LOVE, LOVE, LOVING the new me...ALREADY!!!

I am 36 yr of age with no children...yes that...

I am 36 yr of age with no children...yes that makes it worse. I was always fit and athletically toned (138lbs.) when I was younger. Then in my mid twenties I took the depo provera shot ONE time and all hell broke lose. It was as if it changed my complete metabolism, including the fact that I didn't have a period for over a year after getting the shot once. And through the years I have gotten a belly mainly over the past 5 years. (170 lbs)

I am scheduled to have my upper, lower abdomen and waist lipo'd in exactly two weeks from today. I just recently came about this decision after battling my stomach bulge. I have great legs and what I think is a nice butt and diet and exercise was making me lose weight in areas that I didn't want (butt, breast, thighs) and although my stomach region would be smaller so was the rest of me so the dimensions were always out of whack. I tried target exercising and I stomach would appear larger at least on the sides my waistline seemed to expand while my upper abs contracted. CRAZY!!! I gave lipo a some serious thought about two months ago and decided I was doing it. At the time of the decision I was between jobs and now that I am back working it's a go. So I am scheduled for two weeks out and I have been stalking this site. In the back of my mind I have a few worries: mainly about skin retraction, t down time (not the pain), lumps that I see on some pictures and mostly the pictures where it appears the lipo didn't "take"? The last thing I want to do is drop 4K and see nothing. That won't be good for either party...O_o. I am sooo excited I am wondering if I am setting myself up for disappointment?

Your really close to your date! Good luck I wish I was so close.
Thanks seems like it is taking forever! So I can imagine how you must feel but you aren't too far behind me, how did you narrow down your ps choice?
I looked at other patients , pic and I had a few consults. There was one I was going to go with before I picked Cortes but when I was looking down at my ipad asking my questions I looked up a hot sec and he wasn't listening he was digging for gold. Lol yes a nose picker and flicker! Right off his finger........ Across the room. The look on his face was priceless. It said damn I think she saw me lmao i at least did shake the bugger free hand. plus he wanted to charge for everything separately. Cortes told me what he could do and what needed to be done to achieve that sexy figure I so desire. Lol the rest I canx

A few questions....

I am ready to get this procedure done and start the healing process. I am a little nervous about the lumps that I have seen and what others have been complaining about. What is the best way to minimize this? I have heard some talk of an ab board and foam board, does anyone know what this is, how it works and where I can buy it from?

Athletic Frames...where are you???

So I know you can't tell...but I have an athletic frame. So I have very little hips, wider waist (not the coke bottle shape) muscular, thighs and calves and a tight booty. When I had no stomach fat at all I had a wider waist with cuts (Serena and Pink type). I have always wanted a curvy figure but as Serena's body become the lust I was willing to live with what I have been given with a bit more ease. However shortly after that this stomach fat attacked and since I have no hips and my lower body stays pretty tight my stomach toke the beating. Having no hips to balance me out a little took the appearance of a lot. Anyway I have found some inspiration pics and although I don't have ALL that ass...YET! Being athletic has its benefit my butt muscles will POP with just a little bit of effort put in. After this surgery I am going to MURDER those squats and my spin class is NOT going to be ready. I can do without all the arm muscles but she needs them for her game tea, no shade Serena.
we have the same kind of body. I have small hips, nice legs and more muscular shoulders As I have worked out with weights most of my life. But then menopause and the gut happened. My Meti heritage dictates that apple shape too. So the 4000CC I had removed was my gut and my whole back with a little off the inner thighs. This procedure will do it for you as nothing else would do it. Good luck and keep us posted. I think you will be amazed Working out the way you have your skin will retract as my did at age 61...yikes...
Thank you so very much it is great to hear from someone that has been through it with my same shape and problem area. look GREAT! I only hope that my results are as successful
Happy healing! Can't wait to see you post op pics!


OMG...I am so super excited, I can not wait to have this fatness sucked out! And the more I stalk this site the more things I want to have done, I now understand how plastic surgery can be addictive. But first things first...getting this belly away. I am hoping that will boost my confidence even more (trust me it is not lacking) and help me compete with a little more authority in this dating world. sucks, I can't wait til I have gone through the journey that the good Lord has for me so he can bless me with a husband and I can be OUT of this mess...and it's a LOT of the women's fault that these men are such donkey's. Now that is another blog in a totally different section (probably under "woman stop taking care of MEN" or "REALLY...are you THAT damn desperate") none the less I will continue my single journey before I settle. So if you can't tell, I am also PMS'ing...I am just hoping Aunt Flo will wait another week or so (slim chance). What a recovery this is going to be!
How did everything go???
wooo the countdown is on! yea those depo shots are so weird. my friend got super skinny (you could see all of her bones), my body didnt change but i got super aggressive and beat up somebody at Heathrow airport in 2003. not good. Wish you the best of luck and cant wait to see your post op body! xx
lmao @ beat up someone at Heathrow...not good but sooo funny. Thanks for the well wishes, Hun!


I'M ALIVE!!!! Thankful to God and all my well wishers on here and in my personal life.

I actually feel very good. I arrived at the surgery center at 8:15 this morning and didn't actually leave until after 1 pm I believe (little doped) none the less I lifted myself out of the wheelchair and sat in the car on my own ( i think I was suppose to wait for assistance) well when I got home I was able to pee on my own but I was feeling a bit uncomfortable not pain more unpleasant. I decided I would take a pain med because I wanted to sleep and I thought the discomfort would keep me awake. I unfortunately didn't get to sleep very long and I was back awake but no pain at all, I am just a restless person at times. I was feeling so good I thought a little walk around the neighborhood would do me some good (again restless) I was out feeling fine in this 95 degree weather. I got a phone call from my mother to check on me, when I told her I was out walking she did a back flip and told me to get in the bed...what type of... I decided she was probably right as I had read that too much early movement increases swelling and immediately went and laid back on my stomach in the bed. Still restless but I will be restless right here in this bed trying to get this thing right...nothing like a little perspective! I am stuffed in this garmet so tightly with maxi pads wrapped and taped around me. Although I can still see great results in my silhouette that bulge is GONE (or so it appears) I know I will swell but if this is what I have to look forward to once the swelling resides...I am on board!

* Also I have read about this I feel great the first day...I have a feeling I am going to be MAN DOWN tomorrow!
** My wonderful surgeon has already called to check on me and make sure all was well.

posting pics but not a whole lot to see yet


So glad you are ok sweetie! I am like you and am always jumping up and running around. will definitely keep that in mind post surgery. please keep us updated as much as possible.xx
It went much better than I anticipated pain wise. I had been experiencing some dizziness until my surgeons office gave me some great advice. To not just jump up bit sit for a moment then get up (I know seems like that would be automatic-but not for my hyper-active self). So since that helpful tid bit I am back in business. Although I try to lie in bed on my stomach most of the day...that is so hard for me though (busy body)

3 days post op

So my hardest day by far was the day after the surgery - Friday 26th I was pretty uncomfortable (nothing major) but I didn't have much of an appetite I just laid in bed on my stomach for the majority of the day. But when I would get up to use the bathroom or whatever I would get very dizzy and my ears would ring and I would have to immediately lay back down. I called my surgeons office to ask if this was normal and I was told to not jump up but sit up first and wait a min. for my body to adjust and then stand up....(THIS WORKS). I was allowed to shower that evening and when I took the compression garmet off...there was the dizziness again. So I laid down once again and got back up to shower. Once I finished shower I placed maxi pads around my incessions as they were previously and this time I used my lipo foam and placed it in the garmet to compress my stomach and waist even more so. (I am swollen but not a whole lot as I have seen in some of the pictures posted online). When i am naked BOY can I see a difference so I already know I am going to be thrilled with the final results. I will take some good pics next time I shower to share with you.

Today being 3 days post op I feel great! Very little soreness and that is mainly when I am standing up, getting in car, laying down, etc. I didn't take any vicodin at all yesterday only an asprin in the morning and I haven't taken anything today. (I don't like to take meds unless I really need them- I like for my body to self heal) I can't wait to see the real results,


Finally better pics from my PS

Thank you so much, every day it is looking better!
Gone Girl........ You look good!!

Before and 4 day after side by side

Hi baby girl! How are u today? :)
Hey hun...I am doing well but the massaging is killing me I scheduled my first lymph massage for tomorrow
wow you look great.......

OMG...the massaging and more pics

So I have been experiencing some of the tingling and numbness in my skin which doesn't bother me so much. Now the massaging is an entire different story. I don't know if I am doing it to hard or what but OMG it is bad so I now take a pain med about an hour prior to doing my self massages. I normally start in the shower with the warm water and I try to push or roll the liquid lumps or hard spots all the way down into the va jay jay area (which is swollen) but OMG does this hurt. I am so afraid of lumps showing I grit through the pain and massage it anyway. Then once I get out the shower I use a hand held massager and knead it along my entire abdomen and lower back paying special attention to the lumps, tight areas and swollen areas. Despite the pain (and sometimes swelling afterward) I always have much less swelling the next morning after sleeping in my garment and lipo foam. I have scheduled my first lymphatic massage for tomorrow. so I will let you know how that goes. I have attached some pics that I took around day 8 and ten. Oh and look at how smashed my belly button is...poor thing, I know it will regain its shape though.

So I am still a little sore when getting in and out of the car or if I stretch or walk too fast but over all I am feeling great. Still sleeping a little more than usual and if I am on my feet too long during the day I can't wait to hit the bed. Oh and I am still swollen as you can see in the pics. All and all I STILL LOVE IT!!!!

Sorry so in the raw...don't feel like all that have seen a "cookie" before...if not maybe it's time! ijs
How is my jazzy doing?
wow look at you babe! you look fantastic!
Thanks Sarah...I am so glad you are feeling better hun. How long were you at the neighbors? So sorry you got sick :-(

Sooo...I thought I would be cute and take the lipo foam out!!!

Ok so as I have explained I am a complete busy body. I decided I had enough of all the resting for an evening and decided I would go out for some drinks with my favorite GF. Well the lipo foam looks like a damn pillow under my garment, and since some surgeons and patients don't even use it. I figured I would for go it for a bit (wearing only the garmet) and hit the bar. Now let me tell new waistline was POPPING in my dress. Oh yes...I was KILLING them! So after a few drinks and the night winds down (I am now in full party mode) I decide I am not going home (don't judge me!). So long story short I stayed the night with no lipo foam just the garment. Since I left to go to work straight from there I still had only the garment and no lipo foam.

At this point...I will just show the pictures...

*this morning (after wearing lipo foam everyday since Fri evening) the swelling had subsided substantially ALMOST to prior state
Babe I washed that foam 2 days ago and it's STILL wet after sitting in my 80 degree house! Lol it certainly is a mysterious substance! :)
I'm sorry Hun I have been so busy running the streets I have t posted what I did. U have to throw the foam in the dryer with some other wet clothes and it will shrink back down to size. NOTE: TAKE LIPO FOAM OUT WITHIN ABOUT TEN MIN it doesn't take long to dry. Then continue drying other clothes
Ahh excellent! Thanks babe. Xx

Quick update: since I am updating from my phone

I am feeling great at about 85% I'd say I am still swollen, have some hard spots I am still massaging out, a little sore when I try to stretch (prior to work out). Outside of that I got in the pool with my lipo foam and it grew almost twice it's size. The foam is SUPER fragile when wet so be careful, which I am not so all three pads have chunks missing. I tossed mine in the dryer with some damp clothes for about fifteen minutes (all it took to dry) and it was back to its original size and durability. I have some pics o Ed the last couple weeks swollen in some less in others. I have also gone done a size in my garment to keep it tight and swelling at bay.
Honey do I take the garment and the lipo foam off for sex? I think I'm gonna get me some tonight! Haha
Lol...yes I take it all off, I love the skin contact. I have just about stopped with the lipo foam. I am going to try and post on "how you know when to let go" today. Hope it was good!
Looking good!

How you know...when to let go (lipo foam posting)

Ok so I have seen lots of questions about how long to wear the lipo foam and garment. Well I responded to some and said I was going to live, breathe and possibly die in mine especially after my swollen incident. Well I have some real world knowledge for you.

Now the key to this is being in tune with your body, if you are one of those women that can be pregnant for six months or however and not know it....I won't be much help for you. Now that we have gotten through the disclaimer. I noticed in the last couple of days that my lipo foam was not really being utilized... When I wore my lipo foam before I noticed my stomach would be stuck (tight to the point where there is no room between foam and skin) to the foam when it came to removal time. I am going to try my best to articulate this well, I apologize in advance. Before the foam felt like it was keeping me from swelling (because of the amount of pressure/tightness from foam/garment against skin) as if I was swelling but only to the point that the foam would allow because of the foam compression. (if that makes sense) Well over the last couple of days I noticed that when I went to remove the foam it was simply just there. It wasn't tight my skin wasn't molded to it as usual, the foam was as if it was just sitting there. I didn't feel like it was supporting me when I wore it the next day it just seemed to make me hot because it felt like an extra layer instead of support needed, I no longer had that feeling when I took it off like omg I need it back. My stomach no longer felt like it was lacking support sort of speak. So I tested the theory and went without it a couple of hours the day before yesterday. I noticed a bit of swelling but very minimum, I placed the gament back on to be safe. Then last night I got very daring and I was trying to be sexy (uh huh, don't judge me) so I went the entire night with no lipo foam no garment in the morning I noticed no additonal swelling. So I put the garment on without the foam and I am at work posting this ad. Now don't get me wrong I am still swollen , I am just simply saying that me forgoing the foam hasn't added to the swelling. I am sure we will all have some swelling in areas for awhile but the agressive swelling stage I believe may be over for me. But my lipo foam is in my car and will remain close by in case of an emergency!!! :-)

Hope this helps...I will post some one month pics (as I will officially be a month post op in 3 days) in the next couple of days. It is just looking better and better ladies...woo hoo!
Great results
hey there! great results. Do you have any updated pictures from your 3 months out or further? I have my procedure in a few weeks. Super excited! Thank you for your posts.
I am glad for your post because I am trying to compare costs and experience. And your pre-op photos resemble my 'now' photos. I live in North Carolina, but I don't mind traveling towards peace of mind! .....the power of references!
Dr. Phu Do

The liposuction clinic is extremely clean and the nurse practitioner ( I think that is her title) is very thorough. I asked to see the doctor specifically during my pre-op and he was able to oblige. Nicest man with a great disposition and listened well. Aesthetic Surgery Institute 713-892-5476

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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