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Hello everyone, finally I had time to do my review...

Hello everyone, finally I had time to do my review. My name is Stephanie and I am 43 years old and I reside in Texas. Probably for the last 17 years I have struggled with my weight, I had the norplant put in and gained 67 pounds in no time with it. I had it removed a year later but the weight stayed around and some more pounds came later.

I have tried numerous diets along the way, lose a few then gain back later. Even though I have been over weight for some time now, I would not look at it as if I was that big but time has caught up with me. In 2010 I spoke with my doctor about surgery, he wrote my letter for insurance but I changed my mind and decided I did not want to take the risk. In August 2011, the scale said 297 lbs at the doctor's office, I literally started to cry saying i was not going to weigh 300 lbs. I joined Weight Watchers the next week and went for a whole year. I lost 40 pounds. I eventually got bored and stopped going. The 40 pounds stayed off for awhile but the last few months started creeping back on so I am almost back to where I started. The good thing is that I went to wieght watchers for 14 months and I was able to use the 12 months documentation for my surgery requirements and it was withing in two years so I had to work fast on getting in to see a bariatric surgeon to start the process. I researched the different surgeries and decided I would consider the gastric sleeve. I had my first consult on September 19, 2013 and Dr. Davis suggested that I have the bypass surgery instead because the sleeve was still new and he did not want me to come back five years later and ask him why didn't he suggest the bypass. Dr. Davis told me the ultimate decision was mine. When I left there I thought about changing to the bypass for about a week. After finding Realself and reading everyone's experience I decided I was going to stick with the sleeve due some arthritis issues in my knee. I hope I have made to right decision for me.

I am married and I have two sons I adore ages 20 and 9 and I want to be around to play with my future grandchildren. I will be getting my Master's Degree in May and would like to be thinner on my pictures than I was when I recieved my Bachelor's Degree. Photography is my hobby but I do not like to take pictures of myself. I am one to stay in my comfort zone most times but I am ready to do something wonderful for me. I am one who let criticisms get to me easily so I have not told anyone about the surgery but my husband and one co-worker(she had gastric in 90's and understand). I am not ready for people to try and talk me out of it or say negative things about the surgery. I will probably have to tell one of my sister's because I will need her to take care of my son while my husband is with me at the hospital.

Here is a little breakdown of my process:
9/19/13- Consultation ($40 copay)
9/30/13-Psychological ($55 copay)
10/2/13-2 hour Nutrition Class ($150)
10/8/13- Email that my surgery has been approved by my insurance
10/9/13-EKG, Stress, Cardiac clearance
10/17/13- Final Doctor's consult ($40 copay) surgery scheduled, yeah..
11/5/13- Pre-Op visit with Doctor and Pre-test with Hospital ( I will start my 2 week liquid diet on this day, $345 for vitamins and meal replacements, my doctor suggest Bariatric Advantage products.

My surgery date is scheduled for November 19, 2013..
I am presently weighing 288 lbs and I am 5'3 even though this clinic says I am 5'2..
I now have to get mentally ready because 31 days is not far off. Reading the blogs on this site has really been helping me process eeverything, everyone is so supportive.

Night before pre-op

I had my last solid food dinner tonight. I will see my doctor tomorrow to pick up vitamins and protein supplements. I am getting nervous, hope I survive the liquid diet. I notice some people are allowed to eat jello and puddings but my doctor do not recommend those, I wish. I can have jello and sugar free pops the day before surgery which is all clear liquids. I am going to ask tomorrow can I at least have a liquid soup at least once a day.

2nd Day Pre-Op

My second day of pre-op, I am having a meltdown.. I'm having anxiety...keep me in your thoughts...

I am finally Ready for Sleeve, New doctor, ready to go August 26th

Its been awhile since I posted but I have followed a couple of people and watched their awesome progess.
It took me some time to rethink my decision. In January I started dieting on my own again and lost 27 lbs and I was down to 256,but I have recently gained half back and up to 271.
Last month I went in to see my primary doctor and asked a new referral to a different surgeon., (Dr. Ricardo Bonnor), It wouldn't let me update my new doctor.
I called his office on 7/23 and had my first appointment on 7/28.
I met doctor and explained how I was supposed to have surgery in November but did not due to some sudden anxiety., After listening to Dr. Bonnor's assessment I new I was ready , he made me feel so comfortable than I have previously felt.
He scheduled me for a endoscope that Saturday 8/2, which cost me $400. Everything went fine on Saturday.
Everything was resubmitted to my insurance on Wednesday for a new approval and this morning I received the call from January(office staff) that my approval was complete and surgery can be scheduled. I chose August 26th, so my preop starts on Monday....

Preop first week

Well I started my preop diet on Monday and today I was down 8 lbs.
I learned today that my scope came back showing Barret's esophagus. had a sit down talk with my doctor to day about the problem, it was a little alarming knowing my surgery is 10 days away.
Its amazing I haven't had any hunger headaches.

Don't know what to do...

Today I did some additonal research and do not know if I need to cancell the Gastric Sleeve on Tuesday and go with the By-Pass which would have to be scheduled for a different day.
It seems from some of my research the By-Pass would be better with the Barrett's Esophagus and then I seen some on people who had the sleeve with it.
I am in such a delimma.

Less than 24 hours left before my surgery, #stephanies'sleeve8/26/14

Today , is my all clear liquids day. So far so good. I must admit the last 2 weeks of liquid was not bad at all, I survived. Tomorrow noon starts a new chapter in my life. According to my scale, it shows 257 lbs this morning that is 14 lbs lost on preop diet. My start was 271, yay.

I am officially sleeved

I had my sleeve on Tuesday and got out hospital on yesterday evening. Surgery went well.
Now it's the coping with the tenderness and trying to get liquids in. Sleeping in my bed is uncomfortable so I had to lay on the couch. I still feel a little woozy, trying to walk without getting to tired.

New picture of face

Houston Bariatric Surgeon

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You look awesome, I meet you at Dr. Bonner's office prior to your VSG, I was a new patient at the time. My VSG is scheduled for Dec.,thank you for posting your journey.
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Congratulations on you new life and you sure are looking lovely in this picture, I hope every day is a good one from now on!
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Your face definantly looks slimmer. Are you getting compliments? You look beautiful. I had my sleeve yesterday September 15th.
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Looking good!!
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Thank you
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Thank you for taking this journey before I do (Sept. 15th). I'll be checking back and seeing how you are doing & your weight loss.
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Wishing you luck today. .
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I'm very happy to be done with this. Now I just have to put up with the healing pain and 2 week liquid diet. I'm sure everyday will be better.
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Happy with Smaller, I'm sure it will go well and with a couple of difficult days (on average) it's all ill hill and down weight! My best wishes for your journey!
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Good morning .How are things going? Hope all is well!!
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Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. I have my surgery next Wednesday. I must admit I am sooooo veryyyyy ready. Wondering that excitement will change to nerves once I am in hospital. Look forward to following your lead.
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Poppie just checking to see how are things going with you. Hope all is well.
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HI PP70, I think all is going well - feeling like I am having a hard time getting fluids in - water has a very metallic taste to it now and I can seem to get it past the lips, concerned I am drinking too much apple juice (Just Juice - no added sugar) as I think it might be too high in sugar. Going to explore protein powder today. I bought a tub and now think it might be a good thing to use for the sense of satisfaction. Its a day by day experience. What have you found that work for you? As I am still in the healing process my diet at present consists of the following Breakfast = drinkable yogurt, Lunch = Optifast equivalent, Dinner= cup of Miso soup. Apple juice as my in-betweens.
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Thinking of you and knowing it will get easier every day - rest well!
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Thanks, it's going okay just the gas and getting the liquids in. I'm so used to drinking fast and have to sip now but I'm learning
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Gas is painful in May they were almost positive the really bad pain I was in was gallbladder!Turned out to be trapped gas from all the salad I was eating!! So I go light on salads now did not relize they do not digest well! Before you know it you will go to solids! I still forget and gulp ouch!
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Congrats!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhh.Everyday gets better!!I had MGB so not much soreness after
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Thanks Donna.
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Good luck!!! Let the journey begin!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh
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FYI... I suffer from GAD and panic attack disorder. I was postponed in preop, with my IV in place, for 3 hours. I never was scared or nervous. I was determined. Get determined and you will surprise yourself what you can do.
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Thank you.
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Don't talk yourself out of it. Any negative thoughts will cause you to back out. Dr. Bonnor did my sleeve 4/15/14. I weighed 275 4/1 and weigh 198 today. I run 3-5 miles a day. No more High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol meds. It is a lifestyle change. I highly recommend Quest protein bars and Unjury protein shake powder. Unjury also makes the best post Bariatric vitamin. Look at unjury.Com Dr. Bonnor is very conservative on going back to "real food". But I could eat just about anything at the 4 week period. Your body will let you know. Dr. Bonnor is amazing and a hidden gem in the Houston area. Take care and enjoy the journey.
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Thank you so much..He is calling me tomorrow.
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