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First Time Botox User - Houston, TX

I've dealt with teenagers since 2002 - hence the...

I've dealt with teenagers since 2002 - hence the angry look. Haha, just kidding! :) In all seriousness, I started noticing my 11's ten years ago. The last few years they seemed to have really set in though and I have done a little research on Botox in the past but swore that I would never have any "work" done. I would just grow old gracefully. My mom says "I've worked hard for this face and plan on keeping it"- well I tried that and I guess I am more vain than she is because I really want those lines gone! They age me and make me look like I am mad all the time, when the truth couldn't be further from that. I have worn bangs for a very long time and use them to help camo the lines.

My youngest daughter had a Fraxel Laser treatment a few years ago, and the provider was great, so I called them to make the appointment. They are a dermatologist office and not a med spa place. They took a few photos of my face prior to the procedure (scariest part of the visit! LOL.) She came in and told me about the procedure and risks. I was really nervous about doing it after reading all of the reviews here on RealSelf so she said we would go conservative and use 20 units and then evaluate the results. The actual procedure only took about a minute and it didn't hurt a bit (I've been through laser tattoo removal and after that a mere single needle stick at a time doesn't bother me.) It's been about 3 hours since the treatment and I have a slight headache. No other noticeable symptoms. I can't see the injection sites and as of now no bruising.

I'm uploading photos pre-treatment and 5 minutes after treatment. I will update the review in a week to see how it turns out!

Quick question, on the second pic are you scrunching?


I'm not scrunching in any photo! I should do one where I am scrunching before this takes full effect.



Three Days after treatment

Here are a few photos 3 days after treatment. The lines are a little softer. I hope will get more smooth over the next week and a half (they say 14 days should be full effect.) In hindsight, I should have done a scrunchy pre treatment photo (BTW does anyone else thinks it funny to make the scrunchy face? I laughed every time I tried - even at the docs office! :))
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What location on the face did you have botox injected? Thx
I read your review - one of the ones that made me very nervous! Did you have it injected for forehead lines as compared to the 11's?

1 Week post treatment

Lines a little softer and harder to make the scrunchy face, but still not completely smooth. I am going to wait until next Monday to see if there are any other changes the second week. I may just wait it out 3 months and have her use a few more units next time (she did say that it may take a few regular treatments because the lines were so deep.) I'll just see how it goes... The lines are much better than they were so waiting 3-4 months wouldn't be out of the question.
ask for your money back, plain and simple... who ever that doctor was, and i hope you didnt let some nurse do injections to your face, either-way...ask for your money back or have them corrected. evidently , who ever did this, didnt do the injections probably....after 10 days, you should never ever be able to crunch your eyebrows like that, they should move at all period!!!
I asked her to go lightly with the units she used because I was nervous. She told me I would need more because I have very strong muscles and to go back if I felt comfortable with getting more. Not her fault. She did a great job as far as I am concerned and just followed my requests. I opted to wait it out and not go back for an adjustment.
I would like to add that it was my first time out and I was ok with less than 100% smoothness while I evaluated how Botox works and how it would make my face feel.

2 Months out

My 11's are already getting stronger again. I am not sure if I want to go back or not even though I hate the 11's. Not being able to move my inner eyebrows was really weird...and I have to wonder about the other muscles around my eyes/forehead that are compensating. Are they going to get really strong and then start causing other lines to form elsewhere?
With any new drug it's best to start low and go slow. Assessing your response before going full throttle was smart. Some people love that glass-like look. It's not for everyone. Gradual increase in units will allow for more subtle results over timeā€¦people will think you got a new haircut or lost weight.
Two months is pretty fast, I wonder if they didn't inject enough botox in the first place.  It is always better to be under-injected versus over-injected, then you know next time to get a little more.  Do you think you will go back to the same doctor, if you decide to do it again, or find a new one?
I will go back to the same provider without hesitation if I decide to go back. They are very knowledgeable and professional. Not a little hole in the wall med spa or anything. They provide medical and cosmetic dermatology services and they also have a division that handles research. I recommend them to anyone in the Houston area. They handled my daughters fraxel laser treatment in an excellent manner and she was only 13 / 14 at the time. I am still considering going back for a second round... it still makes me a tad nervous. :)
Susan Bruce & Associates

April Harrison provided the treatment. She was awesome!

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