Can't Stand This Tummy Tuck of Mine-Houston Cortes

Well I'm 2 days post op and feeling pretty good....

Well I'm 2 days post op and feeling pretty good. I
Was expecting the worse. Now I had a bbl exactly a year ago and let me tell you... f that, the bbl is the worst compared to this tt. Dr Cortes is an amazing dr. Super friendly and sweet. Listened to me on what I wanted. He injected fat to my hips which I didn't want huge, I wanted to look just right. He lipoed my arms and inner thighs. Didn't touch the flanks due to the fact those were lipoed with the bbl. I can't see my results yet due to being covered with the garment and foam. I think I will fall in love with my tt. Anything will be better than the before. I didn't even take before pics.. ugh, stupid me. I started my period the day before surgery which really sucked butt. The hospital staff were amazing even though I was being a brat, I was just aggravated.

I've been walking quite a bit, it actually feels so good when I walk. Drinking lots of water also. Not taking much pain meds, started with Advil now. Took a muscle relaxer around 3:00 am couldn't take the ab spasms. Other than that, I will post here and there when I can and I will take pics as soon as I can.

Oh yeah, right after surgery, we drove 3 hrs back home... wasn't bad at all. I was just real drowsy.

Starting My 3rd Day Post Op

I slept so good in my recliner last night after I took a muscle relaxer and a pain pill. Woke up once to go pee and walked a bit. Then fell back to sleep. The thing that is irritating me and hurts like hell is the cough, I didn't have a cough before but I got it after the tube was taken out of my throat. Still haven't taken a shower and I'm scared to take one. I have a garment on and tons of foam, I feel as if I won't put them in the right
places. Oh well I'll just go to my post op stinky, lol. My husband is such a great helper... love that dude. Like I said, I will post pics later on once I change my garment. My hips are sitting high and I know they'll go down and start softening up after awhile. That's how the bbl was when I got it, butt was hard as a rock and after a few months, softened up. I just can't wait til I'm at least a month post op just so I can really move around. I hate being dependant on other people. I feel bad but I know my husband has tons of patience. Just gonna rest today and walk when I need too. Bought some pure pineapple juice to help
with the swelling. I have nothing else to type about. Just hanging around the house and walking when supposed to. Any suggestions are welcomed.. please do share ideas with me, I would really appreciate it :) happy healing everyone.

4th day post op

Came to Dr Cortes for my post op appt and wow is all I can say. I guess you can call me a sissy la la when it comes to a lil or a lot of pain. They took my garment off and boy it felt like a whole bunch of pressure in my ab area. They took off all my babdages and pulled the drains out (ouch). Then they shoved me in a smaller garment and I cannot breath in it. Driving 3 hrs back home
is hell. I just hope everything turns out good. I know I'm swollen like crazy but when they were shoving me in the garment, I noticed that a lil above my pubic area, it looked big. I guess I'm being impatient for flat results asap. I am soooo uncomfortable with this new garment on. I'm afraid to even
take a shower or go #2 with it being a hassle putting this garment on. Ugh.. I'm so irritated right now. I popped 2 pain pills so I can be chill in the car while the hubby drives. My belly button looked ok I guess, didn't really stare at it, kinda got me woozy, lol. We'll see how each day goes I guess. That's all to blog about for now.

OMG.... The itching has begun...Ugh!!

I've been out and about today with the hubby. My compression garment is awfully tight and it has a crease in the middle where it rubs against my skin and makes it burn. I'm chillin here on the recliner and all of a sudden, feels like lil tiny bugs are crawling all over me and makes me freakin itch. It's mainly on my inner thighs and all on my stomach area. I've felt that last year when I had my bbl and that had to do with the lipo and the nerves trying reattach themselves. Very irritating. I hate this garment so much, it's so tight and when I try and sit, it digs into my stomach. Who else is sitting normally? Is it ok if we sit already? I am tired of walking slow and a lil bent over, not much but enough to where people can see somethings wrong. Each day is getting better so that's a plus ;) I also get cold real easily and that's odd since I sweat when you say the word hot. My Mon area is super swollen and the area under my belly button is too. I hope that goes down but from other
blogs I have been reading, I see that's an area that commonly gets swollen =/ My thing is, when do the insides stop aching and hurting? I just had a cough attack and son of a biscuit... OUCH!!!! I hate that pain.

5th day post op & swollen badly :'(

Gosh... I feel & look so darn swollen. I see it and feel it. Makes me cry because it looks like I had nothing done and even when I sit down to go #2 which I finally did (Thank God) looks like I have a fat roll (what the hell, I had a tt, no fat is supposed to be there. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself). I thought the bbl was an emotional roller coaster, umm.. This one is too. Finally took a couple pics and I look sooooo fat in my post op :'( my butt looks funny, ugh... I'm letting the swelling get the best of me and I have to stop. Still wearing the garment but added a strip of foam in the middle of the garment since it was burning my skin. Feels a lot better with it on. The garment is a bitch trying to put on, I sure can't do it by myself, husband has to help me.
I stood all day long on my feet cooking and I think it kicked my butt. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!
Please tell me when the swelling subsides because this is garbage :( it seriously plays with my emotions.
My hips look ok, one looks higher than the other. I'm so swollen that my butt looks so weird :'( I like my waist. I'm feeling ok, just wish I can bend and move around, I feel so tight in this garment to where I can't move. My inner thighs are sooo bruised up and my arms too. I know it's way to soon to see the results. It can take up to 6-12 months for swelling to subside but I'm so impatient. Here are a couple pics, sorry they're not the best but they're something.

6 days post op

Today everything feels soooo tight and so uncomfortable. I am wearing my tight garment with the foam in front due to the burning sensation I get from the garment rubbing my skin. I have been chillin on the recliner and walking a lil bit today. Drinking tons of water. I just feel so darn uncomfortable. Ugh... i can't wait til my 4 weeks have passed so it gets a lil easier. Sorry for being so negative but I'm just jotting down how I feel. I over did it yesterday so today was going to be a chill day for me. I am sooo tired of just sitting in the recliner. Oh well.. that's part of the recovery part. I've been comparing other girls on here on their day 5 & 6 to see if they have the same issues and it seems like they do. Until next time......

Why am I so swollen

My lower area between my belly button & incision is really swollen :-( what the heck is going on? I feel as if I'm the only one dealing with this. I am going to have to call Dr Cortes today to express my issue. I may also need a smaller garment. I wish I live an hour away rather than 3 hrs away from him. My next appointment isn't til Jan 11th. How much do I have to just chill in the recliner and not really do much? I hate just hanging out on the recliner, I get antsy. I guess I have to just chill as much as I can because I feel as if I over did it on Christmas and the day after. Ugh... I hate being patient for results. Yes I'm very impatient. I get angry at the fact that it looks like I have a pooch sticking out :-(

2 weeks post op

Well I'm 2 weeks post op and yes too be honest I have been a lil down about my results because I am swollen and I compare my results to other women on here that look flat that are 2 days post op to 2 or 3 weeks post op. It's frustrating big time. I can lift my leg very little and bend very little and I have rolls that look like skin that should have been cut off. I know it's way to soon to really tell but it also has to do with my patience, I don't have patience at all. Another thing, I still haven't received my smaller garment and that may be the reason why I'm swollen. So right now I am wearing tons of foam in my garment to compress me. I have foam on .You sides, lower belly above my pubic area, & my back just to compress me. I still have glue on my incision and I want that stuff off already. I have glue and stitches on my lipo holes. I can straight without the garment but I get tired after awhile without it, I only take it off when I take a shower. My inner thighs burn and still bruised and need tighter compression. My arms are still bruised, I need a tighter compression thing for my arms. I know Cortes said I can stop wearing the arm thing after 2 weeks but I want to wear it longer. Once I get the smaller garment and wear it awhile, I will take pics of my progress and maybe that way I could probably tell if there's a difference. I have my 3 week appt next Saturday so I will ask tons of questions. I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback, it means a lot to me. I know I need patience... a lot that is. I really can't wait til I can workout. When I have my garment on, it's weird, I can't stand straight, feels like my entire ab area feels like it's burning or about to rip so I can't stand straight. I truly believe my drains got pulled out too early. Hopefully Cortes will give me shots to help the swelling go down but we'll see. Other than that... I'm here and recovering. Oh... my appetite has seriously disappeared. I can't eat much and I get full fast. I truly think it's because of the garment but that's a good thing ;) I'm trying to keep my spirits up. My kids go back to school on Monday and I'm kinda bummed about that, I love their company plus they help out quite a bit too... Love those kids. Sorry no pics this time.. just bummed. After my other garment gets here and I wear it, I will take more pics. One thing about the garment, makes my butt look super small. This time I will be so dedicated to my garment and wear it all the time. I know when summer comes, I may quit especially being here in south Texas, talk about gross sticky heat. Well i hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and New Year's Day. Until next update.....

ab apasms...

Whoa.... I just had a real bad one and geez, it was painful and lasted for at least 30 seconds. I get little shocks and I know those are the nerves trying to attach themselves but the ab spasms are weird.

WoooHooo.... I finally received my smaller garment today

I am one happy camper now. My garment came in the mail today, 1st thing I did was tear open the package and put that thing on. Holy smokes, talk about tight. Took me and the hubby a second to put it on but it's on ;) super happy.

Not feeling great.. Feels like I have vertigo

I need some opinions. I have been feeling like crap the past couple of days. Well 2 nights ago, I was falling asleep and I have to admit, I took a pain pill becausemy leg was killing me and the spasms and shocks were outta control, mind you... i hate pain pills, seriously. I think those things f*cked me up. I fell asleep and started spinning so fast that I grabbed my recliner and it made me jump, wake up, sweating, heart pumping fast. Scared the shit outta me. I went downstairs and ate some crackers and took some sips of Pepsi so I could burp since I felt so nauseous. I finally went to sleep woke up at 6 and felt so nauseous. Went to go eat and barely ate anything because I wasn't hungry. Got a ginger ale and sipped on it and it helped a lil. Came home and hung out at the house and sitting on the couch, I started spinning again. Wtf is going on. It was time to put the kids to bed since they have school. Well I sat down in the recliner and closed my eyes and fell asleep and bam... There
I was spinning again and woke up the same way as I did the night before. Ugh. Finally fell asleep and woke up with the alarm. Felt fine. Then drove the kids to school, drove for the 1st time and it felt good driving. Came home and started feeling a lil nauseous. Ugh. Ate an eggo since I am definitely not a morning person, I don't like to eat breakfast. Felt ok but not the best. Got ready to take my daughter lunch since today is her 15th bday. Felt fine driving but as soon as I get home, I feel like crap. Ugh. I close my eyes and there goes the spinning again. Hmmm... anybody else ever feel like this? I'm hoping it's just this tight garment that's squishing my guts together. Hoping I feel better real soon. I can't deal with this feeling. Oh.. i threw out all of the pain meds and muscle relaxers away. Hell no don't want those nasty things ever again.

Finally slept in my bed after 2 weeks & 3 days

Whoa... well i tool a shower since i have been feeling like crap lately and felt like i had vertigo the past few days. I cried after I put my garment on and clothes on because I'm sick of sleeping in the recliner, I miss my bed. Well tried laying on my bed and talk about heaven... i missed my bed. Slept there and realized that I can't sleep on my sides, I'm a side sleeper, due to having fat injected in my hips. Have to wait til the 6 week mark. Woke up at 4 am and stiff in my neck and my legs were killing me. Ugh. Can this recovery hurry up and be done? Will post pics soon.
Hi friend I wanna tell ya that after searching many of the storys in this site I think that we are very similar in are results and in are sur area's besides the arms ....and im totaly emphasis with you in everything also not yet happy with my results especially with my inner thighs they look just the same as before sur and im going to see doc today and find out about it .im soooo frustrated Im glad you changed the cg to amaller size which I didn't have to cz I got one to small as a stage one garment . So please post more pic and take a look at mine ....but I must say I can see difference in the mornings when im not so swell Plus my lower belly is very hardb between my bb and incition as well what tfk !!!!! this doesn't change also in the mornings what shell I do about it ??? have positive thoughts and happy healing ....
Great news! Ur going to see a difference!
Yes... I hope so ;)

Ahhhh... I slept on my side & that's a big no no.

I slept on my side and nooooo, I can't do that since I had fat injected into my hips. I can't lay on them til the 6 week mark. I caught myself and had a heart attack but when I went to lay back on my back, holy
crap, my abs felt soooo tight and they hurts like hell like if I just finished a lot of crunches. Ugh... i have to stop laying on my sides but it's so hard being a side sleeper. Here's a picture of the foam I have been using for under my garment to help with the swelling... Love this stuff. It works. I Googled lipo foam and it showed this website look up lipo foam. I love this stuff.

Picture of lipo foams I have

I've had some of these from my previous
surgery and got a couple new pieces from this surgery. I put the thinner ones on my sides, the bigger one in my back area, the smaller triangle one I put in my pub area. I have a bigger one in the pubic area now since that's where I'm swollen more there. It helps and pushes the swelling down.
Dear patients: I want to thank you for being part of my practice. First of all, I want to apologize for any inconvenience you might have had, if at any given time, you have not been able to communicate by phone with my office. Our practice has undergone an unprecedented growth. For this reason, we have implemented a new text system where you can communicate during business hours to one of our live operators. The number to text any concern or question is 936-760-2696. I hope to serve you in the nearby future to satisfy your desired cosmetic needs. These include the hourglass tummy tuck, the wonder breast lift, the wonder breast reduction, and buttock augmentation with high volume fat transfer, among other techniques that I have invented. Thank you for being part of my practice and God bless you all. Truly yours, Wilberto Cortés Plastic Surgeon
Hey ma'am how are you
I'm doing good. I go back to see Cortes on Saturday. Can't wait, especially to workout

Just An Update... It's Been Awhile.

Just wanted to update you on how my progress is. I haven't been on here because I've been down a lot but got reassurance on Saturday when I seen Cortes and also seeing my before and after pics.. Whoa, I'm happy with what I see so far. I just got a lil down because of the swelling and a lil bit of skin rolls, but I can live with those rather than to live with fat rolls, I guess. When I went to see Cortes on Saturday he said I am healing great and I've been doing real good with compression. Ladies... I urge you to wear your garment 24/7. I love it, call me crazy because when I had my bbl, I hated that garment with the passion. Well I started with a 3XL garment and now being 2 months post op, I'm in a Medium. I also wear a waist cincher over my garment. I actually like the tight fit, I feel compressed in it. I haven't started working out yet, but I need too, just to feel good. I've been eating clean also. That also plays a huge part of this recovery. I know it's way too soon to see the true results but I feel as if I won't shrink anymore. We'll see as the months go on. I regret not getting my bra area in the back lipoed... I have a lot of fat in that area.. yuck. Oh well, with the eating clean and as soon as I start exercising then hopefully that junk dissappears. Well that's it for now. Sorry i don't post everyday, I will try and post some more but if I don't, I'm so sorry.

side view

Forgot to post this pic
Honestly, you're looking so much better than before. I love your waist! You might have some visceral fat (the fat around your organs) that cosmetic surgery won't touch and sometimes, to get a totally concave abdomen we have to work out vigorously and cut out saturated fats from our diets. Me, I think I've got a LOT of visceral fat as I'm not as flat as some gals. Genetically, some of us are just not meant to be as flat as others.
How are you feeling ma'am? Got any new updated pics? **just updated my TT review stop by and say hi**
Looking great!!!

Went and had a 2nd opinion & Cortes knows what he is talking about

I went and had a 2nd opinion due to me not liking my results because i have soooo much extra skin, when I sit down, I have rolls of extra skin :'( Well when I went back to Cortes last month, I told him I was not 100% happy and he asked why and showed him and he grabbed my skin and said "You have no fat, that's all skin and your skin elasticity is awful. You don't have good elasticity. I can redo it and get you tight but after a month, it'll go back to this again." I wanted to cry. Too be honest, I look so much better than my before pic. He even suggested that I go get a couple more opinions. I kept that in mind and went to an appt here in San Antonio and didn't mention anything to the dr when he came in and he asked "what are u wanting done?" Told him "I got a tummy tuck on Dec 13th and I don't like my results" he said "let me see. Whoa.. you look great" I said
"But this extra skin is horrible" he got closer and started grabbing my skin and ouch.. didn't know he was going to grab like that. Why do Plastic Surgeons do that, lol. Well he said "Your elasticity is horrible. If I would go in and get you tighter, it'll do the same thing." I was in shock he said the same thing as Cortes. Right then and there, I knew not to doubt Cortes ever again. I'm sorry Dr Cortes for doubting you. The Dr I seen here asked if I had children or lost some weight. I answered yes to those questions and he said that's the reason why I have horrible skin elasticity. Ugh. Oh well. I'm stuck with it because I'm not doing an entire body lift. He even said that I'm still swollen and to keep wearing
my garment. He actually liked Cortes's work :-) I know I shouldn't be complaining but you know how us women can be so hard on ourselves. I'm actually happy now with my results. It's my stupidity skin that sucks butt :(
Wow I read ur last blog! I think I am I good hands!
Yes you're in good hands girl. I was so down about my results, I hated them so much but now I realize it's my skin that sucks. Just the key word is patience and us women do not have that.
You're looking absolutely great! Glad you happy with your results

Question for my tt ladies.....

Question for you ladies.... Does it hurt when you guys do crunches of any type being 3 months post op? I have been doing some but man they hurt like hell so I stopped for a lil. It's crazy how they ache so much.

Also... I think I need to ask Cortes why my mons area wasn't lipoed. I feel it's fat there and that should've been lipoed. We'll see when I go Saturday.
Ok my pics are up on my TT review
We are in the same boat not happy either . I have a lump in my right side that doesn't disappear not flat .
I have loose skin rolls and I think my mons area should've been lipoed because it's pretty fat. I'm sorry babe you're not happy.

This is why I'm not 100% happy :'(

Well this is why I'm not 100% happy. I really thought a tummy tuck was supposed to get us flat and the loose skin was going to be taken off? I have so many mixed emotions at this point in my recovery state. Being 3 months post op, I thought I was suppose to be enjoying my new body? Well I'm still down about it. Today I am not wearing my garment due to getting tax papers ready and sitting on the ground prepping for my husband's taxes for our cpa since he is self employed. Well I figured this was the best time to take a pic of my flabby tummy. I know it's not the Dr's fault, it may be my skin also just like Cortes said and another Dr I seen. I'm still so confused on how to handle this :( it's so frustrating. I see Dr Cortes on Saturday for my 3 month post op and let's see how it goes =/
Just looked at ur standing up pics u look real good standing up.
Awww thank you. I just don't like the sitting down crap that I have.
Hi, sorry to hear ur not happy, I been thro same as u its not nice going through thats after all that pain and not see the results ur after, however I did get revison in dec, now at 3 months post opp my skin getting loser again. Ur ps is rite about the skin elasticity after having twins and being stretched to the max I guess we stuck with the skin. Dont get to down u look great so much better than before pic

Just to clarify....

Just to clarify something.... i had to take a pic of me with my yoga pants on to show that they are not too small nor too tight for me so for somebody to say they're too small while I'm sitting down... Screw you. They fit perfectly fine and i would wear these before my tt. I'm just so upset at the fact that my skin hangs and it's my elasticity. It really sucks balls. I think every Plastic Surgeon needs to reassure EVERY patient that not all results will be the same and explain why the results will all differ and that we need to take into factor excessive weight loss and/or pregnancy, and elasticity. Cortes NEVER told me this will play a factor. I think from now on... that subject
needs to be addressed so patients don't get too angry. If I would have known all this before my tt, I think I would've been ok with the results but my expectations were high :( I know I shouldn't have gotten them so high but when these Dr's
I've seen told me I'm a good candidate, I thought it would really help me with all the flab and skin but apparently not. So to all you future tummy tuckers..... ask all the questions you can ask and don't set your expectations so high. I'm learning the hard way.
We look someone what the same, except you have a nicer more round booty! lol
Lmao... it's the Salama job ;)
I guess I have never heard of the skin elasticity factor. I always thought that liposuction and a TT would give great results. Even on here I have seen some women who get revisions done by their PS who sees that they didn't liposuction enough and pull the skin tight enough. I sure hope my skin is okay. I have seen other women on here with similar skin as mine and their results are great, so now you worry me.

1 week away from being 4 months post op

1 week away from being 4 months post op. Am I really 100% happy? Too be honest, no.... maybe 80% happy. I'm going to post how I feel, not how anyone else feels... how I feel. Nobody has my body, we all have different shapes, weigh different sizes, skin is all different (good & bad elasticity), and nobody paid cash for my tummy tuck besides my husband,
so I am going to post the good, bad, ugly, unhappy, happy, etc. This is my experience and nobody else's. Ya don't like what I put on MY BLOG then don't read :)
Maybe the reason why I'm not completely satisfied is because my post op visit with Cortes didn't happen, I had a post op with Deanna whom I Love Dearly, she's an amazing woman (nurse). I remember when I went for a consultation with Cortes, I was 3 months post op bbl (Salama Patient) and Cortes said "Yes.. you need a tt and some more lipo in here (bra area, a lil in my muffin top area, arms, and inner thighs)." Ok so I set my appt. Went for my post op and Cortes's wife was having a baby... that's fine he wasn't there for my post op visit, totally understand... His blessing was arriving. Oh... also, he had mentioned that he doesn't charge per area so I assumed he was going to do my back but when Deanna said "No, he'll have to charge you for the back due to timing in the hospital & that's $1,300" oh heck no. Forget the upper back area. Well showed up to the hospital and all he did was grab the shit outta my stomach while laying down, not communicating with me what he was going to do or how he was going to do the tt, I told him I don't want huge hips just make me look decent and he said ok. When he drew on me for my incision, I should've looked in the mirror or took a pic to see if it was even because my scar is not even. I still have a big roll... Under my boobs, it feels like fat. I've had that lipoed before with Salama but I let myself go knowing that I was going to get a tt and that Cortes would lipo there again... that didn't happen. I was complaining how i didn't like my results to Cortes and he said I have no fat in these rolls and said my skin basically sucks (elasticity). I wish the drs could explain that the skin may not bounce back if it doesn't, do be too upset and don't have your expectations high. If
that was said, you best believe I wouldn't be here typing this. I would have to learn
that my skin sucks from having alot of muscle from constant workout and weight lifting when i was in high school, letting myself go after having my 2 children, losing weight... of course now I realize my skin is not retracting which sucks. I've had at least 3 of my friends who have gotten tummy tucks and they keep asking me "How much fat did he take off and how much skin did he take off?" Their drs took pics of the skin and one friend had 9 lbs of skin taken off and they all have pics of their extra skin and it looks like the dr caught a huge ol' fish. I should've asked for a pic of my extra skin once he cuts it so I could see for myself how much was taken off. I hear my friends saying they've lost 15-20 lbs after
their tt and they keep shrinking inches. Ummm.... that's definitely not me. I only lost a total of 5 lbs since surgery. That's it and that's with eeating clean. Guess I need to live at the gym for 3 hrs but I can't lose this Salama butt of mine.
Then I asked Cortes for a good deal on a breast lift and an implant since I'm a returning patient. So my husband and I go into Lucy's office and she gave me a quote and I about fell over when she said $8,500. What the what??? My husband said "Cash discount?" She said "No.. we don't give cash discounts" Are you serious? Damn... 1st off, that's no returning patient discount. 2nd... you don't give cash paying customers discounts... umm, no thanks, I'll take my business elsewhere. I will post a pic soon. Nothing has changed at all. I don't even think I'm still swollen. Is my husband happy with my outcome, Nope, he tells me "I expected a lil bit better and I know you could've gotten better but nobody here in SA does hips. So it is what it is. At least you're 85% better than your before." I guess you can say I look better standing with clothes on. Sitting with clothes on sucks because I have a huge ass roll. Standing or sitting without clothes, I look gross. I understand skin folds but C'mon, a huge ass roll? My waist is still a freakin 34' that's what I was pre op. Yup... being 4 months post op in a week, it's still an emotional roller coaster ride for me. Once again... i am going to blog about MY JOURNEY and that means I will blog all about it.. good, bad, and the ugly. All I can do is wait it out til my 6 month mark but until then, I will keep posting how I feel about MY TUMMY TUCK PROCEDURE.
I am sorry that you feel this way and I really appreciate your comments. It only makes my practice and me better. I have no problem with people discussing how they feel after surgery. I can only blame my staff and myself for our failure to educate you on what to expect after a tummy tuck in someone that has a poor skin tone. As far as your description when you say that your skin sucks is not compatible with the way I describe it. I told you that your skin elasticity was poor. I believe your blog is an excellent blog because it serves to educate, not only patients, but also surgeons on the perceptions patients have when they go for surgery, even if they obtain good results. I CAN’T MAKE YOUR SKIN AS TIGHT AS YOU WANT. When it comes to a tuck, there are two components that need to be taken into consideration that will result in what is considered a tight abdomen. First of all, the tone of the skin, which is something only God can change. Secondly, the excess skin which can be removed. What you are complaining about and demanding is that I change the tone of your skin tone. Unfortunately, I can’t!!! You and another patient, Vgar2014, have the same concerns. I want to congratulate you for visiting another surgeon as I recommended you. As you might already know, he agreed with me that you look great and that there is nothing that can be done. As a matter of fact, even if you would pay me to do a revision, I wouldn’t do it because there is nothing to be revised. Thank you for posting pictures that show a marked improvement. I really enjoyed your comments and your journey. Both have made me a better surgeon and have taught me to understand how women think and what are their expectations. Even if you visit 100 plastic surgeons, I can assure you that the majority will honestly repeat the same thing. This isn’t what you would like to hear but the truth is that no surgeon CAN change your skin tone. It is very interesting to realize that you and Vgar2014 believe that, if I had pulled more the skin, the belly would have become tighter. This is not true. When you excised the skin, the surgeon needs to set the tension of closure right. The truth is that if you pull too much, your scar would have had a higher chance of becoming wider, your scar location would be much higher, and also you could significantly change the vagina shape and get a “a pulled vagina look”. You know this and you did not post that detail on your blog. Again, people only post what is convenient for them. Also, you and Vgar2014 posted pictures flexing your belly. Obviously, the skin is going to bunch regardless if you have had a surgery or not. As far as your desire to have a breast surgery with me, it makes me extremely happy. Also, I understand that you disagree with our financial policy. If your results were that bad, why would you go under the knife with me again? This is contradicting! What this really shows is that you recognize that I am a great plastic surgeon after all. Let me tell you a story. Just recently a patient flew from Michigan to have her breasts fixed. She had had three breast augmentations by another surgeon and was not satisfied with the results. I thought that it would take me 4.5 hrs. to fix her but it rather took me 8 hrs. to make her look good and I did not charge her for the extra time. Why? Because I don’t leave the operating room until my patients look their best. My main priority is the patient, not the money. I can assure you that I put as much effort in your case as I have always done with ALL OF THE PATIENTS THAT HAVE BEEN UNDER MY CARE. I am very sorry to have disappointed you but I can’t provide what you want. I am a great plastic surgeon, not GOD. Please keep on posting how you feel. It provides a lot of constructive feedback that allows me to learn more about my patients’ mentality, perceptions, and expectations. Thank you
Your getting too defensive. And we are now being treated different due to not being 100% happy. Yes you mention me because you obviously know I'm not happy. Not one time did you tell me it was my skin. You told me I had to lose weight and I had to look at my operative report, which I did see it. And was still not happy since there was a mix up with me and someone else on there. I did want to discuss about why I wasn't happy but you jump into a defensive mode and make me feel horrible at my appointment. I left their crying!! I have not seen anyone else on here with a scar down on their thighs like I have, so I have a right to question that too even if no one wants to hear it. I know you are good at what you do, it just didn't show well on me!
Whoa.. didn't think Cortes would comment on my review. Kinda funny to me because like you say Vgar, he is getting defensive. Corte... I really hope this is a learning experience to you and how to really communicate with your patients about everything especially when I didn't have a pre op visit with you since your baby was coming, totally understand that. You didn't tell me a thing when you were marking me up at the hospital. I even asked "Hey can you suck this out" and pointed to my double chin and you said "No, it's not in the paperwork to suck that out, that uses our time" what's weird is that I asked you at the last visit about my mons area, if you could lipo it, you said "I did lipo there" but that wasn't on paper. Just the communication was not there at all. I called and wanted to know how much fat (lbs.) & skin (lbs.) was takin off of me and nobody could give me that answer... can I ask why? I messed up by not asking you if you could take a pic of my extra skin you took off so I could see for myself. I think you should start doing that. I had real expectations but once again, the communication wasn't there to go over what was to be expected. You knew you didn't see me for my post op so you should've said something at the hospital to go over everything on what to expect and what would happen. You never did that. Umm... The pictures where I'm sitting down, I am NOT flexing my belly. I'm sitting down normally. I have my arms raised and my daughter took the picture, so to make an accusation like that is wrong. If I sit down at the table, yes I have that same huge roll. Well since I missed some stuff on my blog, thanks for clarifying that for me. I really hope this helps other women out there to ask 21,000 questions rather than jumping on something like I did. I read all these other blogs and read how you explained everything what they were going to have done and what to expect. I never got that. This is why I'm upset. So my expectations were not high at all but also didn't expect all this extra junk that I have,but once again... If it was explained to me then I wouldn't be upset. Another thing... i was not the one who asked you about the breast lift... who asked you? My husband, he wanted to see if you really do give previous patients a good discount. Umm... you don't. Then when my husband asked for a cash discount and Lucy said there's no cash discounts, he was in shock. Then when we seen the price "Holy Crap" that's no discount at all, but you're so right, even if it was at a good discounted price, I wouldn't have done it. Oh believe me... I know you're not God. I didn't expect to look like barbie either so please don't make it seem like I was expecting to look like that because I wasn't. Once again... I hope you learn from this and I hope your soon to be patients learn from this also. Also.. I don't feel bringing VGAR up in this conversation was necessary either. Her and I are 2 different cases. I can totally see why she's angry.... her incision looks crazy being on her thigh & she also has a roll (fat) in upper ab area. Two separate cases from her and I. Thanks for commenting Dr Cortes. Just hope you don't treat us patients that aren't 100% happy differently, in a negative way. I do hope you have a listening ear and hope you're not to quick to get defensive. Thanks Dr C

Real Self is a trip...

This real self site is a trip. People will bash you for posting your own thoughts. I thought this was a community site to post about your own experience. Well apparently not. As you may read through, you may see why I am stating this. It's ok to have opinions but to keep on and on, it's annoying. I'm not going on anybody else's page and telling them that I'm not 100% happy and going on
and on, I'm staying on my own page with
my thoughts and how I'm feeling through my journey. I'm not going to stoop to that level... This is my page, my journey, and I'm going to post how I feel. You like it.. great, you don't.. so what, you don't have to keep reading. Oh, I know myself and another couple of Cortes patients that aren't happy will be talked about, but it's all good, as long as it's not said in front of me... it's actually better that way. I'm still going to post but I'm sure not going to respond to the negative that keeps coming this way to my page :) why feed into it? Not worth it. I have my reasons why I'm not happy and I have it all stated down why I'm not.
I even responded back to Dr Cortes's comment to clarify what he was saying. Me personally think it's wrong for a Dr to put all the blame on the patient to be upset, I'm not the one who did surgery on myself... Once again, I paid a board certified plastic surgeon to do my tt. So with that... I'm done with this for now. Have too much going on this weekend and next week to worry about what people have to say about me not being happy. Peace. Oh wait... I may post a pic or two later on, but we'll see... I'm in no rush because apparently I'm getting accused of flexing in my pics, hahahaha... that's a good laugh, flexing.
Hey ladie, you are entitled to opinion. These chicks are only looking at pics that you've posted. But it's you that has to look at your body and the areas your unhappy with and be reminded why your not happy everyday. I though realself was a place you could go for support and to express how you feel, get advise and answers to question from ppl going through or have gone through the same thing. Instead of bashing maybe we should try words of encouragement. That's an idea. It's easy to make ppl feel bad. That's what bullies do and they really are too old for that. It takes a really low person to kick someone when there already down. When you have surgery like this or of any kind it's an emotional roller coaster and your emotions are all over the place and it's a shame that ppl would take this opportune time to pick on some one. Plus, I am really shocked to see ppl go on the defensive about someone else's thoughts about their surgery results. These chicks are acting like they did the procedure and your complaining about there work. I think Dr. Cortes is well equipped and capable of defending himself. He doesn't need cheerleaders or back up dancers. Lol He addressed the issue. That should be it. I wouldn't let them get to me there just a bunch of Mean Girls! If they feel your complaining to much or being a Debbie downer then they don't have to keep reading your page. There's plenty of other stories to read. I'm sure there's others out there that could use some discouraging words as well. That's really great for recovery.
Realself is not Facebook so it shouldn't be used like it
Thank You SuchALadie. Your words were on point. It means a lot to me. I'm here to express how I feel during this recovery process and like you say, it's already an emotional roller coaster and for them to add more fuel to the fire, it's not helping by all means. It's sad that there's adults who act mean to other people. It just shows were we stand and I will not feed into their snide rude remarks. Not worth my time. You're so right, this is not Facebook or Twitter or any social media. Thank you SuchALadie ;)

Just a couple of pics...

Just a couple of pics of a front view which doesn't look bad but I know it could be better. Another view of me standing up and bent 1 of my legs and here's the results. Mind you... Thursday I'll be 4 months post op. I'm going to post what I want when I want. I believe that my results should've been better. I wasn't huge to begin with. There's women on here that were big and love their results, ummm... I would too because there's a huge difference. There's not a huge difference in my case because mind you... I wasn't big to begin with. I like my shape but the rolls, I can't effin stand and I'm entitled to post what I like and don't like. My blog is not here to please anybody. Nobody is in my body but me. There's a few of us that aren't happy and it's not like we can poop out $$$$ and pay another dr to do a revision. Dr C toldme he wouldn't do a revision on me. Kinda sucks because I'm not even 6 months post op yet. I see women who were my size and their results are AMAZING. Do I regret not going to my BBL Dr? HELL YEAH I DO.... EVERY DAY. I'll try and post pics here and there when
I can. I'm done with this site for awhile, well after Wednesday because I'm flying back to my home state California and I am definitely going to enjoy myself and not worry about this site. Damn... I should've went to my home state to get a tt rather than where I went, but like they say "Don't live with regret" so true, I can't. Just a lesson to be learned, that's all. I just hope this helps women out there to do a lot of research and to ask hella questions and once again, don't jump on the hype bandwagon. I can't dwell on my experience but it does get me down when I see myself do a plank and lay on my side... it still hangs :'( didn't pay $$$$ for that.
Which doctor did you see in San Antonio for a second opinion if you don't mind me asking? I'm having a Tt in June here in SA.
Sent you a message
Girl I just saw your two pics mine looks like that too!!! If I slightly lift my leg , I see fat touching my upper thigh :(

Hilarious photo I seen....

With all this stress going on with the crappy job of a tummy tuck I received, I needed a lil chuckle. This sure did make me laugh. Too funny. Nothing new here on my end just the fact that I still have a fat roll and doing the waist cinching and garment crap isn't going to take it away. Getting a good tummy tuck would've taken it away. I kick myself in the butt everyday in the fact that I wish I looked more into Dr Cortes's work instead of jumping on the bandwagon. I just didn't want to be far from my kids. I mean he's not the only dr who does hips... my bbl dr Salama does hips now and Jimmerson does hips. Once again... If I was big and over weight and I have the results like I do now, I'd be the happiest person alive but I wasn't big to begin with so you would think i would've turned out a lot flatter. Until next time....
That update picture fits me perfectly!!!! Lol
Lmao... it's so true though. Sad but true. It just sucks that he is doing a horrible job and not really taking his time. I hate the fact that we have rolls still.

4 months post op (pics added)

Well I hit my 4 months post op mark yesterday. You would think i would love my results, well ummm... I DON'T!!! I hate them. I thought when you get a tummy tuck, you would love your new body? I was depressed before my tt because of the unwanted skin and fat. Well with it being 4 months... I FREAKIN HATE IT, still depressed, aren't I supposed to feel good & better about myself? Standing up I look ok, facing forward, but once I stand to the side, it looks blah... not the best :-( I'm just posting about my tt journey, not here trying to please anyone. I have gotten bashed because I am speaking the truth how i hate my tummy tuck.... This is what Real Self is about, right? Well here are some pics as of yesterday. Tell me what you think? I think it's sexy... Psssshhhh, yeah right. I know for a fact that it could've been done a lot better.
Errrrda sorry to hear about this whole nightmare, you have every right to complain. I think that it's important that you warn others.
Wow!! I just seen this @guerabooty ... And now what do we do.. I have a "full tummy tuck floating belly button"? According to Dr Cortes last email :( why ? I was suppose to have a standard tummy tuck , floating tummy tucks are for those who have less fat! Smh! When are you coming back?
Mendez did he email you that recently?

Left on Vacation for the Weekend and Whoa, I Missed A Lot On Here...

Left for the weekend to have some fun in San Francisco (I miss my home state). I checked on here today and whoa... so much drama. It's horrible that people have to put other people down. Real self is to basically jot down how we feel about our own journey and what we're going through emotionally.

Well... nothing has changed for me, I still HATE my results with the passion. Mind you, I seen a friend of mine and she had a tt and let me tell you, she looks amazing, flat as can be and she's about 4 yrs post op. She even stated that when she gains weight, she gains it in her arms and face not in her stomach. I was wearing jeans and yeah, I still look fat with a huge ass roll hanging out :'( pisses
me off how Dr Cortes didn't do an amazing job. He does great booties but tummy tucks... He is not great, he needs to stick to only butts. I was fed that he invented a certain way to do his tummy tucks. Ugh, and to think I would fall for that crap, well I did. I should've looked a lot more into drs.

I'm still miserable with the way i look, I complain to my husband and he's so supportive and reassures me all the time. I feel bad because I complained about my stomach before and I'm still doing it, is this really how I'm supposed to feel or be? No new pics because nothing has changed at all :'( it really bums me out. I thought we were suppose to be thrilled about our new bodies?
Rejuvenus Aesthetics, Dr. Cortés’s practice, strives to offer the best patient care and surgical results. We encourage everybody to blog about their experience. We understand that the Constitution offers freedom of speech. We also understand that no matter how much we work for 100% customer satisfaction, it will never be possible. On the other hand, what the three of you are doing (nani2014, Mendez79, Guerrabooty) is a very unethical, unprofessional and unacceptable behavior. You all have crossed a line that won’t be tolerated. Using the Texas Medical Board and submitting frivolous claims against Dr. Cortés is punishable by law. Apparently, the three of you don’t understand that everything done in life, especially using your rights irresponsibly, has its consequences. We will respond to the Medical Board but, in the meantime, we have already forwarded your files to our Houston law firm so we can explore our legal options. Unfortunately, we have been forced to do this because your abusive conduct has gone beyond the limits. We will not tolerate nor allow to be unfairly treated with ill-intentioned lies and accusations that clearly show defamation. Janiris Cortés Office Manager
I am not sure that this post was completely ethical either. Had your business actually been speaking with a lawyer, you would have been advised to refrain from any further contact, as to not encourage or make statements that may come back to haunt you. But your lawyers already told you that right???
-:- Message from RealSelf staff -:-

This comment does not follow our Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service. We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.

Well... I Got 4 Plastic Surgeon's Opinions

I went to 4 consultations with 4 different drs and they all had to say something about my unhappiness of my results.

1st Dr- Said my tt looks good standing up. I asked him what about all this junk (my huge fat roll) right here when I sit down? He stated "Well with my tummy tucks I lipo to get the contouring. With you, you need lipo in the upper abdomen area but also, you will have loose skin if I was to lipo there, then that will be a problem for you. You also don't have the greatest elasticity. So the options for you would be to do lipo and then a skin tightening treatment." I said "Ok, how much are we talking about here?" He came back with a quote of $5,600 and I didn't like that price. He also mentioned to me that I would be a good candidate for an upper body lift but he also stated that he wouldn't want to do that to me since I'm so young and the scar is ugly.

2nd Dr- Came in the room and he said "What are you here for?" I said "I'm not 100% happy with my results with this tt" He then looked at me and looked at the scar and said "The scar looks good, it's healing nice." Then he started grabbing my skin and fat and said "Ummm... there was no lipo done in the upper abdomen, doesn't feel as if you had surgery there where down here, you can tell you have had surgery with all this separation going on. This looks like it could have been done better." I stated "I know and that's why I want to get some opinions." He was grabbing and had me sit down and said that he can get easily a good 2-3 more inches of skin off of me and he would make a small incision going up towards my belly button to pull as tight as he could. I remember that was also an option for me there with Dr Cortes but that wasn't performed on me. I asked him if I would need a revision or a mini tuck and he said "No, I would have to do it all over." I wanted to cry because I paid this certified plastic surgeon to do the job and to me, the job was only done half way. He also stated that he would lipo my pubic area because there's a lot of fat there still that should have been removed. The quote he gave me to do everything was $8,400. Ughhhhhhhh..... wanted to cry when I called my husband in the car. Also told this dr that I have been getting Kenalog shots and this dr was in shock that I was getting those, Basically he doesn't recommend getting those nor using them on his patients.

3rd Dr- Stated that he would have to either go below or above the existing incision and make a mark going up towards my belly button and pull whatever he can do to get me tight as he could. Also to do some lipo in the upper abdomen area.

4th Dr- Said I look good standing up (All the drs said I look great standing up). He had me sit down and these words came out of his mouth "Ughhhhh, Ummmm, Ughhhh... I've never seen results like this when a patient sits down. It looks great standing up, but once you sit, it looks you never had a tummy tuck. Hmmmm. Stand up again. Ok, well I won't be able to pull you tighter but we would definitely do lipo in your upper abdomen area with a certain type of laser to help not to give you so much loose skin, or you can have a tummy tuck that goes up and down to get ALL that extra fat and skin off of you, but why would you want an ugly scar going from your pubic up to your abdomen area, you're so young, I wouldn't want to do that, but that will help get all that extra stuff off that wasn't taken off. Now if you would've came to me, I would've gave you an extended tt that the scar goes almost to your back and I would've pulled as much as I could." I was irritated by now because all 4 basically told me something could have been done better. Called my husband and told him and this guy says "DAAAAAAAMN, we got jacked for our money. This sucks big time. I felt so bad and I just broke down because my husband works his butt off out in this crazy South Texas stupid heat and humidity and for me not to get 100% well worth surgery gets me sooooo angry.

My heart is torn. I swear, I mean I wish I would've really searched and searched for another Dr or even should've went back to Salama, Salama gives hips also and I know he would've went to town with the lipo. I should've made it a trip out of it for my husband & kids so that way I wouldn't have felt bad leaving them, but I gave Cortes the benefit of the doubt. You know how they say to stick with your gut feeling, well a week before surgery, I seriously wanted to back out because I was saying to myself "What if I don't like my results, what if it's not right, etc." but I had to stop because I was working myself up. Well, look what happened. I knew the second that Lucy took off my garment that I wasn't happy with my results, I still had flabby junk and fat there. What also didn't help was that my drains were pulled way too early, 3 days after surgery. It states in the paperwork I signed that you must keep the drains in placed until you reach 25 cc's in a 24 hour period. Well I was still draining 50 cc's when Lucy pulled it out. That's why I feel that's the reason why I have a bulge in my lower pubic area because that fluid couldn't get out. When I had my BBL done with Salama, I had to go home with the drain and had to remove it myself but I found a dr here to do it for me, but I had it removed after 2 weeks. I was draining a lot. I had a friend who had a tummy tuck and had her drains in for a month... there's a reason for the drains, our bodies are trying to get rid of this fluid. Then these Kenalog shots... I don't read ay other blog on here that their dr gives them shots of this. Like I said, I kick myself in the butt everyday for not looking around. I figured since he knows how to do butts, then he'll do good tummy tucks... NOPE, I WAS WRONG. I am here on real self just posting about MY TUMMY TUCK JOURNEY, I'M NOT HERE TO PLEASE ANYONE OR OFFEND ANYONE. I AM STATING FACTS ABOUT HOW I FEEL AND AS YOU KNOW, I AM NOT 100% HAPPY, THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH STATING THAT. YOU LIVE & LEARN... THIS SURE MADE ME LEARN A LOT.

I will post pics soon. I just wanted to do an update. I want to post a pic with me sitting with jeans on.... not very attractive.

Another thing, I get asked on here if I work out. Yes, I have started working out recently and my eating habits have been on point for awhile and mind you, to lose weight, I go by the 80/20 rule, 80% is the way you eat & 20% is your workouts. My thing is, if I had a good tummy tuck done, I don't need to be going full force everyday at the gym to lose weight. I would go to maintain and tone. Well apparently with the job I had done, I have to go hard to try and lose this upper ab area of fat... was trying to avoid that after the tuck. I wanted to be able to workout and maintain the new me. Hope you all understand my frustration & disappointment. I won't be posting every day, maybe once every 2 weeks or so. We'll see. Until next time.........

forgot to say something....

All 4 plastic surgeons stated that i couldn't get any work done until my 6 month mark. I can't afford to get anything done anyway. So i guess the waist cinching and working out is my regiment from now on, to get to where I want to be.
@Guerrabooty Dr 2 sounds knowledgeable! Totally get you on the gut feeling , I actually had a dream I didn't tell my hubby and LOOK! I was looking at the other ladies to see if lipo was done on the upper abdomen , but did not see any scars? Did you pay for lipo on your back? I paid $1170 (that quote does not include more hospital fees etc, ) something like that but he only did the lower part leaving the upper back with fat. No scars on the upper back. Good for you for going to all 4 doctors, I will wait until my 6 month post op to go see any doctor. It seems to be apttern on the TT's. If you notice the upper abdomen is left fat (i think we did not get a muscle repair) then on our lower part it's saggy?! All 6 of us are like this? So, I assume all five of us have bad skin tone ? uhmmm.... Had I known that I would look like this I would have totally just done all lipo! Seem to me that the BBL's look flatter stomach wise ? BTW: I do not know why you have to explain yourself to ppl , asking if you or Nani2014 eating right?! Do this ... 1. Ignore them. number 1 you see my pics/videos? I looked bad since week 1! if someone has a question, I hope they had a TT with Cortes w/ pics to prove! Don't get at ,nani2014, lilyflower, me or YOU with " I had my BBL done?! and he is amazing blah blah. (WE KNOW HE DOES GREAT BBL) that doe not mean anything to me,get at me when you just had a tummy tuck done . (TT + BBL ) does not count! I need women who have pics of the TT done by Cortes. lets compare, that I'm right. Not enough skin is pulled! Well love don't forget what i told you earlier. I'm working on mine right now to send it tomorrow afternoon! So sad that ppl have to create a fake page to say stupid stuff, like for real get your life!
I didn't pay for my back to be lipoed, not for $1,300 more... heck no. He did lipo my inner thighs and arms which I should've never did because they look like crap now. It's crazy how they always say to stick with your gut feeling. You had a dream. Somebody was trying to get our attention. You are so right about the BBL patients look so much more flatter than the tt girls. I would've had all lipo if that was the case I also would've just had that done and not the tt. I agree with you about the ones who had a tt only and not bbl. Yes Cortes does amazing bbl work, I gotta give him credit for that. Oh I won't forget ;) it is sad that people have to make a fake page just to check up on the unhappy ones. Oh well :)
That reminds me, I read my operative report and it said I had lipo on my inner thighs but I didn't have that done. I guess I was mixed up with another patient again. :-/

Some pics...

Here's a few pics. I may look ok but I'm not happy with my results. I think it could've been better. I've been working out and eating right, but like I said... If the job was done right, I don't need to be killing myself at the gym to lose my belly,but that's what is being done. Personally I look like a before pic. I have seen women on here who are before the size I am/was and now is flat with no bulge and also 4 months post op. Oh well, I just have to deal with it and work out each and every day and push it hard. I use to hate wearing jeans... well, today, I still hate wearing them. I hate this bulge of fat that I have that should've been lipoed. They're not skin tight, I have room in them. I can't wear a tight fitted shirt with these pants without putting a sweater over my belly sticking out while I sit down. Well... here are the pics. My husband took the pics of me sitting on top of the toilet because he says it looks the worse in the sitting position. I'm just frustrated. I hate this roll.
We are still on the same boat!! It really sucks that we have half ass results!!! Your not alone honey!! :-( ((HUGS))
Thanks Love. It's seriously an emotional roller coaster. I'm glad that I have support on here but yet you also have the ones that think we're bluffing. I hate the fact that I (we) got ripped off. It's not easy to cough up that $.
First I want to say I thing your smart for seeking different Drs. Opinions from Dr. C, And secondly so sorry to hear you are not satisfied. The whole purpose of TT is to have that dramatic change even if it's not perfection, But still close to it!. You have every right to feel the way you do and Voice it as much as you need to. That is the purpose of this site, Forget what anyone else negativity. Don't stop looking for a Dr that can fix it to your desire, I truly hope you find the right natch at the right price ... Stay Motivated : )

Definitely Not Swollen

It's been awhile since I've been on realself. I took a few pics. Ummm.... I still HATE MY RESULTS and nobody can change the way I feel towards my outcome. Ever since I voiced my concerns to Cortes, he literally dropped me like a bad habit. I had an appt and never received a reminder call or email. That's how I knew he didn't want to deal with me. I actually found a dr here in San Antonio to take me under his wing. Well being 7 months post op... I still lool like I did at 2 months pre op. It sucks. My self esteem still sucks. I thought this would help it out a lil? Nope. I still kick myself in the butt and still have that "should've, could've, would've" over my head. Well gotta make the best of it. I don't know what else to type... just the fact that I hate my results. I feel it could've been done way better. Oh well... you live and learn from mistakes and this one was such a huge disappointment. In due time, I will get it redone but not sure since below my belly button is hard. I notice a lot of his patients have issues in that area... I do. Oh and my mons area looks like a fat blob :-( here are some pics. Basically I feel like I look like a post op patient.

Ooops... 8 months post op

I'm not 7 months, I'm 8. I should be flat.

Ooops... typo at the end of my review

Meant to say that I look and feel like a PRE OP PATIENT. My bad. I was a lil sleepy when I posted. Oh... and I don't have pics of me standing because it looks ok standing up, it's just when I slightly bend and especially when I sit that I have a huge big ol roll that could've been taken off. Well I have another appt on the 29th with another dr and I want another opinion. I know what he's going to say because they all tell me the same that it could've been done better, but I'm
doing my research before I jump on just anyone. Learned my lesson. I hate the fact that I have to kick butt at the gym to try and lose this but how when it's extra skin? Once again... I look like a PRE OP PATIENT. I look good in clothes but it is an ugly sight naked :'( I hate the fact that I have a dent in my outer thigh, my thigh and where my hip meet where he took fat out and injected it, looks deformed. I feel my hips should've been rounded out more. Oh well... on with life.
Honey honey oh my gosh I'm so sorry. I see the skin your talking about. Wow!! I would be furious. I can't believe it. Mzphatbooty is a was a patient of Cortes and she proved to me why I shouldn't go to him and I listened. I'm so sorry. You said you couldn't afford to go back. Check out Premiere Center for Plastic Surgery either Tampa or Miami Florida location. They do in house financing everyone is approved. Just pay a small fee and get whatever you need done. 98% of people are approved and finance your procedure. For my TT I went to their Miami office and Dr Howard Robinson is a veteran plastic surgeon and did a hell of a job. These older doctors been doing this so long that they know their work. He did a good TT. Plus I got approved for my TT. I pay once a month till its paid off.
Call the Tampa location speak with Melanie and tell her your interested in the in house financing program. Your approved bad credit no credit every one is approved. Go get what you need so you will be happy.
Sorry for you outcome and i hope you can find a new ps in a year or so who can help do a revision. It's hard to find a good doctor let alone a good honest review. I read yelp reviews but was told they are filtered. So that is fake and NOT helpful. I am glad that some women here have helped make the right decision in picking a ps. Best Wishes on your new journey.

I can't believe what I am seeing.

Whoa!!!! Reviews lately have been insane. All I know is that I'm going to keep posting about my journey. This isba website where we can do that, RIGHT?!?! I don't want to see ANYBODY jump on MY blog and talk nonsense. I'm speaking nothing but truth on here.... why do I need to lie? I don't. My pictures speak for themselves.
Go girl, do not pay attention to negativity, people are so unhappy that they want to spread the unhappy virus, hell no keep yourself the way you are, we are here to educate and help each other, maybe some Realself Sister are lucky and everything is good for them and the have the other Sister that things don't come out the way their planned, but at the end we have to stick together and help each other, you do what you have to do to be happy and have the body that you want because at the end YOU and only you will live with it the rest of your life, keep us posted and thank you for your sincerity and always been real. God Bless you
Thank you... that means a lot. Honesty is the key. It's sad that the dr doesn't want to do any revisions but us ladies who are not happy with our turnouts wouldn't want him to touch us again. It sucks we have to cough up more money to get it done right. I'm still posting whether or not people like it.
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Another Flaw That Looks Funky.....

I circled the flaw on my hip. He did way too much lipo in that spot. My husband says that my hips look weird and should've just left em alone. Yes my husband says what's on his mind but does tell me that I look better than before but Cortes could've taken more time to do a better job then what I got. I know this has nothing to do with the tummy tuck but wanted to show how the lipo was done a lil too aggressive there and now I have a bulge with a dent. You all may say I look good but you're not in my skin. Let me take a pic sitting down and not sucking in my stomach, you'll see why I'm not happy 100%. I personally think I look like a pre op patient. Oh well.
I'm working out and eating clean. I know it sucks that the ones who had gotten a tt and not happy, we have to workout harder to get to our desired look and weight and it sucks. As you can tell.... NOTHING HAS CHANGED AT ALL. All I know is that quite a few of my friends in California have gotten tt's and by their 8 month post op, they look so thin. Not me... I still look thick which is ok since my husband loves his women thick ;-) but I was expecting different as I went into this surgery and nope... I was let down. Oh well... you pick yourself up and work on yourself and move forward.
Hi! I know what you mean abt not getting the look you want after the TT bc I have to get a revision too. Your booty came out very nice! I want to get a butt lift but your booty came out natural looking.
Thank you for the booty compliment. I seen your pics but at least your dr recognized the fact that you do need a revision. Mine flat out told me I don't need one which is bs. Look at my stomach, I look like a pre op patient. Hang in there and post about your journey.
Now you have to be patience and give our body time to completely heal about 6 months to a year, and about be skinny, remember this is not a weight loss surgery, this surgery is to remove the excess of skin and the weight loss part is on us, l considering myself a sexy thick chick, lol, be patience baby and keep your faja on to mold your new silhouette. keep us update, God Bless

Big difference....

So I did some more research and found these before and after pics of real patients but elsewhere outside of Texas and damn.... I give these drs props. Mind
you, these women were big as me or and even bigger than me and look at them now. Yup... I'm definitely going to need a revision. I am dying to go back to Salama
but I don't want to travel but at this point, I may have too. I'm not doing anything this year. But damn... there is hope. Why did I trust a butt man to do my tt? Don't get me wrong, Cortes is great at bbl's. I just should've done way more research and stuck with my gut feeling to look elsewhere, but like anybody else... I was impatient. Oh... I'm so hooked on the show botched. Crazy how surgeries end up. Once again... I am not going to sit here and repeat myself how I don't like my end results, you all may think I look good but really... do you really think having rolls (fat rolls) and a fat mons area that looks like a c*ck is sexy? I can grab my mons area, looks nasty. Personally it looks like I got a mini tuck. All I know is that my tt should've been done way better. Period. Another thing is that, my concern should've been handled in a more professional way rather than dropping me and then attacking me on Realself. All because of speaking TRUTH!!! Nobody needs to lie here, what I say is all truth. From Day 1, you can see my journey... I was unhappy the second Lucy took off the garment from the hospital. My drains should've been placed in longer than 3 days. I think that's why we all have a bulge under our belly button area. I had my drains in from the bbl for 2 weeks. I was still draining over 50 cc's when they pulled out my drains for the tt. It states on the paper instructions you have to be draining 25 cc's in a 24 hr period. Well that wasn't the case for me. Oh well... it is what it is. I'm done. All I know is that I don't need to explain myself and that my results speak for themselves and I've had quite a few drs tell me that it could've been done better. Just have to do what I have to do and that's work my butt off for a couple of hours at the gym.

Here are some before and after pics of others. One of the girls had surgery the day after me with Salama and now look at her after having a tt, 2 bbl's. The other two pics are from a dr who I want to go see but he's outta state.
Thanks, I will. I had to really push the issues that I had with my stomach to tell him that I wasn't satisfied. Then he said that in 6ms if I not happy he can do something abt it. If I didn't mention my complaints he would have been totally satisfied with that.


Last I checked, I thought I did my blog on
a tummy tuck.... wait, I did. I'm only here to blog about my journey and let people know to research a lot before jumping to
any dr. Yeah I may get talked about on other blogs but it's alright. It's not theor journey.... it's MINE! They don't like what they read then keep scrolling. I didn't get a Bbl with Cortes, I got a tummy tuck. I didn't wake up worrying about how I looked... I woke up wanting to get the eff outta the hospital and drive home 3 hrs away so I could see my kids. The day they took off the hospital garment, I didn't like what I seen... does that have to be approved by everyone? No. I, Myself did not like what I seen. This is realself, a place to blog about your journey: Good or Bad. Then for somebody to call us low lives just because were talking about our unhappiness with our tummy tucks. Then for some to call us sad people. I'm far from sad. I'm happy peeps. The only thing I'm sad about is that I went to a dr who does not do good tummy tucks, other than that.... I'm full of life and love my life. Ain't nobody going to bring me down. Anyways... yup, I still hate my tummy tuck results but I've moved on with life. Am I still going to post my journey? Heck yeah!!! Pics and all. Peace Yo!!!!
Guera when did you do your arms chica?
The same time as my tt. My arms suck.
Do you have pics of before&after? He did smart-lipo right?


So I went to a consultation this past Friday and he said I needed liposuction in the abdomen area. I also asked about a breast lift with implants since my husband had asked Cortes and Cortes didn't even give us a returning patient discount, plus I didn't like his work nor why would I have had him work on me after I hated my tt results? My husband just wanted to see if he gave a cash discount and nope. Anyways... enough about that man. Let me go on. Well the Dr I went to see on Friday gave me a quote and it was decent and this guy does good work. Well I decided to call Salama since he does awesome work on all fields not just butts and I put my deposit down. Haven't picked a date but that man is booked all the way til next summer, so it will be in summer or thanksgiving time. Super stoked. Once he see's me in person, he'll tell me what I need done besides my lift. If I have to redo my tt... so be it!! Sucks how I have to pay for someone else to get the job done right. You live and learn. This time, my kids are coming with me and flying my momma out from California also, so the kids, husband, and mom can make a vacation out of it :-) now only if the time would hurry up. Gosh, I love my husband!

Need to start a new review....

I should start a new review since Cortes will definitely NOT be my Dr. I'll wait til it gets closer to time.
I am so sorry you had this experience. You seem to be upbeat and positive though. Good luck to you! I look forward to following you!
Awww... thank you so much love, that means so much. I feel better now that I'm going to get it revised and have it done the right way.
Wow, you have had a tough journey. I'm glad that you will finally go with the PS who can give you the results that you want.


Set my date with Salama for June 25th 2015!!! Filled with so much Joy. Can't wait for him to fix this half crap job of mine. He's basically doing a mommy makeover on me. I know a lot of Cortes patients think we're (the ones who aren't happy) are miserable people and we stick together.... No Loves, that's not it... face it, we got screwed with our tummy tucks. I mean if you think this is good work then I don't know what to tell you all?!?! I really don't care what people say about me but it's funny how they won't say anything to me on my blog.. just all behind us on their blog. WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK!! Anyways... enough. Now onto making a new review for Dr Salama. Yes I have a lot of regret not going back to him since he did do my bbl. This time the whole fam kids, hubby, & mom are going with me. They can all enjoy the beautiful ocean and beach out there while I recover!!! SUPER STOKED!!! If any of you are wondering how I look, the same.. still have to walk around sucking my gut in. Watch what I eat every damn day, exercising also. Still loose skin. Oh well... once again... onto the next.... bigger & better. Salamafied Summer 2015!!!
Guerra ,I think you look great, but I know we have to fill comfortable in are skin....So I really hope you get the out come your looking really deserve it......
Wow, I'm in complete shock at all the bad reviews on this same dr. He seems like a careless and reckless crook.
YAY! Guerra now you can leave behind that old review. Start a new page in your life and keeping it 100. Have a Good Night!
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