A Little Scared, but Excited Too... 12 Days and Counting. I AM ON THE FLAT SIDE NOW!!! - Houston, TX

Hi All, I have been lurking and reading all these...

Hi All,

I have been lurking and reading all these amazing stories for a few weeks, and today, I actually scheduled my procedures. 12 days from now! YIKES! I hope to communicate with some of you all for support and to exchange information. Please join me as I count down, then post progress after my big day!!!!! November 19th here I come!

I am having a full TT and also implant replacement. Mine are over 20 yrs old and have capsular contractures and are probably ruptured, according to my doctor. I am super excited about the TT. Can not wait to be joining you all on the flat side, as I have learned it is called! Also looking to have non-contracted, perkier and slightly smaller breasts at the end of all of this.

A little about me: I am 51 years old, and am a recent widow. My only marriage lasted 20 yrs, and I have not been on a date for over 22 yrs. I am moderately active, but definitely not a jock. My weight fluctuates between 135 and 140. I want to look and feel my best. I do a lot of ab work, but sill have a gut/pooch. I have loose jiggly dimply skin and fat rolls, especially bad when I sit down, and I am so excited for them to be gone gone gone! I am thin and in shape enough to wear a bikini, but would not with this skin and jiggling. But soon I will be able to .......

I will figure out how to post my before pics tomorrow.

Let me clarify my cost: 5K paid by ins to remove implants. 10,900 out of pocket for replacement with new implants, plus full TT. This includes PS, anesthesia, and hospital (Including one overnight stay).

Any tips on the best things I can do to best prepare? Best prepare my body? My bedroom? Supplies and convenience items to go get ahead of time? My bedroom is on the third floor of my town home. Will I be able to do the stairs? I have heard some talk of a recliner. IS one needed? I have also heard talk of protein shakes. Please explain?

So I am nervous about the recovery, getting the blues, and the possible complications. I've read a few very frightening accounts on here of ladies and their complications/infections etc. I hope I am learning form each story I read, and from some of your replies. Thanks in advance for joining me on this exciting journey!!!


We are scheduled for the same day. We can be recovery buddies!
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I am 54 and recently had my TT and I'm so thankful I did it. The best thing I can recommend is to have someone around to help the first few days.and m I'm single also so I had a friend who stayed and it made such a difference. I went up and down my stairs once a day for the first 4 days. I did not have a recliner but slept with plenty of pillows under my knees and behind my back. I was a little nautious so I ate saltine crackers for the first day and a little soup, after that I was fine. Complications? I had a fever the 2nd night which again I was thankful I had my daughter (26) who I came in to help. Other than that I felt better each day. Again, I'm so glad I did it and it was worth every minute of the discomfort. Good luck!
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Good luck!! Let the countdown begin!!
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11 Days To Go!!!

Saw my PS today, and he had a lot to share. He says the two procedures combined will take about 6 hours, and maybe 7. WOW. I had no idea it would be that long. Lots to process, as that long under anesthesia will take its toll, in addition to the actual TT and implant & capsule removal/ replacement.

I have so far chosen to keep most of this private. My family and a few close friends know that my implants are a mess and need to come out, and that I will be having an abdominal hernia repair. But that's as far as I've gone with them. I feel I want this to be about me, for me, and only known to me. But I am not sure if I am making a mistake. I know I am entitled to privacy, but is it practical?

Can anyone who has already completed a TT tell me if it is realistic for me to think this can remain private among those who will be helping me out a little after I get home? Or am I setting myself and them up for an embarrassing and awkward time? My two older teenage boys will be helpful with anything I ask of them, but will otherwise leave me to rest and will be pretty oblivious to details. They will not hover AT ALL.

My mother will stay with me for about a week post op, and she is also pretty oblivious (haha) as well as being a big respecter of the privacy of others. They will not have a clue that I have more drains or bandages than just the breast/hernia procedures warrant. I will be sore and drugged, etc and that is what they will expect.

BUT....Will it be inevitable that someone or maybe even more than one person will have to see the giant abdominal scar? Will they need to help me get in shower? Or by the time that is allowed, are you pretty much able to manage behind closed doors? What is your experience?

Thanks to all for any opinions you may have about my ability to keep this to myself. Just ot let you know, I feel really great about this, and I don't need a pep talk about loving myself, or telling me real friends won't judge, that my family loves me no matter what, etc. Me and my boys have been through a lot these past 24 months. It is simply my preference that the purely cosmetic parts of this remain under my hat, but only if it is realistic. I don't want egg on my face after the fact. :))


Me again :) I also chose to keep it private for many of the same reasons. I told my kids, parents, and 4 friends (2 of which are my work-out partners because I had to take time off.) Anyway, I am very glad I did. I didn't want people judging me, giving me their opinions etc. especially as I am a divorced Mom. I did this for myself and am very happy/proud of my decision. Between some swelling, the suit etc. it has been easy to hide so far. A few people have said something about how good I look, I just smile and say thanks. I've been asked what I've been doing to look so good and I comment "a variety of things" and change the subject. I told the people in my exercise class that I was having female surgery, which nobody has asked specifics. LOL I lived in a 'fish bowl' when I went through my divorce a few years ago and I really like to maintain my privacy... so far so good :) P.S. I didn't need help getting in the shower. After 48 hours I could manage myself and other than that... the garment hides everything. I just recommend having a lot of pjs or sweats to be able to change into.
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Goodness...we sound very much the same. After living in the same community, my husband's sudden and unexpected passing brought a lot of attention, most of it very genuine and very loving. With all of that came many well-meaning friends/family members telling me what they thought I should be doing to rebuild or restart my life. And there are the very few people who stepped back and did not offer very much support at all...always a surprise who will stand by you "when the chips are down." On the flip side, I got an amazing amount of love and support form some also unexpected sources. All in all, we were very loved and supported through it all. Thanks for the input about being able to physically manage, and the garment and sweats keeping it all covered up. I so appreciate your experience! And the 'female surgery" line will just about cover everyone who might ask why I'm out of commission for a while. Great idea! Maybe I can keep this to myself after all. Thank you, and God Bless.

Some Pre Op Before Photos

I am sure I will have a couple that my PS takes Pre Op, but this is where I am starting out. I am 137 pounds, and am 5 foot 6 inches. I know I am not huge, but my stomach pooches out despite regular exercises, abs work each and every day, and a relatively clean and healthy diet. I am looking forward to getting rid of extra skin, fat rolls, and the clearly visible hardened implant stuck up high while my old lady boobs hand down below the implants. :))


Thinking of you!
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Hello!!! Hope everything is well!!' Don't worry as everyday passes you will definitely be feeling better!!!
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also listen to your doc and you should do fine on your recovery
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Well I Did It!!! 2 days Post Op

Many thanks to everyone who posted answers to my questions about being able to maintain privacy about my TT.

So here's a summary of my TT and BR processes. The surgery was set for 7:15 am on the 19th. MY girlfriend drove me to St Lukes Hospital in Tx Medical Center and stayed throughout the entire procedure. The surgery lasted 7 1/2 hours. I was in recovery room about 3 hours, then they transferred me to a room in the hospital. If any of you have a choice to stay, and are wondering if you should stay or not, I HIGHLY recommend it. I was alb to have Foley catheter so I didn't need to get up and pee. I had a morphine continuous drip, and could push the button for additional morphine every ten minutes. That wouldn't be possible , obviously, if I had been released.

So the Post Op abdominal pain is pretty significant. So much so that I am literally unaware of any breast pain at all. When I am lying still, I would rate the pain at 1-2, but when I have to engage those abs to move around, to cough, etc, it is a 7-8. I am one who has post anesthesia vomiting, and the need to vomit was so strong, but I kept praying the nausea would pass. Luckily, although I felt nauseated quite often in the first 30 hours or so, I only actually threw up 2 times. Yay.

I would say that once the nausea subsided, my biggest issue so far is needing to cough or clear my throat each morning. Boy does that hurt!!!

I got home from the hospital last night at about 7 pm. I was able to get up the stairs to my bedroom without much difficulty. Then got in my recliner. I discovered that the recliner, which I never use, was very awkward for me. I couldn't get out of it at all without help. SO the family got me settled in and they all went to bed, and there I sat, a little too cold, needed my water and pain medicine, which was just out of reach, needed to go potty most of the night, and could not get out of that damn chair! OUCH every time I tried! I watched the clock from 2 am to 6am, and finally at 6am I sent my mother a text saying "need help" and was praying that she would see it. And she did!v Yay. She helped me out of the chair, and we propped pillows in the bad...ahhhhhhh much better! This morning has been very comfortable. Yes I do have to engage the abs to get out of the bed, but at least I can do it. The chair was a lot worse...probably the exact design of my particular recliner, but I will not be getting back into that thing!

When we do dressing changes tonight I will take some photos. For the breasts, I am very excited to report that they are soft for the first time in years and years! And also, the doctor explained that the nerve to the nipple area could very well be in the encapsulated mess of scar tissue, and that I could have no sensation in the nipples for the rest of my life, but I am happy to report that the nerves are in tact, and so is the feeling!

Thanks to all of you who have gone through this with me. I will continue to post updates, since reading about the details of others' surgeries helped me reach my final decision.


Try rolling sideways to get out of bed, to some extent. That's what my nurse taught me, it engages the abs less.
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Meaning, if your knees are bent over a pillow, just rock sideways & kind of pivot in a semi fetal position, if that makes sense.
Wow. That helps soooooooooo much. Thanks a million. Now that I am done with the stupid chair and using he bed, I will be rolling to the side. You are a lifesaver. Now I wish I could get my throat clear with one good effective cough.

3 Days Post Op

Today is slightly better than yesterday. Needed to have a huge cough early this morning. It hurt so bad, but eliminated the wheezing that I went through all day yesterday. In hindsight, it was better to clear the mucus than to live with it all day despite the unbelievable pain involved in coughing.

I am posting some photos taken today. I took off my compression garments, and washed them. Snapped a few photos, then gave myself a sponge bath. Whew. I am worn out!!! I will nap well as soon as I am all dressed again.

It sure feels great to be all cleaned up. My doctor does not allow a real shower until the drains are removed. They can not be removed until they are each producing less than 25 cc per day. I go in Monday for post op appt. Am hoping for no drains by the time that appt is over. I am barely producing 30 cc er drain today, and will probably drop way down by Mondya. Here are my pics. I am very happy with the progress so far.

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3 days Post Op Photos

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abdominal scar is pretty high

What do y'all think? WIll is drop a little? I am wondering if it will show with a bathing suit bottom or in under ware. Time will tell I guess. In a few days when I feel better, I'll try a few different bathing suit bottoms on to check it out.

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4th Day Post Op

Hi All,

Well thing are getting a little easier each day. MY CG is such a blessing and a curse. It feels safe and secure when I have it on, but for the hour that it was off yesterday to be washed, it felt sooooo good. It feels like it is cutting off my circulation at the top of my ribs just under the breast incision. Everywhere else, it feels just nice and snug and secure. The Dr cautioned me against allowing it to roll down because as is bunches up, it can have a tourniquet-like effect at the top. It feels like a tourniquet now. I just want to take it off so bad. Anyone have any experience with this?

I have removed the post op bra they gave me because it was adding to the constriction I was feeling at the bra line. I put it back on every few hours, then can not stand it more than a couple of hours at a time. I would love any feedback about this.

Great news on needing to cough. Today, my chest has remained clear, so no need for any excruciating coughing since last night.

I slept on my side for a few hours this morning. Felt really great.

Don't have much appetite yet, so as far as I can tell, that just helps to leave things less complicated regarding my digestive system. Drinking lots of water, hot tea with a splash of milk, and clear broths. No BM yet. Took some pericolase 2 hours ago, so it won't be long, I don't think. Tips on that are appreciated as well.


You look great, welcome to the flat side!
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You look great, welcome to the flat side!
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Thanks so much. I am DELIGHTED to be here!!!!

6 days Post Op Drains OUT!!!

Boy was that a freaky experience! I am one who like to be informed, so I asked for a mirror. Talk about strange! I had no idea that he drains were so long. It was actually fascinating and really cool to watch. I know... I am weird!

He assured me it would not hurt, that he had never ever had a patient say it hurt, but many say it feels weird or odd. He was exactly right. I had a lot of anxious thoughts and worry about the drain removal, even though I was more than ready to be done with that stage. The worry was all for nothing. I hope this helps others who are stressing about getting the drains out. Relax! Be glad you are that much further down the road to healing.

Can not wait to take a shower. Drain holes need to close (24 to 48 hrs) before my PS allows a shower. He likes to reduce introduction of bacteria into these openings by not bathing until closed. I know some PS's allow showers, but I am all for reducing infection risk. I chose Dr Rock because I trust him, so I am following instructions!

Pain is getting better and better each day. Only took pain meds once yesterday, and three times on Saturday. It is almost 3pm and have not taken anything for pain yet today (Monday). Probably will not need pain meds anymore.

Will post pics tomorrow morning when I take off compression garment to change drain dressings.

Thank you all for following my journey, and for all of the very kind, helpful, and encouraging comments.


I was terrified of having the drains out as well, to my surprise no pain. I was happy with that:) I'm day 12 and of the prescription drugs and almost done with extra strength Tylenol and advil. It seems like your doing really great with your pain management:) Look forward to more pics.
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I was terrified of having the drains out as well, to my surprise no pain. I was happy with that:) I'm day 12 and of the prescription drugs and almost done with extra strength Tylenol and advil. It seems like your doing really great with your pain management:) Look forward to more pics.
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7 days PO. Sore today, and couldn't figure out why...

Sore today, and could not figure out why, until I reminded myself that I have not taken any pain meds for over 24 hrs. So now I feel better mentally. I was wondering if I had strained something, moved around too much, or whatever.

I am super aware of trying to get up and move around every hour or so to prevent blood clots. So I had been afraid that I did too much and somehow hurt myself a little. But, duh! I am only 7 days post op with no pain meds on board. SO I am going to take an extra strength tylenol and remember how lucky I am at how my recovery is progressing!

My girlfriend is coming by for a visit this afternoon, so I will be getting her help to get out of my compression garment, check out my drain holes, take some photos, put new dressings, and get me back into that infernal thing!! I am hoping all 4 drains holes are sealed, so I can SHOWER!

PS said I would be wearing CG for at least one month. I am guessing the same for the compression bra. I know, like one of you posted below, they are very important in giving me the best possible outcome, which, of course, I want. The worst part about both of them is the constriction around my ribs at the bra strap. Yikes is it sore!

OK, bye for now. Pics in a few hours, without drains!


Yeah that no pain drain removal was a great relief, right? I researched on RS a lot before scheduling my surgery, but never came across drain removal being painless. I read plenty about people wanting them OUT, and people being scared of the pain of the removal before they got theirs out. I am sure it is on here somewhere that it wash't painful, but I never saw it. Good for you being down to tylenol and advil. I will go look at your review now. Welcome to the Flat Side!
Oooh gosh! So sorry to worry you. I think there was a misunderstanding. I didn't mean to say they slipped out. They definitely have not! They are definitely still sutured in place as they should be, but the tubing has seemed to 'grow' lol by that, I mean the tubing (being very flexible and plastic) seems to have stretched. That's all I meant. I am 100% positive they are still very much intact. Also, I am only 5' 1" and so we are talking an inch at best :) I did call them though and advised them of my concern. I texted pictures and included pictures of the fluid in the drains, etc. The doctor got back to me right away to say all was normal. ** Another important thing for people to remember is to look out for changes in color and odor. Health is everything ladies! :D **Julebene & FlatSide - looking out for healthy TT's everywhere! lol I appreciate it FS!! :D


Hallelulia! Enough said............


Yay! Thanks for letting me know all is well! I was indeed worried about you when I thought the part of the tube with the holes had slipped out an inch. Whew! Good luck tomorrow at your appt. Hope your fluid accumulation is down to the level where they will remove the drains. It is a big step in the mental part of the recovery to be past the drain stage. I just finished with my first shower, and I am literally in HEAVEN! Let me know how your appt goes, OK?
oh don't rub it in! lol But I am so happy for you! I think they will. My fluid is pretty low. I do believe I'm under 25 cc's in 24 hours. I'll know for sure when hubby gets home and empties them again (I do it too, but he dumped them around this time last night so I'm waiting on him to have an accurate 24 hr estimate) yah! I'll definitely let you know. I posted a bunch on your reply on your page earlier, but only one line was posted. I hope the rest comes through. I got curious enough to go upstairs -heehee. room looks neater than when I'm using in it. haha! Too bad I used up all my energy though - I'm hungry and nobody's home! lol

7 Days PO Photos

Here are a few photos, taken afte the most glorious shower of my life! haha Dr said during my appointment yesterday that what I am seeing at the scar line is about 90% purple pre-op line, little blood droplets, sutures, and a little bruising under the glue closure he applied. He says that the 90% will peel away the day he removes the glue closure layer, and I will be left with a thin line that will likely disappear into almost nothing after a years time. I am hoping......

I also wish it were a little lower. I know this is where it is because of how much skin I did or did not have, but I am still a little bummed. I am hoping it relaxes and might lower even 1/4 of an inch to get below the line of most of my panties and my bathing suit bottoms. Soon, I'll try on a few suits, and take some pics for y'all to tell me what you think of the scar with the bottoms on.


Hi here lady! Miss talking to you :D but I know we've been busy with Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful days with loved ones. I didn't get my drains out at my appointment last Wed, and I'm not scheduled for another appointment until next Wed, but I seriously am going into the office tomorrow and sitting there until they can squeeze me in and take these things out! lol :) I wasn't quite physically ready, but I definitely am now. How are you feeling? I send you a direct message last week. It went to your email (I think). Did you get it? Well, I will talk to you later :) J
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you look very good !
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Hi again, It's been a crazy, busy day! Today, my mom came in from out of town to celebrate Thanksgiving with us, and I had my 1st post-op appointment. :D Unfortunately, I somehow managed to mix up all the times and didn't realize the two things coincided at the same time. Thanks to a friend, my mom arrived safely at my home from the airport and I had my appointment. It was a very successful one too! The doctor said I am healing beautifully. There is still a lot of swelling, as to be expected, but even I was shocked at how great things are looking. Sadly, drains did not come out :( boo-hoo! I'm hoping for Monday. I'm down to about 25 cc's in 24 hrs. My surgeon is very cautious however, and won't remove them until I am Under 20cc's in 24 hrs. BUT I do have a funny story about the drains! The reason they seemed like they were growing is because (drum roll) they had come unrolled from the way the doctor originally had them wrapped up after my surgery- (Imagine rolling a garden hose up - pretty short, right? - Now unroll it across the yard... wow! how did the hose get so long?!) bawhahaha! no more narcotics for me ;) hahaha No post pics, but doc did send pre-op. I'll post now
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19 Days Post Op Update

Hi All,

Thanks for the messages and check-ins. Sorry I have been out of touch for this past week. Lots to catch up on that I had deferred during the early recovery phase!

I thought I would log on and give an update on what the last week or so has been like. I heeded the many cautions I read about on RS about people thinking they were feeling up to getting out, only to regret doing too much. So I was cautious and started slow. At about 9 days post op, I walked my dog around my block 2 times. It felt good to be outdoors and to take in a tiny bit of exercise. It pretty much wore me out, so back to bed I went. I realized being up and around, especially sitting, caused a tight almost crampy feeling in the abdomen that standing up straight (or as straight as I can) relieves. Laying flat on my back relieves it too, so you know what position I laid in while in bed that day!

At 11 days post op I went out on a date (yes a date!) with a wonderful man I had met about 3-4 weeks prior to my surgery. He was so amazing during those initial weeks that I just could not wait any longer to see him again. He knew about the surgery; I had given him a very abbreviated description. He had been by my house once in the prior week right before Thanksgiving to check in on me, bring me dinner, and walk my dog (see? I told you he is wonderful!) when no one else was home to help me. He was very gentle, and didn't expect me to last long on this date. We had a great dinner together, sat out by the water for a brief time, then back home to dog and kids I went.

(as an aside, my two boys (17 and 20) were not thrilled, but not mad either that I announced I had a date. It is a time of transition in our family, and I am being very sensitive and careful not touring this new person into our lives quite yet, so for now, they know I had a date, and that is all. If it keeps getting serious, I will make introductions at some point in the future to see how the family fit is. I do not want these boys to say a year from now: "Oh yeah, my mom has had 4 boyfriends in the last year." Yuk! SO I'm waiting tillI am certain its the real deal to make any introductions. ANy thoughts or experience anyone wants to share about this topic is welcome too.....)

SO the date was amazing, and I tolerated it well. That was Black Friday night. My son and I went to church on Sunday, then stopped at the grocery store! Big outing. Got in bed and relaxed flat on back to relieve some of the strain of being up and around so long caused.

As far as being able to stand up straight, I never measured the angles, but I was pretty upright by about day 7. Not all the way straight like normal at all, but upright enough to not look funny to anyone who might have seen me walk, and upright enough to take the strain off of my lower back from hunching some, as I had been doing during the entire first week PO.

Now, at day 19, I am still not all the way up straight. But I am getting closer each day, I think. It feels tight in the tummy, and of course we are not supposed to attempt any stretching to try and straighten up to full extension. But it feels good to gently extend, to my comfort, with no forcing at all. This slight lean forward where I've been for the last week or so is not at all uncomfortable as far as my back, walking and functioning. But the place I notice it most in my appearance is this: Because I am not straight, the slight sway I normally have in my lower back looks flat. That straight-ish line above my butt in the profile view makes my butt look really flat. And the CG doesn't exactly help give a shapely butt either!

I will post pics to show what I mean.

Hope you are all well. I need to get on the ball for Christmas. How have you all who had surgery recently handled the pressures of all that goes along with this wonderful Christmas season?? I Might attempt going to buy a tree tomorrow. Have almost no gifts purchased yet, except for the amazing one I gave myself on Nov 19th!!!


Update on drains please?!?! Yes busy with TG, and with business and household things that I had to lt=et go for about 2 weeks. It is only me, so things were piled up pretty badly. I am finally to the point where my head is above water. Now my big challenge is to begin to tackle orchestrating a Christmas for me and my boys. Hubby always did my decorations outside, and got all those heavy boxes out. Boys are big and can get boxes, but can I actually handle that much work? Time will tell. I'll do what I can and stop when my body says it has had enough.
Thanks you so much Kathy! When was / is your surgery? ANd how are you doing?
Hilarious about the drains! ANd so glad they had not slipped at all! Yes, its funny how our perceptions are altered when in so much pain, and are half sedated/high!

Side View 19 days PO

These pictures attempt to show how not being able to stand up fully straight keeps my back from arching/swaying like it normally does, which is making my butt look pretty flat. After all the darn exercising I do to get and keep it "perky" I am eager to be able to fully extend my abdomen and get my back and body back into its normal posture.

Any flat-siders able to tell us newly operated on gals how long till you were "back into your fully upright and normal position" ?? I sound like a flight attendant...hahaha


Wow! You look amazing! A lot of the swelling appears to be gone and you stand very nicely :) Congratulations on meeting such a nice man! I've never had to go through what you are going through (losing my husband and facing a new relationship, much less introducing a new man to my son). You are very brave, lady. I pray all goes very well for you :) I think you are doing a smart thing in waiting to introduce them. Very smart! I have to remind myself all the time, that while my son is a smart young man, he does not yet have the ability to process things the way an adult does. I think you made the right call. Keep up the good, hard work. You look terrific!
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Thanks so much for the encouragement Julie. I have interacted with many wonderful people on this site, but I truly feel that if we lived near one another that we would be friends. So many thought patterns and values click. I am looking forward to meeting next time I get to So Cal, prob in Feb.
yes congrats on that date, I was a single parent and didn't introduce my son to anyone unless it got really serious or we were just friends, as that seemed different, yea you don't want your kids thinking you are dating everyone and they also get confused and kind of worried etc, sounds like you are doing the right thing, I will tell you it has been over a year for me and I still feel tight, which is good, like if I tried to bend my body back I can really still feel the tightness, but for the most part I think after a month or so you should be able to be totally upright but not backwards if you know what I mean, but everyone is different and I had some major muscle repair work done.
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3 Weeks PO

Hi All my flat side friends. Today I am 3 weeks post op. What a ride this has been. I am thrilled with the results of my surgery. I am so very grateful that I have had no complications so far...knock on wood. I read a review this morning in which a very brave woman got an infection in her incision at 2.5 weeks PO, and it helped me to realize that I am not out of the woods yet, that excellent hygiene, hand sanitizer, fanatical hand washing, and using the bacitracin is still extremely important!!!!!

Regarding making Christmas happen for me and my 2 boys, I have had to let go some of my expectations and be gentle with myself. I am recovering from a huge surgery, and I simply can not do all that I want to do, and will hurt myself if I try. I am feeling a little blue because we do not have one single light outside, and nothing inside either yet. It could be July for all anyone can tell. But today I will start, with help of course, and it will be better. My husband did all of the outside stuff, and so that has its own set of sadness, now that he is passed. Holidays... I LOVE them, but this is sad and surreal too. And with a new man around the edges of my life, the holiday is even more wonderful, and more complicated than ever. I will not introduce him to my boys until after the season is over, but I am really and truly falling in love. He wants to help with Christmas tree and decorating, just because he know I can not do it for myself, but he understands fully and agrees with the reasons to hold off on introductions. He will be telling his daughters after Christmas as well, so we se on the same page on that.

So I am feeling pretty good in the mornings each day. Still sleeping in the CG and wearing it all day too, although I have been naughty and slept without it and had blissful sleep twice! One day when getting dressed and in a hurry, my friend came to the door, and I forgot to put it on too. Then we went to the beach and walked a mile or so. Yikes did I regret that. The CG hold everything in place, and especially on a sort of active day (as much as we can be active at this stage at least) it helps to hold everything still. I was very sore the day after I had a 6 hr outing without it, and as soon as I had it back on, I was so relieved. Is that mental, or real? Felt real.

My PS wants me to wear the CG for about one month. So after another week, I will probably graduate to Spanx or Yummy Tummy or something like that. How long have you guys who are ahead of me worn yours? Did you gradually go without, or just stop wearing it cold turkey style?


Hi, Hi, Hi!! How are you? Miss you :D Got more pics? I posted some. I feel so great about the way I look! I bet you do too! :D
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Hey! I can't believe I just saw your ? about the CG. My surgeon told me to stop wearing it and put on the Spanx as soon as the drains came out. The CG does not give as good of back support for me and can cause permanent creases in the skin.. eek! I purchased 2 (identical) 'girdles' lol from JCPenny. They are by Maidenform and I got them on sale for about $17 each. Whatever brand you choose, look for one that is totally smooth with no ridges because of the skin thing. I'll post a pic of mine so you can see. I know we're coming up on a month, so I'm not sure if you are still wearing one, but my PS advised 8 weeks. I can comfortably wear clothes over it (not like w/ my CG).
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Awww! I feel the same way about you :) I can't wait to meet up soon!


Hi All, I had my one month PO appt yesterday. Dr Rock says I am doing great, and that he thinks my result is amazing. I must say that I agree. I was hoping my breasts would be a little smaller, but they really look so beautiful now that I still do a double-take when passing the mirror in my bathroom each morning. So I would say I am thrilled, even though I am bigger than I wanted to be. He siad this si because the pocket left after he took out my contracted old implants was the size that it was, and he had to put the size implant that would fit or they would have moved around and been a very poor outcome.

Same double-taking goes for my tummy. I just can't believe how amazing it looks too. This is seriously the very best thing I could have ever done for myself. I hope my hubby is looking down from above and is happy that I did it.

So I am finally able to take a bath! Yay!!!!!!!! I love baths, and doing without for the past month has been hard. I am also allowed to exercise and do all activity except weight lifting, and abdominal exercising. What a relief. I love to work out and will be glad to get back, but unfortunately, I am primarily a weight training and abs work girl. I will also do yoga, so that is good, but my main workouts are still taboo. But it is worth it, and I trust Dr Rock and how he says the muscle repair needs the full 90 days to scar over and become as strong as possible. I do not want to do anything to weaken or undo the amazing work he did, so I am going to follow all rules he gives me! My next appt will be at 90 days so he can examine the suture line and scar before releasing me to all activity.

I still have the glue/tape combo on my incision line. He says the longer it stays put, the better and more imperceptible will he scar outcome be, so I leave it alone too...although I am dying to see my real incision line. Am going to the beach in Fort Lauderdale the week after Christmas, so if it has not fallen off by then, I will take it off. I am sort of excited to try to wear a bikini. I will be with my family and my new guy. Will be interesting to see if I actually have the nerve to do the 2 piece...hmmmmm. I will let all of my RS friends know. When the tape is off, I will take new photos and post them too. He said my swelling is really minimal and mainly around the incision and in the lower abdomen. Overall, I could not be happier. TOTALLY WORTH all the pain, the down time, the emotional swings, etc. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all of you!!!


How is everything going?
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Sooo happy for you! I'm so glad you are pleased and feeling better too. It is an emotional roller coaster! But so worth it for those double takes ;) Have an amazing time in FL. Can't wait to see pics!!
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You are looking wonderful, wear a bikini girl you will fabulous I will be 3mos.post op Dec.25th still wearing spanxs during day not at nite,I go back to ps on Jan.6th for my after pics and he will fix my little dog. ears on both end of my incision and probably release me,Have a Merry Christmas!!!!
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Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rock was wonderful throughout the entire process. From the first consult, he encouraged as many questions as I could come up with. I was actually shocked at the amount of time he spent with me during my two pre-op appointments. And he came to see me once I was in the hospital room three times as well. He is skilled technically in his craft. Dr Rock has done 1000"s of removal/replacement of old breast implants, and loads of TT's too. To me this skill is a baseline. The thing that makes him rise above is all of the time he spends on education about the process, and making sure my comfort level with, and understanding of everything that would take place was up to speed. The girls in the office are sweet, helpful, and efficient (and beautiful too boot!)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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