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Hello, i'm 33 years old, i have 4 years old...

Hello, i'm 33 years old, i have 4 years old triplets (c-section), before that i had 2 surgeries done for ovarian border-line cancer, i feel like i have a freeway going through my stomach, my belly button is off, the left side of my tummy is higher than the right side. I have never been flat nor skinny but was very comfortable with how i looked and with my weight before all the surgeries and the kids.

I was 155 when i got married 7 years ago, i was 227 the day i gave birth a little over 4 years ago, since then it has been an on going struggle to lose weight, managed to lose some weight on and off, working out was near impossible with the kids, my weight stabilized at around 187, started dieting and working out when i decided to finally get TT done, i needed to commit and look forward to something, every time i lost weight i got more depressed because my stomach would be hanging out there, looking bigger than before (since everywhere else looked more toned), no one could tell i lost any weight, i knew i had to finally make up my mind and go for it.

I have chickened out few times before but this is it. I'm 170 right now and hoping to be around 160 on the day of my surgery on 3-19 (getting a TT and a lipo for the flanks area). I've been trying to do some reading to know what i might need to get prior to my surgery but i'm completely lost, any pointers would be greatly appreciated. My PS said she will be providing the girdle/binder to wear after the surgery, but I've been reading many comments about women buying their own, should i do that? Anything in particular? What else should i buy/get ready before the TT?

I am freaking out because i do have triplets, they are not in school yet and they are very attached to me, they are very affectionate and it kills me to think that i can't carry them and hold them tight for a while, but i do believe it is for the best for us all. Not ready to post my before pictures yet, hopefully i'll feel more comfortable soon. Good luck everyone :)


Thank you Kim, your survival guide is amazing! LOVE it!My mom is flying over to be with me for the first week or so, i am worried about the kids seeing me in pain more than anything but hopefully they won't remember much from it. Thanks again for your support and sweet notes :)
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No worries the kiddos will be fine.  As long as mom is in the house they are happy.   Give them little things to do like get you water, rub your feet and they will feel like little helpers.   


Welcome to RealSelf.

Wow triplets you are a busy lady!   I thinks it's amazing that you are doing this for yourself.  You will feel like a new woman once you are all healed up.  For now just focus on being healthy and strong.  Doing so will help you in your recovery.  

Make sure to have plenty of help lined up for the first couple of weeks.  You won't want to be lifting the babies for a while.  They will fine so don't worry about that.  They are happy if mom is in the house with them.  

Here is a link to a supply list and some more information for prep and recovery.    Tummy Tuck Survival Guide.

I look forward to following your journey and seeing some before and after pictures.

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Update- surgery is now on the 20th not the 19th....

Update- surgery is now on the 20th not the 19th. They called and asked if they can reschedule me because my doctor was asked to assist in a reconstruction surgery for a cancer patient on the 19th.
My pre-op appointment is on March 7th :) Getting there, just hoping i can lose as much weight as i want by then!

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I took some photos yesterday, OMG! I mean i knew...

I took some photos yesterday, OMG! I mean i knew that my tummy was big but looking at a mock shot of it is something else. It's so uneven and big, sucks :(

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Okay, pre-op is on Wednesday, where did the time...

Okay, pre-op is on Wednesday, where did the time go?!!! Like i said before, my surgery is now scheduled for the 20th and not the 19th, i couldn't change it in the calender section of this site for some reason as i still show on the 19th but it is fixed here. I am down to 167 from 189 since January, i wanted to be around 165 for my surgery but secretly i really wanted to be around 158-153, not going to happen seems like.
Okay, i am going to upload few pictures but ladies please be gentle and remember that i've had three surgeries done and carried triplets in this tummy at some point (you'll see the scar's highway i was referring to earlier in the photos). I am so nervous, it would take nothing short of a miracle to get this tummy fixed to me, the scar is much higher than my belly button i don't even know how my PS is going to take care of this.


Hi Mommy of triplets, I just wanted to say your amazing, wow triplets. Your super mommy. And I think you will look great after your tt. just a couple more weeks and you'll be on the flat side. I'm excited for you.
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Awww! Thank you Sweetness! You are so sweet :) I am hoping that this "tummy" will go away, it feels like an alien to me, it's not me! I can't get over how HUGE it is! Congratulations on your TT, you look AMAZING i am jealous! Any pointers? :)
Thank you, I'm in swell hell this week. Ugh. I can't wait to be donewith it. Lets see....
Make sure you have help for at least a week if possible longer would be good. Milk of Magnesium. Constipation is a B***h. I cant stress that enough. But I would wait to take till day 2or3. Stay on top of your meds. Otherwise you'll be playing catch up. And really just rest, sleep, eat very light meals. You wont be able to do anything anyways. Dont try to do more. Your mind might be saying Im redy to do more but your body will stop you real quick. If you have any questions or concerns dont hesitate to ask.

Had my pre-op appointment couple of days ago, my...

Had my pre-op appointment couple of days ago, my PS didn't meet with me, i met with the nurse and the OM (they said that's their usual practice), okay so apparently for the first week i wear the garment/binder i leave the hospital with then for my first post-op appointment they'll give me a garment, do you think i should buy a second one to change into when i want to wash it, do you ladies wear the one from the hospital for a whole week?
Also, had my hospital appointment today for all the blood work, got it done and over with, almost there.....10 more days!


That was a good thing to do with the kids, they are 4 so old enough to understand that your belly will be sensitive. You are young too, I really think the older we are the harder it is, LOL At least that is my excuse, LOL I will be thinking of you!!! You gotta post a pic of them! I cannot imagine triplets, that is amazing to me!!! At least they are probably good at entertaining each other!!! Your days must be very full!!
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I had to really look and think about it and yesterday was the first day I thought OK I am going to get through this and feel better about myself in the end LOL IT has been rough for me! I guess I just need to accept it and move along, no matter how much you think you are ready you just deal with what comes along, I am hoping it is easy for you! Heck you had triplets!!!! What could be harder than that??? A week and 1 day left!!! It is getting closer!!!! Just get ready and enjoy the kids and then get ready to be pampered!!!
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Just got done reading your update on your page, i am so so very sorry you are going through this, it sucks royally! I am glad you are done with one drain and really hoping you'll feel better soon.
I am so going to miss having my babies in my lap, sat down with them the other day and made a calendar with stickers and glitter marking the day of my surgery and after, talking to them about my "bobo" and how i need to fix my tummy so it can look like theirs, they ask me every day if it is going to hurt, i am saying no, oh God i hope that i am not lying for my sake LOL.
You'll be in my thoughts and prayers girl, feel better soon.

Nothing major to update except that i was checking...

Nothing major to update except that i was checking out profile updates and photos of many of the ladies who had their TT done very recently and WOW, i know that you guys are probably in pain now, and feel like you are in swell hell but honestly, all of you ladies look GREAT! Looking forward to mine, my #1 nurse arrives in 2 days (my mom), yay!


Wow your already amazing, can do this!!! Preparing them is wonderful you will have 3 little helpers. I'll be thinking of you and praying for your speedy recovery.
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Thank you Suzanne! I really appreciate it, i am so nervous i hope i don't drive myself into having a panic attack like i did right before my C-section on the table, my doctor was not happy!
BTW, your tummy looks Amazing! WOW! I pray you continue to heal well.

In few hours........Pray for me ladies. ?

In few hours........Pray for me ladies. ?


How are you feeling today?

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Good to hear from you!!! I am sorry you have a fever sometimes that happens I am glad you go back to get checked, hang in there, each day gets a little better!
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Thank you, how have you been feeling? Bless your heart, i know that you have been suffering for a while now, i hope you'll start feeling normal again soon. PS didn't know what caused the fever. she said everything looked good but maybe i needed to move a little more, yeah! Easier said then done for sure!can't wait to take those drains and binder off *sigh*.

Those damn drains!

Those damn drains!


Hey Mommy thinking of you hope you are feeling OK! The drains are a bugger but they do a job, so just keep keeping on!
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Totally agree, "those damn drains"! I still have both of mine and they to me are the worse part of the surgery this far! :/
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Hi Kim, not too bad today, although the left tube for the drain is loose, it's leaking, i am using a maxi to contain the liquid for now, e-mailed the nurse (was told that would be the best form of communications and the fastest) and she has not replied, can't wait to get them off! I am thinking i should be cleaning around them but was never told to do so, any ideas? The pain is not bad anymore not unless i want to cough or sneeze......OMG!

One week, it's been one week! I still have both...

One week, it's been one week! I still have both drains, hoping one is coming off tomorrow, going to see my doctor tomorrow. In the past week i had few things happening, i had high fever one day (third day post Op), went and saw my doctor about it, still not sure what it was all about although it was high, 102.4 at some point, went away the next day. The pain has been manageable for the most part, just whatever you do, pain ever!
Thankfully, i never had any issues with BM, had my first one the very next day after the surgery, i hear that can be a real pain too.
I am in swell hell for sure, i hope that goes down soon, all bruised up still but i am very happy with the outcome so far. Happy healing ladies! ?


Hey girl, congrats on hubby's promotion! Nice nice! And so sorry you are still having a hard time with this :( I think it has to do with how much tissues they take out, that's what my PS told me, they took a lot on my side too and it's no fun, but it'll all be worth it pretty soon. Hang in there.
:( They are pretty annoying! I am hoping to get one out tomorrow, how are you feeling?
Thanks Kim, hoping one will come out tomorrow! Agree on the fluid coming out and not getting trapped inside, can you imagine?

I did too much today, but good news, one of my...

I did too much today, but good news, one of my drains is off yaaaaaaay me, it's still oozing a little, but not too bad. I am posting few photos.


Wow, you look amazing!
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Thank you, i feel amazing :)
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Day 10 PO- Slept in bed last night for the first...

Day 10 PO- Slept in bed last night for the first time, i've been sleeping in a recliner since the surgery, last night wasn't the most comfortable but getting there, i am getting around just fine, sometimes i have to remind myself to slow down, healing, thankfully, has been much much easier than i had thought especially after reading some of the other reviews so ladies, have faith, our bodies are different, we heal different, but at the end we will all get there, i already have no regret what so ever regarding having this done, i feel so thankful to my family for pushing me to do it. ?


You look terrific...bikini season is around the corner :)
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I am so glad you are doing well you deserve it!!! That drain will come out on Monday as big of a pain that they are they do serve a good purpose!!! You will feel like a new woman then!
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Good to see you are doing well. Our surgeries were on the same day. I am doing well too. I have one drain left and expect it to come out tomorrow. Take care!
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Hello ladies....haven't been able to post in a...

Hello ladies....haven't been able to post in a while, a lot has happened since....i was healing so well, no pain, no discomfort, then all of the sudden my BB started oozing/bleeding, contacted my PS's nurse and sent a photo she said it looks more red than they'd like it to be but nothing to worry about just yet, to go ahead and start using betadine on it couple of times a day and i had an appointment to go see my PS like a week later which was on Friday, well, a major set back for me, some "unhealthy tissues" grew on top of the BB (yellow/white looking stuff) she had to cut them all out and now i have a hole, yes a hole, on top of my BB, anyone going through something similar? I am completely freaking out because i am back to not being able to move, i am not supposed to sweat, i am back to have to put gauze on my BB and worse, i have to stuff the hole with iodoform. Ladies if anyone knows what i am talking about or went through it please please tell me your experience, i am freaking out worried about when it is going to heal, if it is going to heal and how it's going to end up depressed.............still in swell hell by the way.....i will put new photo up tomorrow.

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I went ahead and updated few photos, you can tell...

I went ahead and updated few photos, you can tell that i am still in swell-hell but would take that any day over what is going on with my BB :(


How are you after a year (almost 2) looking forward to hear your progress thru the first year. Thank you for shared your experiences with us.
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I haven't been on realself that much lately, so I'm just seeing your pics. I think you look great, the bb issue is a minor set back. I think it's a pain in the neck, but will heal. I know how you feel but try not to let it keep you down:-)
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BB looks like nothing too major I think most people struggle with it, your PS will tell you what to do to get it right. DOnt worry too much!!!!
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Houston Plastic Surgeon

I hate that i have to rate this early on, but since i can't post any updates nor pictures without rating then here it is, Dr. Kim is an excellent doctor, so far, i think she has done an amazing job. In general you'll learn that your experience with a cosmetic doctor and their staff is not at all what you'd expect from any other doctor and their staff. Again though, Dr. Kim is a doctor i would highly recommend and would go see again for any future concerns. She is gentle, soft spoken, very knowledgeable and does an amazing job. I want to add that i never thought anything i can do can fully and completely get rid off my big long old scars, i am not sure how Dr. Kim did it, but she did it! I have nothing left from my old scars, even my stretch marks look so much less and they look finer. She also personally contacted me over the weekend regarding the issues i had with her staff and she was very apologetic and sincere, she wanted to know all the details which speaks volumes about how much she cares about her practice and patients. So far, loving Dr. Kim.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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