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I finally did it!! I just had my surgery on Wed....

I finally did it!! I just had my surgery on Wed. (9/15/10) and so far so good :) I have had two C-sections so I kind of knew what to expect as far as pain but it was a bit more than expected. Now at day four I feel great!! The bruising and swelling is starting to set in, which it not too bad. I have kept up on all my meds and I know that makes a huge difference on how I feel. I had a full tummy tuck with lipo in hips, flanks, sides, and bra line.

I LOVE my Dr. and his staff was excellent. The surgery was at a Surgery center and not a hospital which I preferred. A nurse came to my home the next day, which was great and comforting to me. The last thing I wanted to do was get in Houston traffic. If your worried about the cost, its a small price to pay for your happiness. If your reading this site then you are probably not happy with your post baby belly.

I was scared the night before with the thought of going under so my kids slept in the bed with us and I kissed and hugged tighter than normal when they left for school. I got a little weepy but then I got excited because this was my turn. Everything my husband and I do is for our kids so I didn't feel bad doing this for me. They have been wonderful taking care of me they are 5 and 9. They have been with family and friends alot too. Now next summer I don't have to find a reason not to go to the pool and join in the fun with them. this will be life changing!

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Very Confident! Great staff, answered all my questions. He is more like an artist!

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Hi Mayela, I saw some of the pictures of the tummy tucks that the doctor does, and they are amazing, he really knows how to create curves. I saw them on the day that I went for consultation. Please VSM post some pictures for us. Thanks
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Hello, vsm!

I am from mcallen and considering Dr. Newall for a tummy tuck as well as lipo in upper and lower back. Do you have any pictures of your procedure. I'd like to know how flat he leaves the stomaches. I am skinny but my tummy has flabby skin after my two daughters.

Thank you,

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So glad you are doing so well. I am 2 days pre op and nervous, but excited, especially after reading all the positive posts here. Thank you for sharing and God Bless You on your continuing recovery. PS I am finally doing this at 61, after years of wanting to do it!!! Guess when the time it right, it can happen.
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That is awesome! My consultation was scheduled for 12/3. Now, the waiting game. Continued good luck on your recovery.
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Back to work in two weeks...WOW you are my hero! So glad you are coming along so well. I know what you mean about the food choices. It is a daily battle and something I have to think about on a daily basis. Congratulations!
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Today is 2 weeks post-op. I had a full Tummy Tuck and Lipo. I am back at work and I feel great! The swelling is still very much up and down and all around. My scar is healing very nice and I could not be happier. I have not needed any pain meds since last Friday. I am walking more normal but still can not sleep in my bed, which I miss very much. A recliner is A MUST and after this is over I will always love that piece of furniture! I could not have done it without one. I am planning to wear the compression garments for the next 3 weeks. Before I move to phase two garments. It is kind of a security blanket for me at this point. I'm trying to train my brain to make better food choices. I have been through too much to get fat again. I was warned by the nurse that it will and can come back,so try to make a better choice on what you put in your body. I can not stress WATER enough. I have consumed more water these past two weeks then I ever have. I can feel it when I don't drink enough. All I can say is stay on your meds, try to do things for yourself, it is nice to be taken care of but it's nice to feel independent also. Don't over do it but don't just lay there helpless. My kids were a little afraid at first to see me "out of it" with drains (although I tried to hide them) but once they saw me moving around and that I was going to be ok they were more relaxed. Before you undergo something like this please make sure you have people who can care for you, at least the first week. I had my mom, firends or husband with me around the clock. You will need the help. Between going to the bathroom, taking ALL your meds, getting your meals and keep you company. You HAVE TO EAT! As much as you don't want to your body has to have the energy to heal. My nusre told me, that if I didn't start to eat my body would fuel itself on my muscles not fat. I wish it were the other way around. Physical and emotional help is key. I am 32 and so happy that I did this at this point in my life and not at 40. 40 is not to late either :) I only wish I had done it sooner. I feel a new found freedom for myself. I feel confident in the way I will look and I'm excited to get back in the sack with my husband. I want to show off what he paid for :) I will post pics soon.
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:) Congrads!! My consultation appointment is tomorrow and then I go from there!! I think it will be hard on my mom and daughter as they see me get "wheeled away to surgery" and that will make me sad. But I mostly keep reading how it will be worth it!
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Congrats!! Glad you are doing well. Hope to see pics soon!
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Thanks for touching on the emotional aspects of a undergoing a procedure like this while you have children. It's great that you were able to do something for yourself. Be sure to take pics of your new body and post them for us!

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So happy for you :) I am glad that you are coming along well and on the mend. It is a slow process but totally worth everything you go through to get the body you want. Did you take any before and after pictures?
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