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I work out every single day, eat healthy & I can...

I work out every single day, eat healthy & I can say I'm in excellent shape except for the most important part of my body, my tummy. It's a mess. I want a flat tummy so bad I can taste it! It's like a dream that seems to far away to me. I've worked so hard now it's time for me to feel good again! Can't wait!!!

First consult with dr. Sukkar

I met Dr. sukkar yesterday & I really feel confident in him being a good surgeon for me. I've met 3 other doctors & I just didn't feel like they were good enough to be my surgeon, so I'm putting all my faith & confidence in Dr. sukkar to give me great results. I'm so nervous I can hardly think!

Date booked!

I'm so nervous, happy, excited, scared& nervous!!! I just hope the out come is good!!! So much money & down time for recovery really makes me worry!

8 days!!!

I'm so ready to be done with this twin skin belly! I just took some photos of myself & realized my stomach looks a lot worse in real life then it does in my head. Lol. I hope after my surgery I look at the before & afters with nothing but pure joy at the difference!

Pre op!

Went to my pre op appointment today! I can't believe this is happening! Taken those before photos in the office was pretty harsh.... I really got a good look at myself & it was enough to make me cry. I just want to look like I used to but I know that impossible so ill do whatever it takes to get as close to that as possible. 7 more days till I'm on the flat side!!! :D

Six more days!!

I got my blow up floatie to sit on cause I know ill be sitting a lot, got my scar treatment, got my rx, still need shower chair & neck pillow! I'm not gonna get a recliner, I just gonna prop up pillows in my bed. I hope I dont regret not getting one.

4 days!!!

As I type 4 days I still cannot believe I'm doing this. I normally never have a problem with sleep but I haven't slept much in days. I just keep waking up & thinking of large cuts & crusty belly buttons. I think I've been researching way too much for my own good. I wish I wasn't in my own head so much. Lol. Trying to pass the time by keeping busy. Today is day four no alcohol (I normally drink wine in the evenings) and I'm starting to miss my stress reliever but gotta do what the doc says. The waiting is torture for me!!!!

I did it! I'm on the flat side!

Just woke up doc said everything went well. I'm not in any pain, just sore. I haven't looked yet! Maybe ill be brave enough tomorrow!

First pic

Scared to look!

One day post op pics!

Just had my first shower and I learned real quick Don't try to shower alone. I'm a lot weaker then I think I am. I couldn't hold my self up at all after a few mins. I can say so far I'm very happy with my results.

Miss my babies

Although I'm in the same house with my boys I miss them so much! I can't pick them up & all I want to do is hold them..... Body please heal quickly! I woke up feeling so bla. I need a good shower, my right side is burning, my back is killing me, I really need to wash my hair & I really just need to poop! Lol. Okay rant over. Time to woman up cause I knew it was gonna be hard.

Post op day two pics!

I can't wait to heal! I think dr. Sukkar did a fabulous job! So happy!

Starting to see a little hour glass!!!

Woke up feeling much better today. Drinking my prune juice but still nothing happening. With all the pain, bordness & missing my babies I look down & realize it is so worth it. I'm so happy I did this. These muscle relaxers make me loopy so I hope I'm making sense. Lol.


I have a vertical lump above my belly button that I hope is swelling & not here to sty for good. Anyone else have that?? I can't get a good pic of it....

Couldn't sleep....

Woke up at 4am & my binder was itching me so I went to the bathroom, took it off & I cried happy tears when I looked down! Wow. I cannot believe this is me! It's healing so well & I'm starting to love my new shape! I swear not a lot feels better then the feeling I had when I looked down to see a flat belly! So so very happy!!!

Love seeing the progress!

I cannot take enough pics! Loving this transition! So worth it ladies!!!

Belly button looking better!

Took a shower this morning & it washed away some of the dried blood & scabs on my belly button, I'm liking what I see! Also I haven't took any pain meds today & I feel fine! Still not standing straight yet but everyday I'm getting a little bit stronger.

Giggles are painful!!!

My mom came over to help with the kids & she by accident said something so hilarious that I busted out with a bad case of the giggles! When I get going with the giggles there's no stopping it! I did this long mouth wide open silent giggle & it was beyond painful but I couldn't stop! Note to self stay away from my mother till I heal! Lol

10 days post & I've lost weight!!!

I've been trying to get back in the 120s for at least 6 years & I've done it finally as of this morning!!!! So happy I can't put it into words!!!

Drains out & bikini on!

Got my drains out yesterday! It didn't hurt at all just felt weird coming out. Had my first shower with no drains & it was awesome! Tried on my old bikini & it looks better than ever! So glad I made the decision to do this!

Proud twin mama

This is my big & beautiful tin mama belly. I loved being pregnant & ill cherish it always.

Two weeks post op photos!

Two weeks post op today & this is the first day ill be left alone with my 18 month old twin boys. I'm nervous about how the day will go! I'm experiencing the "swell hell" because I was bad & ate terrible salty food all weekend & wow it really shows in these pics! My B button is still a little odd shaped but I think it's just part of the healing. At this point it's still oozing a little. Yuck. Sneezing, coughing & laughing is the only thing that hurts now. I only had to take pain meds for the first six days then nothing after that. I'm almost completely straight. I'm laying flat in my bed now too & on my sides but still finding it hard to get comfortable enough to sleep well. Goal for the week is to eat really clean to see if it will help this swelling!

I've felt so good & been so happy till now

I feel like my progress is going backwards. I'm definitely not having a good day.... I went this morning & got the tape removed & some stitches out & what was under the tApe scared me. It was just shocking. I'm so much more swollen then I was last week & it's really getting to me. Also my belly button looks so funky today. I knew there was gonna be ups & downs but I'm just ready to get back to normal.

When will the sneezing pain stop?!!!

Ive been sneezing 2 to 3 time a day & every time it sends pain that last for a minute or longer & I just feels like I'm stretching my abs back a part with every sneeze! I really hope that's not the case!

3 weeks post op!

Wahoo can't believe it's been 3 weeks! I'm a little less swollen today but there's still a long way to go! I'm happy with my progress but now I'm a little worried my belly button is closing. The hole seems to be getting smaller every week.. I'm hoping maybe it's the swelling but will see! I'm happy with my scar, I think doc did great on that. Everyday I'm feeling a little skinnier & that feeling is priceless! :D
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I cannot be more happy with my decision to let Dr. sukkar do my surgery! I did research for almost a year, saw many different doctors for consults before finally choosing dr. Sukkar & all my research has paid off!! I'm only 4 days post op tummy tuck & I love my results! Exactly what I pictured in my head that I wanted my body to look like, dr. Sukkar made it a reality. His staff was very professional & made me feel at ease to whole time. This is the place to go people! Lol! Check out my before & afters!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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My belly button looked somewhat similar to yours around week 2 and 3. It will round out, I promise. I remember thinking it looked like my belly was a big slit or something. I'll be 9 MONTHS out on August 6th! Happy healing, it gets better!
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Ur looking great!
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Thank you!!! ;)
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I hear ya about the sneezing! Still hurts. I usually hold my stomach or place a pillow over it and hold. This seems to help a little. I think it takes more than sneezing to ruin things.
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I hope so! Ill try the pillow thing. :)
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I know that it can be so frustrating to deal with the swelling, aching and not being back to 'normal', but you have to remember that you are only 2 wks out from surgery and this is a MAJOR surgery. Give you body the time it needs to heal. There is a false sense of recovery time to a tt surgery, I think, partly because we choose to do it and partly since it's an outpatient procedure. You'll read and hear over and over again that patience is the name of this game. Looking at your photos your shape is beautiful, you WILL be so happy with your results. I would expect that around the 6-8 wk mark you will be seeing some better results. =) I know I have and I'm still swelling!
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Thanks I was definetly having a moment! I feel a little better today. I can't wait for six to 8 weeks post!
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Looking forward to seeing them!
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Almost every single person on this tt site seems to go thru the uncertainty at this time hell I still iAm just remember where u started. I was so flat right after surg than the swelling began and it's frustrating but even with the swelling I feel so much better without the bulge! Love wearing cropped tops now yeah, so freeing. U will adjust
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Hang in there my incision is puckering as well, don't worry about it yet, it will get better and if it doesn't ask your ps about scar revision, which I need but dr wants to wait till fall. Fine by me I can enjoy summer. But I think yours will straighten out. The tape doesn't help. You look great and it's still early. Hang in and relax
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Thanks I keep tellin my self that I'm only a little over two weeks post op & it will hopefully look better when I'm healed. It's just such a slow process. Hope everything goes well with your revision!
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You look incredible!!! I know the swelling must suck but your final results will be amazing. Your PS did a wonderful job!
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Thank you! I guess it was just one of those days... Thanks for the positivity!
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Sending you strength for you and the twins! You are looking great, btw. =)
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Thank you so much!
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Whoa!! Awesome transformation! Phenomenal results!
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Thank you very much!
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You look fantastic! Congrats on your gorgeous new belly :)
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P.S. -- I am a momma to twins too :) Had my tummy tuck on 11/6/2013
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Thank you & wow you look amazing!
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Thank you!!!
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Congratulations! I lost weight since pre surgery too, what an awesome feeling (and unexpected too!)
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Yes I didn't think I'd ever get back to this weight! It's awesome :)
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You look amazing i had my surgery booked july 7 with dr sukkar and had to cancel and wint be able to do this until next year im so dissapointed i want confidence back and this belly gone im so happy to see how good your results are and csnt wait to have this done with him.
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Oh no! So sorry you have to post pone! Hope fully tie will fly by! Ill keep posting progress pics for ya. I have not one complaint with Dr. Sukkar & his office staff. They're all amazing.
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