LIES, change of policy that you weren't a part of, and many more things. You're lucky you didn't get the procedure. You should throw in pain and suffering just for the simple fact that they're making you take time out of YOUR life to fix this when they are doing nothing. They're keeping your money without services rendered meaning they've stolen from you. I'd advise you talk to a lawyer and let them handle it from there. No more worrying on your part.
I recd an email stating my update was against policy...
Ummm can you please explain those last pics!?

Hello to Dr Cortes office...

If its not too much trouble could you possibly answer an email.... Shame on you and your office. This is not how you conduct a business.
Funny thing is ladies I can email and call and text and get no answer but as soon as I post here I miraculously get a call or email....

really? so now just no answer?

I will not waiver. This site is to tell our story and this is my infuriating experience with Dr Cortes office. I was advised by Realself staff that I cannot post my emails or phone calls. So this is an outline of my experience. Please know that I have saved ALL emails text and letters. I also advised Ms Janaris each time that we spoke that our phone call was being recorded.

I contacted Dr Cortes office via certified mail. Delivery was attempted on 8/21 but rejected.

Emailed his office 8/22 requesting refund

Resent email 8/25

I attempted to contact Mrs Janaris via realself on 8/26 and also sent a text on 8/26.

I did receive a call from Lucy on 8/26 and was told that she was unaware of any attempts to contact the office. So I faxed the letter that had been denied through certified mail.

On 8/27 2:13pm I called I called for Janaris and was told she was there that morning but had left for the day.
also emailed on this day

On 8/28 10:30am I called and was told Janaris was not there and I needed to call in the afternoon
At 2:55 pm I called and was told that Janaris would not be there at all today.

On 8/29 at 9:42am I called and was told that Janaris was again not in the office
Same day 11:13 am I finally get Janaris on the phone only to be told that she never got the messages, text fax, letters or anything and that she had been on vacation for a week and it was her first day back. (Keep in mind I was told 2 days ago that she was in the office) She said she would forward me the paperwork I signed and that they don't refund. I pointed out to her that Dr Cortes himself stated that the only portion non refundable was $500. To which she accused me of "altering" the post made on Realself. I received the email with the forms I signed and I emailed her back with my reason for canceling and pointed out that their policy that I signed doesn't state "No refunds" and I included the Statement from Dr Cortes about only $500 being non refundable. She replied by stating I need a medical reason to cancel. I told her that My MEDICAL reason is that I do not believe Dr Cortes recent sub par work is my best health to go forward with surgery. To which she replied I need a Drs note...... Ok again the policy states NOTHING about a Drs note.

I again contacted the office on 9/3 stating that their policy did not state I needed a Drs note to cancel. No reply

Resent email 9/5 No reply

Resent email 9/11 No reply

Resent email 9/12 No reply

Resent email 9/16 STILL no reply

To me this is such a simple issue. Keep my NON refundable deposit. RETURN my payment for services that were not rendered. WHY oh WHY is your office making this so difficult?
They are assholes and greedy for money, this is why they will not send you your money. He is not acting very professional.
they wont even answer me AT ALL..... if you still consider me your patient... since you have my money shouldn't you be answering my calls?!?!?

full of crap

wow there seems to be all these new great reviews for Dr Cortes but only one post and no pics. they don't answer to post and there story seems to RAVE on the Dr with no personal content.... seems a lil off to me. Ive been on this site for while now. Most of ladies have very details story of events. Several before, during and after shots along with wish pics. Ive now run across 4 BRAND NEW "people" with one paragraph reviews and no pics.. this is really getting ridiculous
Lol, yup. Because there reviews are fraud. His staff has enough time on there hands to create new blogs hoping to shut down all the negative reviews! Umm get a real job lol
I agree with you. I noticed all these great reviews about Dr. Cortes all the sudden. Doesn't look like real reviews to me.
I contacted Realself staff and they told me that wasnt allowed. It may not be allowed but you cannot convience me these ppl get a profile on day, post all these great things specifically whats being compained about, no pics no background story then they vanish. Please be 4 real.

how do you find out who a Drs attorney is?

anyone know?
I didn't sign anything and they kept my 500 deposit even though I cancelled months in advance due to many reasons some of which were all the negative reviews I was seeing about patients getting burned and unhappy with results. They also told me that they record phone conversations and I would lose if I disputed the charge. Cortes is getting a very bad reputation due to unhappy results and situations like this. I hope they change their approach to reflect more care towards patient satisfaction. If he did not provide a service to you then they do not have the right to keep your money.
you won't be able to find out if a Doctor has for an attorney . if you are personally looking for an attorney to sue this doctor just call around to see if they will take the case. but if you run into an attorney office tells you they are unable to take the case and you ask why and they tell you its a conflict in interest, then that's the Doctors attorney.
I have no clue hun. I wish I knew.

Dr Cortes office...

Please have your legal council contact me.... You have my money and now are refusing to communicate with me in any manor.
If you have my money and TO YOU I am still considered a patient then WHY OH WHY do you refuse to speak to your patients?!?
honey Im not fighting for the 500 deposit. I understand that it was non refundable. I am requesting my money paid above the 500 for a surgery that never took place.

anyone live in Houston?

Looking for someone who lives in Houston. Looks like I will be filing a case in small claims court.
Please inbox me.

I hope and pray that you ladies do your research. This man is lower than low. Greedy and heartless.

ladies SPEAK OUT

Do not just review here on Realself... Not everyone knows about this site. I urge you (no matter what your review) SPEAK OUT.
I was scared of the backlash from Dr Cortes office so for awhile I didn't post the full details here but how are others supposed to make informed decisions if we don't let them know. Post your FULL and TRUE reviews here and on other review sites so these people know what they are really getting into.
No Dr Cortes has an attorney and you can get the information. Since Dr Cortes office refused a certified letter of notice there has to be SOMEONE to serve on his behalf
Ppl in General can refuse a certified letter regardless if they have an attorney or not. You can always ask straight forward to his office who his attorney is but they don't have to give this information out willingly. Longer they dodge you the longer they stay out of court. I'm betting that you won't know his attorney until you have him served with court papers then you will find out. Try this attorney he does civil cases 713-652-9000 or email info.rustyhardin.com give him all ur information an see what he says. Bet is he will say u have a case and in all cars of ppl being sued they sue for attorneys feed,court fees, and pain and suffering/ mental anguish. Or u can always do a Pro Se case, I've done a fee of those in my day as long as u have all ur documentation etc ull do fine. I hope the best for you with your case. No one should be able to get away with what his practice is doing and trying to get away with it. Once u serve him with court papers he will most likely jump on the ball to give ur money back to keep his name out of court.
Sorry for grammar my phone try's to correct everything . ** case** not cars and **few** not fee

yet another day

surprise surprise surprise yet another day where Janaris is "not in the office yet". I've been calling since 8:30 am and keep getting told she should be there with-in an hour. Here it is 1:00 pm and you guessed it... she's "still not in"
Shady shady shady!!! Really sorry about all this
I know that. I read your review. Good luck. You need to make it clear that you have cancelled surgery and are no longer their patient.

These people

I just spent 29 mins in hold waiting for Janaris only to be hung up on. I called right back waited another 15 to be transfered to voicemail.
That is outrageous. They are doing so much wrong by their patients and it is all coming to light from these reviews. I'm so glad I cancelled. They have a rule that you cannot cancel surgery with the receptionist, they say you have to cancel with the "manager". You should call the office and make it very clear that you are requesting to cancel your surgery and that the manager needs to get in contact with you immediately. Then send them an email stating how many attempts you have made to cancel your surgery and put it in writing what you have been through and that you are officially cancelling your surgery. As long as they consider you a patient and there is no record of cancellation you cannot win the dispute on your bank charge. Make things clear and put everything in writing. Contact a lawyer asap or take them to court. I wonder if you can make a police report? They should not being doing this to people. They will lose patients this way, very silly.

Really hung up on me

So after being transferred to voicemail I tried to call right back they picked up the phone and hung it right back up I tried to call back again and they transferred me from one extension to the next. Current patients please wake up as far as he's concerned I'm still his patient right? You still have my money right? You still tell me you're keeping my money so I can reschedule right? Yet you won't answer the phone.

Dr. Cortes office hear me loud and clear I will not shut up you have done the wrong thing you have not completed services for me you owe me my money I will scream it from the mountaintop and post on every single person's blog and every single review I can find. I will scream to everyone who will listen how you have done me wrong. You don't treat people this way. I work hard for my money and you have not completed any services. You do not prosper by being greedy and deceitful
from your reviews my two friends and I have decided not to use Dr. Cortes. His office staff is apparently unethical and just flat out not good people. He is not the only plastic surgeon so my friends and I will definitely look elsewhere. I know its frustrating. Hopefully, they will honor what you signed, but you may have to file a small claim. Good Luck.
Its just so sad. That this time a year ago he was considered THE BEST. Now he isn't even ATTEMPTING to salvage his reputation.
What they do seems to be criminal to me and they also will not respond to me at all despite the infection they gave me and after care I paid for! Crooks!

Dr Cortes HIMSELF ...

So I messaged Dr Cortes personally!!! Still NOTHING... Pathetic!
I'm glad I didn't decide to consult with Dr.Cortes because the first time I called the lady act like she didn't want to answer my questions , she told me to come in for a consult and I told her first I want to see if your who I want to consult with by answering my questions and the 2nd time the lady was rude and rushing me off the phone......if it was my business they wouldn't be working for me cause me to lose out on money and my reputation.
Good thing he didn't do your surgery! That would have been a nightmare.. I hope you get every penny back in small claims court. That's just awful :(
I know you can't get your deposit back but they NEED to give you the rest back. You should contact lawyers on thus subject. Girls profiles are being permanently blocked be cause they're speaking up on the truth and they say this site isn't for that, but we ARE SHARING OUR TRUTHS AND EXPERIENCES to save other girls from getting burnt or from having to live with burns the rest of your life. Consider yourself lucky at least that you saved your body from permanent damage. Good luck on getting your money back, cause it seems GREED is a principle to be followed with this doctor and staff.

Dr cortez cell

As I mentioned above I have messages Dr cortes on his personal cell 4 times now still no answer this guy is scum! DO YOU RESEARCH!!
So sorry you are going through troubles. Take a look at my profile. I'm not so happy either. Any updates?
I can total understand FRUSTRATIONS on here about a PS that didn't do what you opt for or just Fail to do.. but don't lash or beat up the person that was done right .. That's something like being a HATER ijs! I will never disrespect anyone on here because I'm a woman before anything ..I wish all you the best at your goals. Good day! Now Carry on!!
Sorry but it is not hating. His office has had fake profiles in the past that either do not post pictures or only post pics that were taken in his office just so they can praise him. So please understand why anyone would question your profile. I am sure we all think that if someone is so proud of his work they would flaunt it. So happy for you that you got what you paid for! Not everyone was that lucky to not have their money go to waste.


Dr Cortes disgust me. So you BLOCK my number? Your whole argument is that you keep my money and give me the option to reschedule. Yet you Blocked my number. You are lower than low.
Do bad and it comes back to you....
OMG! I'm so scare now after all these negative reviews on him! My surgery is next month and I'm afraid that he will not give me what I want! I was told to gain weight but i can't get the weight on and the few that ive gained can't keep on! I already paid my 30% if I can't gain the weight I want my money back! Hope your situation resolves! Hopefully I'll get mine if I can't get it done!
girl please you will NOT be getting your money back.... hope that helps your decision
Wow, haven't been on in a while but I'm so sorry to hear about what's going on. I definitely hope you get your money. Smh
Houston Plastic Surgeon

ok below was my original post.... now I'm just flaming mad because the office refused a certified letter I sent, refused to answer emails or text. How could anyone expect to go through a surgery with full confidence when I cant even get in touch with them PRE surgery. Dr Cortes was very genuine. He seemed to care about my wants and concerns. He patiently answered all my questions and I had A LOT. I've followed several of his patients and I think his work speaks for itself. After following current patients I see he gives each person what they want as long as you are realistic. I also like that his before/after pics show real results due to him taking them once most swelling has gone down.

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