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Very Worried About Uneven Skin! - Houston, TX

Hi- I had smart lipo about 3 weeks ago on my...

Hi- I had smart lipo about 3 weeks ago on my abdomen (upper and lower) and my flanks. My skin right now is very uneven. There are bumps all over my upper abdomen. They are not hard, but soft and mushy. My flanks and lower abdomen look great, but if these bumps dont go away, I will be devastated. I can't wear a bikini with my stomach like this.. :-(

Is it too soon for me to be worrying about this? How can I be sure these will go away??!! I am losing sleep worrying.......

8 weeks out, and although the uneveness has gotten...

8 weeks out, and although the uneveness has gotten a little better, it still doesnt look right. i thought it was going away, but it isnt. i am so upset. i love how flat my stomach is and how small my waist is, but i can no longer wear a 2 piece if this doesnt get better. :-(

Photo Update

Dr Melanie Carreon

If this uneveness goes away, can say that she and her staff were wonderful.

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I believe you will be happy with my transformation after you see my new photos on Monday.
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mine looks like even worst and 3 years into it hasnt even out, really scared to try anything else, dont know what to do
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I ended up with a Tummy Tuck to fix my abdomen that looked like yours only worse.  The scar from the TT is worth the beautifully flat tummy I am now sporting - I wished I had not spent 6 yrs wasting money on worthless treatments and not being able to wear a bikni.  Go for it!!!
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I had smart lipo last summer, and it was awful. Dents wrinkles just nasty. I just got a TT 11 weeks ago, and it's fixed. No dents or problems. You can see the nasty skin and dents in my before photos. From what I understand, some docs use the same size tube for all patients that sucks out the fat- and if you are little, well it scrapes too deep and it's hard to be accurate. I think it's just plain rude that doctors even market it, because they know what it does.
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That was nice to say to Wish. I refused to look in the mirror too and undressed myself in the dark for a very, very long time. It has been over 5 years now and on some days when I am brave I will look in the mirror. I am just so botched that I can't find any area that looks nice. The depression is brutal. I was curious when you pull your skin up toward your breasts does it straighten out your skin? If so, maybe a reverse abdominalplasty may be a solution for you. I know the thought of an even more severe surgery is probably not something to think about. It my be worth looking into since you only have the one affected area.
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Hi Natalie, thanks for your email. i had not even thought aobut a reverse tummy tuck..? i am going to look into it to see what i can find out. i am actually quite scared to have anything else done for fear of another disaster. :-( who knows. i guess my stomach couldnt look a whole lot worse. thank you!
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Aw. Okay. I really understand. With each correction I got a little improvement and ALWAYS a new PROBLEM. So take your time with that. It is always out there. I have really been watching Harvard University as they are working on harvesting your own fat in a petri dish and using a scaffold to re-inject into contour tissue deficiency areas. The scaffold will dissolve but it keeps the fat alive. I think this is our answer. That way we don't have to get more lipo in order to get the fat needed to smooth out the area. I have learned from fat grafts that they are what we need but you need to have a source for that fat to be removed and reinserted. Some dies so you may get a 50 percent improvement which is delightful in our case but makes a new problem area. :{ I know about the sadness. Gosh, I really know. Please hang tough and try to see a ray of sunshine wherever you can find it. okay? Take Care, Natalie
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Hi Natalie,
Thank you for checking.... Nothing has changed. It is about 14 mos out from my procedure and the dents still remain the same. My stomach looks so abnormal and is just makes me sooo sad. Not sure if I want to try to fix it or not... I'm just so scared that my results won't be good. :-((
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Hi Houston,
I was thinking about you and wondering how you are doing? Have things change for the better for you or are you still struggling? Hope you are doing okay.
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Hi houston,
It is Natalie. I searched and found your profile. Thermage may help even things out a bit for you. Have things evened out a little bit more than the photos? The garments have a tendency to cause some indentations too so once that is fully removed it may help with smoothing out in areas. You are right though your tummy being flat and the contouring of it looks great!!
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Hi Natalie, I had the smartlip 5 weeks ago and I have a lot of uneven areas. I am in a blog that recommends to use the garment more time. Base on you comment is that true that the more you use the garment, the more chances you will have worst uneven areas. I don't want to use the garment if this won't help me.
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Hello, I would wear the garment so that your skin can re-attach itself to the muscle again. Changes to the even areas will change and a final result will not be seen for 6 to 12 months. I hope this helps.
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Well it was Dr carreon she is not board certified plastic surgeon and should not be doing any sort of surgery. I am learning the hard way. My issue is that I don't believe the pockets were big enough and therefore they never dropped properly. But I will post after my consult with a real board certified plastic surgeon.
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how long as it been?
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Everyone PLEASE USE A BOARD CERTIFIED Cosmetic Surgeon, don't use the spa people! I had the smart breast awake augmentation. I am so scared something was not done correctly because they don't look right, I am setting up an appointment with Dr. Greene in SA.

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how do they look? i had no idea they can do that awake! got pics?
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I will hang in there girlie, did they ever say what the bumps are? I tried on a compression garnment today at the mall and when i took it off me stomach looked really weird. im just going to massage it and wait for the swelling to subside, i just wonder what the bumps are...fat? im not going to wear a two peice swim suit, so im okay , the only one that i would wear if the two piece that covers the belly,lol
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I think the doctor has to determine whether the bumps are fat or are they indentations from too much fat being removed. The hard lumps I know go away with massage and time, the soft ones I think are fat deposits that havent settled correctly (but thats my opinion). The hardest thing is to wait to see what happens. Keep massaging!
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So, they are willing to do your procedure over to correct the bumps? I hope everything works out for you. My stomach is still really hard and im going on week three. i'm just trying to be patient because they say it take months to see final results.
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They are willing to correct the bumps as some of them are big on the legs and the contour of the leg looks weird.

Other bumps were hard and those went away by about the 2-3 month mark. So hang in there (I know its soooo hard). Im sure you will look great!
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Dri, did you get lipo on your knees?
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Just above them, where the fat started to droop over the knee. However, from the pics you can see that it wasnt done or not effectively done. I measured all my "spots" being done and I did not loose one milimeter. all I got was those bumps that developed below my knee.

Im feeling very bumpy!!! :)
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Hi Nicole.

Its been 4 months and the bumps havent decreased in size. At first the dr told me it was swelling and then admitted that the fat wasnt settling properly and I required a touch up (which Im doing next Tuesday-April 26th). Im not looking forward to the surgery again. Though hopefully it wont be as painful as before.

Im also worry that the bumps wont go away. You can not see them through my clothes but I couldnt wear dresses bc of the bumps on my knees. I also cant wear a bikini. My stomach used to be the best thing about me...hopefully it will again. Though if this dr cant fix it I will find someone who can as I cant go through my life with bumps everywhere.

Someone else on this site said only to get 1 or 2 sites done at a time. I think they are right.

Now that I scared the pants off of you, I am 2 sizes smaller. I am a better shape inwhich pants fit again. My legs have also gotten thinner. I look fantastic in clothes.

What are you having done? Good luck with your surgery! Since we are going at the same time we can chat more if you want.

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dri, can you please go to the first part of my very first post and look at my pictures? do your bumps look like mine do right now or do they look different. i am jsut worried that mine is not swelling and may need a touch up. Just curious as to your thoughts.
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Mine look like that at first and then evened out. However, 2 large lumps (or indents) remained that have to be resolved.

From your pics, it looks like it will eventual even out, the bumps are small. I know how you are feeling though. Thank goodness we all have this website to help each other through it.
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