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I am 25 yrs old a mother of 3. My oldest being 7...

I am 25 yrs old a mother of 3. My oldest being 7 then 5 and my baby 5 mths old. I am in much need of a tummy tuck and bbl. I am searching for the right doctor i am in a hurry tho being that my surgery needs to be around june july so that my mom can help with the kids. I am undecided in what to do i want a tummy tuck for sure. I just dont know if i should do a bbl also i dont wnt a bbl first because i really wabt this stomach gone is the most important. Im scared once i have tummy tuck ill be un happy with my shape and wont feel satisfied i have wide shoulders no hips square butt so a tummy tuck yes il get rid of my horrible stretched skin but int fix my shape. I know lipo is usually done with a tummy tuck will that help? Im so unsure i have so many questions! Also i think teice of doing both procedures because of my baby i need the less recovery time possible and if i have both ive learned is more recovery time. Also may i add ive had 3 csections ive had weightloss if 30 lbs. I am 5'2 and weight 135. Help guys any opinions will be highly appreciated! Thanks

pics of belly

Its horrible i kno guys not just that but i have no hips or tighs :(

i wish

I wish i could have like a virtual idea of what my results will look like i see alot before and afters but no one close to the body shape i have.


I have so many toughts and questions i can update every five minutes :) well i have such a hard time finding jeans because of my body i hooe this will make it easier my overall finding clothes experience i dont have much clothes for the same reason ive had my body lk dis for as long as i can remember :/ im ready for a change!

more pics

2nd consultation

I had my 2nd consultation today it was amazing im convinced i want to put my deposit in! Im just a little worried im choosing a doctor to quick should i keep looking? I was a little dissapointed im the price it was higher than i expected so im going to not have the fat transfer to the hips and buttocks :( makes me sad i really wanted that but i cant afford it so im just going for tummy tuck im so excited. So what do my rs ladies think? Should i give a few more doctors a try or just stay with this one?

so ready to find a doctor!

found my doctor!

I tried more doctors went to another consultation ans it just convinced me more of how i wanted dr sukkar to be my surgeon i loved the consultation made me feel soo good time that was spent with me has not been spent in other consultation i booked my appt if god allows it july is the month!


Im feeling sad i feel like even if i have this procedure done i will look the same i wint have curves anyeays im still goin to be plane and boring :( im just feeling down today

mispelled sorry :/

*wont have any curves anyways im still going to be plain and boring



Hey ladies im excited cant wait to get rid of this belly im so glad i found this site i can post things on here i wouldnt post say or show to anyone else lol i get doubtful sometimes and wonder am i going to be happy after this or will i feel the same (since i have no booty which is also a concern for me) lets see how this turns out ;) take kare guys ima leave ya a little video of my jelly


Ready to say goodbye to this


Couldnt figure how to upload this video :( help anyone

pics instead



Im getting frustrated as i am starting to not feel comfortable with the doctor i had selected i tought i was done searching my deposit was paid my date was set for july 7 now is like i am takin steps back. Also my bf is very unsupportive and negative about all of this only support i have is my mothers which is more then enough but your partners opinion alwats matterz im ignoring him and im thinking about just me im done trying to make him happy!!! Now i will set a few more appts to see if i find somewhere else where i again feel that comfort good thing my deposit is refundable. Time to look again ;/

sad dissapointed

Well where do i start... im payin for part of this treatment and my dad is paying fir the other part. Well as ive mentioned i have 3 children i dint work stop working when i was about 3 4 mths pregnant. I had money saved and thats kept me here until now it just seems lk bills keep coming more and nire and gettin higher i pay half the rent and i alone take care of my 3 children expenses and all baby dad helps a bit when he can hut work for him is tight this is something ive been wanting to do since i had my first now that im done with kids im ready had everything ready and suddenly i meet money issues now im seriously thinkin of letting all this go until next year :( makes me really sad im so obssesd with this i cant imagine living another year with this stomach but family comes first. My plans ware to have this done heal and get back to looking for a job which i didnt want to do either i want to stay home with my babies :( with my oldest 2 i never enjoyed them i worked full time for the longest now im enjoyin my baby and dont want to have to stop doing that but have no choice i feel im going to miss out on so many things. Well there it goes im about to email to cancel everything and i will have to wait until next year or whenever things are easier. Thanks guys for being here and commenting and just listening without judging i appreciate that all of ya understand exactly how i feel tours this surgery.

sorry so many mispelled words

I am updating from my phone and i always mispell so much sorry guys


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I can't wait to see your transformation! You're gonna love it! Second best decision of my life!
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I have stretch marks left too but I really don't even notice them!
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I hace stretchmarks and will be left with plenty i sure dnt mind tho as long as that skin is gone
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Most of them will be gone, oh and I see you had a belly ring, I did also and that scar was removed to which I was happy about :) and my youngest daughter always touched or pinched my saggy skin so I know how that is.. Lol can't wait to see your results :)
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please please please do your research. The doctor who already has your deposit, look at the negative reviews as well as the positive ones, and don't let the fact that he already has your money be the only reason you go to him. in the end you want to to look great and not have any regrets. Do you research, forgot about all that boyfriend nonsense, you are doing this for you.
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I just found your review. .. so did you change doctors or are you still looking? I saw that wanted to get a consultation with Dr. Basu but he charges? Check on here because I am pretty sure a lot of doctors waive their consultation fee if you mention RS. I know that was my experience. I am scheduled with Dr. Basu and I am very excited. Good luck!
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Not yet hun u have another consultation with a dr on june 11 we will see how that goes :) ill keep ya updated really the fee was waived? When i called a few mths back i did mention realself lady said they still warent doing that because people ware booking appointments and not showing up :( and they ware chargin 200 that she said will go tours surgery if i stay with them but that didnt make me feel comfortable
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Good thing to do the research! As for your partner, they are really never supportive when isn't come to something cosmetic, mine was not at first, he came with me to the second consult and then he understood. I work out so hard and this tummy will always be there from having my girls. He gets it now, also since I had to have a hernia repair it was now or never. He will come around. Do for you! You will look great after! I have a similar body type to you so I understand. Best of luck and thanks for the support on my TT xo
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Thanks you :) i hope he understands one day he us just very unsupportive about everything it gets to me sometimes im very dependent and make my own decisions because i know he will always be negative :( i actually just ask for my moms opinion when shes against what i want to do i listen to her if shes supportive then i go ahead and do what i want to do and in this case shes 100% supportive i wana back out and shes pressuring me not too lol
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You will be fine! Moms know best ;)
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Do your research girl, when in doubt….don't.
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Thank you txninindia i am looking around again :)
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I agree with Mendez79 do your research, you get what you pay for…..think on that strongly. Also, if you have doubts on a doctor, as realselfers if they have any info, we are all here to help each other. Get the best job done, THE FIRST TIME…
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Thank you hun as i am looking ive found cheap quotes but they didnt convince me so i am sticking to the doctor my gut tells ms too im happy i found him him and his staff are great lets see how this turns out 2 more mths to go!! :)
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I selected my Dr. only on referrals from other people I know. they were all happy with him, so that made my decision.
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Had my TT 19 days ago, but had my first consultation almost 18 months ago. Don't rush it. :-)
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Thank you so much i will check those doctors out what is this medical board? I kan check offixial reviews on there?
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Wishing you the best on your search of a great doctor . Have you heard or had a consultation with Dr Basu? He resides in Houston? Good luck to you :)
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Yes i have and i tried making an appt yesterday but he charhes 10p dolat consultation fee :( so i didnt go with it. And thank you so much for your wishes :)
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Uuuu sorry for all the mispells. *charges *100 dollars
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That money for the consultation would be worth it. Surgery doesn't have a price on it. You want to make sure you're 400% happy with your results. Do lots and lots of research.
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You are right i will continue on with my research i found a doctor im so klose to going with but i kant find many reviews about him so im not sure...
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Take your time to find the right doctor and make sure you do a good research on him when you do find him! Good luck!!! Best wishes
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Thank you noes mommy :) i went on a second consultation today and was so konvinced i want to go ahead and use him yet im not sure if i should keep searching a bit more
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