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I had my upper abdomen, flanks and waist done. I...

I had my upper abdomen, flanks and waist done. I haven't had the outcome I'm hoping for just yet, but I know it takes time. My overall down time was short. I went in the day after Christmas and on the 29th of December all the draining had stopped and not much discomfort at all. I am now all most 3 months post op and not seeing any change in my abdomen. I have a protruding abdominal muscle and Dr. Bergeron told me it would not be flat but he could remove about 3 inches off of it. So I'm still hoping for that. Right now I have started feeling some pain in my waist and I'm noticing one side of my but is larger than the other. I think it's fluid but not sure. I have a Dr appt on Monday with Dr. Bergeron so I will see then if that's what it is.
I just had smart lipo 5 days ago with Dr. Bergeron on inner & outer thighs and chin. So day 5 I still have 1 spot on each leg that is draining like crazy? I go back in 6 days for flanks and bra roll and was hoping this would stop before then.
Let us know how the doctor's appointment goes tomorrow, hopefully the areas of concern are still healing. 
Dr . Appt did not go as well as expected. I was told I have a protruding abdominal muscle and I won't see a lot of change. So disappointed seems like a lot of money gone to waste. That was the reason for doing the lipo I was told that it wouldn't be totally flat but he could remove about 3 inches off. So I'm not sure of my next step. Dr want to see me in another 3 months. Maybe by then I will see some visual results.

Not happy with results.

This is 3 months after surgery, and I'm not happy with what I'm seeing. Seen Dr Monday and he said because of my protruding abdominal muscle I may not see much of a change. What's frustrating is, that was my reason for having the surgery and the dr said it wouldn't be flat but he could remove about 3 inches. So unhappy right now.
Do you have a really good garment? I noticed when I used another brand other than marena I was swelling more and would see a difference in shape and smoothness. I wear mine 23 hours a day. I hope you get the results your seeking. It is really hard to see what you results are now, as the current photo is a close up and the pre pics further out, but it does look like you have seen some changes!
My Garment is made by Annette, It is the one the doctor put on me after lipo. Has I hooks and a zipper over those up the sides. I can already see a big change in my inner and outer thighs. I hate the garment and still leaking in one spot. The only time I take it off is to wash it while I am in the shower.
Hope it gets better for you Sylvia, 7 days PO for me and still draining in the same 2 spots! Uggggg!

Better Pictures

Just wanted to add some better pictures.
I know it is a bummer when you do not see the results we had hoped for. I still have the same profile as before surgery but hoping for improvement. I am 11 weeks out. Just keep your chin up and hope for continued improvement.
That may be part of the issue, not like I am an expert by any means but I had to move to a stage two garment at just shy of two weeks. It offers a different compression and shaping effect. I had my stage 1 marena altered into a stage two, I had them remove the hooks and zipper and take about two and half inches off. I use my other garment brand too, which happens to be Annette lol I like it for sleeping but everyday use it doesn't give the same smoothness and shape as my marena does, I know the PS says it has nothing to do with the garment but I stalked this site reviews, outcomes, horror stories etc and the few things I found as a common ground for the results I wanted were, proper creams, supplements, foam, proper garments and lymphatic massages. I waited two years to take the plunge! I took bromelain starting days before, arnica three times daily still taking it, and arnica cream while trying to "train" my body to the shape I want.
Thanks for the insight maybe I'll try a different garment. But I'm thinking 3 months is a long time for this type of result. I haven't tried the massages but I'm open to anything at this point.

Just wanted show new photos

Wanted to show some new pictures, but as u see no change. Had a couple of doctors who said that i should loose 15 to 20 pounds and have my abdominal muscle repaired. I was also told that the dr I used probably wasn't a certified surgeon. But I researched for a long time and Dr Bergeron have performed this many of times with great success. I'm disappointed because I felt he should have said that my muscle needed to be repaired. But I'm still not seeing any change in my flanks or hips. So I'm just very unhappy.
I'm sorry honey, I know your disappointed. We have a lot of dermatologists doing the surgery here for less money but they weren't getting the same results as from a cert PS. I will ask my PS what he thinks of the muscle options when I see him next. Keep your head up!
Thanks, but the thing is Dr . Bergeron specializes in weight loss and lipo. He have 2 clinic's here. And have performed a lot of surgeries through out the yrs I have been a patient of his clinic. But please let me know what your PS says.

3 months 2 wks post op no results.

Still not seeing any change, but I have an appt with a PS to see about repairing my rectus muscle. Hopefully this will give me the results I'm looking for.

3 months 2 wks

Sorry you are not see the results you had hoped. What has the ps said?
Appt is set for 4/25.

Still no results.

Well it have been almost 4 months and still no results. So I have an appt on Friday with a PS about a tummy tuck with muscle repair. This is my last option I hope all goes well.
So sorry this happened to u. Have u talked with it regularly ur regular doctor? Sometimes they have a history with PS that they know r good that they refer patients to.
Should say talk with ur regular doctor. Darn tablet
No I haven't spoken with my physician yet. But that is a good idea.

After no Results

Well after much time and patience, I have decided to have the abdominoplasty. I have had many Dr. Tell me this is what should have been given to me from the start. So it just goes to show it doesn't matter how long you have been under a Dr. some of them do not have your best interest at heart. But that's a expensive lesson learned. I go in for my procedure tomorrow I pray this all goes well and give me the results I'm looking for. Will post pictures soon.
When you have the wrong procedure, you aren't going to get the result u want. One word "Abdominoplasty"
Hey Sylvia_1, I just read your blog and its good to see that you've finally found a doctor you trust and will do a good job on you. I pray all goes well during and after your surgery for you. Keep us posted :-)
Are u going to have more lipo also?

3 Days Post Op

Well today I'm 3 days post op from tummy tuck and I finally got to take a shower. OMG I feel like a new woman. But all in all feel great still very swollen but I'm standing up straighter not much pain at all. Even with all the swelling I'm still happy with what I'm seeing so far. I think I maybe be moving around to much could be why I have so much swelling.

No more drains

Today I had my drain remove the staples and some of the stitches. Was not painful at all. Dr. Tang was very quick and gentle. I was very nervous because of all the comments I have read on removing the drains, but it was totally the opposite for me. So thank God for a painless procedure today. But here are some post op pictures.
Yes I had that done on the 22 of May and I'm happy so far with my results.

Happy so far

I am very happy with my results so far. I'm returning to work tomorrow so I hope all goes well. I just don't think I can sit home another day. (Going stir crazy) LOL.
How are you doing lady? So glad to see your happy now! Yay
I'm doing great thanks for asking. I had my TT 6/22/14 still early but couldn't be more pleased. Still have some numbness but other than that all is well. I have started doing 2 miles a day on the treadmill too loose any extra weight I can, because November I think I may have a little lipo on my waist for a little more definition. No lipo was done during my TT so that maybe my next step if needed. But it is still to early to tell, I still have a lot of swelling. And at the end of a work day the swelling is really bad so I will be glad when all that is over. But I am a very pleased woman. Thanks Dr. Tang.
That's great! I was numb from my c-section for over a year and to be honest if I hit the countertop just right it has a weird numb sensation and that was 4 years ago I had my second child, lol
Dr. Bergeron

After 5 months of no change from smart lipo, I had to find a PS for my TT. Thanks Dr Tang of Cypress Texas for the great work you done on me. I found Dr Tang on this site and went in for a consultation. He was kind of brief but direct with his answers. But before I made up my mind I had more questions and Dr Tang and I communicated through email where he answered all of my questions without hesitation. I had my procedure done May 22 2014. My discomfort was very minimal. I was more sore and stiff than in pain. I had my drain out a week later and all my sutures were removed without pain, and I'm sure that's because I was still numb in those areas. So far my recovery have been nothing like I have read. I was so scared after reading some of the stories from other TT patients. But as of now I am so happy with my results. Thanks Dr . Tang and his staff for being kind, courteous and professional. $6500.00 was well worth the correction you made on me from my previous cosmetic procedures I had done with no results. He even repaired a hernia that i had repaired in august of 2013 by another doctor.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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