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My Independence Day Comes Early This Year! - Houston, TX

I am 6 days away from my tummy tuck and I am out...

I am 6 days away from my tummy tuck and I am out of my mind! I'm excited, nervous, scared, and most of all READY!!!
I was so proud of myself when I managed to lose 50 pounds through Weight Watchers. The whole time I told myself "Once and for all!" That weight was coming off and was not going back on! I have done pretty well a year later but when I look at myself all I see is the skin. After giving birth to an 8 pounder 13 years ago and a 10 pounder 10 years ago, that stretching was a bit more than I expected!!
So here I am now, looking for encouragement and inspiration and tips! I hope to keep a diary in pictures of all of my happy progress!! I plan to be independent of that belly skin this time next week!
Hi thanks for the reply it is hard sometimes ,but each day I am learning the do,s and don't,s I didn't have any lipo so I worry all still look fat the swelling is my issue right now ,when it starts getting bad ,I know it time to lay down and relax, for anyone getting this surgery make sure you do your research , and know that your going to be down for a while, have a support system ,you will need it!! One day at a time , today is 2 weeks , so much difference a week can make, good luck to everyone who is having ,or had surgery takecare!!
I had a TT with lipo of the flanks and breast aug last Jan. Love the results! The first few weeks are challenging but each day gets better. I am a Practice mgr for plastic surgeon so I knew a lot about the procedure but so different when I was the patient. Be sure your surgeon is board certified and you follow your post op instructions to be sure you have the best outcome possible. Most of all, take care of yourself and be patient, the results take time. I went down 2-3 pant sizes, still watching my diet very carefully to be sure i dont gain any weight. Best of luck to you!
Thanks! That's the kind of results I'd like to see for myself! I'm a realistic person and have a good idea of what to expect but I like to hear from those that have been there before me!! Thank you, thank you!!!!

Pre-Op Visit Was Amazing!! This girl's all paid up!!!

I was so nervous today going to meet with my doctor. I had a billion questions and I was afraid I would be taking up his time! (Silly right?) When I was finally called back to the room, I couldn't believe just how nervous I was. However, I noticed that every person in the office from reception on up was calm, smily, and really encouraging. They all helped to put me at ease.
When the doctor finally came in he was great! He joked, and just talked a bit because he could tell I was really nervous. When we finally got to business, he answered every one of my questions, no matter how silly I thought they were. (My husband's favorite was "What do I do if I have to poop?")
After the good doctor answered all of my first round and second round of questions, I had my pictures taken. I talked to more staff about procedures they had and they told me their stories too!
Finally, I paid!!! I was so at ease and relaxed after that whole visit that all I could do was smile! :-) I am finally more excited than nervous!
Even better, I told my children what I was going to be doing on July 2nd. I was hesitant to say anything to them because this is such a selfish act. I didn't know what a 13 and 10 year old would think of their mom choosing to do this. They had lots of questions but were happy for me and was the last piece to this puzzle!!
I'm so ready now! It took all of my will power not to ask if we could push the date up! I guess I'll just have to hold on for 5 MORE DAYS!!!!!
Best wishes!
Thank you so much Faith!
Congrats on making the decision; best of luck. You will have wonderful results!!

Nesting? WTH??

Today I have been a crazy woman! I need the house to be clean, toes and nails done, and of course a bit of waxing!! I didn't do this when I was pregnant with either child!! I started putting pictures of the family on the dining room wall and it's killing me that I haven't finished it yet. I posted yesterday that I was more excited than nervous, well I think I found the nervous again. My behavior is bananas!!
I can only imagine your excitement and nerves. Getting my date the 2nd and I'm jumpy already. Sending you calming wishes and best of everything!
That's funny I did the same thing I was staying up til 2 in the morning cleaning fixing things so everything would be easier ,now if I could have figured out how to make my house clean it,s self I would have it made!! Your going to do fine good luck keep us posted!! Takecare!!
Will someone advise me how I can put pictures onsite?

Two Days and Counting!

I am two days away!!! Until this point I have not told a lot of people, I just don't want to go through all of the explanations and whys. However, I told two close friends today and one was overjoyed for me and the other questioned my motives. It doesn't matter because I am thrilled and can't wait!
My PS recommended I go on an all liquid diet two days prior to showtime, so here I am dreaming of burgers and potatoes and enjoying water, juices and broths. It's all part of the package and I am totally all in!!!!
Good luck 2 days and counting, it will be ok !'keep us posted! Takecare!!
Thanks deannar1963. I will see you on the flat side!!

This is it!

I didn't think I would sleep a wink, but I slept like a baby! I hope that's a good sign. I look at my self in the mirror and realize that this is what I want and that makes it OK. I have to be at the hospital in one hour and I am just excited. I hope I'm not too much of a pain for my husband in the coming weeks! Wish me luck friends!
Hope everything went well. Know that you're in all our thoughts.
Hope everything went well and your resting comfortably. Know that you're in all our thoughts.
Good luck"!!!!!!

I can't believe it!!

I did it!!!!!!!! I still don't believe it but I am officially on "the flat side!!!" I need to thank all of you ladies for your encouragement and well wishes! It went a long way for me! You all have become my support system and I thank you.
Yesterday was a blurr and my head was in a fog. Today is so much better! I feel half human again. The worst part was the nausea but it was just yesterday. Today is all good. Most of all, even with the bandages, I love it! I go to the doc on Friday and hope to see my stomach for the first time then.
Got my staples out today, I feel so grumpy ,I asked the dr about the swelling I get so miserable he tell me don,t whine it's takes awhile I just want to know about is this much normal I am 20 days, just tired of hurting and he tell me not to lay around or I am going to get fat again well I swell when I do to much and my back, this dr is suck a jerk he has the bedside manner of a flea!! Just needed to vent trying to make my self healed doing all I can I am trying for patience thanks for reading I feel a little better!
You look reallly good!!! Hang in there, better days are ahead of us :)

It's the 4th of July!!

I know each day brings one more day of healing but sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees.
I did a lot more walking around the house today but man my back is killing me! However, I know I wouldn't be given more than I can handle so its all good!
My back was my worst pain too. Try some moist heat. It gets better!!
Thanks for the tip kelli46. I'll try that!
Did you have lipo with your TT? Im wondering if the back pain is related to the lipo? I have a BAD back thats why Im asking. Thanks!

Visit with my PS!

My visit went great! The dr said I had lots of swelling which is totally expected for 4 days after but he and I expect great things to come!
Wow! You look f a b u l o u s!!!
Thanks Soon2be! I feel fabulous! Those before and after pics are an amazing sight to me!
Omg, Mel! You look amazing!!!

Get to the pictures already!!

Before I had my TT with MR and Lipo, wanted to see all the pics I could of each woman's recovery process. I have a few more to add. BTW, I haven't seen many women list Gas X in their list of things to have at hand. PLEASE get this item or something like it!! Yesterday I was miserable because of the gas!!
Finally, thank you all! Your encouragement makes me feel wonderful!!
U look GREAT!!!
Kaye, thanks for your kind words!
Looking good

The Consequences of Feeling too good!

So I overdid it yesterday! I felt so good that I had husband take me to a grocery store and a few errands. It felt so good to be out and about I even cooked dinner for everyone. As the evening went on I got more and more swollen! Yuck!! My side rubbed against the corset and did some extra bonus swelling of its own!! So today I'll be sitting, even if it kills me. And I think it might!,
You look wonderful! Hang in there with resting! This is a long recovery!
Thanks Kim! I am learning to take it easy!


I went to the PS today and I was pumping myself up that I would get my drains out today. He recommended that I keep them in just a few days longer to be on the cautious side. He completely explained the reason for wanting to keep them in 2 more days, and I totally get it, but these things are driving me crazy. Not to mention, no drains means different body shaper! My husband reminds me that I had major surgery 7 days ago and I shouldn't be too hard on myself.
Aside from that, I am doing great! Doc says I look good and the lipo swelling on my side will go down as the fluid leaves my body. I am in love with my new self!
You look amazing. I have horrible case of nesting today! I have cleaned every closet and drawer in my house!
LOL Tina! I'm glad I'm past that terrible phase!!

Husband went back to work today!

Well, the honeymoon is over. I knew it wouldn't last forever, but it was nice. I found myself doing more today, (paying for it now with "Swell Hell") and not taking as many breaks. I got a thick skull but I gotta learn!!

Free at last! Free at last!!

On day 10 PO I got my drains out!! Hallelujah!! I really didn't like those things! I also got what I now call my "Super Suit"! My girdle is an amazing thing! I can't believe how in look. I couldn't really appreciate the new me because I was too tied up in the drains, the uncomfortable girdle, the hunched over back, ... But when I looked at myself in the super suit I cried because for the first time I was flat!
Now I'm standing up straighter, moving freely, showering, and retrying on every outfit in my closet!! Love it!!!
You look so great! I like your super suit. My waist shaper thing is killing me today. I trade between this and spanx tank top thing. I like the spanx better. My ps said I don't have to wear one now but I have a had time not wearing one during the day. Happy healing
I saw the spans tank top and thought that might be nice too! My Super Suit is not so super during my menstral cycle!!
Who wouldn't love a super suite!!

3 Weeks Baby!!

I woke up this morning and thought, "I'm 3 weeks PO!!" I can't believe it! I am having a love affair with my body! I look in the mirror way more than I should and I'm not even completely healed yet! I'm going to be impossible to deal with in the future! Just kidding! But I am amazed at the journey I am on, and I am loving the ride!
I met with my book club yesterday, I finally had time to read the book, and as we were wrapping up, a good friend of mine said, "I don't want to sound out of place but did you get a boob job? Your boobs look so big?" After I finally stopped laughing, and clutching my stomach, I shared with the group that I had a Tummy Tuck! I was so excited to share about the new me! I had wondered what friends that didn't know what I had done would think. Now I know! I guess once the stomach is gone, the boobs are all that's left to focus on!!
I have become much better at waiting. My diet is finding a happy place without too much salt! And while I walk a little on cooler mornings, I sit a lot and drink lots of water! I am truly one blessed girl!!
You are looking amazing girl! Your belly button is so cute!
Thanks Nichole! I love it!!
wow well done !

Feeling So Good!!

How long did it take you to sleep with just one pillow? Because I still am not there! I am using less pillows, I only used 2 for my upper body and two under my legs, but I am nowhere near flat yet! However, I got the best nights sleep I've had in a long time! I think I rolled onto my side at some point too. It's like I'm a baby learning to roll over all over again.
Felt so good, I took a good walk today. It was only 88 degrees outside this morning, so I put my compression workout clothing on and out I went. I'm not running yet, but it only took me 20 minutes to complete a mile this time! That's down from 27 minutes! I'm not ready for any 5 K's but I'll take this start! I cannot tell you how this was the best decision of my life!!

Happy Healing Friends!!
I know what you mean about the pillow- I'm 10 weeks out, and even though I can comfortably sleep without one under my knees, I sleep more comfortably with it there. I don't think it hurts anything, maybe it even helps keep off any kind of tension while the scar is forming? I like my pillow, lol! You look fantastic!
Compression top and pants!! That's a great find. Looking good Mel!!

Look Back and See How Far I've Come!

I've been walking , a lot, lately and I feel the old me, the good healthy one, coming back!! I was feeling like there aren't any updates to share. I even debated not sharing this week at all until last night when I choked on the water I was drinking. I realized I grabbed my stomach as I sputtered and coughed buy I was no worse for wear afterward!! OMG! I think I'm healing on the inside! I don't see too many outward changes but as long as there is forward progress, I'm a happy girl!
On a different note, I absolutely adore my belly button! She is so cute, and her name is BeeBee!! (You have to understand, I was the child that named her stuffed animals Froggy and Teddy, not a lot of creativity lives here! :-) ) The whole me is coming together nicely! I have always liked me, but now I think I'm in a love affair with myself! My husband said that he's gonna have to install larger mirrors in the bathroom because of my new vanity! Sounds good to me!!
Rest easy everybody! And happy healing!!
At your 23 day update, im screaming nooooooo! Because you were still sleeping with pillows under your legs and behind you! Lol im 13 days post op and i got lile 6 pillows behind me, and one huge one under my legs. But honey you look amazing! Wait until you sleep ur hubbys arms, all those pillows will disappear!;-)
Hey T! Pillows or not I have been snuggled up nicely to the husband! I even accidentally realized I can sleep without any pillows under me at all! I think it had just become a safety blanket, or pillow!! Happy healing!
I like that! Thats soo cute!

I'm so grateful!!

I'm posting today because I'm anxious to see the timeline say "1 month"! I'm so happy!!
You look great. This is the best look I've seen your scar is beautiful. How long we're you out of work? Did you feel a lot pain after the drains were gone?
I felt very little pain after drains. After 3 weeks I think I could have easily gone back to work! I teach so I will have a total of 8 weeks before I have to work!!
I went bad and read alittle more, so I am on my feet alot... I feel like my stomach is swollen still and I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow, so I need more water and less on my feet. Your looking great, and I smiled when you shared your story with the book club! You look great!

Back to work, Mostly!

I started setting up my classroom today. I did a lot of bending, lifting heavy boxes, and stretching high and low. And let me tell you, it is catching up to me now! I thought for sure after 6 weeks I would be about 100%, man was I mistaken! I feel like I'm about to bust with swelling. Luckily, I'm not working full days so I can try to ease myself into this. I went full tilt today and I think I will scale it back a bit tomorrow. The good news is, I am using my abs much more and more or less feel pretty good.
On a much happier note, I knew I would be seeing a lot of coworkers for the first time so I wore an outfit that would show off my new curves! Nothing gross, mind you, I am a teacher sweating like a big dog all day today! I had lots of people tell me how great I looked and if anyone asked me what I did, I happily told them about my wonderful PS and the magic he performed. One good friend insisted on seeing the belly button! Loved it!!
Looking great love! I can't wait to be on the flat side..Continue to heal gorgeous and don't let them students run you up a chalk board. .lol
Ha Mamacita!! That's the goal every day!! Thank you so much!! I can't wait for you to join me on the flat side!!
You look great, I can't wait to pick your brain when i make in two weeks. Happy Healing
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