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New Hour Glass Body After 2 Kids - Houston, TX

After searching on realself and other web for 3...

After searching on realself and other web for 3 years..I decide to go get the surgery don in Houston with dr.cortes. He surgget a tummy tuck with a low scar and complete back lipo with fat add to the hip to give mr an glass body. I am little nervous because I have two kids. I hope he doing his magic..make me beautiful and keep me alive...scary

Got the infor

Thanks to Lucy I already get my posts op instruction...I didn't realize they so restrict on so many medicine m can take b4 the surgery. The post up apppointment is so early..2am in the morning..crazy..

Changing my date

Because of work situation I have to switch ps date to Oct-29. Want earlier date but not available. I am nervous and frustrated little bit. The office support to give me my new information but never did. I need to have a new post up date and also need to do more blood work. This drive me crazy. Hopefully this time they not going make same mistake and give me the wrong time..(last time instead of pm they put 2 am lol) I am freaking out watching the Tmt video. I need to get all stuff to get ready but m clueless. Is anybody have any surgestion? I will be very thankful.

Yucky jelly belly!

Expands abdomens! Yuck

Re-op check up

What a nitemare! Drove 3 hours to get there. Sign all the consent form. Which scare me to death..there are so many thing can go wrong..make me so nervous! Get all the medication and instruction. I have to take arnika forte for 6 days before the surgery..I didn't realize I can't buy it over the counter.
I was at the northwest Hospital waiting for 2 hour for a 15 minutes service. All they have to do is take my blood. I hope they not going to be this way on my surgery day. This is crazy!
By the way is there anybody been ask if u allow to have a nurse student to put anesthetic for your surgery? I refuse to it. That sound scary.
I am going to have so many thing done to my self. Come to find out I have sign up for..lipo on my ab..back..flanks..transfer fat to my hip..and tummy tuck..oh my god..I hope ..I pray..it all going to be alrite..
I will update some after my surgery..and an after picture! Pray for me every one.

2nd day

Had the surgery at the worst hospital, they let me go home w/out peeing! Wtf I end up in ER so they can put the catheter in. They end drain 1600 once fluid out..my bladder is about to explode.I was in so much pain. Everyone need to be aware of that if u can urinate ..don't go home..I am in so much pain ..my garter did not put on all the way so upper body lipo expose ..so it swell up and painful. M have a check up today, so let see if they can Change me in another garment. M have not see my mid section..not until 1 today. I will take picture today. Getting around is a hasle.

This much fluid

After 3 hour of painful bladder . This is why it hurt

Drain out

My drain did not get put in properly..so it came out today..suck...my incision look good. I hope everything going to ok without the drain. Still hurting like hell..have movement today..woo hoo..scar was little longer than told..
Well since they make me pay cosmetic surgery insurance ..they going to have to pay for my ER last nite..
That's all the Hospital fault..rush to send me home when m still half sleep.

3rd day

Sleepy sleepy..ah the pain killer make me sleep and sleep..pain is more subside now...catheter stil on

9 days

Finally coming home. I am still very swollen. Since my drain didn't work. The swelling is painful. Ah I have to wear extra tight garment so I have to take pain meds b4 bed time. My back hurt but I walk very straight now. Here is a update pix with a tight dress on..now it not tight any more.


Anybody have any surgestion on what to take to reduce swelling ?


Got a massage today! Yay! Feel good check out the new pics.. I get pretty small. Pain is much better but still take Advil at nite to sleep..driving.,is hell in this tight garment..a lot of mark from it ..

Almost three week

I am still very swollen..wtf..I m going back for check up next week. Seeing every one ps care for them make me jealous. Mine is so busy, I feel like m just another number. My belly button look awful make me depress. Well let see what they going to do with my scar..maybe nothing!

Itch madness

This healing process take forever! M at the itching stage. It drive me crazy. My weight flexiate b/t day and nite. The f..k swelling ! My bruise has fade a lot..massage my self everyday..the lipo area get off and on better. Belly button all heal but look weird. I need motivation going through this. My poor husband is like scare to even touch me! Lol..that's fine with me bc man m fcking tire all the time.

25 days

Scar healing! Look great..bb look weird. 3 shot on the belly so swell went down..garment is super tight.

I. Think it a final result

Here is some update pix..swelling still happen..especially at the end of the day. Some lipo area still burn to the touch..it so weird I could feel something poking under my skin rite next to my bb. Absolutely no pain when I cough..hooray..still wear my garment..18 to 24 hour a day..keep me feel safe!

New pix

Almost three month!

Lipo area still burn. First week of scar treatment. Still swollen during the day. Starting to crave for sweet but I try to control myself. Let me c wat the Doct going to say about my progress. Appointment is next week. Of course I don't expect to be perfect but my hip is little uneven..lipo in my inside thigh look lumpy. But hopefully with time it will better. I hope the swelling could stop now.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

He is very convincing..little rush with the consult..but I believe in his work..He will lipo my hip, back, tummy, and a tummy tuck..and fat transfer to my hip. So much to be done!

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how are you? Is your swelling better? have you asked for a revision of your tummy tuck? let us know how you are doing.
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Thanks for posting your updates. I have my surgery scheduled for June! Keep posting pictures, they really help me. You look great!
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What are you using for scar treatment?;
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Silicon strip! M seeing him next week..for 3 month check up. Have u have your surgery?
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I've had mu BBL with him a few months ago. My mommy makeover is Jan 17.
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So far so good:-) hapi healing u look gr8:-) x
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So far so good:-) hapi healing u look gr8:-) x
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Looking good!
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Thank you
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What kind of shots did you get in your belly? Steroid? I got some kenalog into the scar line to reduce thickening of the scar... Feel better soon!! :)
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Steroid..just to help with the swelling. My scar look very nice so there are no need to treat for it till another 3 weeks.
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Hello Doll! Amazing results!! Any more pics? I have my TT Jan 17!!!
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Even for 17 days PO you look fabulous!!! I'm 3 months and I still swell and scar is still little tender. Everything takes time...happy healing pretty lady!!
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Thanks..really..oh man..I try so hard to make it go way. Do all the rite thing...no salt..water..vitamin..hope for a faster process..but no luck huh.
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hi doll its too early to worry about the scar just concentrate in healing. Remember surgery is a process and takes alot of patience.
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I m learning everyday doll. Now I start to realize with lipo this will take a whole years. My scar healing pretty well. I baby a least 2hour everyday. No kidding massage this sucker take some time!
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You look great. Too bad your surgeon is too busy to give you the attention that you deserve! Happy healing!
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Well I force him to see me at three week mark. Lol..I probably just end up with his nurse. Mean he want me to take out my own catheter ..he fcking kidding me. M not a nurse!
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Oh honey you look great, the swelling can continue for 6 months to a year. Its not fun. I am 7 weeks and swelling more than ever. Its a waiting game for sure and everybodys body heals different. Good luck love and happy healing!
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You look fabulous!! Thanks for posting pics!
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You look great!
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Glad you doing better, drink alot of water will help with swelling, will be 7 weeks Wed. since my TT, still have some swelling espically in the afternoon, didn't find this site till 4wks after so I dont have any before pics just hang in there it does get easier
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Thank you, m trying to drink as much water as I can..m getting my first lymphatic drainage massage today, hopefully it will help.
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Thank you..I am feeling much better this last couple day. Lost a few pound, still sleep on the recliner but pain free. Still little swollen but better. I love the hour glass figure.
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You look fab!
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