The First Step to the Best Days of My Life - Houston, TX

Tomorrow is my first consultation with the surgeon...

Tomorrow is my first consultation with the surgeon & nutritionist. I'm planning on having a surgery date before I leave!

I've spent years building up to this moment. Unable to exercise. Watching my health getting worse. Dieting, loose a few pounds, gain that back plus a few more pounds. I want to play with the kids! Ride my bike. Wear cute clothes from off the rack on a "regular" department store! Still be able to breathe when I walk across a room!

I'm tired of being depressed because of everything I CAN NOT DO! I HATE going past a mirror! Who is that fat, unhealthy girl? I don't want to be her any more!

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I Have a Date!

Visits went well yesterday and I left with my goal achieved: My new, healthier life begins Wednesday, February 26, 2014!

I was so disappointed when I got on the scales only to learn I gave gained yet another 1½ pounds over the past 6 weeks. Just another kick to my self esteem. I am going to work hard on the mindset of seeing it as a confirmation that this procedure is the right decision.


Hi there, welcome!

Congratulations on your date, it will be here before you know it! When do you start your pre-op diet?
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Preop diet begins Wednesday, February 12th, just in time for Valentine's Day.
Are you on all liquids, for the pre-op, or are you being allowed one meal per day? I was all liquids for 3 weeks pre-op, it was tough but I dropped a lot of weight through it.

First Day of Liquiid Protien Diet

Whew! Day one is history!

Today I clearly learned:
Our society is obsessed with food! It's everywhere and the focus of most social gatherings.

Diet Challenges:
First day. I'm short one 8oz protein drink and 8 oz glass of water. I just could not eat as much as they wanted. I don't eat that often or that much when I am NOT on a diet! The 8oz of water I will drink during the night.

CONFESSION: I have decided a few small oyster crackers would be divine in my broth! Lol!


Hi Debbasue63, I have appointment with Dr. Yu at their office next week for my first appointment. I've been researching and watching everything on Youtube I can to prepare myself for this lifechange. Not sure what timeframe will be until I can get the surgery. My insurance has some pre-op requirements I must meet until it can be scheduled. Hopefully the end of March. Be sure to post how things are going for you as I will be following your progress.
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Hi Chatty! Congratulations on your life changing decision! Both Drs. Yu and Scarborough came very highly recommended and I am sure you will be happy with your choice. If I could offer any advise to another Sleeve candidate, it would be to get as many of your preoperative requirements done early, even before you see the doctor. When I went in for my initial visit I already had my psych evaluation, cardiology work up and sleep study completed. My insurance covered these costs. Please keep me informed of your journey and feel free to ask any questions.
I found out my insurance also requires 90 days of doctor monitored weight loss (without a gain) before the surgery, so I will not be able to have my procedure until late spring or early summer. Of course that will help me to lose the excess fat around the liver so the surgery will go easier so I guess that is a good thing. I really wish I had looked into their requirements after the holidays so I could be ready now for the surgery since I am psychologically really pumped to get this underway. I wish you health and success for your procedure!


I am on Day 9 of my 14 day preop diet. I have only lost 4 pounds total and have been stuck here since Day 5. Anyone else have this issue?

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It is now Day 10 of my preop liquid diet and I have only lost 4 pounds. I haven't cheated by honestly thought I could hope to loose at least 10 pounds during this process. I spoke with my doctor's office today. They are not alarmed and say this is perfectly normal. Apparently your body goes into preservation mode & hangs on to the weight so we don't starve ourselves. Thanks body, but I AM starving for a great steak or Tex-Mex cheese enchiladas and a HUGE Coca~Cola!!

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Pardon my poor editing and too much help from auto correct in the last post!


I am about to start my diet on monday. How hard is it really? What shake did you drink?
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The first day was rough initially just because so many people told me the shakes were awful! Day 7 was the roughest day of all for me. To be successful for myself only, I have pretty much stayed away from other people while they were eating. Mistakenly, I did not that morning and had "head hunger" so badly, one would have thought I was going to eat a small house! LOL! Everyone survived and we are almost there. I have used Isopure Zero Carb in Strawberries and Cream flavor and Creamy Vanilla. (It comes in Dutch Chocolate too.) Strawberry alone was a little too sweet & I didn't like the Vanilla alone. After a couple of attempts, I hit on a "recipe" that works well for me: half & half of each flavor suited my taste perfectly. I have always mixed with skim, lactose free milk & not water. Lastly, i found a Power Ball Shakerâ„¢ for $6.95 at Smoothie King to mix my drinks in. Perfect shakes every time! Good luck on your diet! Let me know if I can answer any questions. I'd love to help.


Went for my pre-op at the hospital yesterday. 5 tubes of blood donated, (lol) a urine sample, and a lot of instructions for Wednesday. Finally, a tour of the patient rooms and a great meeting with the nurses. We shared a few laughs and I left feeling more confident than ever this is the right choice for me.


Hello, praying for you for tomorrow's procedure! In the name of God everything will be fine! The best part is the pounds going away! You will feel better, I bet! Take care and God Bless you!
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Good luck this week, Debbasue! Not long now. We'll all be here rooting for you and waiting to hear how surgery went. :)
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Thank you. Sharon! All prayers and good thoughts are gratefully appreciated.

Finally made it to the Looser Bench

Day 4 Post Op. I had a textbook Gastric Sleeve procedure on Wednesday. Came home on Friday. Will update more in the next few days.


Congratulations on having the surgery and being home!! Can't wait to hear how you're doing. Hope you're comfortable and getting your fluids in. It's all down hill from here ;-)
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omg my gosh congrats on ur surgery sooo exciting!!!! i cant wait for are you doing how did u feel when u woke up? any pain? is it bad??? happy healing beautiful lady! :)
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2 Weeks Post Op Today

My surgery was positively text book from the doctor's perspective. Minimal pain and no complications. I spent 3 days and 2 nights in the hospital. I had the absolute best nursing care a person could ever hope to have!

Coming home to a quiet house was nice. I've been experiencing very unexpected emotions. Nothing I would describe as depression, just unexpected self doubt. Thoughts like, "I am going to be an awful exception to weight loss & not loose even with the sleeve as a tool." "I will never celebrate the incredible amounts of weight loss I see others celebrating 3, 6, 12 months out!" Many negative, self doubts that caught me completely off guard. I am told these feelings are not uncommon which is comforting and I will continue to work through them.

My total weight loss at 10 days out was 20 pounds, with 4.6 pounds coming off in the 14 day pre-op two week liquid diet.

So far, I believe the Sleeve was and will be a great investment in my health.


Congrats you did it. How do you feel? I am 5 days out of surgery. I would love to hear all about it.
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omg im sooooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u did it!!!!!!!!!!! omg what an inspiration u are to me! i can only dream of losing 20 lbs in 10days! dont feel bad at alll ur gonna look amazing and feel amazing too! i can twait till my surgery! awwww :) thanks for posting and sharing pictures too! i will def. be following an dlooknig forward to your posts....keep them coming how does it feel to not eat food?????! :) eeekkkk im ecstatic!!!!
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Too much food was just a dream before. is an amazing thing that my body definitely lets me know not to eat any more! I am so grateful!!

First Post Op Visit

My doc said he is pleased with my weight loss & recovery. He does not consider me to be a slow loser though I do. 26 pounds in 3 weeks and seemingly on a plateau which I understand is normal. Need more exercise and to get ALL my protein in, which is still a struggle to do.

I want 50 pounds gone already. I want to be in One~derland!! My daughter gets married the end of May. I want her to be surprised and proud of me!


omg im soooo proud of you!!!! yay!!!! post a pic! im sure you look amazing! and your gona be just fine and I know you will lose 50lbs. by may for sure!! :))))))))))) awww how exciting thanks for sharing and keep us posted love it!!!!!! soooo awesome !
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Latina Curves Your encouragement keeps me courage to keepp goining, in general, helping me believe I WILL me my goals. You are an absolutely fantastic motivator. I am always so grateful for having you share this site with me! You are player 1 in a million, special lady! Thanks for all that you do.
omg you have no idea how i needed to hear that! im going through a rough time too, just feeling depressed about myself, and wanting this surgery sooo bad :(....Ive been keeping a food journal and checking my blood sugars after every meal, this morning instead of feeling sorry for myself i went for a bike ride did 30min, it was sooo hard, I pulled my 3 yr. old in a trailer...but gosh it was tough....but i did it and i do feel like i accomplished something. Im so proud of you and your gona be just fine, thanks for writing back to me really means a lot, love reading all about what your doing and feeling since this surgery :) xoxoxooxo

One month ago...

Exactly one month ago today I invested in myself and had the VSG. Today I woke up 30 pounds lighter and more encouraged because I know the best is yet to come!


You're doing so well, I am taking real inspiration from your story!
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Omg!!!!!! Did u really!!!! Aghhh how exciting!!!!! In so happy for uu and proud of u!! Are u able to walk around and how long did it take for ur stomach to heal did u have lots of pain??
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Congrats! Happy healing and thank you for sharing your journey. Please continue to keep us posted.
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6 Weeks Post Sleeve

Six weeks later. I don't see much difference but I have gone from a size 26 to a size 20!


Marie2222 - how's it going off you? Read you story with interest and I do hope you loss and life changing events are continuing!
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I can see he difference! You looked so beautiful on your daughter's big day!
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Hi going g for my first appt...nutrition and psych next week. What should I expect in the psych's two hous long Thx marie2222
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Dr Terry Scarborough

Kind and caring bedside manner with a very thorough knowledge of all bariatric procedures. Dr. Scarborough is excellent at case study and recommending what is best for your particular needs. I LOVE Dr. Scarborough and wish everyone could be as lucky as I am having him as my surgeon! I give him the HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION possible!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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