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Okay, I had my consultation with Dr. Cortes a few...

Okay, I had my consultation with Dr. Cortes a few weeks ago. So far my experience has been great. The wait time was a little longer then I expected but I guess if you are a busy surgeon that is to be expected. I meet a couple of his ladies in the office, they were very nice and helpful, and then I meet with Dr. Cortes. I initially came in for a butt augmentation but during our visit he told me that I would need to gain about 15 pounds...OMG...I could not do that. So he told me not to do the procedure because I would not be happy with my results if I didn't gain the weight and keep it. Not at all what I wanted to hear. But he suggested I do a tummy tuck instead with fat transfer to my hips still giving me an hourglass procedure. Okay, I said and we continued. He was straight forward, no BS and he answered all my questions. He was very nice and professional. Now I go see Lucy, who is very sweet, she goes over my quote and surgery dates with me, so I am thinking about possibly November. I was very happy with my consultation but am appropriate confused with all these things I keep seeing on traded makes me wonder is he the doctor for me. HELP LADIES!!!!! I need some input, please give me your thoughts.I really want to be a Cortes doll or since I am from Texas perhaps a Cortes Texas doll.


You are absolutely right. I think I will schedule a second consult with him. With all the talk on RS is crazy. I will go address my concerns with him him and see what he says. I have been reading some of these profiles and some of these ladies that are complaining look really good. I will just have to go with my gut feeling after I have a second consultation with him. I will keep you posted. Thanks
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Feel free to inbox me.
it was nice meeting you huneybuney let me know if you need anything :)

Second consultation here I come.

I am going back in to see Dr. Cortes for a second consultation tomorrow to address some of my concerns and issues. Lot of comments on RS that concerns me. I want to make sure he is the Doc for me. I will keep you posted!


Good luck write down all questions hope all is well
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Second Consultation

OK, Ladies this will be long as I had my second consultation yesterday and i must say it went really well. First of all before I get started I have been doing a lot of reading on this crazy information of wealth RS, with tons and tons of reviews to say the least. OK, I must say that the wait time yesterday was CRAZY... there were people everywhere, inside the waiting room, outside in the hallway...everywhere. this is a busy man. Anyway while I waited I had the opportunity to speak with some of his recent surgery patients that made me feel really good. There were all kinds of ladies with different procedures. The main complaint I heard was the swelling, lots and lots if swelling. Everyone was kind of sharing their stories and laughing. Just having a really good time. Not like a quite Dr. office. It literally sounded like a party up in there. I learned alot of interesting stuff, what to expect, supplies to get, etc...but I must say all the ladies look great. Granted some where early in their surgery, so still talking about the swelling. Finally, my turn about an hour or so later. No problem worth the wait. MARIEL came and got me and put me in a room, man Oh man, her body is booming. Looking good girl. Deanna came in and asked if she could help answer any questions while I waited to see Dr. Cortes. We talked for awhile. She made me feel at ease, as she has had this procedure with Dr.Cortes herself. She even showed me her scar, which by the way did not look bad at all. It looked really good. She was very knowledgeable about the procedure. Then in came Dr.Cortes and all though his office was extremely busy today he spent the time I needed. He went over the procedure, risks of surgery, scar location and then I addressed my concerns about all these ladies on RS. He told me that he had not even had time lately to go on there with all the surgeries he has been doing and spending time with his family. Ahhh Yes, a real family man. I must say my visit went well. So after all my research on RS and getting past the handful of ladies on here that seem to be complainig I found that the majority of his reviews were good and the ladies were happy and looked good. After talking with several ladies at the office yesterday and reading blog after blog, whew!!! I have decided to go with Dr.Cortes. I think his work speaks for itself. So this morning I call Ms. Lucy paid my deposit and closed for late October. SUPER EXCITED!!! Can't wait to get nice shape and my figure back after babies. And all though there seems to be a few ladies here on RS complaining I still think he will be the best for me. Just do some research, look further back and you will see he has alot of good reviews and they far outweigh the bad. DR. Cortes told me that he does over a 1000 surgeries a year and risks and complications come along with that. So if he only has 6 or 7 out of 1000 then I have to say those are pretty good odds. Besides I have have talked to a few ladies on here, and Yes as they are willing to share their stories, however they are reluctant and not fully open as to why they changed their opinion about Dr. Cortes. Just my opinion, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I feel they are bitter and I have noticed they have their hands in everyone's blog like they are a pack of wolves after prey. So I find them not a reliable source for my journey. Dr. Cortes had told me "the knife can fix the body but not the mind" true so true after reading all these blogs and seeing these ladies profiles and pics they look great and they still complain. I will trust my judgement and intuition and go with Dr. Cortes. He really seems carrying, staff is super friendly and they just make you feel welcome. So I will keep you posted and possibly posted some pics


Glad to hear Hun keep us posted will be following your journey!!!
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Thanks Mariel, it was great seeing you yesterday at my appointment. See you soon

Surgery Scheduled

I have not been on here in a while, I have been busy. But I spoke with Lucy today. She called me to give me my surgery dates and times. Oct 28, it is scheduled. I have an pre op at the hospital on the 13 and with Dr. Cortes on the 6. I am getting so nervous, but also super excited...


Good luck!! Following your journey. I had my consult today and set my surgery for Oct 23rd. I'm excited and nervous
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I love my results(tt,lipo flanks and back,breast lift) because i loved me before when I wasnt perfect and I love me now and my surgery wasnt perfect nor did i exspect it to make me look perfect. However I DAMN SURE got what I paid for which was a ten thousand percent improvement! No man was perfect except Jesus. Im sorry for others bad experience yes, tell your story, warn and inform and move on. but the continued bashing and tearing down of Dr Cortes is way over the top. Forgive and move on. Stalking Dr Cortes is crazy. People see your post your story and pictures let them speak for you. I pray your able to forgive and move forward soon.
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I'm really glad the only bad reviews I could find on my doctor (on the net, I'm the only one who reviewed him on here) was that people didn't like his personality. I don't know what I'd do with all this conflicting information. I would refrain from bad mouthing his unhappy clients. That doesn't add anything constructive to the discussion. They're trying to be helpful. You've made your choice, you're happy with it, they're concerned but you are not. End of story. I'm glad you have made your decision after weighing all the information here. Best of luck.
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