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Feeling Better Day 7 PO - Houston, TX

Seems like I did this without giving it a second...

Seems like I did this without giving it a second thought and glad I did!
I originally had my TT set for Nov 19 and early June I changed it to July 19 then suddenly it gets here, I'm at the surgery center and its done!
The rough days are 1-3, day 4-6 is mainly the drain by day 7 all is better!
Decided to get a TT done since my twin pregnancy stretched my stomach and really all I had was sagging skin. I worked out and was on a costly diet for 7 months with no results on this bulge so it was time.
Stitches are still in, drain was taken out yesterday (6 PO), appt to remove stitches is on Aug 6.
I've noticed I got depressed day 2 but I had no support from my husband. I think it's effects of the meds the pump in you but overall, seems like everyone goes through that emotion regardless.

No drain

Drain was taken out on Thursday 7/24

Day 8 PO

Feeling better each day. Still very swollen and wearing binder.

Lymph massage

Felt great except for the masseuse being nervous since its only 8 days.

Day 9 PO

Slept without the binder last night for half the night and it was quite liberating! LOL
As my preaching before - every day gets better. The lymphatic massage has helped with swelling TONS and will continue to go weekly. In a freak of nature and recover from surgeries pretty quick so don't do the massage too early on and only if advised by your DR.
I want to thank everyone for the support and postings - they're very inspiring!

Day 10 PO

Just want to remind everyone to make sure that you're drinking lots of water - really helps with the swelling and draining.

Updated pic - still swollen

Been drinking water and the swelling has come down some but I'm still not feeling like its fast enough :(


Have been walking around without the binder for a couple of hours now and my rib cage area feels really sore. Not unbearable pain but most def not pleasant.

Binder on from now on - no complaining from me anymore!!! LOL

Day 11 PO

I have a tingly sensation all over my abs - new feeling but still tight and numb, I guess muscles repairing themselves? Weirdness

Day 13 PO

2 full days of full time work and its gone good but I'm itchy and red on my incision but that happened after I put neosporin on. Dr on Tuesday to remove stitches....haven't seen a change with the swelling - ugh!


So I started my cycle on Thursday, 8/1 and I felt like crap! The swelling was at its worst so the skin stretching due to the swelling was a weird sensation. I continue to have tingling in my abs area but pain on my too right/left abs above rib cage. I take half a Vicodin and it goes away. I've only been taking halves on my pain meds and it seems to be enough for now. Hope I can start on my treadmill after Tuesday!

Stitches out!

So the stitches thing was no pain but she thought my swelling was due to fluid building and damn - that was bothersome! I felt tugging and pinching even with the numbing shot then WHAM I felt a prick that made me jump and barely and fluid came out after all that! Now I'm in pain/soreness from all that. The pinch feeling from that prick is still there!!!! Hope Vicodin takes it away :(


Light treadmill, can start on arms but no legs or abs yet until week 4

Pic without stitches

Still very swollen but LOVE the results. See a small dog ear though :(

Pain on rib area

Dr said it was from sleeping/using and pulling from the right side and she's right, I sleep and jump in/out of bed front my right.
My left doesn't hurt as often but I notice it when I get out of my car.

Dr said she's gonna start warming people about what side of the bed they get out of and explain how the pain will be more noticeable on that side.

Almost 4 weeks!!

Well all has been really good and as long as I keep the binder on, swelling is no prob! Excited to get rid of that so I can start abs work and get me some new pants!!!

Week 5 + 2 days PO

All has gone very good-suppose to see the Dr in Tuesday for my pics but may have to push back to next week as I have some travel. Decided to wait until wk 6 PO to start full gym/cardio/weighs just do I wouldn't exhaust myself or worse, hurt! Swelling is still an issue. I weighed myself a coulle pf days ago and im now 117, my weight from Nov 2011 so i was felling good getting out pf the 120s. Pics to post shortly.
Kristi Sumpter

She's amazing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Your recovery seems like its gone really well! You look great.
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Your recovery is so inspiring..thanks so much for sharing and just wanted to say, you look so great!
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Congrats, you look great already!
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Oh that is weird about the side of the bed thing, and true. wow!
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That is interesting about the side of the bed thing...I also get out on my right side and that is the side I have the most pain/muscle spasms. You are looking fantastic!
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You're looking super awesome too!
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You look fabulous! How did the return to work go? Is it full time? Sitting down vs standing up? You seem to be doing amazingly well!
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Thank you!!! Work has gone well but I sit most of the day (office job) and walk only if I want to see friends and socialize so it hasn't been bad. I started part time last Wednesday but ended up staying longer than I should of cause I'd end up exhausted mainly due to the pain pills making me drowsy. Recovery has gone well except got this drainage thing she did today :(
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Btw- I took 2 weeks off of work and I've felt good
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You look really great ;D
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Thank you much!!! I'm a bit melancholy right now cause that needle thing hurt and I'm not a wus :(
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Awe, I'm so sorry.  I'm wishing you smoother healing ahead.  Try to take it easy as much as you are able.  I have vowed to sit in this darn recliner a full 14 days - I want to ensure no complications.  But, I'm really happy with my results so far.
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You look AMAZING! And yes, relax to every extent you can. I pushed myself and shouldn't of so now I take every opportunity to lay down and watch tv so that I get caught up on that rather then the pain. But best advice so far - drink LOTS of water - seriously works! Enjoy the quiet time and read some eroticas cause girl - you'll be looking hot in no time! LOL
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You are too funny - I am going through menopause and the most excitement I get is a hot flash every 10 minutes . . . I currently seek a fan and ice pack!  ;D
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Damn that looks awesome! I think right now I am probably resembling near final results....maybe some slight decrease in swell ovet next few monygs....just added a pic too. I think u look splendid!
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Your TT came out absolutely perfect! I seriously can't wait for the swelling to go away but of course, that's with time. I've noticed that I have to be super careful with what I eat cause anything salty will bring on the swelling x 100! I'm cheer you on as well for a speedy recovery!
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Oh true with food...I did chinese buffet with my son two weeks post op...I only ate veggies and protein and I swelled up like madness... I posted a pic....it was really painful as I was busting out of shortd that were lose.
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Glad you mentioned that cause I found it painful also! Thought it was all in my head!
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No not in your head....very real and uncomfortable!
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Oh I want to post add I didn't start light exercise until 4 weeks po...some start later. So relax heal....eat healthy. If u r still so sore and on pain meds exercise probably isn't a good idea. take care
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The dr said 3-6 weeks in some instances so I would be pushing it at 2 weeks so I do need tot ale it slowly! Did you feel any pulling when you went to work out?
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It felt odd to workout again and there are a few machines I do not do....I don't do any ab work at all. My muscles are definitely unable to go full force. It is going to take awhile before I am at full capacity. I usually where some kind of compression type underwear for extra support while working out too.
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That's a good idea to wear something with some support. Other than workout time, do you suggest wear spanx or something similar?
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If you feel like you need it wear it... the numbness can be odd so u might like spanx. I had this girdle like thing I would slip on to keep shaping my hips and provide support. Also as u know muscles get sore and may need a little extra.
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