This is my first post to the site. I have been...

This is my first post to the site. I have been poking around for about a week now. I started with a long list of PS totaling 14 in all. This site has been super helpful and Now I'm down to 3. Gill, Cortes and Lomonaco. The selection process is really hard. I scheduled all my consults in July back to back. I'm hoping to be going in for my procedure no later then December.

Wanting too much for limited funds!

I have my first consult tomorrow with Gill. I am so excited. I have read all his ratings and he got 5 stars on all of them. It appears that he takes his time with his patients. The cut look great not all jagged like some of the others. I'm told with the TT the Lipo and MT comes with it. I love some separation in my thighs and for a little lift in my breast. I ask about fat transfer but like I said funds are limited.
hi, i was just reading your profile, since your in Houston have you checked out Dr. Patronella? I just had a virtual consult with him earlier this month. he is a bit more expensive but his technique is better than most. He performs a true form tummy tuck which helps accentuate a woman's curves and by helping that dip between the incision liine and pubic area be more subtle. Try checking him out most of his ratings are really good! His before and after photos look good, i decided that i will go with him yes he is like 3000 more than the one here in san antonio but his results are better than any one else that i have seen. In plastic surgery is not where you want to "bargain" hunt do not look at it in the price way look at it in the PS credentials and experience and before and after photos as well. Well good luck with your consults
Thanks sexydock. I'll take a look at his work.
Best of luck with your consults. It is really hard to choose - such a huge decision. I had four consults and decided to go with Dr. Cortes. I know I made the right choice. He is aggressive with his technique to make sure you get the best results. Recovery is hard and I was second guessing what I had done to myself but I am now loving my results more and more every day. Go with your gut feelings (no pun intended) and you'll make the right choice.

First consultation

I had my consultation with Dr. Gill today. I got there and wanted to add all kinds of procedures TT w/ MR Lipo of upper and lower abs, flanks, upper and lower and lastly a breast lift. I wanted to do Lipo on my thighs but he says I have too much muscle and not enough fat. I felt good and really confident that he would do a wonderful job. Until I saw the quote $16,000 + What the heck! Gonna slim down my request and just do the TT and upper n lower back. I guess my boobies will continue to hang lowwww lol
Welcome to the site, the people on here are awsome, Good luck

I'm confused

I think it's safe to say that the prices everyone is posting on RS are only the PS prices to do the procedure and does not include OR, anesthesia or over night stay....I wonder if any of the PS include these in the total price
Hi I wish you the best of luck with your decision. I've had consults with many PS in Houston; Cortes and LoMonaco included. I ultimately, though he was more expensive, decided to go with Dr. L. You can read my post; I was too obsessed with this site so I had to take a break from it. I'm scheduled for surgery on 8/6, I'm sure I will post more after the procedure. My fee included the doc, anesthesia, garments, pain pump, overnight stay, lipo and I think something else (it's been a long time since I looked at it). If you have any questions feel free to PM me I'm happy to chat.
Hi thanks for the information. I haven't had my consult with Cortes yet it's next week. I'm pretty excited because of all his ratings I want to see what the hype is about. What made you decide to go with Dr. L and not Cortes if you don't mind me asking? You can just PM me . I'd like to know about both actually
I agree with majority of the PS here in San Antonio suck and are very pricey. If going for a bbl I would hands down go to salama in fl. Cortes is good too for bbl but in my opinion dr. Salama does a better job. As far as TT I have seen 2 girls that had theirs done with Cortes and they look great one even had lipo and fat transfer to hips. But one PS I. Houston TT hands down look awesome is dr. Paternolla he does the true form TT( if you look at e before and after photos his TTs blend in together instead of most TT I've seen with other PS there are dramatic drop offs between incision and Pubic area) so far he has the best natural form technique for TT, in my opinion.

I Just don't understand

I Called today to schedule a consult with Dr. Kratschmer and on his page for his bio it says that the consult is free. The person that answered the phone told me I had to pay $75 over the phone in order to even book the consult. WHAT I have never heard that before and I have called at least 15 Dr. so far. LOL He needs to take that off his page it it's not a offer they are going to honor.

1 more step closer

Got my loan approval through care credit. I just hope Cortes offers the no interest payments. All the other PS I've seen do. He's who I really want to see.

Burning my own FAT

Today was my weekly weight check with my trainer. 158.2 lbs. last week. Now I'm down to 155.2 lbs. 3 lbs down and 10 more lbs to go!
Awesome YEA ME!!!!!

Move up my Consult date with Cortes

So I am having my consult on Wed. I am so excited.! It's really hard to make plans to be off and for a care taker for 3 days plus the funds when you don't know anything. I'm really thinking that I can care for myself ..... Hummmmm

It's funny how I started with one issue I want to correct but when I look closer I find a bunch of other thing I would love to change if possible like I got 2 small rows on my back, my azz is already fat but I'd like to have some of that projection everyone is talking about! Lol I'd like to have a gap in between my thighs I hate them rubbing together. And extra hips never hurt anybody. But I'm going to be easy and stick with the TT & lipo :-)

working out is doings some justice

I'm SOLD..............

So I had my consultation with Dr. Cortes and I am SOLD. I really felt like I will get the look and results I want. I’m getting Full Hourglass Package minus a BBL. Full shape and form LOL I am not sure when I want to go still trying to figure that out but I am putting down my deposit asap. Thanks for the input from everybody that answered my questions.
Hey how are you? I know you have narrowed your doctor down but I was just wondering if you have seen the work of dr.j curves. He is amazing when it comes to the hourglass frame you are in search of. I am going to go to him for my final results in the future (after kids and husband) but for now I am just focusing on getting a husband. lol Good luck hun on whoever you choose I know you will be fabulous. I will keep an eye on you and your progress.
I am great! Excited that's all. I saw a lot of his work but I'm not willing to travel. Plus I don't want my butt any bigger then it is. I think my legs are too long. I'm like 20/80 proportion wise. Lol all legs. I just think if I just suck in the gut I'll look more balanced. But looking at all these pics I kinda want it all. Lol good to u 2
Are you kidding??? Long legs is never a thing to be upset about, play those babies up with some mini's honey! I looked at Cortez site and he is doing his thing as well but I tell you, this site will KEEP you spending money. Some of the work is simply amazing!!!!! I want it all too...

3 steps back..

After a long over due trip home to Chicago and a much needed rest period after I Went to my weight in with my trainer on Saturday and low and behold I gained a whopping 3.5 lbs. :-( grrrrr I'm pissed. I was doing so well. Now I got to buckle up and sew my damn mouth shut. My weight in before I left was 155 lbs. I gotta get back on.

I did go home and eat everything I haven't had in 10 years.
White Castles , Harold's Chicken, Portillo's, Garrett's Popcorn, Fanny Mae's, Vienni beef hotdogs and polishes, uno's Pizza, Genos deep dish, Steak alittle of this and that and the list goes on and on........ Lol Monday Starts a new PS I did bring some goodies back to Houston with me. Teehee hehe

Changed my Surgery date

New date October 17th. I need to be ready to travel for Thanks Giving and plus the original date was not available at work. Too close to the Holidays I guess.

Pics added

Still thinking about this Lipo to my thighs. I don't knowww.....


I know I have 93 days til surgery but I want to buy something now Just to make it seem real. LOL
Hey hun, thanks for the post...It surely is hard going through something like this and on top of that have to deal with the negative energy from family! Tough..but we will get through it!

Back On Track......Kind of

Weighed in today and lost 2 lbs. I want to get down to between 145 lbs.-150 lbs. I have to keep my ass and my thighs cause I can't do the BBL. What I want to do is get my breast lifted next. So what I'm going to start doing focusing on my legs and butt more on my own when I'm not with my trainer.

Next I got to get my eating habits back in check and stop drinking them drinks.
I noticed on my post op paperwork that I can't drink before or after the surgery. OMG what am I going to do??? Can't stop cold turkey I need a beer every once in a while specially when it's 99 degrees outside.
Cortez is a great Dr !!!!! Im looking to use him also for round 2 and touch ups. I found a great deal on a place to stay, transportation and a home health if anyone needs the info in box me.


What can I do to help time go by faster. I've even though about moving up my date. But I have so many other things I need to take care of before my date.

Tone and firm for 1. I decided I am not going to focus on burning fat just to make sure I have enough for the transfer to my hips. I got to get this butt to sit up just a little more. lol I'm going to try the Brazilian buns DVD's and see how that goes.
Still having a hard time controlling my eating. I got to have that in check as well or the TT will be for nothing because I will gain the weight back with the way I love to eat. :-P
That happened with the Lipo I have 2 years ago. Such a waist of my money
What's included in your quote?
I'm doing a TT, Lipo on lower and upper abs, flanks, upper and lower back,inner thighs and a fat transfer to my hips.
That's kinda what I want. I was thinking it would be closer to 6k tho. Did he give you a break down of charges?

AB Board

Just in case anybody is interested I found a AB board for $12.06 tax and shipping already included.

Me too, I think I moved my date up not because I'm excited but because I'm getting scared I feel like if I wait to long I'm not going to go through with it. ((((((((((( 41 days and counting ))))))))))
I can't wait to see your transformation ;) keep us posted.


Wondering if waxing is a must before my TT.Just an thought :-/

3M Reston foam padding

FYI if anyone needs some extra foam the 15/16 - $ 4.27 or 7/16 thickness - $3.27.
The pic they have is not the correct pic. these are the 1650M and the 1561H

My new Recliner

I wanted to get a large recliner but I don't have anywhere to keep it after I'm done with it :-( I could always try to sell it but where do I put it while waiting for someone decides to buy it. Plus I really don't have any place to set it up in my front room out of the way. Can't sit it in the bedroom because I can not sit in there all day. I need to know what goes on in the main area of the house. My kids might try to run a muck. LOL
I got a Zero Gravity Recliner from Walmart for $25. It's very comfortable I'm going to sleep in it tonight and see how it will work out for me. Only time will tell.

$275 for the larger recliner or $25 for the Gravity Recliner?? What to do what to do!
It's fairly effortless.! the bottom part that you rest your legs on is the lever. I just put my big toe behind it, lean back (Not push back just lean) and it glides back. It comes up just that easy. I went into walmart and tested the seat out before I got it. It comes in oversized too but it cost more. The idea is to be smaller after surgery though right? LOL I like the fact that when I'm done with it it folds up easily and out of the way. go try it out see if you like it.
How hard is it to get in and out of?

Back in the Gym

Well I have 8 more sessions with my trainer and I really didn't want to go anymore but, I weighed in this morning and I am 9 lbs down. I hit my goal weight. I'm 149 LBS. I don't want to lose anymore weight. So I'm just toning now until the 20th.

Yea ME!!

My Weight lost Journey ends now at 149 Lbs

I started at 170 Lbs. then I got down to 163 Lbs by myself. After working out with my trainer I ended up getting down to 155 Lbs. Went to Chicago and returned with 3 1/2 extra Lbs. lol

158.5 Lbs. to 149 Lbs. today that's 9.5 Lbs without even trying.....
Congraulations on your weight loss.. Will be following you throughout your journey!!
Congrats on your weight loss! Your date is right around the corner!

Getting the last of my supplies

Almost there.........
Hi, I see your surgery day is coming up and I wanted to wish you good luck and prayers be with you on that day. Happy Healing and Recovery! Can't wait to see the new you!
Thank you & I can't wait either :-)

I'm hungry and thirsty just thinking about

The fact that I got moved from my 10:00 am to 12 noon check in time. So now my surgery is not until 2 pm. That's 13 hours with no food or drink. That's ridiculous !!!! I'm calling the office in the morning I need to at least have a sip of water. Who does that! Surgery is 4 1/2 hours and then I'm told I won't want to eat. Shit I bet I will , 13 hours + 4 1/2 hours + give or take 1 hour recovery room time= 18 1/2 hours with no food or drink REALLY ! That does not sound right to me at all.

I was getting excited now I'm a little irritated.
Good luck on surgery tomorrow. I'm trying to get to your weight before my surgery in December.
Thank you and you can do it. For me once I made up my mind about the surgery I saw in my head my real goal. (The Air Force me) but man weight loss is much harder for women then men. ( my husband made me sick) lol I got off track thousands of times. Good luck with that . I mean it because what I did was use others drive and their success. That's what motivated me to get past wanting to choke him. Lol
Yeah men have it so easy. But thankfully I love working out and lifting weights. I like feeling strong. But man, it sure is harder getting this weight off as I age. Good luck today!!!

Rise and shine

Grrrrr I want my morning coffee!!!! I would still be in the bed trying to sleep through my cravings if my daughter didn't have to go to school. Why is she sitting next to me munchin on something I'm trying not to look. lol

Now the kicker is I got to cook dinner for the kids so when they get home they will have something to eat. My husbands going to be at the hospital with me. Dinner was my idea I should have kept my unrealistic mouth shut. Lol
Alright the countdown is on and poppin'!!! Sending well wishes your way for a safe and highly successful surgery!
Good luck girl, sending you good vipes!
Happy for you and your day is here!! Happy dreams & wakening into the flat side:)

Not liking this at all

The pain the pain. My husband and my son has been helping. My daughter helped me with my garment change. I could not take the stains any longer. had to call for some pain meds the ones I got are doing nothing at all for me.
Congrats! You made it! Happy healing!
Thanks ladies everything went well. Now I can't wait to heal.

Here are new pic.

I think you are looking great! Did you have lipo'd to the back? My quote was 9500 and when I asked why so much I was told lipo'd to the back cost more cause they have to turn you over
Yes I had my back done. I think it cost more because you have to be turned and that makes the procedure longer. So the hospital fee would be more. Just a guess.
Wonder why mine is 1100 more than yours?

First post op appointment

I had my first post op yesterday and my drains we're removed alone with some of my bandages. My incision looks good. There a lot of swelling around my belly button. At least I hope it's swelling and not fat cause it looks like fat. But I'm only 6 days post op. Time will tell. I know I'm bloated I got horrible gas and no BM since last Thursday. My hips look odd to but they look like the other ladies that had transfer by Cortes he says they will round out and I think they will because there's did.
The only thing I hate is the fact that my hips are hard as hell. That's my husband favorite spot to touch . He's gonna be pissed and me too cause I won't be cuddling any time soon.
I'm not able to sleep in the bed because I can't get in it. Lol if I do manage I go to the restroom at least 3 times during the night. So I am still sleeping in my chair. My husband bought new sofa set but I really like my recliner. Lol

I got a new garment yesterday also and this ish is tight as hell. I almost came out of it last night because I could not breath. Needless to say I still got it on and I've even added some foam to the sides because I don't want the creases that some ppl get. It was like cracking open a can of biscuits I just oozed out as I undid the latches. Truth be told I haven't been watching my salt intake. I really need to do better. Since I'm walking upright a little now I'm going to get back into making my own meals and eating better. This was an expensive process and I'm not gonna blow it before it really gets started.

Maintaining is my next step!

Before pics

These will help me stay on track and focused on staying flat!

I think by butt is cute lol

You look great!
Tks :-)
You're butt is FIYAH! I can't wait until my day so that mine can shine, lol.

OMG Somebody shoulda told me

About constipation and gas! It's been 7 whole days since the last BM. Killer I got up this morning and climbed up into my truck all by myself. Not an easy thing given my condition. The stool softener prescription I got was not doing anything at all. So I got some magnesium citrate grape flavor I'll see what this does.
I thought trying to pee pee was the hardest thing to do. I found out the hard way that all garments don't allow you to sit and use the restroom. So I read on RS that a funnel was the way to go. Wow that worked wonders until the small opening in the garment had my girly parts all swollen. Needless to say me and the funnel had a disagreement that I didn't win. So after cleaning up and changing into a new garment I'm scared to tee tee again. Lol
Anyway I made it to the store and back safely. It was not easy at all I am so not ready for work yet.

What a difference a......

Hot shower and oil down makes. Lol

OMG my legs

My legs look Horrible.
How have u been feeling? I has the same bruising on my inner legs and it left me with small bumps that kinda hurt ( I will post a picture of it).
I'm a lot better now yesterday was horrible. This swelling in more then a notion. Lol & I am bored out of my mind. I didn't even see the bruises until I got up that morning. Only one of them is sore. I got a huge one on my back too I'm going have my daughter take a pic for me. I'll look at your pic. Other then that how are u doing? & when did you start using any kind of scar treatment? I still have my stitches should I wait

Monday is approaching fast

I am so ready to go back to work! Anyway
I got my new garment on Wednesday and I used the 1st set of clasps. Today (Saturday) I'm in the last clasps size larger. Now I'll really not going to be able to pick up anything below my knees. So maybe next post op Dr visit I'll be in a medium.
That's small enough for me.

Back at work

Today is my first day back to work and it's not that bad. I have only been at my desk for about 30min this morning checking emails and after that I've been on my feet. My chair is killing my back. I just walked around and visited a few of my co-workers to see what's been going on. After lunch I went out to Fundruckers and got full on 1/2 a burger. This has been a long day the hardest part was the drive here. I can't back up well or check my back window. I got a crook in my neck now just getting out of the drive way. I drive a Suburban so you know that the truck itself is a blind spot. But I made it. The garment is the most uncomfortable thing I have going on today. No itching , no pain and very little swelling right now. I am healing wonderfully. My incision is healing great. The left side I was a little uneasy about. But both sides are flat and they have scab. I heal pretty quick I always have thank God. I am no longer taking the pain pills. I am taking Motrin 800 because I do have some pain and discomfort at times and I was having trouble getting comfortable at bed time. I got the best sleep ever last night.
Hey there! You look fabulous! Sorry I haven't checked on you...took a break from RS. I am so glad to see that things went well. Don't worry about the hips, they look hella crazy for several weeks but end up nice. My back was the worst part too. Hope you're feeling better every day!
Thank you! I am doing better. I just want to get the heck out of this garment. Lol I hope your doing well also.
The garment is pretty bad! It seems that Dr C is alot more strict than most PSs on RS because of the extensive lipo. It'll be over before you know it. Hang in there....good things to come.

Healing takes forever

I am so ready to be back to 100%. There hasn't deven many changes. My back itches like crazy. To the points where it sends me into a frenzy. Lol my incision is healing well. I still have stitches. That little puffiness around my belly is still there. I have a 3in long lump under my skin on my thigh and it hurts like hell. I can't even walk right. Aw and these shooting pains are an added bonus too.

But on the flip side I love the way everything is falling into place I'm just sick as hell of wearing this damn evil ass garment. Yea they make you look hott but I dished out all this money because I didn't want to wear them anymore grrrrrrr. I know it takes time but I had to put my feelings out there. Venting over
I'll take updated pics this evening

19 Dayz into my recovery

So had my second check-up and got my stitches taken out and I feel great. I got a few shot in the belly and most importantly I got a smaller garment and this one is actually a little more comfortable.


Went with my daughter to try on hollow even costumes and everything was hott as hell on the new me! Without being too sexy I'm leaning towards the paratrooper (I like boots & guns) lol
Too cute! I'm already planning for next years costume! Can't wait to see pics
Thanks! M counting each day.
Thank you for the really help me calming my nerve..bc mine surgery is on the 29 of this month..and it freaking me out. You look amazing honey!

Just going through the motions

I have read and taken notes from a lot of ladies on RS and I am so at ease every time I reach a new milestone or discover something new.
Any so I was awaken this morning by an uncontrollable need to scratch my lower back! OMG nothing would do I had a spoon, hanger yelling at my husband until I remembered: stupid go take some some Benadryl ! That knocked it out. Lol thanks RS
2 things I live by: Cardboard & Lipo Foam

The ab board $$$$ I made my own. Just uses some cardboard and it works just as good. Only $30-40 cheaper. It keeps my garment from bending while I function throughout the day. Driving to work , sitting in my chair all day, I have no creases anywhere.
One thing I got an attitude about is the fact that I purchases dally those damn Creams and gels ex.
arnicare : not sure if it's doing anything.
Benadryl gel: the itch is skin deep you need the pills.
Bio-oil: must be long term ?????? Nothing now it doesn't even keep my skin moisturized.
Palmers cocoa butter: another long term. Lol
The pre & post vitamins make me heal: I take them when I remember and I'm still healing well. Lol I could have saved my money there.

And the list goes on & on & on lol

What's helping me

Made myself a playlist include all the songs that make me feel sexy and listen to it everyday. It's disco fever in my bathroom every morning before I go to work!! Plus the little slaps on my ass from my husband when he walks by in the evening don't hurt. Lol

Updated pics

You look amazing
You look great. Dr Cortez did a good job. How are u feeling?
I'm doing really good. The only issue I'm having is these sharp pains every once and awhile. Those are killer. How are you doing?


I have not worn a size 6 in 25 years WOW
You look great! I go in for my TT (also BL) on October 31! I am super excited and really encouraged by all of you brave ladies on this site! I hope you are still healing well and feeling good...thanks for the tips!!
Your welcome, just giving back what I got. The ladies in RS were a life saver. Lol
And your gonna be fine. Good luck with your surgery make sure you update. Lol

The Ugly, the Bad and the Good

Of this journey is this damn garment. It has thrown a monkey rench in my sex life. So I thought I was going to be down for about 2 weeks. Wrong!!! My husband and I have been together for 14 years and married for 10. We still spoon when we sleep. Lol but, I can't lay on my side. My husband loves skin but the garment has all that covered up!

Now don't get me wrong I know when I am able to come out of this I'm going to be on point. When it's off I am loving my shape. When I put on clothes I feel sexy. But underneath I am crying inside. Lol

Dr. Cortes did exactly what he told me he would. And I could not be happier with my results. My scar I think is going to fade completely. Great cut. Even the side that looked scary to my looks good like he told me it would. I was in good hand and I'm glad I decided to go with him. Like I said before when I first met him I was sold!!! Why, because 1st he made me laugh, 2nd he listened to what I wanted and told me what I needed to look the way I should. 3rd the price to me it was not too expensive for all that he does. The whole fat transfer thing I knew nothing about and it was worth it. I really feel like I was sculpted. Wow
Money well spent. But,I hate this garment!!!

Don't get me wrong it is functional, holds me tight, I don't have creasing and lines at all, good quality because it can withstand my washing lol. I can wear it with my tight jeans and you can't see the garment print around my thighs. Great back support and most importantly my ass looks awesome in it!

I'm glad I didn't spend a lot of money on ordering some other garments like I wanted to but the nice ladies in his office told me to wait and good thing I listened,
All the ladies that I have seen and spoke with in the office are very nice and sweet. It's a really warm feeling atmosphere better then my regular doctors office. Lol

As soon as pay this off I'm working on getting a breast lift since the overhand is gone. I'm tired of having to wear a bra all the time I want them to sit up. I don't care about size just the hang. Lol
You look great. You are wearing that purple dress. I am happy to hear you are having a great recovery.
Thanks, you look great. I know you feel good as well.

More pics

I'm sure you can tell by now that I love to take pictures. Lol
Wow your waist is so tiny and you look fabulous
Tks, he says it's going to get smaller too. Omg

Out of control

I am cleaning out my closet and trying to see what's what and I really need to go shopping or have 80% of my pants taken up.

I don't think I ppl take into account the clothing budget that should be included in the surgery total! Wow I didn't.
It kinda hurt to see some of my stuff go. :-(
Great results so far. Your look very confident in your spooning outfits. ;) would like to know where you got them. Happy healing!!
Thank you. Jcpenny's had a sale.
U look great hun...awesome idea for card board now ino wha to use being dat mines is bent in the middle an pokes thru my garment!

Belly button

Infected? Yes or no
It itches and a little sore too

Belly button

Infected yes or no?
Itches and a little sore
Is that a drain sticking out of your bellybutton ?
No it's a stint I'm told to keep my belly button for closing up.
Wow long did they tell you that it has to stay in? & is that causing infection?

Belly button doing better

And all my suits are too big!

Got one of my costumes

Here's the first. It's too short to wear my garment unless I wear se stretch pants
Love it!

Here's the other one

I think my ass looks too big in the costume that's not me ok ok my husband is not having that
You look great. Dr. Cortez will work on me on the 29. So i been stalking your page for few months now. Thank you for all of your update..xo
Tks ladies and I was so surprised my husband likes the same one. Lol I don't like ppl (men) looking at and commenting on my ass. This costume says look at this! Lol
Last one for sure! Strut that s*** girl, lol!


Waist: 31"
Hips: 42"
Wow you look wonderful and sexy becareful with those spooning outfits.
You look great boo! Where did you get you cg? It looks soft. I like!
Thanks! I got it from my PS it's by Bodyshape Tech. Check there website. Great control and soft on the inside too.

Time is flying by

I was just yesterday I was unhappy with the way my clothes fit and how I looked even worse without them. Then the next day after I had my surgery I had an idea in my head as to what I was suppose to look like. I hated my hips because they looked square and very very odd. I was afraid I was going to have the dog ears and my stomach was not going to be flat at all.

But today I am so happy with my results. My hips rounded out and my waist is super tiny. OMG My scar is healing and just about invisible with no dog ears. You know when you read too much about the bad and ugly you cant just get those thoughts out of your head.
But for me when Dr Cortes says "your going to be fine", "everything looks great", "Don't worry" or "your going to be happy with the way you look". It was the truth every time.

I made the right decision and picked the right PS
? Did the zero gravity chair and the Sculptor work for you and if so how did you use them
I loved my gravity chair. I slept in it, ate in it and relaxed in it. It reclines in several positions. It lays all the way back so you can sleep and have your feet elevated at the say time. The sculptor I use mostly for my thighs and lower back to help smooth out the fluid that collects there.
Loking good ma! Can't wait for mine!

1st Lymphatic Massage

So I finally went to Massage envy. The lady at the front desk was very nice and expressed that she was thinking about a TT as well and had a few questions. The one that did the massage was a bonafide HATER! She had a few comments about ppl doing anything to look good. I wanted to tell her "Don't be mad you can do it too!"
I hate when ppl judge. I didn't ask any of them for any funds at all so keep they can keep there opinions to themselves cause I'm good, secure and satisfied in and with the way I once look and do look now! My man loved me before and after!
Ain't nothing changed Boo Boo !!!!!

Sorry just had to get that out anyway I told her not to massage my hips and I did have to raise my voice cause she was a tad bit hardheaded. LOL
All in all it was good. I think I'm going to try another massage envy and get a man this time. I'll see how that goes. My husband does do my night massages but he always want's payment :-)))

1st full hour outside of my garment...... OMG I didn't visually swell but I felt like my world had shifted. I will not do that again. November 20th needs to hurry up I can not take it anymore this small is a killer!
Thankyou so so much for sharing your story with me. I am having my TT in one week. It has been great for me to see the ups and downs you have been going through and how detailed your pics are. It's made me less fearful of things going wrong. Thankyou again.
You are so very welcome.
Will you be selling your zero gravity chair ? Ill need one in Jan. If not where was it purchased?

Git caught slipping

I took my garment off so that my husband could give me my nightly massages and he took too long getting home and I fell asleep on my back. OMG. I woke up and it felt like all the blood had rushed to my back and knotted up right above my butt. I jumped up so quick and snatched that damn garment up and put it on. Man it never felt so good to be in it. Just just told me I am not ready to live without it just yet. ;..._(
You look amazing!!! I'm going to do a to revision with him was the to the only surgery what size were u in before the surgery? Thank for sharing your journey!
Thank You! I was in a uncomfortable 10 before now I still wear the same size pants they are just a little too long because I don't have the overhang in the front to hold them up. I can wear a size small in shirts for the same reason. I only got Med and Large because of my stomach and I wanted to have a little room in the front. I can wear a size 6-8 in dresses because my friend in the front is gone but I can still wear the dresses I have and they look nice because of the hips. LOL
I didn't know Massage Envy does lymphatic massages. I am going to call the one near me. I haven't had one yet but would like to try it.

Way too much attention

So i'm at work walking down the hall on my way to a meeting minding my own business when this fool steps out from between 2 cubicles and begins to record me walking down the hall . OMG If that is not sexual harassment I don't know what is. Sometimes I don't even want to look cute because I don't want the attention. I should not have to feel like that shit I paid a lot of money to look HOTT and I can't even show it off. lol And on top of that I found candy and a note in my chair this morning. Really
You look so good! U have such an hourglass shape! Girl u dont need a bbl. u already have cakes!
Thank you :-)
Girlie, that garment is going to become your bestie before it's all said and done! Learn to embrace it and love it. It will take good care of you. Just allow it to shape and mold you. Then BAMMMM! Retire her.

Just when I thought it was all sweet...

Little by little I'm getting feeling back in my back and OMG this shit hurts! I hated the numb feeling because it made scratching feel odd. And it always felt swollen but when I look in the mirror it's flat. Now I want it go numb again. I winder if this is another phase because my stomach is still numb too. Hope they don't wake up together. Lol others then that I'm doing great I'll be posting pics soon.
You look good......I do have question.....I noticed in one of your pkcs hou had a sculptor massage did that work for you?
Thank you and It hurts me when I use on myself and near bone it's a little painful a little ruff. t dr Cortes sucked my back dry. Lol so a good rub down is all I can stand. On meatier parts of the body it's feel good. 


I took these today. The only thing I am not super happy with is the row of fat on the right side of my back. But I can handle gray I feel awesome and think I look fabulous that minor imperfection is nothing. I mentioned only because everyone should understand that surgery is not 100% and what I got is more then what I wanted. It feels good as hell to not have to always buy large shirts due to the extra middle. Aw my other issue is my sex live is suffering big time damn the garment lol
Love the pics you u look wonderful!!


Waist : 29 in
Hips : 42 in

Old Garments got to go.
Hun, I will be so happy when I have my bonfire made for my girdle burning celebration!
Looking great ma.

A Bonfire! Great Idea (Mzphatbooty)

No transformation is complete without some kind of ceremony.
I have to completely crossover and say Goodbye and Good Riddance to everything that the new me has no more use for. LOL

Valuable tip

Once the swelling goes down from the Lipo your going to need smaller garments. They are expensive $60-$100. I took 2 of mine to get taken in and she wanted $20 for each. Whatever, I already spent enough money. I got some denim thread and a strong needle and got to sewing straight up the back. They fit perfect.

I had to do it because they weren't compressing my back or my abs any more and I was sick of spending money on $100 garments when I could be getting cute outfits. Whenever I sat or laid down for long periods of time my back would swell and hurt like hell. Now it's tight and I think the swelling will go down.


I'm going to cut the extra fabric off but I wanted to make sure it fit right. Plus I got to stitch through the original stitching to make sure it doesn't come apart when I wash it.

:-(( Sad face

I know , I know eat clean and leave the beer alone. But is sooooo hard. I gained 5 lbs. it's all in my ass and hips too. I broke 2 zipper on my garments trying to get them over my hips. my waist is getting smaller but my butt is getting bigger. That would be a good thing but I'm just worried about my stomach getting a little fat. It's still swollen a bit. I'm having a hard time with compression so low in that area. My back is getting better. I just have a few sting that run through it here and there. But the lumps are just about gone. I still have the one in my thigh. You can't tell unless you touch it. I have another one on my left hip. My hips still hurt some times. But its bearable. I am still sleeping on my back and stomach. I'm afraid to sleep on my side because I love my hips and I don't anything to happen like make them uneven.
"Say Bye-Bye to my bin of control!" Love it doll! That's right take back control! Lmbo!!! You are hilarious! Happy Healing!!!
Lol thanks oddly enough I still needed some of those when I could no longer take the garments I got from the Cortes. They do the job but sometimes I have to exhale.
girl you look really good! Quick question. what was your hip measurement prior to getting the fat transfer to The hips? Have you lost any volume yet or are you maintaining? I'm excited about getting hips as well because Lord knows I need some, but I don't want to lose him either. praying and hoping that the fat graft will stay.

Loving my squeem

Got an x-small and I'm using foam for my back and sides and the hourglass is on point! Still
I guess the extra 5 lbs are working in my favor. I've gotten a few "your jeans fit nice" from some ppl males and females lol
How long did it take you lose weight? What was your starting weight? Do you think it made a difference getting down to your goal weight? You look fabulous and are an inspiration!
Thanks a lot. My starting weight was around 175 when I decided to have the surgery. I got down to 155 lbs with the help of a personal trainer. I thought I was but I wasn't doing anything on my own. lol It took about 6-8 weeks. I had to really put a foot down and change my eating habits. NOT diet but change for the long haul Because once you get all slim and sexy that weight is just in the shadows, looming over you watching and waiting for you to back slide. LOL I'm holding strong but I do mess up every once and a while but who doesn't you just can't over do it. Think about the money you spent that will curve those taste buds. lol
You look great!!! As I am getting nervous about my date Dec 20th with Cortes.

Noticing an amazing change

So this is a long road and I'm getting tired. I don't want to wear this garment from hell anymore. But I see the changes in my shape and so does everybody else. I've even earned a weekly date night with my husband and he has a fit if something interferes with it.

Other pics

My only issue is my lower abs. Still having a hard time trying to get good compression.

Other then that I'm feeling fine as wine!!
Looking awesome!!
You look great!

Loss the belly and gained

These big ass thigh! They were already big but now there getting bigger. My husband loves it. I was told that when you remove fat from some areas when you gain weight it shows elsewhere.
A "virtuous woman" is a ingenuous and resourceful creature. That being said, I love the fact that you purchased a spool of heavy duty thread & needle, and got to stitching away! Umph... I know that's right, bump that $20/garment alteration fee!lol I have an arsenal of weave sewing needles and fiber. This is such a wonderful, cost saving idea! In definitely going to be getting busy, cause I plan on waist training for 6 months. Did you also purchase Sheets of foam to wear under your garment? BMW can you give me the name of the Amazon seller in which you brought your corsettes? I just simply adore the yellow floral printed one!
Now back to looking at your photo album! Hehehe
Alivila.Y Fashion Butterfly Pattern Corset 2882 With G-String (the yellow one) yea I did get extra foam but I only used it when the sides would dig into sides or back. I sewed up my garments for more compression on my waist and lower abs but beware the garments with the zippers. Yea you got the waist smaller but you got to get pass the HIPS first!! Lol I broke 2 zippers trying to shimmy in my garments. I was rushing cause I had shit to do. just be mindful & take your time. Lol It's hard to get into but can be done. My garment with the clips is just fine.

Best jeans ever

Levi stretch leggings $29-34
That's what I got on in the pic above. No belt needed and the form to the hips without the gap in the back.
Ewww hunty... I just finished reading the reviews regarding the sizing on the butterfly corset. Did you find your garment ran smaller than expected also? My chi-chis are currently grandiose, but I'm hoping the good Dr. Can get me down to a full "B" or small "C" cup. However, after this major tummy- tuck in clueless as to what size I'm going to be. I just wanted to order one so that I would have it for late summer(most of the swelling will have subsided by then. You think?).
I think they do run true to size. I got a large but it was pulled together at the back. I would more then likely need a Med. now. My waist is a little smaller then it was when I got that one. It was tight on my breast and I'm a B-small C cup so I think the cup part is a little small. You should be fine by the summer time. aw it comes with a g-string too. It feels like denim though.

New Year Garment Sale

Happy New Year RS

Just a FYI I got an email this morning from vedette and they have 50% off all shapewear no code needed

Good do these shape wears feel?
I got 2 of the Vedette Women's Megane Open Bust Bodysuit w/ Lace Trim from amazon and I like them. I have a sm and a x-small

Updated pics

I don't know but I think I'm gaining weight. My butt is getting quite large!

What do you do

When nothing fits.....?
Some clothes fit everything but the waist and I hate belts!

But I love buying new clothes !!
How are you now hun?
I am great! I still wear my garment sometimes because my stomach is not completely flat. There is a row of fat left side of my back only. Which looks really odd. It was like that even before the extra 5 lbs I've picked up. Plus most of that is in my hips n ass. Lol
How is your belly button? You look great!

Wow What a road we travel

So after my last visit with cortes and I was told I LOOK Great!!! I knew damn well I had gained weight. I asked if I could have a revision in my back because it was uneven and I still had the dog ears that he said would go away. He told me it was from weight gain. REALLY! Then when I asked how much it would be he had the audacity to want to charge me $4000! UMMMM no I don't think so. when I started gaining weight it went right to my ab area and my butt. Side note my hips are uneven not bad but I can tell and it is noticeable in certain outfits if you focus. Haha

I wasn't really feeling my results and I felt like he could have done more lipo on my abs. So I went to a different Dr. to have lipo done. I went to a weight loss clinic with a friend and they kept showing this commercial about some kind of smart lipo. So I decided to ask him about it. Plus it didnt hurt that they were running a special for 50% off upper and lower abs. $2000 wasn't a bad price to get my confidence back. He told me that my upper abs were never touched. i kind of had a feeling they weren't because I was only flat in the morning by evening I was all poked out up top. So scheduled my surgery and I was awake the entire time I listened to my music and my audio book. i talked with the nurses for most of it. They were great! He really took his time he even wanted to do my lower flank area and I told him that was GOOD fat. LOL he laughed. He did do my upper flanks to make me look curvier. He did a awesome job! unfortunately I have gained about 8-10 lbs since. But the difference is my abs are still flat! That's because he cleared out most of my fat cells and the fat won't return so fast. But it has found another area to reside in. LOL My ass is out of control. I can not wear not a pair of my jeans. My husband loves it. So do other on lookers. LOL At least I can still wear small tee shirts. i am very happy with what he did. I'm thinking about getting my pubic area done because it is a little too chunky for me. He did offer but I for some reason decided against it. He told me I can come back if I want to and he ill do it. The only thing I hate is the scars on my back where cortes did the lipo. I can not have my back out. So no bikini's for me :-(
Houston Plastic Surgeon

So the date is set. I'm signing up for a TT, Lipo on lower and upper abs, flanks, upper and lower back,inner thighs and a fat transfer to my hips. Wow that's a lot. I am super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

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