My Experience with Butt Injections - Houston, TX

Two girlfriends and I got the silicone butt...

Two girlfriends and I got the silicone butt injections about a month ago. Two days after we went back for more. The lady who did them was not a medical professional by any means but was recommended to us by many people. She’s been doing these injections for 8 years. I have not experienced any lumps or pain, but my butt is almost completely back to it's original small size. The first couple of days after the shots, I loved the way my body looked. It’s a scary thought to think where in the world the silicone migrated to…because it’s almost all gone! This only happened to me, my two girlfriends butts have gone down some, but still large. These butt injections are a gamble. $1500 down the drain and who knows what future medical issues.

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This thread is terrifying. I myself, like many of you hate the way my butt looks, but I would never have anyone inject silicone into my body for it to roam freely. I understand that plastic surgery is not a natural process, but geeez people...REALLY!?!? I am both saddened and angered by the fact that women are subjecting themselves to "back alley" procedures in order to improve their appearance. If you saved $1500 all you have to do is save a little more and at least have it done in the Dominican Republic by a board certified surgeon. Their going rates for procedures such as this are less than $4000. Money is an issue for me as well, so I understand the desperation. I just really don't want to read about any of you on the news.
Can anyone in Dallas email me a reliable connect?? Please! I've been looking for a few weeks and haven't fonts anything
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