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I'm a 5'3" 111 lbs healthy mother of 3. At 41 yrs...

I'm a 5'3" 111 lbs healthy mother of 3. At 41 yrs old I know my child bearing days are done. After having my last two children from my second marriage I managed to shrink back to my normal "petite" size..all but that annoying muffin top that at times can really make you feel depressed.

My T-shirts don't even fit right which in turns leaves me selecting a larger size just to hide my belly, so two years later I'm here.

My procedure is scheduled in a few weeks, with my Pre-Op being this Friday. Questions?? Yes I have a list, from Medication,CG,Scarring,Mons Area,and even Sutures.You can never ask enough questions when having any type of surgery let alone something that will impact your life forever. I'd have to say I have a very low tolerance to pain but the remaining permanent scar is something that seems to scares me most. I have read several stories here and they have eased my anxiety for the most part. I know I have a journey ahead,but not once have I second guessed my choice. I think when it really comes down to it..you're either ready or not and believe me I'm ready..guess I'll get back with the details to follow soon. So glad this forum exists :)

Pre-Op today and everything went well as I near my...

Pre-Op today and everything went well as I near my surgery date I feel more and more confident that everything will turn out great if not better than what I'm expecting. Going in and addressing my concerns and having a sensible, honest answer makes all the difference in the world.
A lot of what I researched and selected to address myself was pretty much discussed in my visit today. I don't do well with gas sedation and hate the nausea feeling after waking up from it, my doctor is using TIVA anesthesia and the chances of that happening are very slim..also I will be given phenergan minutes before coming to so I'm really counting on that to help. I mostly discussed the whole process with my nurse(who by the way was very thorough) but my Doctor was also available for a few questions I felt more comfortable asking him directly. My background is medical so for the last two weeks I have been researching medications, referring to what they prescribe and what works well for me, watching youtube videos and educating my self with the terminology of the many techniques, supplies used, etc..for this procedure..I would NEVER say doing things such as this could make it worse, in my case I feel very confident and ready to begin the journey. Since I have had heart palpations in the past I'm scheduled for a EKG on Monday and hopefully I'll get clearance for low risk. If not my surgery may have to be post-poned. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

Busy week for me..whew!! Getting last minute...

Busy week for me..whew!! Getting last minute things, cleaning, preparing pre-cooked meals..I know it doesn't seem like much but I have to pat myself on the back it's not easy knowing I'll be down and unable to tend to my kids the way I normally do. I'm driving my husband crazy leaving lists of things to do. I know he'll be great with the kids but mother's instinct gets the best of me. My anxiety is pretty much controlled right now (although my husband would say different) but I'm almost certain it'll spike come the night before. Daily I've been reading how other procedures have gone so well..I'm wishing the same for mine. Anyway Congrats to all who made the choice and are loving their new Tummy can't wait to join the club. :)

Hello all, so I picked up my Rx's today,started my...

Hello all, so I picked up my Rx's today,started my Arnica, and tomorrow my hospital bed will be delivered..I still can't believe I'm going through with this!! the only thing I'm really concerned about is getting back into the swing of things (especially with my 4 & 2 yr old). I still see how remarkable everyone's experience has been and can't help but think that soon I'll have my happy ending as well. Congrats to all those who have gone before and give us remaining one's the support and encouragement we need as our days draws near..it means a lot THANK YOU! :)

Hospital bed has now been delivered..the count...

Hospital bed has now been delivered..the count down begins..today's been pretty much calm for me, aside from me cooking meals for the week to help out my hubby I'm in a great mood. I have till 3/4 am to eat my surgery isn't scheduled till 1 pm so I plan on staying up a little later than usual just to sleep in longer. I think I have everything I need, if not I'll definitely be appointing people to get things for me..lol jk. Anyway I do plan on taking valium tonight just to sleep well and feel rested when i wake up. I'm so happy I have my family's support in doing this I look forward to seeing my new tummy soon. Best wishes to all who are scheduled tomorrow and those who are recovering. :)

Less than an hour away..took a valium last night,...

Less than an hour away..took a valium last night, slept well..nerves are calm right now but I'm thirsty as heck. Well, here I go..blessings to all who are scheduled today! See ya on the flat side :)

In concluding yesterday's update..I got to the...

In concluding yesterday's update..I got to the office at 1pm and was called back around 130 to prepare for surgery. My nurse started my IV with antibiotics and my Doc came in to do the markings. I was then finally taken back to the OR at 3pm..I was administered my anesthesia and was promptly out. I woke up around 730pm however since I was still incoherent I didn't leave the office till almost 9. I'm less than 5 min. away from home so upon arrival I took my Vicodin,Antibiotic,Stool Softner and Arnica. THANK GOD I didn't throw up. I only feel nauseated if I stand up too long..I went to the bathroom several time so far no swelling or pain.I thought I would have been really hunched over but I'm not, I do tend to automatically bend over simply because I'm not sure how far I can stand up and don't really want to risk it!!
I have 2 drains and have applied A&D ointment around the tubing and around the skin it helps more than you think. I also had Lipo done along my hip area, not too much however it seems to be more bothersome than my tummy... but hey I'm not complaining. I also have been eating a few crackers or whole grain toast with fiber and flax seed before taking the vicodin.. it helps not get nausea because the Hyrdocodone is the culprit for that..I'll post more pics soon but for now I'm very happy and so so grateful I have hardly any pain. Thank you all for the well wishes..I hope you too are recovering well and for those yet to follow, I wish you all a great recovery as well.. : )

Day 2 PO,still doing pretty good, the soreness...

Day 2 PO,still doing pretty good, the soreness from my thighs hurt more than anything else...My left drain is hardly draining anything...not sure how long I'll have to have it in since nothing is draining into it, my nurse said if it continues the same way she'll remove it next Friday. Yay!! I can see how so many of us complain about them being uncomfortable. Today I have clearance to shower however since I ended up having Lipo done by my underarm breast area I may just settle for a sponge bath..I'm sore plain and simple but thank goodness for dry shampoo..lol Anyway Happy Healing to all. :)

PO Day 3 Still recovering rather well, trying to...

PO Day 3 Still recovering rather well, trying to wean off Vicodin and just take Tylenol, so far so good. Still feeling a little lightheaded if standing too long, but able to walk around fairly straight. I do have large bruising on my thighs from Lipo but hardly any swelling. Drinking plenty of water and Boost drinks along with eating pretty much whatever I want. My binder started itching me last night so today I put it on over my tank(men's undershirt) and feels great. My Scar is really low, which is great! I can't wait for my pain pump and drains to come out. I think that's most annoying. I've also placed and maxi-pad (with the sticky side toward my panties) to go across where the drains and pain pump have been placed, since there is some leakage the pad helps which another person on her suggested doing...great idea!

4 days PO and feeling great will post pics soon....

4 days PO and feeling great will post pics soon. Removed my pain pump today, it wasn't as bad as expected and I actually feel much better without all that tubing around. Drains are still intact, both draining about 25cc on each side I'll be so relieved when they too are gone. I stopped taking Vicodin yesterday and have done pretty good..only taking Tylenol as needed. Have had 2 BM since Wed. (day of surgery) and can stand up pretty straight or at least not as hunched over as I thought. Took my shower last night, my husband put a chair in, sat me down..I don't think I could have showered standing especially since I've have limited use of my arms due to Lipo as well. So far everything is a going great. I hope the rest of you are recovering just as well if not better....oh yeah finally got to see my BB. I can't remember the last time I saw it "IN". Yay.. Take care you guys, rest, take your meds and stay strong..the hardest part is over right?? lol : )

5Days PO Everything going good can't wait for...

5Days PO Everything going good can't wait for Friday to have my Post Op appt. I am so wanting these drains out!!!!..even with lubrication it's the pinching effect that is bothersome, on another note..I am moving around more today, even though good old mother nature struck she was nice enough to spare me the cramping.
I also cooked dinner today, I could tell my boys were Happy :)
Mr. Mom is doing an awesome job but there's nothing like Mom's cooking...okay so maybe I'm overdoing it but I hate not being able to move around and be so dependent on others. I still have yet to sleep in my hospital bed however I'm pretty sure that will change soon my sofa, ottoman and recliner have been my sleeping aids and I'm getting tired of them. I had my husband get me the Arnicare Gel, I have several bruised areas mostly on the back of my thighs and with me being the type to bruise easily I'd figured I'd give this gel a try and see how quickly they'll dissipate. So all in all I'm hanging in there. What's next right..lol Well wishes to you all. :)

One week PO today..yesterday was awful due to one...

One week PO today..yesterday was awful due to one of my migraine headaches. Today was much better finally made it upstairs last night to sleep in my hospital bed..and wow how nice it was. Finished my antibiotics, I believe my drains have slowly stopped draining...yay hopefully Friday at my PO I'll have them removed. I was able to take my own shower today, even shaved my legs. Day by day I'm noticing I can do a little more but still can't push it. Standing up fairly straight and haven't had much back pain. One day at a time. Can't wait to get well.

My 1st PO Appt earlier this A.M. Look'n and...

My 1st PO Appt earlier this A.M. Look'n and feeling great!! Dr. took my drains out YAY!!! the right side hurt a bit when it was removed but I'm just so relieved to have them GONE!!! Now I can start wearing my clothes....I hope.
Had my dressings/SteriStrips changed my scar is healing wonderfully, same as my BB. I was expecting to see the worst (of course) but my incision is closing and all I can see is a very thin line.
I can't thank Dr. La Puerta enough..he did say I have some swelling especially around the area where Lipo was done but for the most part I'm doing GREAT! I'll continue to take my stool softner(as my doctor suggested) along with my Arnica pellets & Gel it has been helping fade the bruising and swelling so until it's completely gone why not?

Went in for my 2 wk PO appt. Feeling Great! Had my...

Went in for my 2 wk PO appt. Feeling Great! Had my steri-strips changed. Bruising is almost gone and swelling is going down. Started driving yesterday,able to move around more however not too comfortable to drive long distances yet. Dr. says I'm right where I should be..I can stand straight and feel some tension but not pushing it..gradually it'll come on its own. I do tend to swell more towards the end of the day so I try to limit my activities. Hope everyone is feeling and doing great also.

Today marks my 3wk point..not sure if I mentioned...

Today marks my 3wk point..not sure if I mentioned it but I also had auxillary breast tissue removed. My TT incision seems to be a piece of cake compared to the healing under my arms!! For the past two days my body has been itchy (which is a sign of healing) but it's also driving me crazy!!!! My steri-strips have both fallen off under my arms and I no longer wish to have them on. I went for my weekly visit with me PS today and since my incision on my arms and tummy are now closed I won't be needing them any longer. I itch sometimes underneath my scar (which by the way was my 1st time viewing it today) so I was told to apply Cortizone. I've been using Benedryl both topical and orally and that relieves the itch,however I am experiencing mild pain so I've added Advil when needed and Vicodin if it's a bit intolerable. I've read that once you get past day 3 you're pretty much doing great.....WRONG!!! the goal is to make it past 6wks...since our bodies are still adjusting to all the great things that have happened, we're still delicate and can react to anything!! For the most part I can feel my stomach muscle working when I sit up from bed, reach for a higher object or bend down to pick something up...it's also softning up but there's still swelling..Doc says 4 more wks of binder therapy..day and night...I wear it all the time so I now feel it's just adjoining with the rest of me. I'll post my lovely scar later..Hope everyone is healing great. Have a great day!

Wednesday was my 4 wk mark...went in today for my...

Wednesday was my 4 wk mark...went in today for my stitch removal...doing well..starting to feel like my old self again minus the extra baggage. Didn't have many stitches to remove, most have already or will continue to dissolve. Next visit in 2 wks to get clearance. Will now start using Scar Away strips on tummy and arms...can't wait to be able to ride bikes with my kids again, especially since the weather is getting nicer!
Got the okay to use the "marble" for my BB...will begin that tonight. Bye-Bye Hospital bed..I really enjoyed your stay,I'll still have to sleep on my back for the next 2 wks, but at least I can sleep in my own bed. Day by day..starting to love the new me.
Beauty does come with a price and for me..it was all worth it :D

At 5wks and 2 days..I'm feeling pretty good!...

At 5wks and 2 days..I'm feeling pretty good! Everyday is a healing process. I can stand upright, shoulders back but will occasionally feel a twinge or pull from the tightness in my ab area. I've been using Scar Away strips for my underarms and tummy however I noticed a "HotSpot" on the incision under my arm and have now began treatment for healing that.. A HotSpot is when a underlying stitch has caused a area of some inflammation. When our bodies can't reject (spit) a stitch or it hasn't dissolved yet, this can occur. Applying a warm, moist compress and gently squeezing the area has released the pus and pressure which has built up. Other than that, my scars are healing well, I've come to accept that swelling is a given...the more you do, the more you'll swell so for the next 5 months I'm okay with it. I don't swell too much except towards the lower part of my torso where the incision is and only if I've been up and at it all day. I'm still wearing my binder and will continue to do so until my next visit with my PS. Next visit should be my release..praying all goes well and I'll be able to pick up and hold my baby again..loving my tummy! Hope everyone is well.

11 wks tomorrow..wow what a long road this has...

11 wks tomorrow..wow what a long road this has been....

Hi Ladies..it's been a while..since I've picked up...

Hi Ladies..it's been a while..since I've picked up a part time job..I've been pretty busy lately. My last visit with my PS was on the 7th and I'm doing pretty good. I do have a rather thick area on my incision that was brought to his attention, as I am a bit concerned however it seems to be a build up of scar tissue and will be able to be removed in March upon my next follow up visit. I can now do what I wish. I still wear my CG but only when I swell, the extra support always seems so comforting so I don't mind. I hope all of you are doing great as well and I wish you guys a very MERRY AND HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Lapuerta through a advertisement ad in a magazine, and upon my initial visit selected him based on his credentials, being Triple Board Certified, and Patient ratings/reviews. I feel strongly confident in him performing my procedure and look forward to a great outcome

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great!
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You look great. Have you had much changes with your dimensions in the past 4 weeks or 8 weeks (between week 4 and week 12), and between week 8 and week 12? Are you starting to plateau with your improvement? Our bodies are very similar. I'm just wondering what is in store for me. Take care.
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Wow you look amazing. Great results. Why the scars under your arms? What's that procedure called? I saw an arm reduction on someone else and the scar was the length of the arm from the pit to the elbow.
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Thank you Tigol'bitties..the procedure is called breast auxiliary tissue removal... not dissatisfied with my " results but quite honestly that hurt more than my TT itself...I guess because we do move and use our arms for everything!! I had it done because I was unhappy with the extra skin I would see when wearing halter,tube tops...my spitting stitches there were terrible but thank God I'm healed!! :)
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Look FANTASTIC! Your scar is healing well and light in colour too, hope mine does the same. Are you putting anything on it cream or oil at all? Cheers, X
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Thanks ILB&S I'm using a Coco butter stick and scar away strips I believe I see faster results with the strips but could be just me..lol thanks again!
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WOW! WOW! Did I say WOW! You look great!
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wow you look amazing!! You have really great skin! think ill have to look for one of those torsets too lol. glad you're loving your new tummy x
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You look awesome. Gives me some hope that there is light at the end of my swell hell tunnel :0)
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6wks PO, visit with my Doc this A.M..2 more wks then I can do whatever I want..for now minor lifting..20 lbs was the limit but can gradually add to it. Was okay'd to do leg exercise but at a slow pace. I ran into a minor complication with spitting stitches..one under my arm the other around my BB incision..both were small (thank God) and were able to be treated with Epsom salt and a warm wash cloth, so I'm now healed in those areas and will start using Cocoa Butter for my scars for another 2 wks and then resume my Scar Away strips. I can feel some areas of stitches, but they are dissolving so as long as I can self treat any if they abcess I'm doing good. Binder was suggested for another 2 wks as well but I have been wearing a compression garment off and on. Swelling is still around but I am able to wear my jeans and regular fitting shirts. My incision is low on my tummy so the waist band from my jeans will tend to bother it at times. I can now sleep on sides but not my stomach. I feel pulling at times from one side to the other when I do so I usually turn on my back to sleep well. So,....doing well and looking great..couldn't be happier and I have Dr. Lapuerta to thank for that. :)
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Wow! You look fabulous at 5 weeks PO. I have a TT with MR scheduled for Oct. 19. I'm 42 yrs with 4 kids. My body dimensions are close to yours: 5 ft 2 inches, and 116 pounds. Your body at 5 weeks is my dream body. I hope my outcome is as good as yours. I have a question for you? How much lipo did you have in your hip areas. Are you talking about the waist area and flank? You have no residual "muffin top" after TT. I'm wondering if my PS plans to do lipo on me. Do you have any pictures of your back view "before" TT and "after" TT. If I survive this surgery without complications, and I have your results, I will be very blessed. I'm glad things went so well for you. You look great. Please keep posting updates. Your incision scar looks great too. How many days did it take until you could stand straight? Take care. And thanks in advance if you're able to answer my questions
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thanks Momcathy..I didn't know I was having Lipo done till a few days prior to surgery...my PS explained that having it would give me the contoured look I was wanting..so I believe yes, it would be the area between my waist and hips..I hardly had any fat my TT was mostly stretched skin from previous pregnancies and I didn't get any before pics of my back since I didn't know exactly where he would lipo me. It's taken me almost a full 4 wks to stand straight up with my shoulders back..I never really was hunched over after surgery but would tend to feel the pull if I tried to stand shoulders back..so I hunched it for a while. I didn't swell too much in the beginning either but now that I'm more active...I see the swell build up and by days end I'm swollen..I've come to accept this for the at least the next 5 months..hopefully I'll be lucky enough to have it pass quicker but for the most part, I'm very satisfied with my results and I'm sure you will be with yours as well....good luck and may all go well for a quick recovery!
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Thanks for your response. I just created a profile today with some "before" pictures posted. It'll probably be posted tomorrow. If you get a chance, could you take a look and offer any advice. Your body and my body looks very similar and I am praying for your body afterwards. Anything you would do differently? Anything to mention or request from PS? Did your PS charge you extra $ for the minor lipo/body contouring, or was it included in the TT price? You look pretty fit so I'm sure the PS didn't have to spend too much time doing lipo. Probably the same situation for me as well. I think my PS said that some lipo was included in his price. I will ask again at my pre-op appt with PS is on 10/3, where I will have to pay the remainder of my balance. Again, you look wonderful and I wish you all the best with the remainder of your recovery. I'm sure there will be times in the next several weeks/months when I feel depressed or regretful. When I get those feelings, I'll make sure to pull up your profile and look at your pictures, and read your updates for encouragement and hope. Take care.
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AE you are looking fabulous. Im 4 weeks PO and also cant wait til the swelling go away.
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my belly button looks a lot like urs. I have been worried it will look all swollen and inside out forever. have u found with recovery urs has started going back in again?
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Hi Mandymoo I started using a marble to gently massage my belly button and that has help shape it and form a more inward appearance however since swelling is still occurring I only notice the results of it first thing in the morning. My PA has mentioned to just keep massagingit,.....and so that I am...I figure either way...it's a lot better that what it use to look like..lol try a marble massage and good luck! :-)
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thanks for the advice. so do you leave it in there for a period of time or just roll it around inside for a while lol
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I actually roll it around with the palm of my hand and then once it feels like it's in with my thumb and index finger I turn it clockwise. The turning is for depth and the rolling is to shape. I'm not sure how deep my BB goes in so I don't turn it too much just enough to make sure it's in.
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Just make sure it's (the marble) small..I guess you can always go bigger later if you want.
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.....and no don't leave it in..just work with it for a while
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You are healing very nicely! Congratulations! Can't wait until my tummy is flat.
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All went well Wed Wed. Went in st 11 and in recovery at 4:30. Good pson management. Found 3 more hernias that were repaired. Then the revision of two big upper scars in nice near lilone. Ten the TT. I have 3 drains. Had to stay two days because of the extra work needed. Home lsteel today. Pain is not bad only when trying to get out of bed. Walong hunched over really helps. Looking forward toto getting bACLU home. Maybe wI'll be able to sleep. So far. So good. kanore
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Oh Kanore..bless your heart hun...please just take it slow and recover at your own pace..you've been through such a ordeal no need to push it to another level. If possible just stay in bed and walk when you have the energy to. I know it's easier said then done but you're very delicate..take time to heal and be patient. Hugs to you
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Hi AE. I am 2 weeks PO. Are you lifting anything? I wonder when I can lift my 2yr old. Whatabout driving, is it comfortable for you to drive? I need to do a 1 and a half hour trip on my own soon.
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